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The title says it all and all you need to do is to answer the the questions. I'll quote your answers and tell you what your score is.

1. Who are the three main protagonists?
2. Miku has a special ability when fighting ghosts. what is it?
3. What is the name of the Head Priest of the Manor of Sleep?
4. What is the name of Reika's lover?
5. How did the four hand maidens die?
6. What happened to Yoshino before she got in the Manor of Sleep?
7. What is the story of the ghost of the "mother and child?"

1. What is the Crimson Butterfly?
2. What is the most no. of ghost that can you fight simultaneously in FF2?
3. How can one escape from All God's Village other than from the Shinto Gate?
4.Name the four main familyies of All God's Village. (Other than Kurosawa)
5.How many Butterfly Diaries are there in the game?
6.What does the Twin Order say?
7.Name Chitose's brothers.
8.Why did the ritual fail and cause the repentance to occur?

1.At the start of the third night, how many ropes does Miku have?
2.Which ghost uses a katana in FF1?
3.Where is the Moon Shrine located?
4.Which two vanishing ghost in FF1 comes back as an attacking ghost immediately?
5.Name the final place in the game.
6.How do you obtain unlimited film?
7.Name the only place in FF1 PS2 where you can find the only box of Type 90 film.

Bonus Questions :
1.Who is Miku's great aunt?
2. Who originally created the camera obscura?
3.How many game years apart are FF1 and FF2?
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EDITED : Check below for your score!
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zero_akai_chou wrote:

EDITED : Check below for your score!

Not bad.

Your Score : 80%

Questions wrong : FF2 , qns 2, 5, and 8. FF1 , qns 1 to 7
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