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Sora Love
by. jubie

hi i'm sora chen, i am nineteen, and is going through some dramatic times here in the world..... even though my life right now is dramatic.. katsu jun my love is always there for me...

As we watch the sunset on the beach. i thought about the times we had so far. katsu always made me happy he would do anything for me to make me happy. i love him so much. The reason why im writing my love story is because...right now would probably be our last time to be together once agian....

This is how my love story goes ....
Part 1:
(January 5th, 2001)

buzz** buzz** - " get up your alarm is ringing you fagg haha" my eyes were really tired but i forced myself to get up. i look up at my older sister (yuchan) , " man do you always have to call me a fagg? do i look like a fagg to you?" i then rubbed my eyes and looked out my window. as i looked out, all i see was bobby waiting for me in the front door. i got out of my bed in a hurry and got ready. " bye mom, im going to school now." i look at bobby,
" why are you here?"
." im here just to walk you to school ". my heart started beating fast. i knew my cheeks were turning red but i couldnt stop blushing.
" did you sleep well sora?"
" hmm?" i couldnt say anything. my heart is beating to fast.! ....
" i said did you sleep well?""oh yeah i did" i think he thinks im wierd now
." haha are you okay? , you sound wierd haha ^_-""hmm?. oh uh eeyeah im fine." darn i knew it , he thinks im wierd!
" haha okay. you look really pretty today did you put some make-up on? whats on your cheeks? why is it red? or i think pink?"
"oooooh. uh yeah i did .... uuh . does it look good on me?" darn sora. stop blushing STOP BLUSHING ." you always look beautiful to me, theres no need for you to put on make up."
"............." damn what should i say?! ooh i can teell im blushing even more >=/ , I CANT HELP IT!

we finally arrived at school.

"maan does this class always have to suck?!~~"
"tachi you are really loud they can here you... ~~" sheeesh , she'll get me in trouble.
" ohkay fine ill be quiet."
" hey sora!! ... are you going tonight?"
"where?" what the heck is she talking about?
"we are going to kareoke"
"oh suure.... is bobby going to be there?" ugh shouldnt of asked that question.
"wow . are you obsessed of him or something? lol oh wait. you've been liking him already for 2 years! . you should go tell him how you feel about him already!"
"well no. im just asking..." i roll my eyes , and think about what he said to me while we were walking to school.
"right. well whatever. i dont think so but there are going to be hott ghuys there i will introduce you to them, they are my friends."
"oh alright."

Part 2:

3:45 pm
*** bellrings.

i stand up . i gather up my belongings, annd walk towards the door, all of a sudden... BAM** " watch where yoour going asshole!
" woow. what did i ever do to her? snob. i pick up my stuff, " let me help you there sora" huh . i wonder who said that? i look up and it was bobby, my heart was beating so fast. " oh no no its ohkay i can do it myself" omg i think im blushing agian ! stop stop stop blushing get a hold of yourself sora! "no its alright ill help you" aaw what a sweet heart!! ^_^ i stare at him, and think what he thinks of me. does he like me the same way as me liking him? or is it just called being friendly and nice.? " here you go sora" " thaank you " he is so sweeet, maybe i should tell him how i feel about him now?! wait. i shouldnt not here. not in the school i should say it where we are all alone..
" are you going anywhere today?"
" hmm?, yeah i am , im going to go out with a friend... of mine. what about you?"
" yeah same here, im going with nana , we are going to go kareoke "
" oh well thats cool hope you have fun! haha with some cute guys hahaha"
"aha yeah.." yeah and i wish one of those cute ghuys were you! . i wonder if he thinks im faking laughing "well ill see you tomorrow? i have to go pick up my girlfriend"
"oh uh. i mean my friend that is a girl heh heh .........."
"oh alright buhbye..........." my heart stop beating. i want to die , he has a girlfriend i can tell! but why does he always do sweet things to me i cant take it no more! i feel so lonely inside its like my heart is crying from the pain its been. sora . stop thinking about it. he said that it was his friend that was a girl ... so stop thinking about him! OK! .............
maan its so cold out. im freeezing to death . i wish bobby were here to give me his jacket or hug me! =]
"Sora!!"huh? who can that be now??...... i turn around.oh its nana.
" what do you want?""common lets go kareoke together , but first.. SHOPPING! haahaha
"i roll my eyes. woow whaat a girlygirl .. pretty funny though haha" hahaha alright lets go! hoi!"
"hoi! hahaah"

[at the mall]
i wonder who will i see here... "lets go suzy!" i hope there are good clothes there for me to where for kareoke tonight! ^_^ . i agreed. ooh i found one, but its way too expenisive. darn
."what do you have there sora?"
"oh its just a top, its expensive though." >:[
" oh really?, why wont you ask bobby to buy it for you! hahaha jusst kidding, , oh btw did you see him already? he is over there with a girl."
heh?! where how come i didnt see him?!."where?! where is he? who girl?!" i have a feeling something bads going to happen..
."over there! where the cashier is."
i look over. who is that girl? . .
"hey bobby over here!! "
"huh? oh hey nana, and ....... sora." . i saw that large swallow. i bet that is his girlfriend.
"who is that girl with you?"
"oh uh......... shes my...."
" shes your?"
"babe tell her"
"BABE?! heh?...." i can tell my heart is crying
."this is my girlfriend..........."
"ooh you have a girlfriend?! i didnt know that"
" yeah this is my girlfriend dera"i feel really hurt. i wanna cry . a tear fell from my face.*
" sora are you ohkay?!"
i run out. "SORA! "
no im not im not ohkay, how can he tell that im ohkay what a jerk . my heart is feeeling so ill , i dont know what to do know more i love him so much. how am i going to forget about him?!. i feel my heart also toring in itsy bits.
i get home. i run up to my room.
why am i so hurt. ? am i that hurt? was he really the ghuy i wanted to give my heart too? why didnt he just tell me , he had a girlfriend so i wouldnt get hurt even more. im so confused i seriously dont know what to do.....
4 hours passed still tears ran down my face..

knock knock**

" get out! leave me alone." i yelled.
"sora its nana, "i get up. i open the door. i think i need a hug, i need someone here to comfort me.nana comes in. i hug her with warm tears falling from my face.
" its ohkay sora, he's a jerk ! "i cant stop crying, yeah i know he is a jerk! why am i still crying still then?!
"sora , ohkay. you can cry all you want. ill be here with you."i hug her tighter
."dont leave me.."
"dont worry , i wont, i just have to call the guys that i cant go to kareoke with them no more...."i let go of her, i think i should go already so i can forget about him.... this is really difficult.
"lets go. " this better be good.
."are you sure?"
"yes im sure lets go....."
"oh alright then, get ready now"
"okay" oh gawd this is hard. trying to forget about himm.......

Part 3

oh. we are here now
"oww your hurting my arm let go your pulling to hard!"
" oh sorry."i look at my arm its all red ! ugh whatta girl! shesh .
" these are the ghuys i told you about..."
" this is domji , this is riu , and this one is katsu.
" katsu? heh ? i think i know that name.,,,i look at katsu , OMG. its katsuj whaatt a long time!" oh, and you ghuys this is my bestfriend sora."
" heeeiu!" i hope he doesnt remember me......
." sora?! is thaat you?! "
oh damn. ." oh. uh yeah! hi....." i roll my eyes...
." long time no see! how are you?!"
" im fine .." go away already. you are still that annoying kid ,....
" oh you look so beautiful now. even prettier than before!!!."
"oh haha thanks.... you too!..." woow. whaatta suck up.. but to tell the truth he looks really goood// " come on let me buy you a drink!."" ohh haha ohkay.." i roll my eyes once more..listening to katsu sing makes me feel so good inside... hahaha woow. he sings really good.
" katsu is so hott! ", but yet annoying..
"yeah he does sing good. he entered a competion for talents and won first place!"woow. he's so goood.
"hey sora lets sing together!"
"huuuh!? no no its alright." i wanna sing but i dont want people to think that we are a couple, couples only sing together....
."come on!"he grabs my arm
" lets sing ..wait for you - by elliot yamin."
"no its okay i dont sing good."
" yes you do you used to sing me to sleep! haha"
"fine ill sing to the next song with you..."
.........why is my heart beating fast agian. its only katsu singing to me.. i dont like him why is it beating fast.?he sings really good though!..." kay sora you promised , lets sing together."
"okay," i havent sang for such a long time.. i hope i wont crack.
{song plays hate that i love you - neyo ft rihanna}i think im loving this momment, i feel so goood . i feel really happy, the bobby thing isnt in my mind no more. i wonder why? oh. finally we are done. that was fun though.
."see i told you sora your voice is still the same as before i love it ;)"
"hahah thankyou"
..... hahah i feeel so happy right now. i dont know why ^_^i here giggling in the distance. i turn around and it was nana, and domji tickling eachother. aww that looks so sweet.. then a kiss appears.heh? domji and nana? together? why didnt she tell me?! . oh whatever they look so good together. i wish i had someone.
phone rings*


my happyness then ended there.........

Part 4:


"sora its me. bobby."when i heard his voice, i felt my heart hurting agian. my heart was crying .
"sora, im sorry i havent told you that i had a girlfriend.."
a tear ran down my face. im so stupid i should hang up.
"sora whats wrong?! why are you crying?!"
"is it .... bobby?!"all of a sudden katsu ran up to me and hugged me.
" whats wrong sora?"
" shes talking to some idiot. , "
katsu glared at me. why is he staring at me like that i wondered
."sora im so sorry, i love you dont cry, she is nothing to me...... (background voice comes up.. BABE. im ready ?! are we going to do it ?) oh well sorry i got to go now. bye"
huh? he hung up? i could feel my heart still crying out. my face was getting washed by my tears once agian.katsu was still staring at me. but then all of a sudden he grabbed me and hugged me."dont cry . i dont like it when you cry, you make me feel sad too when you cry, when your happy im happy, ill do whatever it takes to make you happy so dont cry..
"i feel so warm inside......
" i always wanted to say and do this the same time before. "
i felt really warm. inside. my tears stopped falling. i remembered the old times before, where me and katsu where together in junior high. i pctured the time when we were at the beach. our last time together. it was our last time to see each other because i had to move to another city, because of my dads buisness.
"sora i missed you so much, i couldnt stop thinking about the last time we were together."
"lets do the same things we did when we were little kids."
"...... ohkay..."
i wonder how we are going to do that?.. but whatever
"sora lets sing agian , maybe that will help you forget about him."
" alright."
. i think i already forgot about him , whenever he talks to me like that i forget about bad things , and think of good things.** everybodies leaving.
"sora is it okay if i get a ride with domji?"
"suure its alright." fine... leave me, and let me walk alone
."how are you going to get home?"
"hmm? oh im going to walk."
"your walking?! at this time? alone?!"
" yeah...?" whaats he so surprised about? im walking alone sheesh."ohkay then. ill walk you home."
"heh?!" what ? hes going to walk me home? is he crazy its to dark and i can walk home alone its close here
"i can walk myslelf its quite easy. i just live 2 blocks away,"
"no its alright, i dont care if i get jumped walking alone after i drop you off. i care about you being home safe. so lets go"is it just me or i think he just said that he would walk me home?.. whoa this is getting serious now ahahahahahahaha
"why are you laughing? whats so funny?"
" nothing......" thaat was embarrassing...
"soo. did you have fun today?"
"yeah" ooooo. i love this momment too!
"thats good cause i love being with you"
my hearts beating fast....... i think im blushing..wait. i feel something ... katsu grabbed my hand . what should i do?!!? his hands feeel so soft though.
." sora. tomorrow you wanna go out with me? "
he really asked me out
!"we'll hang out like the times we had before. but we cant call it hang out no more. lets call it a date.."
"..........ok...." i cant do this i cant just go on a date just like that, i shouldnt of agreed with him.. im still loving bobby inside , i cant just pretend nothing happend, people may think that im wierd. what should i doo now!. but the thing is i read in magazines that when your trying to forget about a guy, date another perrson, and you'll forget about the other one quickly. oh well. ill give it a try who cares about what people say i guess ...
."well ill see you tomorrow . ill pick you up at 7(night) goodnight......"
"goodnight....." i walk towards my door, i turn around to see if katsu's gone... why is katsu still there? why is he staring at me like that? it gives me the creeps. "goodnight" i rush in and shut the door infront of his face.

