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Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08

this is the video of FRH regarding april's post about

"disney dark world"

OMG calvin is missing! haha!

actually.... i kidnapped him!

intro evil laugh....!!! bwahahahahahahhahah!
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Posted 9/28/08 , edited 9/29/08
there is some exaiting news here thanks sistere for that ( can u pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz apload news about show luo too??) and more news about da dong and calvin
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Sept.29.08 MAG: Fualiu Star Now! Vol.11 (Japanese Mag)

Fualiu Star Now! Vol.11 (Japanese Maagazine Translations)

credits: [email protected]

Chun's Interview:

Title: I think the fate will lead me to meet my other half. Out of Fahrenheit, maybe I'm the first one who'll get married!?
(The photo shooting and interview was held at the end of July, when Chun and Ah Sa came to Japan for MATV launch party.)

Q. So we heard that something unfortunate had happened soon after your arrival.
A. You know, I was in big trouble!! (Pretending to be crying) on my way from Narita Airport to Tokyo,
I realized I lost my mobile! I think I put it in my pocket when I got on a plane, but it seems I dropped it somewhere...

Q. How many pieces of baggage did you bring for this trip?
A. This time I'll also visit Korea, but it's only 4 days trip, so I just brought a large suitcase. They checked its weight at the airport, and it was around 20kg.

Q. Do you do packing by yourself?
A. Yes, I'm actually the expert. My suitcase is always well-organized.

Q. You often have to stay at a hotel. What's the first thing you do after entering a hotel room?
A. Before unpacking, I take a picture of the room for interior reference. Then I'll connect to the internet, and put clothes in the closet. That's it!

Q. And you do training in the room at night?
A. No way (laugh). Because I'm exhausted after working.

Q. How do you maintain good health?
A. Eating nutritious food. I've been busy and I can sleep for only 5 hours. Besides there's a lot of pressure in this job. So it's a must for me to eat.

Q. I understand it. I visited Taiwan to cover all the events you attended, and I was ready to collapse though it's only 3 days in total.
A. Hahaha. You know what I mean!! I'm so hard worker, aren't I? (clapping hands and laughing so hard)

Q. Let's talk about language. How many languages do you speak?
A. English, Malay, Mandarin, Hokkien, and Cantonese.

Q. And a little bit of Japanese and Korean?
A. A little bit (with a shy smile). I bought some textbooks to learn by myself, but I don't have time now...
However we're the endorser of Taiwan Tourism Board, so I'll study to understand Japanese step by step.

Q. Which language do people speak in your dream?
A. Hokkien, as I usually talk to my family in Hokkien, though lately sometimes I dream in Mandarin (laugh).

Q. Tell us about your first feature film "Butterfly Lovers".
A. The original story was said to be a Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet. Actually we play the previous life of the characters in the original piece. The director added a taste of martial arts, so you can enjoy action scenes.

Q. Do you have a love scene with Ah Sa?
A. Yes. Actually there's a kiss scene of me and Ah Sa, but no one told about it to her in advance. It caused her to fall over in surprise after kissing (laugh).

Q. Which actress do you want to work with the most?
A. Mm, I'll be glad if I can work with Jennifer Aniston!

Q. Who's your favorite Japanese actor or singer?
A. As for actor, I like Takuya Kimura. As for singer, I'm a fan of Hikaru Utada, especially her song "First Love". When driving, I listened to it everyday while I was in Australia.

Q. Compared to other actors, I think you have more kiss scenes.
A. Maybe you're right (laugh), especially with Ariel in Tokyo Juliet, I had lots of kiss scenes. Back then I was really nervous as it's my first TV drama. The director supported me saying "just make up your mind and do it!".

Q. When was your first kiss?
A. 16.

Q. Who was the girl?
A. Like me, she's also a Chinese living in Brunei. Though we were not classmates, she's the same age as me. You know, around that age, girls are generally talkative and lively, but she was very quiet and elegant. The character attracted me.

Q. So she's your first crush?
A. Yes (with a shy smile).

Q. We heard you have no girlfriend now. What kind of woman do you want to be with?
A. Someone whom I can share everything with, because understanding each other is the most important thing, isn't it? That's why I'll tell her everything, and I want her to do the same. I don't like someone who is selfish, or tries to play a little game in the relationship. Someone whom I don't have to pretend and can always show my everything would be ideal.

Q. She should be from Brunei?
A. It doesn't matter, as I think fate will lead me to meet the other half, and it's nothing to do with nationality or age. The important thing is how we think about each other.

Q. Imagine and tell us about a decade from now.
A. Maybe I live a happy life with my wife and children (laugh).

Q. How many children do you want?
A. 3 at least. 5 if possible.

Q. When do you want to get married?
A. Ideally 35. But if I get married at age 35, I'll be quite old when the fifth child is born (laugh).

Q. How about your gym?
A. Now I run 2 gyms in Brunei. It'd be great if I can expand like 4 or 5 in Brunei and a few more in foreign countries. It'll give me more opportunities to meet fans directly and it must be fan, right? 10 years later, I think it's highly likely that I'll still work as an actor in this industry. However, even if I leave the industry, I would like to value the relationship between me and fans.

Q. 10 years later, what do you think the other members of Fahrenheit become?
A. I don't know whether we'll still work as Fahrenheit or not, but whatever happens, I'm sure we'll keep get in touch with each other!

