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this is the last Part!!TT^TT

Chapter 16
“Aoi Hyuuga…” The spotlight was on Aoi; she was practically shocked.
“Oi, baka, be my girlfriend!” Youichi asked with a calm stoic face.
“Well, what will it be? A yes or a no?” the male emcee announced.
“Hijiri, is that a way to confess? Or is it you that can’t do better than that?” Aoi smirked.
“Aoi Hyuuga, it’s just a simple stupid yes or no, can’t you answer properly, stupid lady?” Youichi snatched the microphone from the emcee.
“Shut up, stupid Hijiri, do you know how to even talk to a lady?!” Aoi shouted at him.
“O-oh, are you afraid to be my girl?” Youichi grimaced, then jump down from the stage and walk towards to Aoi.
“FINE YOU IDIOT, I’LL TAKE IT UP!” Aoi loses her patient, making Youichi smirked, and then she quickly close her mouth with both of her hands with a shock expression.
Youichi cupped her chin and crashed his lips with hers, making her even shocked.
Shit, I just sold myself to a devil.
“Well, we have a new couple for this wonderful night!” the female emcee announced, leaving the fan girls grieving and crying, almost flooding the whole hall; and soon, the last dance’s music is on, it loud enough to even reach the dormitory.
Mikan and Natsume were holding hands, while leaning on the Sakura tree, looking in to the beautiful starry sky.
Mikan was still shocked of what Natsume had whisper to her just now.
Natsume went closer to her and whisper in her ear.
“Will you be my girl?” Natsume asked.
“…” No sound came from Mikan, well let’s say, she wasn’t capable of handling shocks?
“Well?” Natsume retreated from her ear and look at her.
“Tch.” Mikan turned to look away from him.
“Just goddamn answer my question lady!” Natsume was losing his patient.
“This is my answer.” Mikan grabbed hold of Natsume’s cheeks and went up to kiss him.
“Hyuuga, I can dumped you whenever I want, so I’ll play along with you in the mean time.” Mikan broke the kiss and said.
“Baka, you won’t dumped me, I will and confirm that you will fall in love with me.” Natsume smirked.
“Hyuuga, you underestimated me too much.”
“Natsume is enough; I hate people calling me Hyuuga.” Natsume groaned.
“Not until you call me Mikan.” Mikan smirked.
This time I win Hyuuga. Mikan thought.
“Fine, Mikan.” Natsume shrugged.
“Thank you Natsume.” Mikan smiled.
End of flashback
Both were very silent after the incident just now, but both sides were having a sweet smile on their face.
Suddenly, a soft calming song was heard by them.
“It seems like the last dance has started.” Mikan said.
Natsume stood up and dusted his pants; he then bent down and took out his hand.
“May I have this dance with you?” Natsume asked.
“Gladly.” Mikan said as she took his hand and started dancing.
They continue dancing even though the song has ended. Mikan and Natsume are both in their world, no threats no harm no enemy, just only both of them, peacefully dancing there in their own world.
They all had a really fun and enjoyable day, and the happiest pair was Natsume and Mikan, Youichi and Aoi. Both parties had confessed and were united in this lovely party.
The next morning
A beautiful brunette was sitting in the garden alone reading her book with her reading glasses, without bothering her surrounding gossips and such.
“Hey look, isn’t that Sakura Mikan?”
“Yeah, she sure looks pretty today.”
“Baka! She looks pretty everyday!”
“Oh yeah.”
Tch, stupid fan boys.
Suddenly shouting and screaming were heard from the boys that were gossiping.
“ARGH!! My sleeves are on fire!!”
“My hair is on fire!!”
They were screaming and shouting, drawing attention to everyone. Suddenly a boy with messy raven hair appears behind them, along with his fire on his palm.
“Don’t you stupid fools go near her, she’s taken.” The familiar guy said, and then he turned and walk towards Mikan. He reached out his hand and hugged Mikan from behind.
“Good morning Natsume.” Mikan greeted without making eye contact with him, her eyes are still on the book. Well, Natsume was pissed, and Mikan could sense that.
“You dare burn my book, I’m going to make your life a living hell.” She said with threat in her tone.
“Tch.” Then he walked and sat down opposite to Mikan. After a moment, Mikan still did not say anything to him; she was focusing on the book instead of focusing on the crimson eye boy.
“Oi, I’m bored.” Natsume said.
“Then go find Koko or Tsubasa to entertain you.” Mikan was still reading the book, making Natsume even pissed.
“Stupid girl, I want you to entertain me.” Natsume smirked, and finally, Mikan took out her glasses and sighed.
“Command denied. I would like some peace and quiet for awhile, even though now you’re my boyfriend or my master doesn’t mean you can boss me around, Sakuras are never bossed around by others.” Then she put back her reading glasses and continues her reading.
