HIP HOP vs. America
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Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/14/08

To watch the episodes, go to the link or catch it on BET ( Wasn't you as surprise as I am when this first came on TV? BET no less?):

The Origins of the N Word
The When and Where of the N Word
Blaming Hip Hop for the lack of Respect
The use of Derogatory Words
Hip Hop’s Story: Past, Present, and Future
Hip Hop Stirs Mixed Emotions
The Future of Hip Hop
Is ‘Flavor of Love’ a Disgrace to Chuck D?
The Civil Rights Vs. The Hip Hop Generation
The details about the Generation Gap
Nelly & T.I. opinions
Does the Negative overpower the Positive?
Playing the Blame Game
Words that Define Hip Hop
Gays and the Hip Hop Community
The Meanings behind Hip Hop’s Lyrics
Can Hip Hop be more than Gangsta Rap?
Hip Hop: Old School Vs. New School
Defining the Realities of Hip Hop

Participates in the Discussion included:
Karrine Steffins, Nelly, T.I., Chuck D., Russell Simmons, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Master P Reverend Al Sharpton, Stanley Crouch, Cornel West, Mike Jones, Kim Osorio, Dr. Ben Chavis; Judg

Part II
June , 2008, hosted by Cousin Jeff and MC Lyte, the second Dirty Cash & Shake Ya Ass session which all three just aired talked about these topics:

Hip Hop Gone Commercial
Is Hip Hop for Sale?
Standley Crouch on Rap’s Message
Are Hip Hop Artist Exploiting Women?
Women and Hip Hop
Women in the Hip Hop Commuinity
Women in the Church
And more….

Participates in the Discussion included:
Deeleeshis, David Banner, Little X, Lola Angel,

I'll add on as this TV Series continues.

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