Part 5
(12:00pm January 6th,2006)

i open my eyes. ugh the suns in my eyes. i forgot to shutt my blinds lastnight/. i wonder what time it is.... 12:00 heh?! i slept in agian? woow. must've been a long night, i thought about the time me and katsu did lastnight...... omg!. i forgot today we are going on a date.! i should go to the mall and find something to wear! .... naah. who cares. ill just find some old clothes of mine. its just katsu ....
" what do you want yushi(youngest sister)?"
" can i use your black new tank top?"
" what, the one that shows some clevege?!"
" uh. yeah that one.."
" uuuh... no!, you have no boobs it wont fit u go away!"
SLAM*i think i know what im going to wear now...... thanks yushi hahaha...
cell phone rings**
"sora! "
"ooh hi tachi.."
"do you want to go out somewhere?"
"oh sorry , i cant. im going to go out with a friend."
" oh okay then~~~~.. aren't i a friend to you?~~...."
"heh?, did you say something?"
" oh no its nothing."
"sorry .... maybe some other time..."
" yeah soome. other time....."i feel bad for tachi now... oh whatever i already said sorry..... what should i do that can make the time go by faster.... oh ill watch my drama hana yori dango! .......................[2:30pm]aaw whaatta a sweeet ending. i wish makino was with rui though.. rui is soooo hott! i want to marry him. i wonder what nana is doing? speaking of nana.. why hasnt she called me yet? she always calls, hmm...
"nana! where are you?"
" oh uh... ~~ im at domji's house."
"really? why?" what the heck.this is to wierd..
." i think i drank to much last night and ended up staying here, i woke up with no clothes on......"
" HEH?! so that means you ..... yeah you know..."
" i guess soo.. well ill talk to you later. bye bye"thats just so wierd.. nana doing it? before me?! whoa. i have to catch upp.. with these things. its going to fast i cant catch up!whatever... i cant stop thinking about how domoiji treats makino , shes such a lucky girl. i wonder if im going to find the right ghuy for myself.....hmm. i wonder what time it is......... omg its 6:30! im not even ready yet time goes by so quickly! i get my clothes on and put some make-up........a door bell rings, i run downstairs and mom opened it.
" hi aunt senci! "
" hmm? who are you?!"
" its me ! katsu!"
"katsu?.... ooooh ! katsu long time no see how old are you, you are a big boy now what brings you here?"
"haha thanks. im here to pick up- "
" mom im going now bye."
i shut the door behind .
" heey sora , you look gorgous"
"thank you." haha yeah. i do look nice with this top hahaha. thaaanks yushi hahaha
" are you ready? "
" yeahp lets go! "
" first we'll go to a chinese restaurtant. "
" oh ohkay" mmm how did he know i was craving for chinese food hahah........."mmmmmmmmm. this cantonese noodles taste delicious doesnt it sora?!"
" hahaha mmmhpm! its really good!,"
" so sora.... how are you feeling are you alright now?"
" yeah im fine.. ~~ hopefully..." maan. this really feels awkward. i havent seen katsu for like 6 years and we are already on a date?! ..
." huh whatd you say..?"
"oh,,, uh i said i was fine. what about you..." i roll my eyes...
"hey. look at that guy over there, looks really handsome... if i was a girl i would date him would you? oh wait he has a girlfriend already .. to bad.. hahah"
" huh? where?"
what is he talking about?
"right there near the exit tables."i look over. wow this guy is really cute. he looks really familiar.. i wonder why he has his sunglasses still on....wait. is that who i think it is. bobby?!
"would you date him?"
" ......." my heart was hurting agian! why am i always getting hurt ! i cant take it no more. i look over to see bobby agian , seeing how much fun he is havin with that girl makes me want to cry out loud..... what. why is my face wet?.........
"sora.... are you ohkay? why are you crying?"
im crying?! i didnt even know that i was , i only could feel myself hurting inside!.katsu picks up a kleenex and wipes my tears.
"im sorry. do you know him? "
"........yeah.. i wish i didnt.." . i shouldnt of came. i shouldnt of have agreed with him to go out!. i knew something bad was going to happen.
"hey do you trust me?"
" do you trust me..?"
"...... i dont know.." why is he asking me this kind of question , what a bad timing question!
" kay come on! follow me."
why is he pulling me ? where are we going now? the sky is turning orange redish already it looks soo nice......
" where are we going?"
"you'll see."

[ hours passed//. ]

" hey sora wake up, we are here now.."i open my eyes and look out the window. we are at the beach? .. i think i know this beach..
." do you remember? when you were about to leave we went here to say goodbye to each other for the last time?"
"...................."he still remembers the way to get here?! . what a guy..
." come on lets go over there! you can see the sunset better!"
" the sunset looks so beautiful."
" yeah it does, you know.. ever since you left every time the sun ets i would always be here... when ever i see a beautiful sunset , it reminds me of you..."
"..........." uuh. so what is he trying to say?.....
" oh. by the way sora are you still feeling sad. remember what i told you i would do anything to make you happy. so here i took you here. yell all your feelings and anger out!"
"....... thats wierd.." only a retard would do that...
." just do it you'll feel good inside!"
" no its ohkay.........." uh i dont think i should....
" come on! i can see your all stiffness inside!."
" ....... fine. but only retards do this though,"
"who cares what people think come on!"
"............ I LOVE YOU BOBBY , WHY'D YOU HAVE TO HURT ME!. I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!!!!!!" ..... i could feel tears falling from my face agian. but i dont care, this does make me feel good inside... i look at katsu, why is he looking sad....? did i say something wrong? why is he staring at me still.... seriously that seriously creeps me out! sheeit......
.........* he pulls me , then huggs me agian..uhmm what am i suppose to do.. why is he hugging me?........ sora........ i missed you . im so glad we are together agian."
"........ i did t-"
phone rings*
" hello?"
"sora , its me bobby lets go out tonight."
" i know, it was all of a sudden , but are you free tonight?"
"............" why is he talking to me like that , its like hes acting like nothing even happend.
"sora who is that?"
"oh. uuuh...." who should i say it is.....
" oh uuhm..... its...... bob-"
" give me the phone."what a rude person why'd he grab it from me! i wonder what he's going to say..
" hey who is this?"
" who are you ?, and where is sora?"
" is this the idiot that hurt sora the other day?"
" yeah, you got a problem with that i said sorry to her already..., wheres my sora? give the fucken phone back to her"
" fuck you she's not yours, shes my girlfriend stop fucking calling her!"
*hangs up.what the hell i didnt see that one coming why'd he say i was his girlfriend ?!
crazy person..
."so he can shut up and stop calling, i want you to leave that guy alone i dont want you to get hurt no more"
" and plus im not yourgirlfriend, why'd you have to say that why didnt you just say something else!?"
" i dont know..."
"agghh! take me home now!, i wanna go home!"
[at home.]
UGH WHAT A LOSER. i hate him! , i hate both of them!.
phone rings*ugh who can this be now.! >=/
"wwhat do you want?!"
"holy. why are you so mad i didnt do nothing to you..."
"oh. sorry nana. i thought you were someone else."
" why are you so mad ? whats wrong? can i come over i want to tell you something.."
" ohkay what time , will you be here?"
" ill be there in 15 mins."i wonder what she'll tell me....

Part 6:

" heloooo "
" what were you going to tell me?"
" oh uhm nothing haha i just wanted to see how you are doing."
"wooow you are such a fagg!."
" so ... where'd you go today and why are you so mad?"
" i went.... out with katsu... but it was the wrong thing i shouldnt have gone.!"
" really ? whatd you ghuys do?! "
" we went to a restaurant and ate chinese food, the thing is. bobby was there with his girlfriend .."
" aw are you ohkay , is that the reason why you are mad , did you run out agian?"
" no, katsu took me to a beach, cause i told him that bobby was there."
" a beach?...... what did you ghuys do there...?"
" he wanted to show me the nice sunset, and tell me he missed me ever since i left my old home, oh annd. he told me to yell my anger out.."
" really? whoa. that is so sweet!...what if he likes you? "
" no he doesnt. its only been like 34 hours seeing eachother ever since 6 years."
" oh . ohkay then. so your mad because of seeing bobby right?...."
" well yeah , and something else."
" ... something....? "
" katsu hugged me and he said he missed me and i was about to say that i missed him too but the-"
" what?! you and katsu hugged?!"
" KAY ! nana!.. let me finsh!" whoa. its only a hug why is she freaken talking like that sheeesh .
" kay anyways. then my phone rang . and it was bobby. bobby called because he wanted to take me out tonight, then . after. i was quiet and listening what he was saying then... katsu asked who it was , and i was about to say bobby but then he just grabbed the phone and he asked bobby who he was then yeah . i dont know what bobby said, and then katsu said that i was his girlfriend and to leave me alone. then yeah i got mad at him for saying that. so im like mad at both of them."
" =O . whoa. really? he said that you were dating him? are you?"
" oh ohkayohkay. well give him a chance dont act mean round him"
" no i dont want too.... i only like him as a friend.." yeah . i do like him as a friend nothing will change that. that would be just awkward going out with katsu..
." alright then im not going to force you to like him... "
" ANYWAYS .change of subject... i dont want to deal with this right now.. lets talk about you nana..... how was your day and lastnights......."
" oh. uh .domji took me out to eat some lunch and then we went to my house... and then we......"
" AGIAN? whoa ." oh my gawd..
" eeyeah. but it was so gooood! i never felt that feeeling in my whole life before. it feels so good hahah"
" ..... okay hahah." anyways........ thats still wierd to believe nana doing it with someone... ?! whoa....
." oh and today...... riu called me... he asked me if i wanted to go out. annd i turned him down today. cause domji was still at my house.."
" oh. is it the riu from kareoke?! he's pretty cute..."
" haaha yeah he is ... oh. i have to go now. i have to be home before my drama starts.. see you tomorrow ^_^ hahaha"`" hahah ohkay buhbye! " hahah drama??? i wonder if she would pick a drama before me. shes always like that. ugh i remember when i told her what happend next episode of the drama she watched she was all mad. well what ever.. i'll go to sleep already , since there isnt anything else to do..
"sora! sora!"
heeh? i wonder who that could be, i look out my window.. its katsu
!" what do you want!?"
why is he here...
." come down i want to talk to you. please...."
" fine . hold on a minute." whats he going to say now. sheesh...i run out...
" what do you want? . what are you going to say?..."
" im sorry. i shouldnt of said that. please forgive me , ill do anything for you, so you can forgive me...."
"....... ohkay i forgive you. and sorry for yelling at you, i know you did that because you were trying to protect me from getting hurt... but im not a little girl anymore. i can handle things myself. im not the same sora you know....."
"..... well to me you'll always be the same sora. so dont forget about that."
" .......... so.. is that all you want to say?..."
" ...... umm yeah. goodnight."
"... goodnight.." i run back in. i felt bad. i think i sounded like a snob out there.. i run out once agian.. why is katsu sitting down on the side wallk way... i sit beside him..**
" katsu what are you still doing here?.."
" oh. kay. you dont want to talk right now i see..." i wonder whats wrong with katsu....
" no its ............. do you want to be my girlfriend?!."
" HEH?." what the hell. did he just ask me to be his girlfriend?!
" ......... can you be my girlfriend...."
".............." HE DID !. what ! i cant be his girlfriend. i only like him as a friend. or i mean like him as a brother!..
." ....... sorry if its all of a sudden. but can you be my girlfriend.. theres no time left..."
"............" no time left...? what the hell does he mean no time left...
" ..... im sorry katsu , but i cant . i only like you as a friend and a brother... "
" ............ oh. ok... " tear drops*why is he crying?.... aw i never rejected a guy before this is my first time!..
" im sorry, tomorrow im free.. lets go out somewhere ... if you want.."
".. oh suure... im going to go now..."
" okay. buhbye! ..." agh i feel so stupid right now....what should i do now... i think it'll be awkward being with katsu now. uuugh!!!!~~~~~~~~~ whatever.!

"sora....... sora...wake up...."i open my eyes.. sheeesh.
" leave me alone.! " fuuck . whaat the hell do they want! im so tired still..
." get your ass up, were going to the airport. "
" WHY?!.... i dont want to go , leave me already ill stay home!"
" fine.. ".... gaawd what time is it anyways..... 3:00 ! why am i still tired and its already 3?! I HAVE TO GET UP... maybe katsu's going to come. what if he comes and im like dressed like this... uggh .....

phone rings*
" hello? "
" hi, is this sora? "
" yeah. who is this? "
" oh this is uhm. riu..."
" oh. so why are you calling?"
" uhm this is all of a sudden but.... i just got a phone call that katsu got into a car accident. he's in the hospital."
" what?! which hospital?!" my heart was beating really fast, i was panicking alot..
" ill pick you up and we'll go there together. where do you live?"

/// @ the hospital

"KATSU! KATSU WHERE ARE YOU?!" tears ran down my face.
" .. sorry ma'am can you be quiet a bit.. your scaring my patients."
(riu)" im sorry but can you tell me where jun katsu's room is?"
" oh its right down the hall way to the left. "
(riu)"thannk you."i run down . i enter his room, i see him lying down... he looks like he is in so much pain..
" katsu its me sora!, can you here me its sora!.... "
"s so sora...." more tears run down my face...
"... when did he get here? "
" he got here..... lastnight i believe.."
lastnight?.... but wasnt he with me lastnight?............. i think its my fault that he got into an accident!. i think i hurt him lastnight from the things i said to him.... i could feel my tears running down so fast none stop...
" katsu .. dont leave me ohkay?! do you here me! "
" ..... do-.dont. cry ill be ohkay.. "i hug katsu...
" i wont leave you... ill stay by yourside.forever.. so dont leave me please.."
a tear falls from katsu's eye.
" dont cry sora...remember that i said. when ever you are sad, you make me sad. so dont feeel sad okay? "i cant stop crying i just cant...... tears still ran down my face...................* from that day, i started to get to know katsu even better. i would always visit him every single day. until the moon came out..

Part 7

( 2 months later . )

"KATSU IM HERE! ...... you get to go home now! come on are you ready?.."
" yeah hold on coming! ~~ "
" lets go eat out im hungry. what do you want to eat??"
" . i dont know anything i guess. you pick sora ill treat you."
" what ?! no way! ill treat you since you havent eaten any outside foods for like 2 months! "
"hahah well yeah you are right. but i want you to pick a place. ill eat anything, all i need is you by my side...."
" ............... hahah.. ohkay then " my heart is beating so fast.. i feel really wierd inside.. what a sweet thing to say though... he's always saying for me to stay by his side. i am though arent i??..whatever, but i wonder what katsu is thinking. what do ghuys think these days...?
" so.. which place do you want to go to?"
" uhm lets go to that chinese place , where we ate good noodles. "
" oh ohkay then....."
...... its too quiet. i should start a conversation that can last atleast till we are done...... uuhh. let me see. oh i cant ask him how he is... no wait thats not a good one.... uhmm what about..
." sora.."oh nevermind haha he beat me to it.. HAHAH..
" yeaah?"
" are you getting annoyed of me, being always with you?....."
"....... huh?.. "
" no.. why do you ask?"
" oh its because im always asking you to be with me , arent you getting tired of me always wanting you there?"
" well to be honest yeah. but i dont care its alright with me...."
" ... well dont worry pretty soon . you wont get annoyed by me.... "
" .... ok?...." what the heck is he trying to say now?.. i sometimes dont get what he says. its makes me think that hes more annoying.....
" come on lets go to the beach agian... "
" ohkay... but i dont remember the ways to get there," why'd we have to leave so early i just started eating..
." ill drive then.."
" no way!. you still have injuries you cant just drive right away..." agian what a crazy person..
" dont worry it'll be fine. im fine already. ill drive..."
" ....... ugh ohkay fine... "
" get on!. i want to be there before the sunsets~."
" ohkay ohkay,"
".. sora you seem really tired, its alright for me if you rest your head on my shoulder.. ill wake you up when we get there."
" ... oh.. ohkay ..." my head hurts. i think i feel sick. i wanna go back home. but i dont want to leave katsu.

" sora we are here now.."i open my eyes, annd look at the sky, it was a bit orange , but mostly pink.. the sun was going to set. katsu grabs my arm and brings me near the water. we sit down together..... if i had a person i loved and cared about, i wonder how it would feel... i wonder what it would really feel if i had someone that loved me.. and do anything for me just to protect me.... i really want to know how it feels. i think after forgetting about bobby made me feel like i have no one else i can love. it feels so diffrent inside my heart feels so empty.... thats all i can here in my mind. my heart feels so empty.. i dont have noone that loves me, cares about and would do anything just to make me happy.... im such a useless person...
".... hmm?" i wonder what he's going to say..
."... i dont know how i can put this, but thank you for being here by my side all these times..." he looks at me and stares .. " i can never love a person more than i love you.."
"...... heh?......." he loves me? why dont i feel nothing inside. the only thing that feels diffrent is my heart expanding? .
" .... i dont think i can love someone else than you... "why though?,, what made him think thaat he can only love me and not those other girls. was i wrong all along. was there really someone there that looved me so much , and that would do anything for me?.. was i that blind?..
." ... katsu i just dont know how to put this.. if i dont reply back im really sorry. i just need time right now, to think whaat you said.." i look at him . i thought of all the things we've done since the past, and during the 2 and half months of katsu and i together..... those days were reallly fun. katsu seems like nice guy in all , but to me he only seems like a brother to me i think... im not suure i really dont know what to say to him now.....
" .... its alright if you dont give me an answer, but im just really happy alittle because i actually told you straight up that i..... love you. its really hard to keep things hidden in you, sometimes you just gotta let it go if it bugs you alot inside..."i look at him.. the thing he just said made me wanna let my feelings out too, i always wanted to hug katsu until he falls asleep from listening to my heart beat. so i .. grabbed him and hugged him really tight. i hugged him so tight, like as if i wasnt ever going to let go. he looks at me.. i wonder what he is thinking right now. but right now i feel so good inside i think this is what i had to do all along.. do not hide anything way too deep inside.. you may always have to say out . i then hugg his head, and put his head on my lap. i run my fingers through his hair and start singing a song i used to sing when i was a little girl... katsu gets up and looks at me.. the sky was really dark but i can see stars brightness shining down on us... katsu gets closer and bends over. all of a sudden.... we kissed. after that kiss. he look agian and, i made move too... i was really wrong. i dont think my heart was really empty after all . i just didnt know if i liked him or not.

momments later... as i lay down on the sand with katsu beside me, i could feel my heart beating so fast... i am really glad. i dont want this momment right now to end....
i look at my cell phone. 2:20am...