Natsume was on fire he banged his fist on the table and went up to Mikan.
“A servant shall obey their master’s command.” He said in a dangerous tone.
“Very well then, if you insist.” Mikan took out her glasses and summon 3 ice daggers and throw it towards Natsume, he manage to dodge every single one.
“What the hell!? Are you trying to kill me or something?” Natsume shouted.
“You wanted me to entertain you, so I obeyed. You did not say anything about how shall I entertain you.” Mikan said as she kept throwing ice daggers.
“You’re really stupid, woman!” Then he summons a fire ball on his fist, and started to throw towards Mikan, but she manages to extinguish every one of them.
“Natsume, you know you can’t win, so what for play a game that you can’t win??” Mikan said bluntly.
“Shut up, you started it.” The he threw fire ball towards Mikan.
Suddenly Mikan felt a pang of pain in her heart; it was her nausea acting up again. Mikan clutches her heart tightly, trying to subsidies the pain, but it failed.
“Oi, baka, you ok?” Natsume asked worriedly.
Shit those bastard missions, damn my nausea, I can’t collapse here.
Mikan stood up slowly with the help of a little Alice of hers, and walked away from Natsume.
“Oi little girl, answer me.” Natsume turned, but found no one there.
“Shit, where did she went?” Natsume mumbled then started to run towards the northern forest.
Mikan was still clutching on to her right chest where it hurts, supported by a tree with her other hand while panting.
Shit, I can’t hold on anymore.
Mikan lost her consciousness and drifted to darkness, she loses her balance and fell in front, but she was caught by a mysterious masculine man.
End of Chapter 16

Chapter 17
Shit, I can’t hold on anymore.
Mikan lost her consciousness and drifted to darkness, she loses her balance and fell in front, but she was caught by a mysterious masculine man.
Natsume ran and he spotted Mikan collapsing, he was going to run towards her, but he suddenly saw Persona carry the fainted brunette in his arms and walked in to the darkness.
“Damn that bastard Persona!!” Natsume cursed.
Natsume is now fuming with anger, jealousy and guilt. All the negative feelings were all devouring him, cursing thru his vein. He is now producing a very dangerous and killing aura, showing the passerby not to mess with him now, even Tsubasa and Koko is scared of talking to him.
“Hyuuga, where’s you’re girl?” Imai suddenly speak up.
“Hospital” He replied bluntly.
“WHAT-THE-HECK-DID-YOU-DO-TO-HER!?” Misaki was giving out her killing aura to Natsume now.
“She just overused her Alice that’s all.” Natsume answered.
Misaki rushed towards Natsume and grabbed his collar and dragged him to somewhere isolate.
“Don’t you guys try following me, or else.” Misaki warned.
Somewhere Isolated
Misaki dropped Natsume and started screaming at him.
“SHE WAS PERFECTLY FINE YESTERDAY!! I’M NOT STUPID HYUUGA!! MIKAN WILL ONLY FAINT WHEN SHE US-” Misaki realize something, something that make her burn in rage even more.
“I did not, she use it on her own free will.”
Misaki let go off him and turned, making her back facing Natsume.
“Heh, Hyuuga, do you know Mikan can’t use her Alice after a mission? Do you bloody know? And do you bloody know why?” Tears can be seen streaming down Misaki’s cheek.
“Because of her bloody goddamn curse.”
Mikan has a curse? Shit!
“MISAKI GET OUT OF THE WAY NOW!!” Mikan screamed.
“WH-what?” A woman caught Misaki with her hands, she lifted Misaki in the air using only one hand, and the woman looks a lot like Mikan, Brunette hair, hazel eyes.
“WH-who ar-are yo-you?” Misaki manage out, but the lady ignore her, and just smirked at her.
“DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY FRIEND YOU BITCH!!” Mikan threw a ice dagger towards Yuka’s hand, making her let go of Misaki. Mikan quickly went beside Misaki and teleport her few feet away from Yuka.
“Look at what the academy done to my precious daughter, now she’s even going against her own mother.” Yuka said.
“I was never your daughter to begin with.”
Mikan’s eyes changes from honey brown, to golden color, not just any gold color, a gold that can shine thru darkness, yet it reveal something more deadlier. Kill and Death.
“Mikan, just come to your mother, I’ll take care of you and teach you how to control your Alice perfectly.”
“Shut up, you’re not my mother, and never will be.”
Suddenly Yuka appeared behind Mikan, and touched the back of her shoulder, a bright light started to shine from there, the next thing you know, Mikan’s laying on the floor lifelessly.
“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MIKAN!?” Misaki screamed.
“I have no intention of killing my own daughter, but she’s still a threat to my organization, so this is a curse, as long as she’s in the Academy, she will suffer from this curse, and that blood-red rose mark is the proof. However, this curse will only attack her when she uses her Alice after a mission that requires big amount of Alice. Goodbye, and tell her that she’ll always be welcome in the AAO.”
