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F / Talk is cheap in...
Posted 11/21/07 , edited 9/27/08
No cursing/flaming
Please respect other people's opinion
No bad-mouthing the series
When similar threads are made, be nice and no 'I send this thread to hell, ect" crap, okay?
Post appropriate pictures that has something to do with the series. PLEASE.

BY saiyukilover:
`When making a thread, don't use all CAPS for the title or in the post. Make the first post DETAILED. I won't say use correct spelling & grammar (even though it annoys me when people don't) but make it READABLE.
` Anything RELATING to the movie - post in the movie thread. :]
` Please try to say more than a sentence - ok? :)
` Oh, & if you piss me off by not following the rules (it's okay if it happens 1 or 2 times..) you will NOT be on the group anymore.

Sooo please. Make me happy.

BY Senta:
no chain quoting. If you want to talk to someone/have a discussion/argue then PM them or talk GB to GB > DO NOT fill up our forums with spam!

Also > repect other people's opinions and their right to say w/e they want. Don't just go around saying "well if you have a problem w/ it don't see it or don't post here" or whatever.

Don't make useless threads with information that can be posted elsewhere > think it through before you post a new thread, don't just say, "i just made this cuz I was bored no real purpose."

I will delete any posts I think are spam/a waste of time or inappropriate so just don't do it.
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