Q. So who'll be the first one to get married?
A. Probably me. And I'm the oldest (laugh).

Aaron's Interview:

Q. If you have a daughter in the future, who do you want her to choose as a husband?
A. Wu Chun! He runs a gym, so if my daughter gets married with him, I can go and do training whenever I want.
Also he's good at business, so maybe we can develop some joint business. It seems we have advantages (laugh).

Calvin's Interview:

Q. In the drama "Romantic Princess", your role Cai tried to get Xiao Mai and Jin together like Cupid. If you play Cupid for Fahrenheit boys, what kind of girl do you find for them?
A. For Wu Chun, I'll find someone who's natural and lively. He is shy of strangers at first, but actually he likes to talk. So someone who can be his company would be good. For Jiro, someone who's mature and likes music would be nice. For Arron, she must be pretty and cute, 'cause that's his type.

Q. How was the shooting with Wu Chun?
A. It was fun. I doodled on his script (laugh).

Q. Tell us more.
A. Well, for example in a scene Jin had to say "Cai, why do you do this to me?". Instead I wrote on his script "Cai, why are you so gorgeous and cool?" (laugh), though soon he figured out who did it.

Q. When we hold a fan meeting, we asked Arron "Out of Fahrenheit boys, who do you choose as a boyfriend / best friend / older brother?". And his answer was "I'll pick up Chun as my boyfriend, Jiro as my best friend, and Calvin as my older brother". So how about you?
A. I thought Arron would pick up Jiro as a boyfriend, but he chose Chun (seems quite surprised)! And he picked up me as an older brother. Mm, maybe because I've helped his study before (laugh). Okay, my turn. I'll choose Jiro as my boyfriend, Chun as my best friend, and Arron as my younger brother. Jiro is a lively guy, so it'll be fun to spend the time with. Chun and I has studied abroad before, so we agree with each other. Arron will be, not to mention, a cute brother. After all he's the youngest among the Fahrenheit family.

Q. Is it true that Chun couldn't send his laptop for repair because your strip movie was in the HD?
A. False (laugh). That's his fault. The truth is, Chun and I have stayed in the same hotel room during our job in China. One night I got bored and started imitating this sexy dance (Calvin jokingly tries to put off his shirt humming). Then Chun thought it's quite funny and shot a movie, but don't worry, I wasn't naked (laugh).

Q. But the Taiwanese media caught the story (laugh).
A. Yeah (sighing). Because Chun told reporters that he had my strip movie in the laptop, the news spread out. After that, one of the fans yelled out at me like "Put off your clothes, Calvin!". I was really surprised about it.

Q. Please tell us the secrets of other members which we don't know.
A. Well, I'll talk about a hotel. Every time we stay in the twin room, I pair with Chun, and Jiro with Arron. You know, Chun looks like very manly, macho man. However, he has this different side like a woman; he's always in the bath a long time and takes time for skin care. It prevents me from using a toilet. Poor me, isn't it (laugh)? While Jiro and Arron don't bother to clean, and their room is always messy compared with ours. We're really opposite.

From an interviewer
(about Chun)
Before the magazine shooting, he was on the stage for MATV launch party. After "Cheers!" with other guests, he's the only one who drank champagne at a stretch. We were a bit worried and wondered if he got drunk, but he remained like a cold sober and soon joined our shooting. He's a strong drinker maybe?

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Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08

Chun has a weird habit; likes to “En En” in other peoples’ rooms.
Saturday October 4, 2008 Taiwan

source: chinatimes
Submitted by x-WISHFULthinking

Fahrenheit are the new ambassadors for Taiwan in both Japan and Korea. The 4 together help to promote Taiwan, but offstage, they like to reveal gossip about each other. Calvin revealed that Chun has a very weird habit, “He doesn’t ‘En En’* in his own room, but goes to other people’s room to do it.” However, Chun retorted back saying, that Calvin is more dirty than him.

Calvin and Chun share a room, and Calvin says that Chun has a lot of rules: other peoples’ shoes and clothes cannot be left about, and he does not allow other people to come to his room to eat or go to the toilet. However, the night before yesterday, Chun unexpectedly went to Calvin’s room, and went into the toilet for a long time and still did not come out. It was then realised that Chun could not stand “En En” in his own room, so he went to Calvin’s room instead!

It is not only Chun that has a weird habit; Jiro likes to hang his underwear in his room and as for Aaron, he claims that even 2 people’s towels are not enough for him. Now due to all of their weird habits, whenever they have any overseas promotions or performances, they will all sleep in separate rooms!

*’En En’ is the sound you make when you are trying to poo!

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Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08 fuunnieh..but aboout ' en en" and chun always not allow people to come his room they already talked in interview when they come to indonesiaa..hahaha...soo fuuniieh..LOL...WHAHAHAHHAH,,,,
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29 / F / ┏┉иотнίиġ büт чоü...
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Fahrenheit in Korea as ambassadors for Taiwan; Chun and Jiro very popular, Friday October 3, 2008 Taiwan

source: UDN
translated by: [email protected]

On the 1st of October, Fahrenheit flew to Seoul, Korea as ambassadors for Taiwan. Yesterday, they also attended a press conference. When the 4 arrived at the airport in Korea, they were immediately surrounded by 200 awaiting fans. However, because Jiro injured his foot at the Fahrenheit concert, he was worried that he would be pushed by fans at the airport, thus, he came out in a wheelchair. Both Chun and Jiros' idol dramas have been aired in Korea before, hence at yesterday’s press conference, it was like a popularity contest, and the scene was very lively.

