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Mod Applications[closed]
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F / Talk is cheap in...
Posted 11/21/07 , edited 8/16/08
I need mods.

You must be responsible who can type legibly.

Someone with patience and who wouldn't use mod powers for evil. LOL.
haha xD

Post away :]
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22 / M / Boston
Posted 11/22/07 , edited 11/22/07
I don't mind checking up on things occasionally if you need the help. I should mention that I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi though.
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28 / F / Corner of No and...
Posted 11/23/07 , edited 11/23/07
I'm on the internet a lot, and I promise not to let the power corrupt me. ^_^ I am a mod for the Moetan Group and it hasn't gone to my head yet so it should be okay. I'd love to help if you need it.
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25 / F / Canada
Posted 1/2/08 , edited 1/2/08
I'm a creator for two groups, and yes, I can type legibly. I also check up on Crunchyroll at least once a day and am very prompt in dealing with matters. I'm very patient (or at least I believe so) after dealing with 2-5 year olds. I'm responsible with power given to me because I know that it is not something to use sparingly.
Oh yes, and I check up on the site often so I'm up to date with my Twilight news. Thanks for reading!
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29 / F
Posted 1/21/08 , edited 1/22/08
I'm very in control when it comes to taking up responsibilities so I wont abuse the mod power. I'm very reliable. .....If you need a reference you can ask saiyukilover .
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25 / F / San Francisco
Posted 2/12/08 , edited 2/13/08
Well since i have no life, i often spend my time on the computer
I am also the creator of one group and a moderator for five groups.
Oh yes, and i am very addicted to this series. [took me about three days to finish the first book]
Posted 2/15/08 , edited 2/15/08
I would love to be a mod 8]
i guess you can consider me a twilight freak o_o;
i have tonsss of twilight pictures and i check up on the movie casting almost every day. xDD
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28 / F / Somewhere Over th...
Posted 2/26/08 , edited 2/26/08
If you would like me to be, I could be a mod for you..
Posted 3/24/08 , edited 3/24/08
If you need a mod,i could be mod for u
even though i was still reading the first book
i really enjoyed reading it and i cant stop reading and finding for the 2nd book "new moon"
I heard that there is a movie
i hope the edward is handsome *smile*
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27 / F / *~*~*Right behide...
Posted 3/30/08 , edited 3/30/08
Hi ^^
My name is Lorraine.
And i am hoping if i could be the mob for this Group

Well the reason is very simple.
I am just another FREAKING HUGE FAN OF TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twilight is the first story book that i actually ever get addicted to.
I really hope to be a mob for this group as i want to share with all the other twilight fans the news and stuff (if i ever get to know the newest one) ^^

So pls let me be the mob for this group. I will not use my mob power for evil ^^.

Thank You very much ^^
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26 / F / .....
Posted 5/5/08 , edited 5/5/08
Hi the name's Becca!
I could be a mod
I'm absolutely addicted to Twilight and I'll do anything i can to help you out!
I also wouldn't use mod power for evil
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24 / F / Illinoisess
Posted 5/9/08 , edited 5/10/08
Hey i am Sara.I would love to be a mod for this group. i can type quite fine when i try.i am really updated with all the books.I check all the groups i am in every day ,so i would be ultra updated. Thanks~-~ and i dont let power go to my head.
Posted 5/12/08 , edited 5/12/08
I'd luv to be a Mod.
if im chosen i'd do my best for the group
Im online most of the time, and if anyone needs anything i'd be more than happy to help ^.^
And i dont use the Mod. thing for evil uses XD why should i? lols
Posted 5/13/08 , edited 5/13/08
please let me be mod i'm really active and i have great ideas!!! =)
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Posted 6/2/08 , edited 6/3/08
I'd love to be a mod!
I'm always active and I super duper ♥ the Twilight Series!
[ :
Twilight is the first book that got me being a bookworm.
I used to NOT like books but then I tried reading Twilight and poof.
I became a bookworm!
I check crunchyroll at least two times a day.
Well, I guess that's all. I'd love to be a mod of this group!
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