With that, Yuka left the duo alone, and leaving an unconscious Mikan and a weeping Misaki.
End of flashback
“From then, I vowed to help Mikan anyway I can, and I’ll destroy those who hurt her, and that includes you, Hyuuga.”
Misaki went towards the door and put her hand on the doorknob, not opening it yet.
“Hyuuga, Mikan’s very vulnerable, don’t break her, and the curse I just told you about, it’s a secret between us, and don’t even think of telling ANYONE.”
Then Misaki left the place, leaving a dumbstruck Natsume.
“I’m so stupid.” Natsume mumble.
Mikan has been unconscious for 1 week; her friends are all very sad and gloomy, especially Youichi, he has been isolating himself from others except Natsume, and Natsume visit her everyday, to see whether she is awake or not. Natsume have been blaming himself ever since he heard about Mikan’s curse.
It’s so cold here, where am I? Am I Dead?
No, Mikan, you’re just unconscious.
Think slowly, what you’re about to think is just there.
A flow of memories came flashing thru Mikan’s mind.
Go to him, he needs you now. You been here for too long, and one more thing, ‘she’ is coming for you soon.
Who is ‘she’?
The one that made your life miserable and the one that gave life to you.
Yu...ka... A...zu...mi...
Mikan slowly opens her eyes, and stared at the white surrounding, she suddenly notice a hand gripping her hands. It was a raven haired guy, his head sleeping on his left hand, and his right hand gripping Mikan’s hand.
Arigatou, Natsume. A small smile is formed on her lips.
End of chapter 17

Chapter 18
Mikan slowly opens her eyes, and stared at the white surrounding, she suddenly notice a hand gripping her hands. It was a raven haired guy, his head sleeping on his left hand, and his right hand gripping Mikan’s hand.
Arigatou, Natsume. A small smile is formed on her lips.
Mikan slowly sat up, and look at Natsume’s features.
Natsume, you really look like an innocent child when you’re sleeping. I’m sorry that I still can’t tell you about me yet, is not because I don’t trust you, it’s because the time is not right yet. Some might say I’m too dense to notice that I like you, but truth is, I’ve been keeping it inside me, heck you’re my first love since we’re 5, though maybe you might not remember it. Natsume, I’m sorry, but the war is coming, my war, I’ll tell you when everything ends. Mikan say it in her mind.
Mikan took one of her hand and started to ruffle gently on Natsume’s raven locks, but it accidentally woke him up.
“You’re finally awake.” Natsume yawned.
“Yeah. Thanks.”
“What for?” Natsume asked.
“For taking care of me till now”
“Who say it’s for you? My room’s a messed since you’re not here to clean.”
“Oh, really? So does it mean that you could not live without me?” Mikan smirked.
“Don’t get so full of yourself, little girl.”
“Cheh, you’re no fun.” Mikan pout.
The next day
The class door slammed open revealing a tall figure man and a petite woman who is half a head shorter then the man.
“Mikan-chan, are you okay??” Anna and Nonoko asked at the same time.
“Mikan! Are you okay is anywhere hurting?” Misaki asked worriedly.
“Misaki, I’m fine.”
“Really really?”
“STOP IT ALREADY! I SAID ‘YEAH I’M FINE’!” Mikan screamed.
“Ahah, gomen.” Misaki laugh nervously.
“Good to have you back Mikan.” Ruka said.
“Good morning to my lovely student, as all of you know, our favorite friend Sakura Mikan is finally awake and she’s out from the hospital.” Narumi waltzed in.
“Shut up Narumi-sensei, I’m already here.” Mikan shot him.
“Oh, well let’s start our class.”
So the class kept going with Math, Biology, Histories, Japanese language and etc etc. Mikan had fallen asleep very fast, she need not to listen since she’s a genius around the school, the teachers do not want to wake up the sleeping Mikan, unless they are prepared for an early grave.
“So today class ends here, goodbye students.” Misaki-sensei said.
Everyone start packing their bags and quickly walk away from the class, except our beautiful brunette that is still sleeping.
“Oi little girl, let’s go grab some food, I’m starving.” Natsume shook her.
“Leave me alone and get your own food.” Mikan said with her eyes close.
“You’re my servant” Natsume is getting a little bit pissed.
“…” Mikan ignored him.
“Oi!” Natsume’s vein on his head grew bigger, still no respond from the Oh-so-great-Mikan.
So he’s out of his patients, he open is palm and summon a ball of fire. Suddenly a purple color dragon came out of nowhere and looks at Natsume with cold eyes.
“What the” he muttered, Mikan finally sit up properly and yawned.
“Oh, meet my dragon, Shin, I got her from a summoning Alice.” Mikan explain sheepishly.
“Shin, are you hungry?” Mikan asked the dragon, the dragon just nodded in respond.