Same with last time’s ambassadors for Taiwan, F4’s Vanness Wu appeared in Japan with crutches. This time, Jiro is also injured while flying to Korea. However, even in a wheelchair, Jiro joked around about his posture, and this made everyone mock him for being “girly”. Calvin, who has had a Korean girlfriend before, said in Korean: “food is tasty”, “very great” and other simple words to interact with the media. However, he was not as popular as Chun and Jiro who’s idol dramas “Romantic Princess” and “It Started With A Kiss” has previously aired in Korea.

When recommending sites in Taiwan, Chun chose Kenting and Jiro chose Tansul, because both of them have been seaside strolling with their girlfriends before. Calvin and Aaron recommended Taroko and Mount Ali, respectively. When on the topic of Taiwanese cuisine, Chun highly praised Taiwan’s beef noodles and Jiro recommended mango ice. As for Aaron and Calvin they introduced salty crisp chicken and taro balls. When the host asked Chun who he most wants to work with, he revealed that it is popular Korean actress Song Hye-Kyo. Fahrenheit also got to taste lots of Korean cuisine during this trip, which include Korean barbecue, cha-chian noodles, spicy New Year cake, etc. They plan to fly back to Taiwan on the 5th.
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Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/9/08
Fahrenheit celebrates their concert success with guest star Jade Liu

Fahrenheit’s 2 concerts in Hong Kong have successfully come to an end, and although the outside world thinks that their “sincerity is greater than their singing”, the 4 worked extremely hard, and their spirit is to be commended. However, during the second concert, Chun hurt his back and Jiro’s knee injury got worse, to the extent where the minute he got offstage, he had to be given assistance to help him walk.

Jiro’s knee has had a cartilage injury for half a month, but he gritted his teeth and pulled through the 2 concerts. While onstage, he looked as lively as ever, and noone could see anything wrong with him. However, the minute he got offstage, his whole body became limp and needed someone’s shoulder to support him to walk. However, today, he still has a spokesperson event to attend, and tomorrow he has to fly to Mongolia. His management company is considering to arrange a wheelchair for him.

Chun also injured himself during the second concert. When the concert started he bounced out onstage, but his back accidentally hit the side of the stage, and it immediately swelled up. However, he still managed to pull through the concert, and during the celebration party afterwards, he spiked up his shirt, and indeed a bruise was visible on his back. He also said that he thought single-handedly holding onto the wire while the other hand performing samurai sword “really was very hard!” Also, due to the fans’ enthusiasm, all 4 members of Fahrenheit had numerous scratches on their arms, and even Jiro’s lips got cut.

Although Fahrenheit practiced very hard for the performances area, but their singing still needs work. During the start of the concert on the previous night, they sung a bit off-tune, and their rap part also needs work; indeed there is still room for improvement in their singing. Aaron said, “The most important thing is that we have improved.” Calvin very confidently said, “Our solo singing was OK, but when it came to group singing, because we didn’t have much time to practise together, it wasn’t very harmonized.”
Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/9/08
Oct.9.08 Fahrenheit : We're not pretty 'vases'

We're not pretty 'vases'
Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit has something to prove
By Chang May Choon

WE ARE more than just pretty boys. That's what popular Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit is trying to prove with its first concert tour.

Comprising Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang, Wu Chun and Arron Yan, the band is well known for its boyish good looks and cheery pop tunes. But with its ongoing concert tour, which kickstarted in Hong Kong and will include a stop here in December, the guys hope to show fans that they can be multi-talented too.

For instance, they each learnt a new skill for the concert. Brunei-born Wu Chun, 29, tried to master drumming, while Calvin, 28, turned himself into a beat box. Jiro, 27, learnt to play both the lead and acoustic guitar, while Arron, 22, tickled the ivories. Together, they also underwent an intensive round of physical and vocal training, and learnt new dance sequences that were choreographed specially for the concert.

Never mind that three of the chaps were nursing injuries, leaving only one healthy Wu Chun, who joked that he was the 'Superman' in the group.

Still, some questioned whether it was too early for the band to do a concert tour, and whether the guys would be mere vases on stage.

When asked by the Taiwanese media, Arron said such comments would make him sulk at home first, then pour his soul into practising hard to prove the critics wrong. He joked: 'Maybe we should smash vases during the concert opening to symbolise that we're not (vases).' Wu Chun added: 'I don't care about this saying. What's important is that we're responsible for the performance and must practise seriously.'

Their hard work has paid off. Last month, Fahrenheit performed to two full-house crowds in Hong Kong. A total of 25,000 tickets were reportedly snapped up by fervent fans within days.

Stage show

On stage, the quartet wowed fans and media alike with their boundless energy and fanciful costume changes symbolising the concert's fantasy theme. Also, they drew gasps from the audience when they each began to swing a 1.2m-long sword during a dance segment. Then they challenged Jay Chou's hit song Nanchaku by giving the Bruce Lee weapon their own spin. The stunts were left to Wu 'Superman' Chun, who made a grand entry sliding down onto the stage on a wire. Just one blooper though: He got his left and right shoes mixed up in haste and had to run backstage to change them while his band mates bantered on stage.

But, it was just a small hiccup to a dream-come-true evening for the guys. Just before the closing, they said they had waited three years to stage a concert and thanked the audience for 'realising our dream together with us'.