"Oh my gosh. i totaly forgot i got my job interview tommorrow , or should i say today at 2:00 (afternoon)"
" ......... oh alright. ill drop you off now. "
" .... thank you..." ,man why'd stupid interview thats why i couldve stayed here more longer with him....
while katsu was still driving, i pictured katsu and i making out agian. i dont know why though, but it keeps replaying my in mind...
.".... we are here now....." i look at him.. i could still see us making out still.... i open the car door. theen i put one leg out of the car... i was about to go out, but katsu pulled me back in and kisses me.... i look at him. a tear fell down from his gentle looking eyes...
" goodnight..."
" goodnight ........hope you do good on your interview...."
i get in . i run up to my room and jump on my bed , we really kissed! im soo happy,, but then in the other side i was thinking about what will happen between me and him now. are we offically going out or seeing? UGH! I SERIOUSLY NEED NANA HERE i need help badly i dont know what im going to do...

well . first of all i should sleep first. i might be late for the interview....
/// ..
buzz buzz* i wipe my eyes. then get of bed... i then go downstairs.. whys mom crying?... and yuchan and yushi's crying as well?..i hug my mom..
" mom whats wrong why are you crying and is also everyone else?"
"........... your father got murderd lastnight. i just got a phone call from the police. he was suppose to come here to surprise you guys in the morning. i was suppose to wait for his call at 3 in the morning.. he never called home saying that he was here ..."
" who killed him?!!?!? ." i burst out in tears. my father getting killed?! by who i wondered.
" BY WHO!!!?"
" /..... the police say that a drunk gang killed him..... the person who found his body was one of our neighbours. they were going to throw garbage. but then he saw a hand sticking out of the huge garbage bin outside. "
i run upstairs and shut the door real loud...i cry out loud.
" WHY?! WHY?! WHY NOT ME?! WHY WONT YOU JUST TAKE ME! " tears ran down my face none stop . i didnt want to go to my interview no more. i dont care about anything! my dad was the one of the most important person to me.. he would always listen to me... he was just like my best guy friends.....
cell phone rings... *i answer...
" hello?....."
" sora why are you crying what wrong?! "
" nana............."
" my..... my.... daad got.... killed~!" more and more tears came down /
".......... oh my gawd!, i am so sorry! ill call you back , maybe you need some time by yourself right now.. buhbye....
"hours passed....tears were still falling..knock knock**i get up, and open the door.
" sora..." my mom walks in and hugs me
" mom.... i loved dad so much why does god have to take him?!..."
" i loved your dad so much also.. god probably took him because it was time for him to go..."
" ...... "
" ... alright sora. we all have to be strong we can still do things even though your father isnt here no more.. we have to protect ourselves for now on"
" ... i dont know mom. it'll probably take me months to forget about him..."
" ... yeah i know. you know what your father told me when he was still alive?.."
" he told me that if he dies. he doesnt want any of us to be sad"my mom walks to my window and looks up at the sky...
" i wonder if your father could see us already.."
i follow her and look out the window as well..
" yeah. he probably can see us. "

Part 8

phone rings*
" hello?"
" sora.. its me katsu."
" .... oh hi."
" nana called me and told me everything.. i am sorry. if you are feeling alone right now.. ill be here for you.." he hangs up..
" whaat??.. why'd you hang up on the phone for..?!?!?!" ( i was yelling at my phone.... )i get up from my bed and loook out the window , and look at the sky... dad if you can read my mind.. i miss you so much. i dont think ill ever forget about you..all of a sudden baam!.
" OWW!,"
i loook down. it was katsu..
" OH . SORRY SORA~ I WAS SUPPOSE TO THROUGH IT AT YOUR WINDOW! not your face......hahah."" yeah right... what do you want?!"" remember i told you that i would be here for you, if your feeling lonely.. thats why im here i know that you are lonely ... "
" who said i was lonely.....?!"
" uuh . your face looks lonely... and oh yeah, nana told me everything remember?! so thats why i wanted to comfort you.."
....... " ohkay... but who says i need comfort from you!.."
" i dont know... come down here now. "
" no.. I DONT WANT TOO.." [i stick out my tounge..]try forcing me you fag..
" if you dont come down. ill yell out everything we did lastnight! ".... oh shit..
" KAY FINE. " [ i stick my tounge once agian.... ]
then he sticks his out.. ew. what a ugly looking tounge

i run downstairs and open the door..
" kay im here. what do you want.."
" hug me. "
"...... no way"
" hug me i can tell you need a hug. i'll always be here if you need a hug."........ i look up at him.. a tear from my eyes fall...
" come here.."he then grabs me and hugs me.....i never knew that katsu would be a really good friend, that would really care" sora. i want you to remember all the things we do together alright?"i push him away... what the heck is he talking about?
" are you going to leave me??"
" im not sure.. all you need to know is that . if i leave you , i didnt mean to leave you in purpose.. i love you.. thats all you need to remember if im gone.." why is he going to leave me.. he told me he always be here for me. and now he's saying he's going to leave... whats going on i dont get nothing.
." lets go out. and try to make you forget thaat sadness inside of you..."
"..... okay"
"where do you want to goo?"
" i dont know... somewhere that can make me forget things...."
" lets try the zoo.. you wanna go?"" okay! . i love the zoo...." except the part where it stinks there cause of the animals shit.. and yeaah
." ok then"

" come on! we are here now!." he grabs my arm..i'm starting to miss my dad even more.. this is where he would always take me when i was little..
." sora come on.. take that frown off that beautiful face.. lets go take photobooth pictures! . "
" alright then.."in the photobooth *
pose # 1 :
peace signs w/ a smile on our faces..
pose # 2 :
normal pose...

last pose... the last pose we were suppose to do was showing sad faces.. but when it did a count down to the last second. katsu grabbed me quick fast and we bothed kissed..
i was shocked.. after that.... i looked at his face.. his eyes were closed. a tear then fell down his face ..why is he tearing? is there something wrong with him?...the photo's were printed out. i push him away , and look at the photo's we took.. there it was. me and katsu kissing...katsu takes it off my hands. then splits it into halves...
" here you take this half and ill take this other half.."
" okay.. " i was still wondering why a tear fell from his eyes. i want to ask him .. but i just dont know how to start the sentence. i dont want to say like .. when we were kissing why'd you tear?.. that would be too awkword saying that. i dont want to talk about it. thaats so awkward!...
." where should we go now?"
"i'm not sure.. lets go see the animals now.."
" ooh .. right haha"

" awww that koala bear looks so cute!! "
" noo. not really it looks kind of ugly.."
" no! .he or she haha is adorable like my old dog..."
" .. you had a old dog?.. what happen to it?"
". ooh it died.. cause yeah our neighbor cooked it cause it ran away from our home.."
" really?. thats just sick. eating a dog. thats just disgusting."
" yeah.. i'm starting to miss kiki agian... before, every night i would always cry .. it was really hard to believe.that i had a dog that got killed like hat.. " god.why did you have to take my dad.?! you already took my dog. but why my dad!..... a tears fell*
"........... oh. dont worry. dont cry."he wipes my tears..." its not only the dog im crying about. im crying about my dad!....
"he hugs me.." sora. lets go. ill take you somewhere so it can help you a little to forget about your dad."" where are we going ?"
" you'll see.."
" heh?.. pet store?.." why are we here?... is he trying to make me more sad. because i miss my kiki?......
" come on.."

diffrent kind of animal sounds* ( background )

" its so loud here. its like the dogs are louder than the elephants at the zoo..."
" ... yeah. so why are we here? why didnt we stay at the zoo. if we are just here to look at the animals?"
" .. yeah we could've stayed at the zoo to look at the animals.. but here im going to buy an animal. you can't buy any animals there right?.."
" ... no."
" come on lets look at the dogs..."
" aaaaw! they are so cute! .. that one right there looks like kiki..."
" oh really?... "
he walks away...
" where you going?!"
" i'll be right back.."
" ... okay" where is he going now?.......
" aaw. someones going to buy that puppy that looks like kiki ...." if only kiki were still alive and dad... oh and if i had a love of my life...... . i couldve been the happiest girl of my life..
." here we go.."" hmmm?" i turn around..
" aaaaw! that is so cute! why are you holding him ?.. or her?"
" it's a her. i bought her for you. so you can replace her for kiki... "
" ....... no i can't take her. shes your pet. not mine.. "
" ... well okay then. but just to tell you.. shes not fully mine. shes mine and yours."
" ....... heh?.."
" come on. you know you want to have her!...."
".... okay whatever...."
"lets go to the park with her.."

Part 9

@ the park

" come on girl!.. " watching katsu play with a dog , makes him look really cute.. i dont know how but yeah. he looks really cute.. flashback of me and katsu at the beach...... do i really have feelings for him?..
." come on sora!. play with her. shes your too you know. "
" okay. but first.... uh.. i just noticed that we dont have a name for her yet. lets name her first..."" lets name her..... SORA!,"
" HEH?! HEY IM NOT A DOG. "" hahahah im just kidding.... what should we name her?.."" what about. kipi?.."
" thats a boys name! katsu come on lets be serious now hahah" stupid loser hahah,................ its really cute when katsu thinks..he always says things wrong. hahah
" ohkay ahhah fine then.. what about a name that both of out names are together?...".
"... okay"
" what about.. kotsura.."
" naaaaaw that seems like a human name..."
" what about... RASUO! "
" yeah that name sounds okay"
" okay . girl . your name is rasuo now... if you dont like that name go chase after sora. she named it after you..."
*bark bark*
" aaaaaaaaw look at her wag her tail , i think she likes the name i gave her, katsu! hahaha"
" hahahah . yeah. i guess so. "i lay down on the grass and look up at the blue sky....
the sky looks so beautiful today... dad. if you see me. thank you for eveything you did to me ever since i was a little girl.. i love you so much dad...katsu lays down beside me and look up also..
" do you know what?..."
" hmm?.. what?"
" if i am not here. look up at the sky and call my name...."
" ......... "
" if you miss me.. look up at the sky and call my name.... i would leave you on purpose. but if i do leave you.. i'll always be by your side you may not know if someones by your side. but i'll always be by yourside..."
"...... ok."
" ... anyways. sora do you know why your name is sora?...."
" no.. why?.."
" well. the thing is im not sure if your mom wanted to just name you that name , but to me the reason why your name is sora ... is because to me you look like the eautiful sky.."
[ sky in japanese is sora ]
"...... "
the clouds started to get dark.
" it looks like it's going to rain come on we should go now.."
" okay."
" rasuo ! come on girl lets go.."
" whoa. that was close thats a good thing we are in the car. before it started raining.."
" where do you want to go now?, should i drop you off home now?..."
" .. okay "
" when you go home. take rasuo with you alright? cause i dont have time to feed her. i wont be home tomorrow.. "
" okay.."....

" hey wait!...isnt that nana right there?!"
" where?!"
" the corner! why is she in the rain... is she crying?.. katsu can you stop the car?."...
" nana! why are you out here in the rain?!.."
" i... i.... want to die!!........."
" what happend?! come on lets go my house. katsu was about to drop me home.. but we saw you.. "
"... okay"
" nana are you okay? your soaken wet."
" sora. theres a blanket in the back trunk. ill go get it for nana alright? ill be right back.."
" here nana. wrap yourself with it. so it'll keep you warm.. here let me do it for you actually.."katsu being all nice, like helping wrap the blanket around her, made me feel really wierd inside.... why do i feel this bad feeling?.. it feels like im getting jelous by looking at katsu doing that to nana..... but i dont like katsu . why do i care so much that hes doing that to nana?, shes going to get sick anyways... im not jelous!...
" there you go nana. ill drive you both home.."
".... oh. katsu shes going to my house. so i can make her some tea..."
" ... oh alright then. just.... oh nevermind.."
" .... okay?...." i've never seen katsu like this before... it seems like he loves nana not me........" okay we are here now. take care nana. make sure next time dont stay out in the rain when its pouring really hard out!"
" ..... thank you."i look at katsu.... it feels like my heart hurts inside seeing him being all sweet to her. if only he did that to me before i wouldnt have feel bad.." alright sora. i'll be going now. take care of rasuo too okay? i have to go now. bye! ..... bye nana!"i look at nana. shes shivering from the cold. i feel sorry.shes my bestriend after all. she wouldnt backstab me or anything..
" come on nana. lets go inside."