“Here you go.” Mikan took out a piece of meat and throw it into Shin’s mouth.
“Oi, I’m hungry.” Natsume said.
“Fine, let’s go.” Mikan led them out.
Everything was very normal; Mikan and Natsume had their “lover’s quarrel”, where they call each other’s names, taking care of Youichi, having mission and such, the whole day was like any other, to Mikan that is.
The next day
Mikan, Youichi, Aoi and Natsume are now walking hand in hand. Youichi and Aoi are holding hands while Natsume slide his hand on to Mikan’s waist. Mikan is gritting her teeth, hard. Why? Let’s have a little flashback on what happen early in the morning.
“Oi little girl let’s have a bet.” Natsume suggest out of nowhere.
“Fine by me, what will be our duel and bet?” Mikan asked.
“Swimming, and if you lose, you’ll let me hold your hand or your waist for one week.” Natsume smirked.
“And if you lose?” Mikan raised an eye-brown.
“I’ll leave being your master for a week.” Natsume said bluntly.
Mikan and Natsume went to the swimming pool, it’s indoor, so Natsume decided to book the whole swimming pool just for their duel, and only their friend can come in.
Mikan wore a sexy revealing one-piece swimsuit, it has a hole on her back that reveals her silk smooth skin. Natsume he just wore a plain black swimming trunk.
When Natsume saw Mikan in her swimsuit, he finds it QUITE hard to control his hormones. Her silky white long legs, her sexy bare back, and those dangerous curves, is like saying “You know you want Me.” to Natsume.
“In this duel we shall compete to see who is the fastest among you two, without using Alice. Understood?” Hotaru explained.
“Hn” both answered in unison.
Mikan went first.
Mikan jumped in to the swimming pool and started swimming with the fastest speed she could get.
“4.6 Seconds” Ruka announced.
The next was our male protagonist, Natsume. Like Mikan, he jumps in to the pool and swim with all his might.
“4.5 Seconds, sorry Sakura-san.” Ruka said.
“WHAT!?” Mikan screamed, while Natsume just smirked.
“A deal is a deal, sexy.” Natsume said huskily.
“Its 0.1 seconds apart!!” Mikan whined.
End of flashback
“Stupid bet!! Stupid 0.1 seconds!” Mikan gritted her teeth more.
“Little girl, you should be happy that, I, the great Hyuuga Natsume is holding your waist. Many girls would have died for me to do that to them.” Natsume smirked.
“Go to hell Hyuuga.” Mikan growled.
“That’s not a way to treat your boyfriend you know.” Natsume smirked once more.
How I wish to wipe of that smirk of his with my fist. Mikan thought.
“What the!?” Natsume and Youichi said in unison.
While the students around them is screaming and running like a chicken without its head.
“So they’re here already.” Mikan said coldly.
End of chapter 18

Chapter 19
“What the!?” Natsume and Youichi said in unison.
While the students around them is screaming and running like a chicken without its head.
“So they’re here already.” Mikan said coldly.
“All the student please evacuate to the safety zone in the academy, NOW! D.A members please do not hesitate on killing any AAO member’s you see.”
“Who?” Natsume asked.
“AAO, my mother is here. Natsume take chibi and Aoi away from here.” Mikan commanded.
“I’m going with you.” Natsume said.
“BAKA! Don’t go with me, protect Youichi and Aoi, and furthermore, Azumi Yuka is my mother, and it is I who shall defeat her.”
“Don’t be so cocky!” Natsume shouted.
Mikan suddenly pulled his collar and pulled him closer to her, and crashed her lips with Natsume, they kissed passionately, and for once Mikan thought this will be the last.
“Listen properly Natsume, my mother will kill anyone, and I mean anyone who she thinks is related to me. So I do not want anyone to die under my name, got that? Now go!”
Natsume hugged Mikan and leaned forward to her ears.
“Mikan, remember to come back, be careful, live for Youichi, live for Aoi, and live for me.”
“I will, and if I find Youichi or Aoi less one hair on their head, Hyuuga, you’ll meet the devil herself on earth.” After that, Mikan teleport herself to Northern Forest.
The northern Forest
“Why are you hiding? Okaa-sama.” Mikan said in disgust.
“As expected from my daughter.” A shadow came out from one of the big trees, along with 3 big sized men who wore all in black, including black glasses.
“Shut up! I’m not you daughter.” Mikan shouted.
“Watch you mouth little girl, even though you look like me, but there’s a big difference between us.”
“Cut your crap.” Mikan’s eyes suddenly changed from calm honey brown to cold golden.
“Such murderous eyes, just like you’re father’s eyes.”
“He was a nuisance, that’s all.”
“I’LL KILL YOU!!” Mikan launch towards Yuka.
The D.A members were all preserving their power, they fought mostly without their Alice’s help, and the academy now is full with bodies lying around the floor, lifelessly, mostly heavily injured.
