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i got this from yumemitai at! all credit goes to HER!

if you want to read up to chapter 48, look at her translations!


Page 2
Haruna: (I can’t sleep)

Page 3
Phone: The number you are calling now cannot be reached.
Haruna: (I still can’t reach him)
Haruna: (I’m hungry)
Haruna: (I wonder will I be able to sleep if I’m full. . .)
Haruna: (I feel like I can sleep already~)

Page 4
Haruna: (Many things had happened before, but this is the first time he mentioned the word ‘break up’)
Haruna: (No matter how mad Yoh was, he’d never say that even as a joke)
Haruna: (I don’t wanna break up, Yoh)

Page 5
Yoh: I want to meet up and talk things through with you
Megane-girl: Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow morning at 8)
Megane-girl: Let’s meet at Nagadoori Station.
Yoh: Alright, see you tomorrow at 8.
Haruna: (Yoh)

Page 6
Mum: Haruna! Haruna!
Mum: Wake up!
Mum: Why’re you sleeping here?
Haruna: My phone!
Mum: You’re so sudden
Phone: Yoh
Phone: The number you are calling now cannot be reached.
Haruna: (I still can’t reach him!)

Page 7
Haruna: (I’ll go meet him!)
Haruna: (I can’t believe he’ll break up with me through this text!!)
Asami: Oniichan isn’t home. He went somewhere
Haruna: EeeHH? He went somewhere?!
Asami: I thought he went out with you
Haruna: Did Yoh say anything. . ?
Asami: Eehh? Nothing in particular. Hmm, but he looked serious. And he was kinda gloomy.
*Oniichan is elder brother

Page 8
Haruna: (GLOOMY. . .)
Asami: Haruna, you look awful too
Haruna: Eh?
Asami: I wouldn’t meet my boyfriend with my face looking like that
Haruna: (If my girlfriend meets me with a face like that I’ll BREAK UP!)
Asami: Hmm? Haruna?
Asami: Heeeyy~~
Haruna: . . .Maybe this really can’t work out

Page 9
*No text*

Page 10
People: Waa! Is it raining? No way! I don’t have an umbrella!
People: It’s raining!

Page 11
Megane-girl: Wh-what happened?
Yoh: Ah. . .

Page 12
Megane-girl: Are you crying?!
Yoh: Eh? I’m not crying. It’s the rain.
Yoh: Haha. . Why would I cry. . .
Megane-girl: Because your girlfriend didn’t turn up at 8 as promised
Yoh: Eh? You know well. You even know the time
Megane-girl: Intuition! It’s my intuition! Sometimes this happens.

Page 13
Megane-girl: Isn’t it obvious that she wouldn’t be coming already?
Yoh: Perhaps. .But I’ll wait for a while more.
Megane-girl: I-Is it revenge?
Megane-girl: Because you didn’t turn up on your previous date.
Yoh: She isn’t that type of person. Her attitude isn’t like that.

Page 14
Megane-girl: T-take this!!
Yoh: Eh? What about you, Jouhou-san?
Megane-girl: It’s alright if I get wet from the rain!
Yoh: EEH?
Haruna: (I want to see Yoh)
Haruna: (I want to hear Yoh’s voice)

Page 15
Haruna: (Although it only happened yesterday, it feels as if I haven’t seen Yoh in 100 days)
Haruna: (I can’t sleep)
Haruna: (I’ll eat something)
Haruna: Did I become an awful girl out of retribution?

Page 16
Yoh: I borrowed this from your sister.
Yoh: Your address was written on the umbrella.
Yoh: Bye.
Akito-kun: U-ummm!

Page 17
Akito-kun: Umm. . . What happened previously. . .
Akito-kun: I didn’t know what to say to senpai when she cried. That’s why I did it. Senpai didn’t do anything.
Akito-kun: It wasn’t senpai’s fault. .She didn’t do anything.
Yoh: I know. It’s my fault right?
*Senpai is senior

Page 18
Haruna: (Yoh, I really want to see you)
Haruna: (It’s alright if you hate me even more)
Haruna: (YOH!!)
Haruna: Yo~~

Page 19
Yoh: *sigh*
Haruna: (He sighed!)
Haruna: (It’s true! Yoh is really gloomy! Am I the one who made him gloomy?)
Haruna: (Am I the one who caused him trouble?)

Page 20
Megane-girl: It’s me. It seems as if you waited for me today
Yoh: I want to see you
Megane-girl: Alright, let’s go to the beach then.
Yoh: Beach? It’s fine with me.

Page 21
Megane-girl: Beach. . Hmm, let’s see. On the 13th you don’t have cram school. Let’s go to the beach on the 13th.
Yoh: Hey, you really are Haruna right?
Megane-girl: Yoh!! What are you talking about?! I’m Haruna! Nagashima Haruna!
Megane-girl: Alright, we’ll meet at Hamashio Beach on the 13th at 2 pm! I won’t work things out with you if you don’t come!!
Page 22
Akito-kun: Oneesan
Akito-kun: What are you doing?
Akito-kun: What’s with that phone call?
Megane-girl: SHUT UP!
Megane-girl: You don’t understand my feelings! I won’t forgive you if you tell that girl anything!
*Oneesan is elder sister

Page 23
Brother: Hey, oneechan
Brother: Aren’t you eating too much. . ?
Haruna: (Yoh doesn’t want to see me, but I really want to see him)
Haruna: (Why am I so selfish?)
Haruna: (That’s why Yoh hates me)
Haruna: Waaaa~~~!! *sobs*
Mum: EH? No!
Mum: It’s alright! It’s alright
Dad: Eat up! Eat up!
*Oneechan is also elder sister

Page 24
*No text*

Page 25
Akito-kun: D-did you gain weight?!
Haruna: Well, I somehow ended up eating a lot
Akito-kun: It’s not good for your health!
Haruna: I know~! But somehow, if I don’t eat, I can’t sleep.
Akito-kun: It seems that today my sister is meeting up with Yoh-san.