WHAT: Fahrenheit's Fantasy World Tour
WHEN: 19 Dec, 8pm
WHERE: Singapore Indoor Stadium
TICKETS: $78 to $168 now available at Sistic. Call 6348 5555 or log on to,...,179469,00.html?

Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/9/08
Sept 08 New MONDAY Vol.417

Fahrenheit - Dream Come True Before & After

According to Fahrenheit, their dream is to step on stage to experience the moment of holding a concert that belongs to the 4 of them. Finally, the concert is about be be held! With the Asia and China Tour on at the same time! Their dream is reachable by hand. What thoughts do Chun, Jiro, Calvin, and Aaron have? After making their dream come true, what would the 4 focus on?

Before Fahrenheit will have their own concert, our magazine goes to interview in both Taiwan and Hong Kong, finding the actual person to tell you the truth, better than watching xx Fan Ju (a HK interview show)!

Gather Less Separate More; Connection Is Still There

In over the past half year, Fahrenheit each were busy with their own stuff, filming drama, movie, as well as having a member entering the military service, even the time of getting together to have a meal is very rare. Now the time of their concert is near, Calvin and Aaron are both worried about the connection between the 4 people.

Calvin: "To tell the truth, I am a bit worried! A while ago, we each were busy with our own things, filming different dramas, the dance instructor said that though we are dancing the same moves, we each feel like we're dancing with our own style. Through this month of training, we gained more and more connections, there's a feeling of unity, there's improvement."

Aaron: "We had more connections when we were recording the album, because everyone spent more time with each other. Now, we have more time to sing and dance, developing connection.."

Jiro: "I would tell them to eat together, go shop around together etc., but not so publicly."

Aaron: "When we each were filming our own drama, I would send SMS to them: 'Really tired lately, add oil!' etc., sending the most with Calvin."

Chun: "Actually, not always being around each other is not a bad thing! If we're always together, there might be more conflict, now when we see each other, we each have our own things to say. Also, the company has arranged everyone's coming half year to not accept other work, while only focus on training, then our connection would be better, and relationship would be better."

Concert 90% New

Each time an artiste is preparing for concert, they would do gym training to make themselves more buff, recently Fahrenheit has been training daily. Too bad Aaron has degenerative arthritis, Jiro has recently injured his right knee due to wearing leather shoes for a prolonged period while filming, Calvin sprained his pat pat (butt), with the previously eye injuried Chun being the only healthy one. Facing so many concerts, are they afraid that they have the heart but not the strength to carry on?

Jiro: "It's ok, because starting since September, no matter what Fahrenheit did, the 4 of us are together. Although we will be tired, we can run from stop to stop, to complete Fahrenheit's own concert, then it will be good enough already."

Calvin: "The pressure is great, because the time to train is limited. Actually, I started training since May, but I was practising my own talent, solo performance etc. But the time for the 4 people to ge together to sing and dance, there's only 1 month to practise."

Chun: "Yea, but I've been nervous since the beginning, thinking that there won't be enough time to train, cannot finish. Up until now with only 1 week left, suddenly feel 'Eh, I think it's possible to fiinsh training', really have a get ready feeling, it's not bad!"

Calvin: "For this concert, I look forward to it more than feeling nervous. Because 90% of the performances in this concert is never before seen by everyone! We will be singing songs that we've never sang before, all new dance moves, the dance routines that everyone saw before should probably only be around 2 songs! Our individual solo talents are ones that you've never seen before, so everyone must come and watch!"

Chun carries out "practicalism"

Speaking of individual, after the concert, what would the 4 of you focus on?

Aaron: "During childhood, when I saw other people's name on an album, it feels really impressive. This time, I have a song (Ti Amo) on the album, so started joking, I've already fulfilled half of my dream, yet I don't know how to go on, ha! So now my 1 other goal is to write lyrics for 1 album, at least for 1 song."

Calvin: "For now, I've put concert at the really front, because this year there's not much production, so for the coming half year, I want to do more things, giving all I've got in my profession."

Jiro: "No doubt it's hoping my profession to be even better! Hope to have more new experience, filming movie, each chapter to be more exciting, gain more self-depth. Also hope to have more time to spend at home, to accompany mom, hope to take her to travel outside the country. Hope in the year 2009, this goal will be fulfilled.

Chun has once set a 3 year limit in the entertainment business, but now would continue on in the business. "I am like that, If I want to do it, I will do it, but if I don't want to do it, I won't do it at all, I won't do things half way. Actually, I don't really have a real goal, I am just taking things step by step, because this industry is too practical, you will never know when you will fall down! So I think for each job, have to do the best. Looking ahead in the long run is useless, it's a lie!"

Jiro forms family; Aaron becomes monk

In the following half year, besides Calvin having no production (in filming), Chun, Jiro and Aaron's big production will be out! All the hard work is paid off, what goals do you have in love life?

Aaron: "I can give up love! I want to be a monk, ha! It's just that I've given up the time now, but according to the matter of when I want a girlfriend, just go with chance!"

Calvin: "When it comes to love, I also think it should go with the flow, if fate has come then it's good, but if not, I would put all the energy and focus on my profession!"

Chun: "This is hard to answer! You wouldn't know when love comes. Now, I don't have that feeling, but I want to have children by the time I am 35. I want at least 3 children, or 5 in my entire life."