Mikan and Yuka had been fighting for the past 2 hours; both of them had consumed two pills, which exceed the amount for a day. Mikan and Yuka is both very hard-headed person, both will not give up until the other do.
Yuka and Mikan fought one on one with each other without using their Alice. To Yuka, if she uses her Alice, it would be useless because Mikan can nullify it. But to Mikan, it’s simple; she wanted to defeat her with her own bare hands.
As for now, both of them is very tired and exhausted, but still not giving up, whenever Mikan threw punch or a kick to Yuka, she would just dodge it or counter attack it, and when Yuka kicks or punches Mikan, she would just jump or dodge it.
Mikan is now standing on the ground panting hardly, same as Yuka, but Yuka seems more exhausted than Mikan; she is currently having a hard time focusing herself.
Chance! Mikan thought.
Mikan fasten her pace and threw a punch towards Yuka’s face, but Yuka manage to dodge it by turning her body to the side, making her back facing Mikan. Mikan suddenly notice a black tattooed butterfly on Yuka’s neck.
Isn’t that a control tattoo? No is not, restraining tattoo have only 3 design only, and black butterfly definitely is not included. Unless, it’s a Soul Entrapping Alice, and the one whose mark for that Alice is non other than the bitch, Luna Koizumi!
Mikan continue fighting with Yuka, causing Yuka to get breathless every minute they fought.
Wait, since okaa-san is so exhausted already that means that Alice can be stolen easily.
Suddenly Mikan teleported behind Yuka, catching her off guard, then Mikan grabbed her hair with her left hand, and uses her right hand to touch Yuka’s neck gently.
A strong bright light is emitted from the mark, causing the three male behind Yuka uses their hand to cover their eyes, even though their wearing black glasses. (A/N: Glasses not working? Get a new one dude!)
After the light had gone down, Yuka collapse on to the ground lifelessly, breathing heavily too.
The 3 males took out their guys and point it at Mikan.
“Ah, they are going to kill me!” Mikan pout.
“We knew this would happen, that’s why we come prepared.” The first guy said, after that he triggered his gun and shot it at Mikan, but she managed to dodge it.
“Tch, you ugly old men are trying to kill me? Don’t get too cocky, look who you’re dealing with, baka!” Mikan said coldly.
The men drop their guns and ran towards Mikan to punch her, but Mikan stood there on her spot not moving along with a cold murderous golden eyes.
“Baka”she mumbled.
A large explosion is heard through out the academy.
“Mikan” Natsume mumbled.
“Neh, will mama be alright?” Youichi asked with a sobbing Aoi in him arms.
“Youichi take care of Aoi, I’m going to find that baka.” With that he ran towards the Northern Forest.
At the evacuation site, Anna and Nonoko are working on helping the elementary children to the safety zone near the southern forest. Suddenly, they felt a weird and bad feeling in their hearts, like something’s missing.
Mikan! Mikan’s face suddenly come flashing thru their mind and a tear drop was found rolling down their cheeks.
End of chapter 19

Chapter 20
At the evacuation site, Anna and Nonoko are working on helping the elementary children to the safety zone near the southern forest. Suddenly, they felt a weird and bad feeling in their hearts, like something’s missing.
Mikan! Mikan’s face suddenly come flashing thru their mind and a tear drop was found rolling down their cheeks.
Natsume ran as fast as he could to reach northern forest and finally he reached the northern forest, he quickly run around to find Mikan.
Baka where are you?! Natsume searched thru high and low, finally he saw a girl with auburn hair lying on the grass along with 3 men and another auburn hair lady on the floor.
“MIKAN!!” he ran to her side.
“Oi, Mikan, wake up.” Natsume shouted.
“Na-Natsume…I did it, I defeated them.” Mikan said weakly.
“Baka, don’t talk now, I’ll bring you to the hospital.”
“Wa-wait, bring those 4 to the hospital too, my mother was controlled by Luna Koizumi, but I manage to steal out the Alice that trapped my mother, the other 3, I erased their memories.”
“Baka, you’re too soft towards your enemy. Now go get some rest, you deserved it.”
Mikan slowly closed her eyes and fall asleep in Natsume’s arms. Then Natsume quickly took out his phone and dialled Hotaru’s number.
“Oi Imai, get some of your weird invention here and take bring the people to the hospital.”
“Northern Forest?”
“Yeah, now!” Then Natsume slammed his phone close.
After a few minutes, Hotaru came in her flying duck scooter.
“How is she doing?”
“She’s sleeping; now get those bastards to the hospital.”
“You owe me 1000rabits on this.”
“Yeah whatever.”
Where am I?
You’re in the realm of dreams.
Who are you?
I’m the inner you.
Oh, do you have something to tell me?