Page 26
Haruna: I see. . I can’t do anything about that.
Haruna: Although I really want to see him. .
Haruna: But I can’t reach him on his phone. And he said to me “Let’s break up”. There’s nothing I can do, can I?

Page 27
Haruna: But really, I hate this~~!!!!
Haruna: Where will they be meeting!?
Akito-kun: Ha-Hamashio Beach
Haruna: (YOH!)

Page 28
Megane-girl: Your girlfriend won’t be coming
Yoh: Eh?
Megane-girl: I met her by chance at the station just now. She told me to tell you that she won’t be coming.
Yoh: Ehh. .
Yoh: Is that true?
Megane-girl: W-what an awful person!
Yoh: No, the awful one is me. I’ve neglected her.
Yoh: Well, there’s nothing I can do about it then. .

Page 29
Yoh: This kinda thing happened before, but she always forgave me.
Yoh: Somehow. .When I screwed things up, it turned out like this. .
Yoh: That’s hard of her, huh?

Page 30
Yoh: Eh?

Page 31
Haruna: Where’s Yoh and your sister!?
Akito-kun: They should be somewhere here!

Page 32
Megane-girl: I like you so much that I don’t know what to do!!
Megane-girl: What can I do to make you like me?

Page 33
Haruna: NOOO!!!!

Page 34
Yoh: Eh. . ? Why. . ?
Yoh: Eh. . ? You’re round. .
Megane-girl: Why not!! Listen!!
Megane-girl: Stop being in my way!!
Yoh: Wait. . Explain to me
Haruna: YOH IS MINE!
Yoh: Explain to me. .

Page 35
Megane-girl: Who the hell decided that! On what month, what date, what day, what minute, what second and how many times is the earth spinning?!
Haruna: This month, this date, today, this minute, this second and on this impossible-to-count-the-number-of-times-the-earth-is-spinning day!!
Megane-girl: What are you talking, you stupid!
Haruna: The person who called others stupid is the stupider one!
Megane-girl: What did you mean by the person who called others stupid is the stupider one!!
Akito-kun: Can’t you stop them. . ?
Yoh: Even if you tell me that. .
Haruna: It is true that Yoh is kind and he has also saw through me. It might not be impossible that he may like you, but you can’t like Yoh!
Haruna: There are many other kind people, so please give up on Yoh! I definitely won’t hand Yoh over to anyone else!!

Page 36
Megane-girl: What did you just said!?!?
Akito-kun: Oneesan
Akito-kun: Please stop it.
Kid: That Oniichan splashed them~!
*Oniichan is elder brother

Page 37
Akito-kun: Senpai, you too.
Haruna and Megane-girl: Okay.
Yoh: Thanks.
Yoh: I’m happy to hear your feelings.
Yoh: But I like this person. I’m sorry.

Page 38
Haruna: Eh?
Haruna: Yoh, do you really like me?
Yoh: Eh?
Haruna: Then why did you send me such text?
Yoh: What kind of text?
Megane-girl: Let’s go, Akito.
Megane-girl: I’m glad I met you. Goodbye.

Page 39
Recalling back (Yoh): Thanks. I’m sorry.
Megane-girl: Akito, once I reach home, I’m planning to use the weighing machine.
Akito: . . ? Okay.
Haruna: Yoh, didn’t you said you want to break up with me?!
Yoh: Break up? ME? Why would you think so?!
Haruna: Because I’m such an awful girl

Page 40
Haruna: The other day, I snuck into Yoh’s cram school.
Yoh: Eh?
Haruna: At that time, I saw Yoh talking happily with that person and I had this really awful feeling.

Page 41
Haruna: I’m sorry~~ Please don’t say stuffs like “Let’s break up”~~!!
Yoh: Uhh, no, I mean, isn’t it normal for you to have those kinda feelings?
Yoh: If you really like that someone, you’d wanna do your best too.
Yoh: I have those kind of feelings too.
Haruna: EEehhHh? No way~~~!
Yoh: What you mean by no way. . .

Page 42
Yoh: You like me, and that’s why you were mad at Jouhou-san right?
Yoh: I’m happy that you feel like that towards me.
Haruna: (Happy?)
Haruna: R-really? But it’ll be tough if it becomes an awful feeling.
Yoh: I won’t let that happen.
Yoh: I won’t let you feel awful anymore.

Page 43
Yoh: So, what’s up with the “I want to break up” thing?
Haruna: Eh? You said that in your text.
Yoh: What’s this?
Yoh: Ah, it’s true. This message was sent by my phone.
Yoh: Hmm, that’s weird. I’ve never sent a text like that.
Yoh: Why didn’t you turn up on that day we promised?
Haruna: EEhh? I didn’t know anything about that! AAHH! This isn’t my phone number!!
Yoh: Then who’s is this?
*Yoh calling the number*
Phone: Jouhou speaking. AH! SHIT! *hangs up*

Page 44
Haruna: (When I’m in love, my other unknown side occurs)
Yoh: So, aren’t you kinda round?
Haruna: Ahh, well, I kinda ate quite a lot.
Yoh: Why don’t you do some military training?
Haruna: Sounds great! I’m interested in it!
Haruna: (Eventhough it’s painful, but it’s also a happy thing)
Megane-girl: I’m too stylish now that it’s disgusting!!
Shopkeeper: That’s nice! It really suits you! I’ve bought that too!
Akito-kun: Oneesan, if you lose weight I’m sure you’d look good.
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