Jiro: "When it comes to relationships...(Aaron: Madman! Cry-baby!) I am actually a respectful-to-the-elderly kind of person. Mom have started telling me since I entered the society, hoping I could start a family, at the same time I could adopt the role as a father, hoping this family could be very stable. Later as I devoted my time towards career, there's little chance for me to have a relationship, meet new friends, but mom would still always nag: 'A Dong, get married quickly, have kids, give birth to Xiao Dong Dong for mom to hold'. When I am fighting for a career, I would still remember mom's words, but work is too busy, therefore not able to fulfill mom's wish of wanting a grandchild. (Aaron: You can adopt one!) I want to have my own kid!"

Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/9/08
Oct.1.08 FRH's HK Fantasy Concert HIGHLIGHTS

Translated by aiwa

Fahrenheit "Fantasy" World Tour Concert; Creating a Cool, Shine, Mighty, Mysterious Musical Fantasy World

Space, Future, Vintage, Rock, Chinese Martial Arts, all styles used, full of sincerity.
2 concerts in a roll conquering 25,000 HK fans to start off a World Tour.

Fahrenheit's 1st "Fantasy" World Tour on September 26 has successfully launched in Hong Kong's AsiaWorld-Expo, attracting 12,000 people to participate in the 1st world tour concert performance with Fahrenheit, into Fahrenheit and the future while having a vintage TONE. After a full blown taste of Rock, a Chinese style musical fantasy world follows. Fahrenheit's exciting performance of changing into 6 outfits within 2 hours to sing, dance, and show talents has made fans go wild. The full house screaming and non-stop clapping wraps up the 1st concert while also revealing the most perfect prologue for the upcoming Asia Tour.

The fans' long anticipated Fahrenheit's "Fantasy" World Tour started off in Hong Kong on September 26th, the entire concert budget cost around 40 million in the making, over 100 crew workers have already flown to Hong Kong on September 24th to arrange the rehearsal preparation, within two days, building a stage and especially designing an airborne over-bridge to allow interaction between Fahrenheit and fans in each corner, and putting a huge amount of money into lighting, LED big screens and lazer lights, snow machine, firework waterfall, V-shape fireworks, flaming chariot etc. to create the most cool, shine, mighty, mysterious special effects, clothing expenses has reached around 5 million, Fahrenheit and dancers' total of 95 sets of garment weigh 1015kg for air fare shipping to Hong Kong, just to hope to have the most perfect performance at the 1st stop in Hong Kong, as the concert begins with all lights off, with a preview clip of Fahrenheit's performance on VCR.

The concert started with Fahranheit wearing "space warrior armors" popping up from the center of the stage, wearing masks, hands holding capes, attracting the entire audience to scream loudly. After taking off their masks, they held up swords and consecutively sang two songs "Chu Shen Ru Hua", "Wo You Wo De Young", with just Fahrenheit waving the colorful neon swords on stage right from the start of the show, it was already enough to cause the entire atmosphere to approach climax. Then, Fahrenheit sang 2 of fans' most favorite love songs "Xin Li You Shu", "Ming Ri Xiang" showing off their harmony vocals learned from recent intensive training. Big screen LED tv showing many hot air balloons floating, while there are many colorful flying kites flying around at the scene, Fahrenheit changed into aviation outfits to return to the stage once more on raising platforms to sing "Xiao Xiao Da Ren Wu", Half way through the performance, the 4 stood on suspending platforms individually and raised up into the air to 5 stories high, besides bringing the live audience back to childhood, it also gave them the passion of witholding and fulfilling a dream. Under the warm atmosphere, they continued to sing 3 classic Fahrenheit songs "Ai Dao", "Ai De Wang Dao", "Xia Xue", the entire audience gather together to sing, while high screams continued to sound.

For the 1st concert, Fahrenheit had prepared many exciting content to give everyone surprises, Fahrenheit also revealed "Often due to working schedule, could only use the time during midnight or early morning to practise." After the big screen showed the 4 individual solo's silhouette, Fahrenheit changed into black & red rocker costumes as a band to start the show, Aaron on the keyboard, Jiro the guitarist, Chun the drummer, Calvin the beat-boxer, "Hi everyone, we're the Fahrenheit Band." First time performing as a band has made the entire audience completely oblivious. During the song "Chao Xi Huan Ni", Jiro showed off his skills on electric guitar, while he played an acoustic guitar for "Yi Ge Ren Liu Lang". Chun, Aaron, Calvin explains: "In order to fulfill Jiro's ROCKER dream, we bros showed great coordination!" After Jiro showed off his guitar, it was Aaron's turn to play the piano while singing "Ti Amo" and introduce the special guest, Jade to sing along.