Smart girl, yes, I do. Yuka is awake; she’s waiting for your arrival back to the human world. Everyone’s worried about you.
How long have I been in here?
3 days, Mikan is time to go back.
Mikan slowly opens her eyes; she was blinded by the light surrounding her.
“Oh my god! She’s awake!” One familiar voice said.
“You’re right.” Another sweet familiar voice said.
“Oi little girl, you okay?” A very husky voice said.
“WH-where am I?” Mikan manage out.
“Hospital” Natsume replied.
Mikan slowly sat herself up with a little help from Natsume and she saw all of the people she knew were here.

“Mikan, Mikan you okay!?” The twins bombarded Mikan with question like ‘are you okay?’ ‘Does anywhere hurt?’ ‘Are you hungry?’
“I’m not when the first thing I woke up is to be bombarded with stupid question by you two.” Mikan yawned.
“Gomen” The twins apologized.
“Mikan-chan, finally you’re awake, Hyuuga-kun is growing more impatient everyday by seeing you lying on the bed.” Nobara said.
“Is called payback, he left You-chan and Aoi-chan alone and come save me, even though I specifically ordered him not to come find me.” Mikan gave Natsume a glared and Natsume glared back, having a glaring contest between them.
“Mikan-chan, Yuka came to visit you, are you okay to talk with her?” Narumi’s head popped out from the door destroying the glaring contest.
“Yeah, let her in.”
Narumi pushed Yuka in with her wheel chair.
“Anna, Nonoko, and Nobara can you guys leave me and Natsume here alone with Yuka? Thank you.”
“Understood!” Nonoko and Anna said in unison.
“Okay, take care of yourself okay? Bye” Nobara waved to her.
“Mikan, gomenasai.” Yuka said.
“No use crying over a split milk, what is done is done, and the reason I let you in is to ask you to remove my curse, you can do it right?” Mikan glared at Yuka.
“I suppose so.”
“Yuka, I need the truth, why did you join the AAO?”
“I didn’t join them, I was betrayed and kidnapped by Reo, my best friend. He was very sweet and a good friend before I was kidnapped, but I have never imagined that because of money he sold me to the AAO. Reo controlled me with his Voice pheromone, and uses Luna to trap me. I couldn’t control my body, I tried to, but it was futile, so after a few days, I gave up, I’m like watching everything in a movie. I was controlled and was ordered to kill my most beloved, you’re father, when I saw it, it was killing me inside out, I’m screaming inside my head trying to get out. I know that I planted a curse on you, but that was not my wish. Mikan, I do not wish for your forgiveness, but I hope you could accept me back as your mother, I’m willing to even work for the academy once again.” Yuka plead.
There was an eerie silence between all of them.
“Natsume, I want to get out from this hospital.”
“You’re still weak.”
“Shut up and bring me out.” Mikan growled.
Natsume sigh in defeat, and did what he was told, Natsume carried Mikan bridal style and puts her on a wheel chair, and then he pushes Mikan out, leaving Yuka alone in the room.
“Narumi-sensei, please takes care of her, and please assigns the other two to become her bodyguard.” Mikan said.
“Just leave it to me.”
Natsume pushes Mikan all around campus, she’s practically enjoying the view of the cherry blossoms; that calm her down.
Mikan close her eyes to relax herself and feel the breeze caressing her temples, savoring every moment, suddenly she felt someone call out to her.
“Mommy! Mommy!!”
Mikan opens her eyes and saw a little boy and a little girl running towards Mikan.
“Mama, daijoubu?” Youichi asked then he puts his small hand on
Mikan’s lap.
“Yeah, I’m okay.” Mikan scoops Youichi up and let him sits on her lap, while she stroke his hair.
“You-chan, let’s go, we still have class.” Aoi-chan said.
“I don’t want.” Youichi replied bluntly.
“The next lesson is Jinno-sensei.” Aoi reply him with a pissed look, and she looks sooo cute with a pout and her hands on her hips, that posture make Youichi blush a little.
“Youichi…” A voice came behind Youichi.
Youichi stiffened at the sound of it, as if it was reading to kill someone, so struggling he turns his head around with some sweat on his head.
“Yes ma’am.” Youichi quickly gave Mikan a peck on her cheeks then ran off while grabbing Aoi’s hand.
“It’s seems like you’re energetic once again, little girl.” Natsume blew some air in Mikan’s ear, making her stiffened.
“Don’t come so near to me Natsume, you might get the little boy germ.” Mikan smirked.
Natsume went in front of Mikan’s wheel chair, and place both of his hand at each side of Mikan’s chair, caging her inside.
“What are you trying to do?” Mikan asked coldly.
Natsume kept his smirk on his face, but still remain silent as his face went closer to Mikan’s face.
The next thing we could see was, Mikan and her utterly big eyes, shock big eyes I must say.