" so whats wrong? what happend?! why did you want to commit sucide?!"
" .... for the last few weeks. i've been with riu .. "
"..... wait. arent you with domji though? what happend? did something happen?"
" well. not exactly. me and domji had alot a fights. and after me and domji fight riu would always be there for me. he would take me out and stuff."
" what were you and domji fighting about..?"
" i dont know exactly. when ever i get home. domji would be there waiting for me and asking me where i've been..."
" ... annd?,,"
" well , when i tell him that i've been with riu he would get really mad. and stuff, it seems like he is jelous or something.."
" oh... is that it. thats why you wanted to commit sucide?..."
" no.. there is still more to it.... i'm guessing like 3 weeks ago. me and domji had a argument and riu took me out after the fight.. he took me to a bar... we drank alot and...after that i got too drunk i didnt know what i was doing.. the bad thing is that. when i woke up i was naked.."" WHAT? you did it with riu? what about domji though?!?!?!?!,"
" ........ i dont know!. i think i'm starting to fall for riu though .. he was always there for me and domji... he was there for me but.. he would most likely get jelous easily.. "
" ....... keep going. i think there is more to it right?.."
" yeah.... so after i woke up . i was panicing ... i got dressed fast and left riu without telling him.. i then went straight home. i was getting phone calls from domji and riu but i didnt answer them.. then after a a week. my co-workers from work said that i was getting a bit pale.. and i would always crave for alot of foods, and every morning. i would always get a cold or something..."
" ....... nana.. you know what that means right?,"
" yes i do. thats why a week ago.. i took a pregnancy test... the doctor said. that....."
" NANA?! are you seriously. telling the truth.... ?! you have something living in your stomach right now?..."
"........... yeah.. and the father is..... not.. domji.."
" whaat?!. are you serious?! then the father is.... riu?..."
she starts crying agian..
" ....... i love domji so much. its just that. i love the way riu treats me... they are both special to me... i dont know who to choose from them.."
"... are you going to get an abortion?..."
"..... no... "
" ... oh .. okay then . what are you going to do now?.."
" i already told . riu about this and he was surprised and he said he would take care of me and the baby......... i also told domji, and domji looked really pissed. and... he just left my house without saying a word... i understand why he looked pissed .. but i just dont know how long he will be pissed at me for... ITS ALL MY FAULT!."
" ... nana its alright i'll be here for you too. the thing is you need to talk to domji. force him to talk to you... he cant continue ignoring you like this.."
" ...... whenever i look at domji.. i can see that he is hurt inside.. its all my fucken fault . i dont know what to do... i just want to die already . even though i have this baby inside of me.... i think it'll be better if i died with it.. so when i die.. ill take all my problems with me. and leave happiness behind.."
" how are you going to leave happiness behind? you'll just leave sadness behind. it'll be diffrent without you . so dont do anything. dont worry..... eveything will be okay . maybe sooner or later.... the important thing you should do is... care about the baby inside of you first. when its born . thats when you have to worry. nana. a pregnant women can0ot live when there is alot of pain going inside of their heart. just focus on one huge thing that will change your life.. and that is the baby.." tears fall from my face... the things i just said . touched me inside... i hope eveything goes well with nana...
i hug nana..
" ... don't worry that much alright?"
" do you want to sleepover here for tonight?, its still raining hard outside.."
"..... okay"

the next morning..

cell phone rings**
i open my eyes and look around to find my cell phone....i finally find it is.. but why isnt it ringing?.. i still here a cell ringing.... oh its nana's cell.. i look at nana... she seems dead when she sleeps ..i pick up her cell .. oh.. its domji?!..should i wake her up?................
" nana.. nana wake up domji's calling you.."
she gets up quick fast...
" ....mhpmm domji?!."
" im sorry... " tears run down her face..
" i still love you.. please forgive...."
i wonder what he is saying to her... im sort of glad that im not in the same situation as her though..... shes going through alot of things................................................................
"......... okay bye....."
" nana . what did he say?.... "
" ... he said that it should be over, and he said that he loves me still.. but he has to let me go already because i'm carrying another mans baby.."
more and more tears ran down her face..
" .. i told him i loved him , and he told to stop loving him so i can have a better life with this baby.... and riu... i can't let go of him. he was practically my first love!......"
"... nana. maybe domji is right. you should forget about him.. maybe not now but soon , because you dont want to harm your baby as well . you'll get him or her stuck in your situation. dont you want your baby to have only* one father not two?.... so just let it go sooner, before he/shes out.."
".............. ok..."cell phone rings.. *we both look at our cell" oh its mine...!"
"sora. its katsu do you want to go out and eat breakfast?.."
"... well . yeah but nana's here. is it alright if i can tag her along?."
" yeah sure!. how is she feeling by the way?."
" .... shes alright. theres alot of problems. i'll tell you later.."
" oh alright then.. ill be there in a half an hour.."" ok bye!"..." nana would you like to come with me and katsu for breakfast?. he's going to take me out, and i asked if i can tag you along. wanna come?"
" no.. its alright... i'll just go home. i'll call riu to pick me up."
" ... oh ok then."
" sora... "
" hmm?"
" thank you.."
" no problem .. ill always be here for you . like you always being here for me.."
" kay bye nana! . take care okay?.. "
" .... thank you .. buhbye"
cell phone rings**
" hello?"
" sora, im outside now.."
" ooh. alright ill be out in a second."...
"where is nana?"
" ooh.. she said she wanted to go home. she got picked up by riu."
" oh alright.. so what happend to her lastnight?"
" something happend..."
" would you mind telling me?...."
" oh. uh okay. well nana's pregnant..."
" PREGNANT?!.. whoa. domji, whatta man! ... i thought he told me he was going to get nana pregnant after he proposes to her....oh sora don't tell her alright? "
"..... katsu there is alot more to this.. not good though..... bad.." domji was going to propose to nana?!.. probably nana beat him to it when he was going to propose to her..i feel reallybad for domji...".. oh.. okay keep going.. "
" the father isnt domji... it is ~~"
" WHAT THE FATHER ISNT DOMJI?!.... tell me who the father is i'll kick that guys ass, messing with my bestfriend domji..."
" katsu.. i dont think you can kick that guys ass because, he is one of your bestfriends too..."
" huh?"
" the father is.... riu.. "
" RIU?! you got to be kidding can it not be domji by the way.. nana and domji were together..."
" i know but then the pregnancy thing was an accident.. nana told me that domji and her had an argument and riu and her had a few. or should i say alot of drinks at th bar. and she said she ended up waking up naked beside him..."
" ......... i feel sorry for domji.. whenever i hang with him. the only thing he would always be talking about was nana. how happy he was to be with her..."
"..... really?" domji is such a sweet guy. nana was so lucky to have a guy like him.. i think she hasnt really seen his real sad before..
" yeah. is she going to have an abortion?.."
" no she said she doesnt want to kill the baby inside of her.."
".. i wonder how domji's doing... after we eat breakfast do you want to go to his place to check up on him?"
"... sure"

Part 10

"so sora.. hows rasuo?"
" she alright.. when i brought her home. she fell fast asleep, so thats when i started tallking to nana."
" .. oh really?. okay then. i want you to take care of rasuo forever okay? ... treat her like shes our baby..."
" heh?.. okay.." our baby? why'd he say that?.................
" are you ready to go sora?.."
" uhuh.. are we going to go domji's next?"
" yeah. i'll call him first..."
" Yo! domji. me and sora, are heading to your place. is that alright?"
katsu is a really sweet person. he seems like a type of guy that wont hurt anyone.. well. sorta of like that... he looks a mean person in the ouside. but in the inside he is a sweet and gentle guy. you can tell by looking at his gentle eyes....
." okay okay see you then."///
" what'd he say?.. "
" he said sure.. he sounds really diffrent on the phone tthough.."
" oh .. really?... i feel sorry for nana and domji. nana loves domji still but she cant do anything anymore because of hers and riu's baby.. "
" sora. dont worry. they'll find their ways out of that situation.. all we both need to do is just help them if they need help.. we can't just help them without them telling us that they need help.. its sort of not out business.. so let them find their ways unless they do something stupid..... you know what i mean right?"
" .... yeah."
." do you want to go now? "
" okay "

@ domji's
" we are here now..."
" .. yeah"
" hey domji!"
" hi... domji" i think its sort of awkward for me and domji to talk .. because of nana..
." hey guys."
" So how are you guys......?"
".. domji. im so sorry.. i feel so bad for you..."
" its alright.... it's really hard to forget about nana.."
" yo dom. if you need to cry out.. then cry out dont stop yourself from crying out! it'll help you inside a bit.."" its.. alright"
"... its okay. dont worry domji, everything will be alright sooner , or later.."
" thaanks."
" well. we have to leave now.. see you later domji. take care buddy alright?"
" yeah. i will dont worry."
" bye domji.....".....
" come on. enough feeling sad...lets go do something fun , that can make us forget about them alright?"
" where are we going katsu?"
" you'll see..!"
"come on give me your hand and close your eyes....."noises from distance.. why are their so muuch people yelling or should i say what is that sound?!?.. i wonder where he's taking me... i hope its something romantic.... haah just keeeeeding" open your eyes... now"
" ?HEH?//" A ROLLERCOASTER??? ... that doesnt seem romantic at all..
" come on!. lets ride the vomit coaster!"
" ..... uuh no its okay.... i'll get sick .. i just uuh ate remember?...."
" come on don't be suuch a wuuss. we ate breakfast like 4 hours ago.. come on!! lets go! it'll help us forget about theem faster and better"
".. no its alright.."
" are you scared?!.. come on . your going to sit down beside me anyways. nothing will happend you can hold my hand real tight if you get really scared alright??"
".... okay fine... i'll kill you if i die from this.. !"
" hahah don't worry. you won't die..."
" YES I WILL.... "
on the rollercoaster**
maybe this was a wrong idea, i shouldnt of go on this ride. im so scared and nervous in the same time! my heart is beating to fast. i can feel myself sweating from being nervous to much.. im so scared.... lord please protect me from not dying from going on this ride!!!.
.guy says" are you guys ready??"
the other riders say" YEAH!!" NO... im sooooooooo scared!, man im going to get katsu for making me go on this
!" sora hold my hand, it wont be that scary."
"sora hold my hand real tight okay don't worry....
"..................." "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" i could tell im digging my nails into katsu's hands!. oh my gawd oh my gawd! im going to die!!!!!!!!!
" dont worry one more................. turn we'll be done!!"
" I HATE YOU KATSU. this is not fun...."
" see we are all finished.. it was fun sora, don't lie to me you had fun didnt you?"
" NO I DIDNT..... i can feel myself still shaking..."" ... come on lets do something else.... "
" okay okay,. dont worry, ill try to win you something,,, oh there! ill try to win you that big care bear!!"
" ... a carebear?! aaaaawww that one is so huge, i bet you cant win that,,
"first try ; score second; score.....last: score!
" here you go... theres the carebear i said i would get you, so now stop complaining about the rollercoaster and telling me how much you hate me alright?........"
" okay... fine then.. i take back the thing i said though about me hating you....."
" ..... oh so you don't hate me.. you love me.....? "
" .................................................. pssssh. NOT EVEN!. "
"...... right.... "
" i dont okay!......."
" oh reeally?... well theen i'll go hook up with another girl. see you later..." ehh?...
" HEEY!.."
" laater sora!"
" no, uh w.. wa... waait!"
" yeaah?.. what do you want? thaat girl wants to hook up with me, hurry up and say something..."
".... ugh, uh.... i..."
" ... you? you what hurry up...."
" DON'T GO!. "
" hahah why not? , i dont want to stay with a person that doesnt love me......."
" KATSU!. stop joking around already. what ever... alright okay?? i take that thing i said back awhile ago...."
" hahah. saay it, and say it like you mean it..."
" ..... noo. why? i dont want to. not now pleeeeeease???"
" ... okay then . fine then"
" okay. lets go somewhere.."
" wait hold on, let me say something to that girl..."
" wha?.. noo wait!. let me come with you..."
"... hahah okay okay."

