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Hikari no Hana [Light of the Flower]

Part 1: The Need to Open the Door

*open door*
Sensei: Please keep quiet and I noticed the open as well.
Sensei: As for now, we have a new student, she came from Hokkaido~ there *points to ceiling*
*laughs more*
Sensei: Please welcome, Tayaki Yumika~
*comes in*
Yumika: uh, um, ano.. Yoroshiku!
Sensei: Don't be shy, Yumika. Oh~ and there's a spare seat beside the one on the second column, third row. ^-^
Yumika: Thank you.
Sensei: You're welcome
*sits down*
Chinen: Yoroshiku! Chinen Yuri desu!
Yumika: Arigatou to yoroshiku. Please call me Yumi-chan~ ^-^
Chinen: Sure~ ^-^
*recess bell*
*sakura tree*
Megu-chan: You're Yumika Tayaki, right?
Yumika: Yeah?
Megu-chan: Come eat with us! Come on!!
Yumika: Well, alright~
Chinen: *waves* Hi again!
Yumika: Chinen-kun! Haha~
Megu-chan: Oh~ you know him?
Yumika: Uh, yeah… A bit…
Megu-chan: Well, what are you waiting for? Open the obento box!!
Yumika: I don't really know if I should…
Yamada: You're not going to eat?
Yumika: I am~ but… *opens obento*
Yamada: FOOD!
Megu-chan: Lots of it!
Chinen: It's a miracle!
Yuto: The LIGHT! It burns!!
*everyone looks at yuto with "you're weird" faces*
Yumika: Uh, since I have a reasonable amount for everyone, Itadaki!
*the next day*

*school bulletin board*

Yumika: OHAYO CHINEN -kun!!
Chinen: Ohayo!
Yumika: What's that?
Chinen: List of clubs to join. We can just have two.
Yumika: Oh… what are you gonna pick?
Chinen: Dance Club… and Academics…
Yumika: Woah!! I knew you were good at dancing!! ^-^
Chinen: Thanks! What are you gonna join?
Yumika: Hmm… I might choo--
Megu-chan: I'm gonna take Dance with Yamachan and Chii and Sports with Daiki~ haha!!
Yumika: Wow!! You orig. students are really good at picking these things!!
Megu-chan: Why don't you pick dance club? So we'll all be there~
Yumika: I dunno, I'm not actually good at dancing.
Megu-chan: Of course you are! *I think*
Chinen: I agree
Yamada: Yup! I'm a witness!
Megu-chan: You are?!
Yumika: WHAT?!
Chinen: Yamachan?!
Yamada: Remember the…
Megu-chan: Okay! Never mind, that was embarrassing.
Yumika: Well, I think I have settled in 2 particulars already!
Megu-chan: What are they?
Chinen: Dance?
Yamada: Dance?
Chinen: I just said that.
Yamada: T_T
Megu-chan: Sports?
Yumika: NO~! Journalism and Theatre Directing.
ALL: Say what?!
Chinen: Those are hard clubs! Almost only 3% of the whole school decide to take both in one year!
Megu-chan: And 2% of that 3% FAILED in school!
Yamada: It's a miracle for you to survive there!
Yuto: Hey, minna!
*everyone looks* T_T
Yuto: Wuuut?!
Megu-chan: She took the stupid risk to fail!
Yuto: SHE what?!
Chinen: Yutoooo!!! She's gone!!!
Yuto: No! Omigad!! What? Gone?
Yumika: I just got a latte.
Yumika: What do you mean why? Is my latte THAT guilty of liability or perjury?
Yumika: Ok.. Okay… I was just joking. I'm just going to take Academics.. XD
Chinen: YEY!
Yumika: You people are over reacting.

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