End of chapter 20

Chapter 22 (Final)
“Okay this ‘activity’ is quite amusing, very let’s proceed.”
The girls were lined neatly and opposite them was their boyfriend. Suddenly the boys kneeled down and took out a small red box and open it revealing different types of rings.
“Will you marry me?” The boy all said in unison, making the crowd go wild.
“Wh-what?” Mikan was the first to make out.
“I ain’t repeating myself lady.” Natsume said coldly.
Anna, Nonoko and Sumire look at each other then nodded shyly to their partner, Yuu, Koko and Mochu was very delighted, as they quickly slipped the ring in to their fiancés fingers, and then they hugged, followed by a kiss.
“Tsubasa, I’m having a second thought on should I accept you or not.” Misaki frowned.
“What?! But Misaki!! I’ll be a good boy, I promise!” Tsubasa plead.
“Well, how can you call yourself a good boy when you’re flirting with every girl you see?”
“Okay, I swear that if I dare cheat of Harada Misaki, I’ll be destined to not have next generation.” Tsubasa swear.
“Ouch, such a harsh words.” Koko said.
“Hmm, I’ll personally make you a sissy if I find you cheating on me.” Misaki glared at him for a second, and the next thing Tsubasa knew was Misaki’s lips were already on his.
“Ano, Hotaru…” Ruka called out.
“What?” Hotaru glared at him, giving him those what-do-you-want eyes, then Ruka gave her back a will-you-or-will-you-not-marry-me eyes. After a minute of ‘glaring’ Hotaru snatched the ring away from the velvet box and wore it on her finger.
“This ring doesn’t look half bad.” Hotaru said, and then was received a hug from Ruka.
“Little girl, I’m not asking it again like the other idiots, so is it a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’?” Natsume ask coldly.
“You know Hyuuga; I have no damn bloody idea why I accepted you as my boyfriend 4 years ago.” Mikan sighed.
“The reason is simple, I’m too handsome for you to resist.” Natsume smirked.
“Oh don’t get too cocky yourself, Hyuuga.” Mikan spat out.
Uh-oh, I smell something bad in the air.
“Argh I had it!” Natsume shouted, he then quickly grabbed Mikan’s hand and slipped in the ring for her.
“I don’t want to hear anything from you, little girl, you’re my servant, and you shall obey me and marry me.”
“HYUUGA NATSUME!! YOU’RE GOING TO mmphh…” Mikan was cut off by Natsume with his kiss on the lips.
The crowd shout and scream as everybody there was happy for the couples. After a few moments, Natsume and Mikan broke the kiss, gasping for air.
“Hentai” Mikan mumbled.
“Yeap, your sexy Hentai husband-to-be.” Natsume whispers in her ear, making Mikan blush madly.
So here it ends, their happy high school days. The End.
3 years later
The Hyuuga Mansion
“Hey Hon, I’m home!” A muscular voice said.
“Welcome home Natsume.” A cute voice responded.
Natsume walk towards Mikan and gave her a hug, followed by a kiss.
“How’s work?” Mikan asked.
“Fine, how are you?” Natsume asked.
“Of course is okay, I’m your wife for god sake, modelling job is a piece of cake.” Mikan smiled.
“Papa is back, Ki-kun faster!” A cute baby girl voice called out.
“Mi-chan, I’m tired, let me sleep for awhile.” Another cute baby boy cried out.
“Ki-kun, I’m going to take your fluff puff away from you.” The baby girl said.
“No! Fine let’s go.”
Mikan and Natsume looked at the direction where the two voices were heard.
“Papa!!” A girl with long jet black hair come out, she’s now 5 years old.
“Naomi, how are you?” Natsume hugged her.
“Mama, mi-chan says that she is going to take away my fluff puff.” A cute boy with Jet black locks and he’s 5 years old too; he tucked his hand in his mommy’s leg.
“Don’t worry, Naoki, I’ll buy you some later, now go give your daddy a hug.” Mikan smiled at him.
Naoki and Naomi are twins, they’re always together, and they are very identical, Naomi is often mistake by other people that she is Naoki, and Naoki is always mistaken by people that he is Naomi, but their personality is totally different. Naomi is optimistic and strong-willed, which quite inherited from Mikan, but Naoki is quiet and a cold one. Naoki’s left eye is crimson red while her right eye is hazel brown, while Naomi’s is totally opposite, she have crimson red orbs as her right eyes and hazel one as her left eye. Alices? They have not yet developed their Alice.
3 years have pass since they graduate, Natsume, Mikan, Yuu, Koko, Anna, Tsubasa, Misaki, Nonoko, Hotaru, Ruka, Sumire, and Mochu got married on the same day, and it was glamorous, grand and extravagant, even reporters came. Okay back to the story.
“Hey hon?” Mikan called out.
“Ruka just informed me that we have our wedding anniversary, in one of his Hotel, I think is the Lavender Blue Hotel, in the evening.” Mikan said.