Part 11
"..... tell me now. "
" hmm?.. tell you what now?.."
" tell me you love me.."
" ..... ooh noo its okay.. hahah"
" ... tell me... come on"" no its alright.."
".. okay then."
cell phone rings**
" hello?"
" sora, its me! guess who.."
".... uhh. who?"
" its bobby, how are you? i havent talk to you, and seen you for a long time.."
" ......."
" oooh, im sorry about before.. please forgive me.. its been already more than 2 months for us being mad at eachother... cant we start all over agian?"
" .i... dont know?.."
" hey sora who is that?"
" ooh. uuh it's just a person.."
" ... oh i see your with that guy agian, maybe ill call you another time kay?"
" okay?... bye?"
" who was that ** person?.."
"ooh, you don't know him i mean's alright hahah..." why should i not tell katsu that it was just bobby on the phone? .. will anything go wrong if i tell him?... its really hard trying to lie to katsu, i bet he can tell that i am lying.. i feel so baaaad.. i wonder what he is thinking right now
?" ... oh okay then.. where do you want to go now?"
" hmm... uuh lets go my house!.."
" ooh okay why though?... are you thinking of doing something really nasty??.."
" NO!. your soo grosss! , lets go my house so you can see rasuo! hahahah"
" hahahah ooh okay.."
" waait before we leave, lets go SKL mall, i need to buy something there.."
" ooh okay theen, what do you need to buy though?"
" you'll see ...."
" COME ON SORA! your so slow hurry up and get in the car hahahah!"
" ..hhuyeah!.. COMING" whoaa. i must be getting fatter.." finally ahaha "
" . yeah.. finally.."
" im just kidding alright?? no hard feelings!"
" okay, so we are just going to mall just for you to buy something?"
" yeah.. sort of like that"
" okay?.."
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@ the mall
" come on , hold my hand.."
" sora. im talking to you, hold my hand "
".... ooh okay."
" hey isn't that tachi?!"
" who's tachi?"
"// sora whos tachi??"
" ooh shes my other friend, shes really nice, ill introduce you to her"
" oh here she comes/"
"... oh hi sora...."
" heey tachi , how are you?!"
" im fine?................. uhm.. what about you?........."
" yeah im fine, oh this is my .. uhmm .. uhmm........"
" hi im one of sora's guy friends.."
" heh?.."
"oh hello?, im tachi."
" well, me and sora has to go , we are going to be late for something see you another time, nice meeting you!"
" .. oh bye tachi"
" bye......"why did katsu say to tachi we are only friends?, are we just friends?....
" ............... "
" anyways, come on ! i want to show you something really neat!"
" what is it?..."
" heree we are! , look at this store isn't cool?"
" .... its just an ice cream place... katsu. it looks normal to me..."
" hahah yeah i know.. here let me buy this ice cream for you , have you tasted this before?"
" no?.. i havent seen this kind before.."
" oh, its probably because you come here after 6 or something.. they only keep this out before 6. thats why i was in a hurry so you can taste this ice cream i like"
" ... it tastes really good! "
" yeah i know, are you ready to go?"
" okay lets go.."
@ sora's place
" rasuo! come here girl!"
" rasuo rasuo , where aree you?!"
"aaaw there you are girl how are you doing?, did sora feed you this morning?....."
"... i uh. forgot! im so sorry rasuo!!! you must be really hungry right now"
" here you go girl"
" come on lets go in the living room.."
" .. okay. now that i saw rasuo... lets play a game.."
".. oh okay.. what game?"
" the game is called..honesty"
" .. okay? how does it go?"
" we'll both take turns asking each others questions and we have to answer the truth... okay?"
" .............. okay. who goes first?.."
" i will since, it was your first time playing this game.."
" okay.."
" okay. uhmm... have you ever hid something from me?"
" ..... oh uhm......"why'd you have to pick that question
!" no......?"
"sora i hope your telling the truth cause if you arent, then there is no point of playing this game if you are just going to lie.."
" .... well fine okay , okay i did but only once..."
" .......... okay .. well its my turn now"
"...... okay.. how much do you like me?"
"... i dont like you....."
" i love you.. "
"....... okay.. uuh your turn"
" .... what are the thing or things that you hid from me?"
" .......... do i have to answer this?..."
" yes, its called a honesty game, so answer the question"
"..... okay... well it was only today... the person that called, was a guy... and he was......."
" ... let me guess bobby isnt it?..."
" ......... how did you know?"
" i dont know, its just that whenever i look at you when your talking to him i see the emotions on your face, you only show emotions on your face when you talk on the phone with that guy.."
" ....... sorry about not telling you, its just that i didnt want you to get mad or anything thats why.. i havent spoken to him for a long time ever since 2 months ago or more than that, so yeah he asked me if me and him can start all over agian...."
" and your trusting that guy?.."
" i dont know. i told him im not sure yet.."
" Well i hope you wake up someday.. , im going to go now. ceeyah"
"... huh? . why where are you going?"
Door Shuts*
whats wrong with him?..did i say anything wrong???... uugh im so confused..
Cell phone rings**
" heeeey are you busy? its me bobby, are you still with him??"
" ... uuh no.. but if i dont know if we should still be friends.."
" .... oh... okay.. theen.."
"................... well.. no wait.. okay, maybe we should forget about the past, and start fresh.."
" yeah! that would be great...."
". okay.. yeah"
" so do you want to go out with me?"
" where we going then?..."
" uhm we'll just go eat out, is that okay with you?...."
" ... eeyah suure.."
" okay ill be there in 30 minutes,"
" okay. bye..
"Knock Knock**
who can that be now?..
." heh? katsu?!"
" sora, im sorry without saying a word when i left..."
"..oh... its alright...
"... well. i have to go somewhere now, are you going to go now?"
" ... oh?.. where are you going?"
"... oh uhmm. my friend just called me if i wanted to go out. and eat, somewhere...." hiding bobby from katsu is a really hard thing to doo.. but i think its the best way..
" oh. okay then i should leave right now then..."
" okay.. bye.."
" bye......"i feel like im a selfish person...i think im acting diffren't infront of katsu now.. i dont want to hurt his feelings or anything.its just that when it comes to bobby i dont know what to do.

Part 12
cell phone rings**
" hey im here now, come downstairs."
" ooh. ohkay ill be there in a sec"
"oh hi..."
" whats wrong?"
"oh nothing.."
" you can tell me if you want..."
" no its alright.. so where are we going?, i mean which restaurant?"
" oh... lets go to sushi train"
"oh , ohkay then..."i'm starting to think that, this will not turn out goood.. i should've stayed with katsu at my house!, gaawd how stupid can i be... seeing katsu's face when i asked if to making feeel really really bad inside....
!" so sora... , where were you and that guy when i called you guys?"
" huh?"
" oh ... uh we were at the amusement park..."
" oh really?? did you get to ride the new roller coaster ?, oh wait... your scared of roller coasters i forgot.. hahah"
" ........ hahah... eeyah.. i sort of went on the new roller coaster.."
" what do you mean? you went on the roller coaster??"
" yeah."
" oh.. i guess i was wrong then, did you have fun on it? "
" no..."
" oh okay then..."
" so how are you doing now a days.?"
" i've been good.."
" oh really? thats good..."
" what about you??"
" ooh. i broke up with my girlfriend just a month ago. after breaking up i've been good. but not that good.."
" you broke up with that girl? why ?"
"Because, i didnt love her.. i just found out that i was actually really inlove with some other girl.."
" oh ?.."
" do you want to know who?"
"... oh no it's okay , its none of my buisness..."
" ... no its alright. the person was......"
" you...... i'm sorry i havent loved you as much as you loved me, i will do anything to get your love for me back..."
"..................................... "
" I could tell there is someone there in your heart you love, even though... i still love you , noone can take your love away from me..."
"......................................"cough cough**" are you alright sora?"
" ... eyah... im just getting a little cold now..."
" oh. here let me lend you my jacket..."
"........... no no its alright!"
".... its alright. sora........... you feel really warm! you have a fever. maybe i should take you home already... , its okay if we didnt eat yet, we can just eat together on another time. is that alright?"
"...... oh okay.."
"Here we are.."
" thanks for the ride.."
" ... no problem.. let me get the door for you.."
".... no its alright katsu.."
" katsu?"
" i mean! bobby... its alright .. i can do it myself..."
" who's katsu, is he that guy?"
"........ yeah."
" .......... sora.. i want you to remember... no one else will take my love for you, away from me.."
"....................... goodnight..."
".......... wait.."
" . yeah?"

he grabs me and kisses me...

