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What does it Takes to be an Anime Fanatic?
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25 / M / unknown
Posted 7/22/08 , edited 7/23/08

zkos wrote:

Does he/she...
1.have to watch Anime atleast 3 hours a day?
2.have to be young or old to watch Anime?
3.have to be good at drawing Anime?
4.loves to hear Anime soundtracks?
5.speak and understand Japanese?
6.must have a vast toys,wallpapers,mangas and other Anime collectibles?
7.have to attend Anime Conventions and Cosplays?

I'm Anime Fanatic,except for the numbers 5,6, and 7 part T_T

i guess im everything except 5,6,7
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77 / F / ~Garden of entang...
Posted 11/26/08 , edited 11/27/08
mmmm...except 7 XD, but i WANT TO do number 7, why can't that count? ^_~
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