After doing different performance as space warriors, aviators, band etc., the stage lowers a big vintage "FAHRENHEIT" light sign. This time, Fahrenheit came out in American-style vintage suits holding vintage mic stands to perform "My Girl", "Uptown Girl" 70's old song, while they also specially performed "Lao Shi Qing Ge", and a Cantonese song "An Lian Ni" for the HK fans, the songs, style, dance all had an old school feel to them. Afterwards, Fahrenheit walked on to the sky over-bridge to sing "Bu Hui Ai". "Zhan You", "Zhi Shao Hai You Wo", as the over-bridge raised to half way, the fans reached their highest excitement. As the concert showed one climax after another, following the old school style, the entire audience had started to show disbelief, seeing Chun changed into a black warrior costume with one hand hanging on wire, while the other hand waving warrior sword landing from the high stage to the lower stage, while Chun's 8 second wire-hanging entrance cost NT $500,000 for insurance, During the entire audience's high scream, Chun performed a "large-scale acrobating fighting dance" combining sword movement and fighting to create a combat scene. After beating the enemies, he hung on wires once more to fly back to the high stage to join the rest of Fahrenheit. The 4 holds a 120cm long sword to perform "Bu Si Zi Mi", "soul-stirring" is the best phrase to describe this performance, because the 4 swaying long swords in hand has not only made the audience nervous, but it also made Fahrenheit extremely nervous because the swords are sharp. During rehearsal, Jiro almost injuried Chun's face, Chun almost got his face disfigured for practising the sword swaying, hence a very exciting and nerve-wracking atmosphere was successfully created at the entire scene during the sword dance in "Bu Si Zi Mi" performance. In order to demonstrate Chinese martial art style, after showing off sword dance during "Bu Si Zi Mi", they immediately sang Jay Chou's "Nunchucks", besides playing with nunchucks, Fahrenheit also intergrated "Tai Chi" movements in their dance, each sword movement was facinating to watch, and after this exciting performance, all 4 of Fahrenheit were sweating like mad, soaking their white shirts, making the live fans go even more crazy.

In the end, Fahrenheit sang "Heng Xing", "Wei Ni Cun Zai". The live 12,000 fans sang along to create the perfect ending. At the end on stage, Fahrenheit emotionally expressed: "This concert, we've awaited for 3 years, finally we could make it happen, we each put in a lot of effort for this performance, thank you to each and everyone of you for making our dream come true." When the 4 of Fahrenheit goes off the stage from a rising platform, the entire audience drummed wildly and repeatedly shouted out "ENCORE", and Fahrenheit did not let the fans down, with Calvin first appearing on stage with a DJ Scratch Solo and a solo Scratch dance, then the 4 people used a relaxed party atmosphere to sing 3 up-beat songs "Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue", and Senior S.H.E's "Mei Li Xin Shi Jie", "Xin Wo" as the concert ended in a lively, party-like atmosphere. Coming into the industry from idol dramas, idol group Fahrenheit has successfully conquered Hong Kong in the 2-day performance in the HK stop in order to prove that they can sing and dance charismatically on stage.

Concert Budget Chart:

*2 concert production total cost: 420,000,000
Concert Production Team once successfully helped F4, A-Mei, Jolin Choi,
Show Luo, Leehom Wang to organize concerts.

*Stage (including airborne over-bridge & suspending platforms)/lighting/special effects(V-shape fireworks/fireworks waterfall/flaming chariot etc.)/video/sound system total cost: 30,000,000

*Dancers 8 men, 4 women performance: 2,000,000

*Band 10 people in total: 2,000,000

*Clothing (artistes & dancers 95 sets in total: 5,000,000

*Other facilities (location rental, transportation etc.): 3,000,000

here's the entire concert song list~ (the concert DVD should include all these + behind the scenes and talent show)


Space Outfit:
1. Chu Shen Ru Hua (FRH with glowing swords)
2. Wo You Wo De Young
3. Xin Li You Shu
4. Ming Ri Xiang

Aviation Outfit:
Calvin's beat-box solo
5. Xiao Xiao Da Ren Wu (FRH on raising platforms)
6. Ai Dao
7. Ai De Wang Dao
8. Yi Wan Ge Kuai Le
9. Xia Xue

Rocker Outfit:
Fahrenheit ROCK BAND performance
10. Chao Xi Huan Ni (Jiro plays electric guitar)
11. Chu Kou
12. Yi Ge Ren Liu Lang (Jiro plays acoustic guitar)

13. Ti Amo (Aaron's piano solo with Jade)

Vintage Outfit:
14. My Girl (English 70's song)
15. Lao Shi Qing Ge (old song)
16. An Lian Ni (Cantonese classic song)
17. Uptown Girl (English 70's song)
18. Bu Hui Ai (FRH on airborne over-bridge)
19. Zhan You (FRH on airborne over-bridge)
20. Zhi Shao Hai You Wo (FRH on airborne over-bridge)

Warrior Outfit:
Chun's solo sword fighting & combat scene
21. Bu Si Zi Mi (FRH with warrior swords)
22. Shuang Jie Gun (FRH singing Jay Chou's song)
23. Heng Xing (Rolling Love opening theme)
24. Wei Ni Cun Zai


Colorful Casual Outfit:
Calvin's DJ Scratch Solo & Dance Solo
25. Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue (up-beat remix version)
26. Mei Li Xin Shi Jie (FRH singing S.H.E's song)
27. Xin Wo (boy version)

Translated by aiwa
Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/9/08
PART 2: Fahrenheit's feelings on Hong Kong's "Fantasy" Concerts

"Fantasy" Concert Hong Kong Stop A Great Success; Fahrenheit put in 100% effort, a dream come true

Fans' warm support has made Fahrenheit forget about their pain; On stage lively as a dragon, off stage requires assistance.
Promised to have more exciting content for upcoming concerts in Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, and Taipei.

As Calvin said: "At first, we thought hosting a concert would be a very difficult mission, but through training, learning, we've finally made it!" Fahrenheit "Fantasy" World Tour's 2 concerts in Hong Kong, had successfully ended the night before yesterday, the 4 members forgot all about their pains due to fans' warm support, as they take what they've learned in the past 2 months and give it all they've got to the 25,000 audience, feeling joy and satisfaction, Fahrenheit stated: "We put in 100% for effort!"