i push him off.
"................... eh?! , katsu!, its not what you think.!...."
" your katsu?, your the fucken asshole that i was talking on the phone with?"
" YEAH , you got a problem with that. i told you to stay away from my girl!"
" what the hell are you going to do about ? shes my girl!"
" fuck you!"
" you wanna fucken start you BASTERD!"
" HEY GUYS STOP ALREADY!... bobby just leave already!!, and katsu chill the fuck out!"
"fuck, katsu this aint over yet, shes my girl you got that!"
" what was that i saw back there sora?..."
"... it was nothing okay! just go home already you guys are making me confused!"
i run inside my house'what am i suppose to do?, to guys are inphatuated about me.. and i dont know what to doooo! i wish nana were here to help me.. i have noone to talk to i need to talk to someone... right now!!it keeps playing all over agian and agian!. all the things i hear in my mind are katsu's, and bobby's voices. this is really confusing.
."what should i do now?..."
maybe i should call nana.... i hope she has time for me still....
"hello ? nana? its me.."
" ..... oh hi sora... "
"... uhm how do i say this... do you have time to talk?.."
".. yeah sure. even though i've got problems, i'll help you on your problems also.. so whats wrong?..."
".... well. first of all. me and bobby are okay.."
" what do you mean okay.."
" well he called me just today, and said sorry to me for all the wrong things he did to me.. , so i accepted his apologies.."
"... oh and .. did he do something wrong agian?"". well no its not him.. its me. i think.. wait did i tell you that katsu said that he loves me, and he asked me to be his girlfriend? oh and he also said that he would wait for my answer ..."
".. oh really? so whats the matter? im not getting anything.."
" well.. after katsu asked me to be his girlfriend.. we both started going out to places mostly everyday...."
"... do you have feelings for katsu?"
" ..... im not suure...because today.. me and katsu went to a amusement park, and we were having a great time, but then bobby called.. katsu asked who it was, and i said it was a friend that he doesnt know at first.."
"... then what happend?"
"... then after, we both went to my house and we played a game..""... what game?! did you two do something bad?"
"NO! your disgusting im not like you...... well anyways.. we played a game called ' honesty' we both have to ask each other questions and answer them with a true answer no lies..."
" .. oh okay.. then"
"... the question that katsu asked was, if i have hidden anything from him, like secrets from him.. i obviously told him the trurh , and i said that he knew the person that was callling, and he was like...' let me guess bobby right?' then yeah i agreed."
".... oh. i think thats a sign of jelousy right there, anyways continue..."
" well i told katsu, what bobby told me on the phone and he was like.. ' and your going to trust that guy?' then i agreed then he told me ' i hope you'll wake up soon' and then he left... after that bobby called and he asked me if i wanted to go out.... at first i said no then after that i said yes.. , then when i was about to leave katsu came back , then he said sorry for leaving without sayin-"
"wait.. i think i know whats going to happen.. still continue though.."
"well then after. it was quiet and i asked him if he was going to go somewhere because i was going to go so-"
". you told him to leave?!"
"..... yeah."
" thats low sora.."
".. i know !. im so stupid thats why i told him to leave.... , well anyways.. when i went out with bobby, after we were done eating, i got a fever or soemthing, then bobby drove me home.. then after that we both got out of the car. theen bobby grabbed me and kissed me.. i was about to push him away from me but then it was too late. katsu saw us kissing.. i didnt know that he was stil there i thought he would've left already ... then bobby and katsu started arguing... "
"..... oh. wait i sort of dont get it... do you still have feeelings for bobby thats why you are so confused right now?"
"... i dont know... after what bobby said to me.. i thought about the past when we were both together....."
" .... maybe you should apologize to katsu first, and tell the both of them you need sometime to think.. "
".... oh okay then thaanks nana"
".. yeah no problem."
" anyways.. how are you?"
".. im fine. tomorrow . im 4 months..."
" thats fast.. "
" yeah, well i have to go now. im getting tired riu doesnt like it, when he see's me tired"
" oh okay then goodnight nana thaanks agian!"". goodnight"

Part 13:
what should i do now?.. should i call up katsu right now and tell him im sorry?.. im seriously confused..ten minutes later..
phone rings.*
".... hello?"
"... uh sora.."
"hello?... katsu?"
" come outside.."
"......... oh"
" ..... hey im-"
"im sorry katsu...."
"........ its alright.. "
".. no seriously.. im so sorry, im just so confused right now i dont know what to do..."
"....... if you want to be with bobby, its fine with me.."
he walks away*
"where are you going?!."
i go back inside the house*i go and sit at a corner. i could feel my tears running down my face... my tears feels so warm... while sitting there, i thought about the times i had with katsu.and compared the good times i had with bobby... it seems like they both make me happy... but when it comes to the arguements for bobby its always me apolozing gets really tiring because there is never the time that he apolozises to me and mean it that he is sorry. For katsu.. katsu always apologizes after we have arguements..i think i finally relialized who i really want to be with.. and that person is ... katsu........i get up, and run out my house.
[email protected] katsu's
"katsu!................. katsu!"
" katsu!..........."he's not answering... maybe one more yell.... i hope this yell he can here me..
"............................."... no answer...i sit down. i could feel tears running down my face once agian..."im so stupid! , stupid stupid stupid!!
""........ don't say that."
". eh?"
" don't say that sora, your not stupid.."
"katsu....., im so sorry....."
"... its alright"
".... i just realized that i..... dont love bobby... i ... really... L-Lo-L-Like. you."
"...... common sora, lets get inside, its cold out we'll both get a cold."
".. oh"
" the things you said out there.. did you really mean it?.."
".... yeah"
"...... sora , i love you"
"....... oh.."
"you look really tired. do you wanna stay here for the night?.."
"..... okay.."

the next morning..

i get up. uugh i have a sore neck... it hurts so much.... what is today anyways?.. am i forgeting something?.. i turn around * i look at katsu sleep, he sleeps like an angel.... i wonder what he's dreaming about.. maybe he's dreaming about me ^_^ . hahah....... it feels really good inside seeing katsu first thing in the morning..maybe i should make him breakfast!i get out of in the kitchen... ugh finally im done.."kaatsu! . morning !"
" kaatsu wake up! get up i cooked you breakfast"
he's sleep seems so deep. i wonder what he is dreaming about... he seems really cute when he sleeps...
"kaatsu hurry up eat some breakfast! sheesh!"
"..... wh.. at..?"
". i made you breakfast you lazybum! get up!"
"..oh.. oh..kay.. wait "
".. you know what i notice katsu? , you look really cute when you sleep!."
"... so do you"
".. what? what are you talking about i woke up first though."
". yeah i know but lastnight i was faking that i was sleeping, when you fell asleep i was watching you sleep the entire night...."
" whaat? your scaring me, it seems like your a stalker. did you do anything to me lastnight when i was sleeping?!? "
" hahaha no! i didnt i wouldn't do that , .. well yeah i don't think* i would do that..."
"KATSU shut up! your already your scaring me..... dont do stupid things to me okay?!?! dont touch me too"
"... hahah oh alright then.. i wont do stupid things to you, but i can touch you..!"
" no you cant!"
" are you sure?!?!"
" .. WEH!"he grabs me and starts tickling me...
" aahahahahah hleet hahah ghaha topahahaha"
" see i can touch you sora, you cant stop me from touching you!"
"... EW. how you said that is gross. "
" hahahahah. whatever. it is true though.."

he grabs me agian and starts tickling me..

" hahhahahahah haahahastop!hahahaha"he then stops, we both look at eachother in the eyes. his eyes seems really gentle... i just want to kiss them..
i stare at him, i then kiss him...
".. sora i love your lips... they feel so nice when i put my lips on them."
cell phone rings*
"... eh?.."
"oh its my cell.."
i answer the call.
" hello?"
".... sora!... "
" .. come home we need you..."
".. what happend?!?!"
"its.......... mom.. she needs you.."
"... what? what happen to mom?"
".... just come now!"
".. okay ill be there right away."
"who was that?.. was it yuchan?"
"... yeah , how do you know?"
".... oh just a guess...."
" oh, well i have to go now, something happend to my mom i think, they want me to go back home now.."
" really? well let me drop you off.."
".. noo its alright you can eat your breakfast, ill just run home, it might now even be that important....... i think?"
" .. no its alright lets go."........

" you really dont know what today is sora???"
".. no?.. why?.."
". oh neveermind you'll see we are here now.. "
"thanks katsu!"
" have a great time , ill be right behind you.."
".. oh alright?"i open the door.katsu is still behind me...
"mom?.. yuchan... yushi??? why is it soo dark in here."
".. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"?!?!?! what? oh my god i forgot about my birthday, i had a feeling i was forgeting about today.."
" .. happy birthday sora.."
".. thanks katsu, woow you act really good hhahah."
" yeah no problem haha."i look at katsu.he looks really pale.. why does he look pale?.
." katsu, are you alright?.."
"... yeah, sora do you mind if i go home , ill be right back i just need to go home and go get something at my place .. i left something there.."
".. oh okay, ill come with you"
". no its alright . you dont want to leave your guests here haha....."
".. oh. yeah your right. okay then but come back quickly ill be waiting! haha"
". ok"
" sora!!"
" yeaah ? what do you want yuchan?"
"bobby's on the phone."
"...... oh.. okay hold on."
i grab the phone.
" hello?"
". hey sora.., happy birthday"
" thaanks you remembered? haha"
" of course i wouldnt forget about your birthday haha , who would?! "
" hahah . i did. i forgot all about today hahah"
" hahaha your getting old now i see.."
" katsu?."
" eh? oh- i mean bobby...."
" oh......"i wonder where the heck katsu is, hes taking so long..=/
" well uhm bobby i'll talk to you later, i have to go now. bye."
" oh. okay bye?"i call katsu.he's not answering his phone i hope he's alright... katsu looked really pale when he left .. maybe i should go check up on him..... im so scared. what if something happend to him?.
."mom i'll be right back. im going to check up on katsu.."
".. oh. hurry up though you dont want your friends , and family to wait up on you.."
". ok"i have a really strong feeling that somethings wrong with katsu.. i just cant tell what is wrong though.. i run faster..........................
finally i arrive
"KATSU, you there?!?........."
i open the gate.what is that that big black figure? who is that .. it looks like..
" KATSU !"
" ... sora."
". wait here. let me call an ambulance.."my heart is beating so fast, im so scared .. ....................................................

