Ella Has New Interest, Hanging onto "Pro" Through Waves, Tuesday July 15, 2008 Taiwan
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Posted 7/15/08 , edited 7/15/08

With the free time from recording, Ella has been mesmerized by surfing.
Photo credit HIM.

Source: UDN

Translated by Cmiley

Ella has new interest, hanging to "Pro" everyday enjoying the water!

S.H.E is entering their recording schedule, but at this time Ella is hooked into surfing, and has properly bought a surf board, so chose the name "Pro". She didn't have enough fun in Kenting, after returning to Taipei, then went to Hsuehshan Tunnel in Yilan, in a short time of 3, 4 times, yesterday she had also left early in the morning going off to Yilan, in the afternoon then brought her sunshine and washed up ocean water health skin and mood to the company to record.

Ella said, when she went to buy the board, the store clerk suggested she give the board a name, since the board will surf with her through the waves, "I thought a bit, and decided to call it "Pro" cool huh?" Heard these few days there is low pressure, then that means there will be good waves, I have to bring Pro to show off some skills." But maybe because she didn't have enough sleep, actually felt motion sick, replaying the earlier floating scene nearly made her pewk.

Ella has always loved sports, and is not afraid of getting a tan, and also the voice is better after sports, singing is smoother, Sept S.H.E's new album will be out, fans can hear her ocean smell voice.

Even though she loves going into the waves, but she didn't pull her sisters to come along, lately Hebe and Ella are busy with their "Green Lifestyle", the two would ride bike to the gym, eat organic foods, and the two would laugh that they're "wanting to live a few more years green life style ambassadors"
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Posted 7/25/08 , edited 7/25/08
Aww..poor Ella....since she's a sport's type..I guess she'll be ok in no time !! ^ - ^...hahaha...the green life style ambassador thing was funny !! ^ 0 ^..Let's support S.H.E 4ever !!
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