Since forming the group Fahrenheit for 3 years, right from the 1st day, they had the same wish to host their very own large-scale ticket-selling concert. Calvin said: "From being senior S.H.E's special guests, our own mini concert till now, we could finally have our own large-scale concert, along the way, Fahrenheit continued to work hard step by step, making improvements." Aaron also expressed that they've done a lot of hard work for this concert, and hope the audience could feel their sincerity. Since a child, Chun has been afraid of standing in front of people to perform, standing on stage the night before yesterday he was very high, he laughed: "The 2nd concert was much better than the 1st one, but what I am most happy about is that in the past I was the most shy person to stand on stage, but now I can perform on stage for everyone to watch."

With Jiro's right knee semilunar cartilage peeling, when standing on stage, "Seeing so many friends supporting us, cheering for us, suddenly forgot all about the pain, and use all the strength to perform." But once off stage, Jiro's knee cap immediately hurt like crazy, even requiring 2 person to assist while walking. Chun was initially the most healthy of the 4, but during the night before yesterday jumping up onto the stage at the beginning of the concert, he accidentally hit his back against the stage, swelling with a bruise immediately, making Chun almost burst in tears, but also because of the fans' smile and screaming, he bared the pain to sing and dance for 3 hours, without letting the audience know that he was injured at all.

Looking back on the 2-day performance, Fahrenheit straight-forwardly acknowledged that they were too nervous during the 1st concert, making mistakes, Chun laughed bitterly: "I was most nervous about the matial art part, because I have to hold onto the rope to swing in the air to come out, not only did I worry about not holding on tightly, but I also worry about whether the landing would be smooth, but changing clothes in a great rush, putting the shoes on the wrong feet, almost made me so embarassed that I couldn't jump out." Aaron and Calvin also panicked in the mess and mistakenly wore each other's left shoes. While the 2nd concert went on very smoothly, Aaron jokingly said: "So that's why I invited my mom to watch the 2nd concert, since the 1st concert already gives me the nerves, if there's family members off the stage, I would be even more freaked out". Jiro expressed that he had to greatly thank Jade Liu for being their special guest: "Jade not only sings well, but because she is the guest, we could have time to change our clothes, drink water and even go to the washroom, really have to thank her."

The 4 of Fahrenheit each had their own solo during the "Fantasy" concert, unexpectingly, they also found this solo part to be the most difficult. Chun thought holding onto the rope to swing to enter the stage while holding the sword to fight with the dancers was very difficult; as for Aaron's solo of playing piano and singing "Ti Amo" with Jade at the same time, he laughed bitterly: "I've never played piano in front of so many people before, it's so nerve-wracking." Because Jiro had to rush for filming, during Fahrenheit's concert training, he had to go back and forth, in order to catch up, 2 days after the filming wrap-up, he obediently goes to the company to practise guitar; while Calvin had to do beat-box, he also secretly practised a solo dance and DJ Scratch, he laughed and said: "Everyday, I remind the coach to remember to hide the record when I go home, so that fans waiting outside the company won't know I am practising this."

The night before yesterday is the end of the last concert, in order to give Fahrenheit a surprise, the fans secretly photocopied lyrics and get the entire audience to sing "Zhi Shao Hai You Ni" to Fahrenheit. Hearing fans' singing, the 4 of Fahrenheit felt extremely touched, while also promising that the upcoming Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing and Taipei concerts would have even more variety of content in order to repay the fans' kindness. But during the Hong Kong concert because they were too close to the fans, they got scratched many times when the wild fans tried to grab them, as they jokingly warned fans: "If you guys want to reach out and shake hands with us, please cut your nails." Jiro, who got his lip scraped, urged playfully: "Also please don't grab our faces, we still need them to make a living!"

Translated by aiwa

Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/9/08
S.H.E and Fahrenheit's Hohhot Meng Niu Concert News

S.H.E, Fahrenheit and Feng Yun Bang says hi to sina users.

S.H.E dance hotly

Feng Yun Bang performs live

S.H.E and Fahrenheit started their first concert for Meng Niu’s ‘I decide my dreams’ concert at Hohhot. For this concert, all 7 of them gave their best. Besides bringing their classics like ‘Don’t want to grow up’, ‘Superstar’, etc, they are song many hit songs from their new album ‘Miss Universe’. Fahrenheit who had been secretly training ‘secret skills’ – music talents finally shown on stage and let fans enjoy the view.

After the confirmation of the tour in April this year, the organiser started preparation, not only did they insist on having the 7 endorsers on stage, ‘Meng Niu Yogurt Music Chart’ also held a special competition to pick out 7 newcomers to form ‘Feng Yun Bang’ from several thousands of youngsters who love music.

This time they also stood on the stage in front of several thousands audience. At the opening they already used their performances to win over the audience. At the end of the concert, S.H.E and Fahrenheit once against invited these 7 newcomers up on stage and together they sang the theme song ‘Suan Tian’.

To thank the love that their idols had showed to them, once the concert ended, Feng Yun Bang immediately went to the hotel of S.H.E and Fahrenheit to give a bouquet of wheat to pre-wish that S.H.E album will sell well. When Ella saw Feng Yun Bang, she said exaggeratedly, “Wow, 7 handsome guys, we see each other again.” When asked about their impression of Feng Yun Bang, the 3 ladies of S.H.E said that although they didn’t catch their performance at the beginning as they were doing their make-up but the feel at the duet at the end was good, they are handsome, the performance was relaxed and there wasn’t any feel that it was their first time on stage.