Part 14:

@ hospital.
" ma'am. are you a family member of Katsu Jun?"
".. no im his girlfriend.."
".. oh sorry ma'am. can you contact one of his family members. it says on his history file that he doesnt want anyone else to know about him, except his family members.."
". what?. but im his girlfriend he wont mind! how is katsu? can you tell me please?!"
". sorry ma'am but rules are rules, i have to follow them.."
" Dr. Ken ! your patient needs you, somethings wrong!!"
". oh alright ill be right there! , excuse me do you mind calling these numbers?"
he hands me a paper, i look at the paper...... katsu has a brother?.. than jun?.. , he's the only family member he has that is living? , he never told me his mother and father died.. katsu's probably feeling really sad . he probably just tries hiding all his sadness inside himself...i take out my cellphone, and dial his brothers number..[ than is pronounced . TAN the H is silent. ]
" Yo"
".. yo who's callin?"
" ... than?"
" yeah?, whos this?"
" . oh its .. .. "
" ..... well my name is. sora chen. im your brothers girlfriend."
".. oh whats up?, how'd you get my number?"
". im at the hospital right now , and your brother .."
".. my brothers sick agian?!., which hospital are you guys in?"
" .. we are at the northend hospital."
". that far?"
" yeah they took him to this one, cause they picked me and katsu up at his place."
". oh alright ill be there in 15."
hearing all the nurses, and doctors calling for help is making me more scared of katsu.. i hope katsu is alright. i dont want nothing to be wrong with him..i turn around. and i hear a guy yelling..
" sorry sir, please be quiet.. , what is your brothers name?"
" his name is katsu jun" i look at his face. his face looks like a katsu a bit, he's pretty good looking.....
" than? is that you?"
". yeah? who are you"
" ... im sora.."
". oh yo., which room is my brothers room?"
". the one down the hall to the right."
" . oh alright thanks. "
is the door open?i take a look.
"katsu, yo bro. whats wrong with you now? , can you hear me?"
". yeah i think you can.. your girlfriend is waiting for you out there.. maybe you should tell her about your sickness." sickness? what is than talking about??.... katsu you can't hide this from her for a long time sooner or later she'll find out.."
i stop easedropping. what is wrong with katsu?... why cant he tell me is it this serious?..
cell phone starts ringing.
" sora you there?, whats wrong?"
"... nana ... " i can feel tears falling from my eyes...
" whats wrong?!... dont cry tell me whats wrong?."
".. its ... its .. katsu.."
"/ what the hell did he do to you now?"
".... no , he didnt do nothing.. its something else.."
"... oh. what is it?"
"... he has a sickness. and he doesnt want me to know, i just heard him and his brother talking. the doctors wont even want to tell me whats wrong with him. they said that katsu doesnt want noone else to know..."
"... sora.. im so sorry. do you wanna come over so we can talk about it?"
"..... no its alright. i want to stay here for katsu. "
" .. are you allowed to see him though?"
" .. yeah , but not right now the doctors said only family members can go in, and check up on him, until katsu can say so.."
".. i wonder what he is hiding from you. well alright im going to go now . bye"
". bye.."as soon as i got off the phone than comes out of the room.
" whats his sickness?! whats wrong with katsu! please tell me!"
tears still fell.
".. sora.. i dont think i should tell you this.. you should wait till my brother tells you. i dont want to innterfere with anything he is planning or something.."
"... i dont get it. how bad is this?!.."
"... i cant say... dont cry please sora , you'll make it harder for my brother.."
" can i see your brother now? ... , is he awake?"
".. i dont think so. he doesnt want to see you right now. do you want me to drop you off home?"
". no i dont want to leave katsu here all by himself!"
"/. dont worry im going to stay here with him. he wont be alone. come on ill drop you off."
".... okay, but can i say bye to your brother first?.. "
" . not now . cause he doesnt feel like talking , ill just tell him when i get back here..."

driving back home...............

" my brother is right.. "
" heh?..."
".... can you please tell me what is wrong with your brother???"
". i can't , sorry sora."
thans cell phone rings.
"hey babe."
"no im dropping off my bro's girlfriend to her house"
" yeah/ ill see you later."
" love you"
" you have a girlfriend?"
"naah just frie-
"thans cell phone rings.
" hold on alright?.."
" hey babe."
"no im dropping off my bro's girlfriend to her house .."
". whats wrong?! what!? what did he do to you?"
"ill be there right after alright?"
". okay love you bye"
" was that the same girl that called?"
".. oh no. they are just my friends..."
"oh. ohkay?. it sounded like they were your girlfriends."
". okay. well . they think that im going out with them , but to tell the truth im not. i dont think i found the right girl yet.."
".. oh.."
". dont tell my bro aight that i have alot of girlfriends?"
". ohkay.. WAIT. you said that you were going to meet those girls somewhere. is that true? i thought you were going to stay with your brother after you drop me off?"" . yeah i will dont worry. i just said those things so the girls stop calling me. no big deal. dont worry. family first...."
".. okay."
cell phone rings/
" sora? where are you?!, your guests are still here. why arent you here?"
"... mom im coming home now.. ill be right there...."
".. hurry up!"
"who was that?"
" my mom. today is my birthday, and i left my guests there waiting for me because i wanted to see if katsu was alright."
". oh its your birthday? how old are you now?"
". im eighteen now.."
". happy birthday."
" . thanks."
" than. do you drink?"
". yeah."
". oh . "
" . why?"
" just asking."
". alright"
" how old are you?.. "
" im seventeen."
". oh. do you go to bars , and drink?"
". yeh. thats basically where i am during the whole nights."
".arent you suppose to be eighteen for that though?"
". yeah, but i have a fake ID card."
" oh. okay then."
" well we are here now."
" thanks than. you know. you look really bad like your brother in the outside , but in the inside.. i bet your a good person like katsu.. am i right?"
". yeah.. i guess? why are you saying this?"
". i dont know. i bet i wont even get to sleep tonight , because of thinking about your brother.."
".. well dont worry im going to be beside him all night no worries. if you need me just call my cell alright? im going to go now.."
".. oh okay bye. thank you.."
" . happy birthday agian."
". thanks."/.........i enter my house.
" yeah.. where is everyone else?.."
".. they already left you took so long, you said that you were going to be here now. and doesnt katsu just live 4 blocks away or something . why were you taking so long?! what did you two do?"". we didnt do nothing mom!. and plus he isnt here.. he is at.. the..."
".. who cares. anyways. there is one more person here waiting for you though.."
"/ go into the kitchen..."
". okay?."
i walk into the kitchen, and turned on the lights.
" happy birthday sora!. thatat took you so long to come back home!"
"bobby?! why are you still here?"". im just here to say happy birthday i wanted to see you after i called you. i was driving here and i wanted to surprise you with this gift, but then when i got here your mom told me that you went out with that katsu guy... sora , i hope you remember what i said to you. i will never lose from that guy. ill try my best just to have you.."
"..... bobby. i ..."
". sora here. this is the gift i wanted to give you earlier.."
"what is this?"
". just open it up!!"
" . okay?"
i unwrap the gift.
" aaw! this is so cute.. this teddybear is soo big!"
". open its stomach."
". what?"
". open the bears stomach it has something in it."
". how?"
". you can open it, just open it pull the string."
". oh okay."i open it . it had me and his picture that we took when, it was his birthday, just the two of us.
". aw. bobby thank you."
".. i hope you like it. since your here .. and you got the gift already im going to go now.. okay?"
". okay. bye. thank you agian.."
"happy birthday sora"
" bye , thank you"
i go upstairs to my room.

i wonder how katsu is feeling right now. i miss him already.. i want to know what his sickness is!, it cant be really bad can it?...i pick up my phone, and pull out the piece of paper that had thans number on.
" yo."
". hows katsu??"
"he's alright, the doctor told me he'll be out tomorrow morning, no worries."
"... oh okay then, is katsu awake though?"
" yeah, want to talk to him now?, he could talk now"
". oh no its alright , uhm can you just tell him i said good night?"
" yeah no problem, well ill see you tomorrow, someones calling in the other line.."
". oh okay bye , thank you than"
". no prob."

Part 15
i get off of bed.will everything be the same as before after he tells me whats wrong with him?...will he tell me what is wrong with him?...
phone rings*
"hey sora, it's than want us to pick you up now?"
"... uh. what time is it?"
"it's like 1(afternoon) already."
". oh really?! , well okay but i have to get ready, cause i just got up..."
" oh okay . we'll be there in 20."
". bye"

"hey sora, you ready to go?"
" oh uh ye-"
my cell phone rings*
" hey sora, its tachi!! , lets party tonight"
". oh uh tachi im going out today, maybe some other time? sorry.."
".............. oh. okay? , uhm its okay bye."
" who was that?"
" oh that was my friend tachi, she asked me if i wanted to go out and party, but i rejected her"
" . oh well are you ready to go? "
" yeah, lets go."
as soon as i saw katsu i got into the car and hugged him as tight as i can.
"katsu!, are you okay?"
".. hey uh .. katsu im going to drop you two off at your place...., i have to uh go somewhere alright?"
".... okay"
"kay well see you guys later bye"
"..... katsu. wh-"
he grabs me and kisses me, alot of tears are falling from his face. i get up and wipe it off.
"katsu... can you tell me now?..,im here for you, tell me whats wrong please.."
".....i... have caner....."
".... what kind of cancer?!?.."
" its something in my heart. "
i jump on katsu, and hug him up tight, and kiss his forehead.
"katsu, ill be here for you. no matter what happens to you i will always ... love you.."
we both start crying...
"katsu.. can you tell me what the doctor told you lastnight?.."
".... i .. i ... have no time. "
".... no time?!. what does he mean no time?!?! cancer in the heart is not a big deal, everyone can live through it ! including you! , what the hell is that stupid doctor saying! what kind of doctor is he?!?!"
".. sora. its alright.. as long as i have you , everything will be fine with me., .. because sora . i love you so much.:"

1 year, 4 months, and 3 days had passed. April 3,2002
Things have been fine, but every single day, katsu gets weaker, and weaker, it hurts me to see him be in so much pain.
As we watch the sunset on the beach. i thought about the times we had so far, before. i thought to myself that i wouldnt find the right guy for me, i thought that i was just going to be in relationships that always ends quickly, i never thought that i would find the right guy for myself, until i found him. Its almost time for him to go. i dont want him to go, i can feel my heart ripping apart. If he leaves me what will happen to me?. will everything be the same?.
" Sora...."
" . yeah?"
" when i die i want you to know that i will always be by yourside. even though you dont see me , i want you to have a feeling that i am here still, please dont do nothing stupid when i am gone. you'll just hurt me more..."
".. katsu.. i dont want you to leave me!, stay here with me!, we can make a family!, even though we are only nineteen. we can still make a family i dont care what other people think of us"
"... i .. want to make a family with you too.. its just that.. there isnt time....."
Tears fall. from my eyes.
"sora, dont cry ............ i love you"
". KATSU i love you too!!!..."
" KATSU!.."
" come back please i love you ! , i dont know what im going to do without you!"
i stop crying.
katsu's gone now.. what am i going to do.......
i can here katsu's voice in my mind, "when i die i want you to know that i will always be by your side. even though you dont see me, i want you to have a feeling that i am still here."
" katsu i love you so much..."

** second season, coming up .. soon`
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