The 4 members of Fahrenheit were also full of praise for the few newcomers. During rehearsal, Fahrenheit’s members were already taking notice of these few newcomers, hence when they saw them, Fahrenheit keep sticking their thumb to the newcomers to encourage Feng Yun Bang to continue working hard.

Throughout the meeting, S.H.E, Fahrenheit and Feng Yun Bang specially held the mini sina to have a photo shoot, and sent their well wishes to sina users, and they also hope that everyone will put attention on their Hangzhou concert.

Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/9/08
Oct.6.08 FRH and DBSK meets at backstage

(Fahrenheit and DBSK meets at backstage, promises to work together)
*pic [from left]: Wu Chun, Jae Joong, Arron, JunSu, Micky, Jiro, YunHo, Calvin and Max*




Idol Fahrenheit flys to South Korea to perform, participating "Asia Song Festival" on 4th of October 2008 at Seoul World Cup stadium. With the support of FRH's idol dramas, over 10 thousand of fans attended the concert. When FRH sang <Chu Shen Ru Hua>, their microphones (where you don't need to use your hands to hold) got broken.
But luckily, fans shows their support by cheering for them. The cheers can be compared with fans cheer for Korea's famous boyband DBSK.

Last year F4 represented Taiwan, and this year Fahrenheit as Taiwan's representative with HK's Karen Mok and Japan's w-inds. After Fahreheit's mic broke, we can only see their lips moving but no sound came out. The microphones were then changed into the normal hand-grasping ones, and everything becomes normal again.

At backstage, DBSK who visited Taiwan twice to perform greeted Fahrenheit on their own initiative, praising their (FRH) performance. Jiro then mentions that he went to DBSK's concert at Chong Shan soccer field last year on a typhoon day in raincoat. As sightseeing ambassadors of Taiwan, Fahrenheit invites DBSK to visit Taiwan again. Fahrenheit also invited DBSK's dance instructor to cooperate, hoping to improve their dancing skills.

Source: China Times Showbiz

Translations by Florence0609

Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/9/08
Oct.7.08 Fahrenheit to raise the temperature-Kuala Lumpur

source: star-ecentral
credits to v i t a ✖ d o l c [email protected]

Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit managed to raise the temperature for their fans in Hong Kong recently. Expect them to do the same when the group plays Kuala Lumpur next month.

The boys certainly know how to please their fans, that’s for sure. Every word they said, every move they made, and every breath they took was greeted by loud cheers and screams from the 10,000-strong crowd at the Hong Kong Expo, during their second of two concerts on Sept 26-27.

Consisting of Aaron Yan, Wu Chun, Calvin Chen, and Jiro Wang, Fahren­heit is arguably the most popular boy band since F4; thanks largely to their boyish good looks, slick musical production and prominent exposure on popular Taiwanese TV dramas.

The group will be performing at the Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on Nov 15 as part of its Fahrenheit’s Fantasy World Tour Live In Malaysia 2008. The event is organised by Big Events.

The concert in Hong Kong was an extravagant production indeed, featuring a myriad of different sets and costumes for the boys, without which the concert would have been a much blander affair.

After all, music-wise, the songs they performed were largely the usual fare you’d expected from a group like them €“ upbeat dance numbers, mixed with romantic ballads and the odd hip-hop rap number thrown in as well. But coupled with the imaginative sets as well as the quartet’s seemingly boundless energy.

Although it did seem as though we were watching a series of different-themed mini concerts; to their credit, the boys pulled off each and every one of those segments with aplomb. They even did a decent impersonation of a rock band, with each member playing a different instrument to the song Cao Xi Huan Ni (Really Like You) €“ Wu on drums, Chen beat-boxing, Chen on keyboard and Wang with a particularly impressive performance on guitar.

Individually, the four of them managed to stand out in their own way as well. Chen had arguably the most time to impress, getting solo segments to show off his dancing, beat-boxing and his DJ-scratching skills as well. He later mentioned that he only got those solo slots because he was the only member who was not involved with any acting jobs at the moment, and thus had more time to practise for the concerts.

As for the rest, Wang impressed with both his electric and acoustic guitar playing, while Yan played the piano during a solo duet with guest artiste Liu Li Yang.

And last but not least Brunei-born Wu, the oldest member of the group at 29, got to play stunt swordsman, ‘flying’ down to the stage by wire for a cool seg­­ment of choreographed sword fights.

Individually, their singing and dancing skills are not exactly perfect; but together, they make up for their individual flaws by performing as one, cohesive unit.

Ultimately though, the success of a concert is measured by the response of the audience, and judging from the rapturous response, Fahrenheit can rest assured that they managed to raise the temperature to a suitably high level for their fans that night.

Fahrenheit’s Fantasy World Tour Live in Malaysia 2008 is organised by Big Events, and will be staged on Nov 15 at 8pm at Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Fans can purchase tickets from Sungei Wang Plaza, KL, Axcess outlets nationwide, online at or via the Axcess hotline at 03-77115000. Tickets are priced at RM88, RM128, RM148, RM178, RM248, RM348 and RM388 (includes a RM3 Axcess fee). 988, the official radio station, is operated by The Star.
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