Lavender Blue, does it ring a bell? Of course it does, Lavender is Hotaru’s eye colour while Blue is Ruka’s, cute isn’t it.
“Sure, what about our kids?” Natsume asked.
“Oh, he says bring them along.” Mikan said.
“We’re going to meet Uncle Ruka and Auntie Hotaru?” Naomi asked.
“Yeap, Naomi miss Karin-chan and Kiyoshi-kun right?” Mikan smiled at them.
“Yes! Naoki you heard that? Ka-chan and Kiyo-kun is going to be there!” Naomi exclaimed Naoki just merely nodded his head.
The next day
Lavender Blue Hotel
This place everything a Hotel can get, red carpets, expensive paintings, high quality sound effect and lightning, delicious buffet, everything I tell you.
Mikan, Natsume and their twins arrive at the lobby with their limousine. After dropping them off, the limousine drove off.
The family went inside the ballroom and found many familiar faces, and nostalgic feeling.
“Mikan!” two voices were heard.
“Anna, Nonoko, it’s been so long, how have you been?” Mikan hugged them.
“We’re fine.” They broke the hug and then they found two utterly cute being standing with their godlike father.
“KAWAII!!” The ‘twins’ squealed.
“I see you met my godly twins. Naoki, Naomi greet your Auntie Nonoko and Auntie Anna.” Natsume said.
“Konbanwa, Auntie Nonoko, Auntie Anna.” The twins greet in unison.
“Mikan, Natsume, they’re so identical!” Anna said.
“Yeah, a lot of people told us that.” Mikan smiled.
“Wait, they look familiar.” Nonoko raised an eye-brown.
“Of course they do, they’re the model for ‘Kidz-Trendz’.” Natsume answered.
“SUMIRE!” Anna and Nonoko yelled.
“Coming” A lady with dark green hair came in the scene.
“What’s up Sumire?” Mikan greeted.
“Mikan! Oh my god, how have you been?” Sumire hugged her.
“So far so good and how are you and your son?” Mikan asked.
“I bet your little ones will like them too.” Sumire replied.
“Naoki, Naomi, come here and meet Auntie Sumire’s child.” Mikan signal them to come, and they walk towards her obediently.
“Mikan, meet Takumi, my only son. Takumi, this is Auntie Mikan, and this is Naoki and Naomi.” Sumire introduced. Takumi had bright brownish hair and teal green eyes.
“Nice to meet you, Takumi-kun.” Naomi smiled while Naoki nodded at Takumi.
“Nice to meet you too, Naomi and Naoki.” Takumi smiled.
Slowly their friends came up and greet each other. So the party went on, smoothly and happily.
So now let me list out the children names.
Mikan and Natsume – Naoki and Naomi Hyuuga. 5 years old.
Anna and Koko – Mayuri Yome. 4 years old.
Nonoko and Yuu – Shirayuki Tobita. 5 years old.
Tsubasa and Misaki – Hiroshi Andou. 4 years old.
Ruka and Hotaru – Kiyoshi and Karin Nogi. 5 years old and 3 years old.
Sumire and Mochu – Takumi. 5 years old
(A/N: I don’t know what Mochu surname is).
So for the last program, they had to eat the cake, and they decided to light up the cake up with candle. So after the candle is neatly put on the cake, they want Natsume to light up the candle, as he has the Alice of Fire.
“Hey Natsume, light the candle up for us, will ya?” Ruka asked.
“Natsume went to the toilet.” Mikan replied.
“Ah, who will light it up.” Ruka sighed.
Suddenly, the candle lighted up on it’s own.
“Wow, thanks Mikan, you’ve helped me a lot.” Ruka sighed in relief.
“Huh? It wasn’t me? I sealed up my S.E.C for quite a long time already.” Mikan said.
“Then who could it be?” Anna asked, suddenly, something came in to Mikan’s mind like a lightning just struck her.
“Naomi, Naoki, come here.” Mikan ordered them.
“Yes mama?” Naomi asked.
“Naomi, Naoki, I need you both to tell me, who light up that candle.” Mikan asked.
“Answer me, Naoki is it you?” Mikan look at her sternly, but Naoki just shook her head.
“Naomi, tell mother, is it you who did it?” Mikan asked. Naomi struggled at first but manages out with a nod.
“Mommy, I can explain, I saw uncle Ruka couldn’t find daddy to light up the candles, so I just thought that, ‘Why can’t the candle light up on it’s own.’ Then it got lighted up.” Naomi said softly.
“Baka, mommy’s not going to get angry at you. In fact I’m happy, Naomi got a fire alice just like Papa.” Mikan hugged him.
“The first child who had alice among the younger generation, this calls for a celebration!” Koko shouted.
“Come to think of it, if Naomi has an Alice already, that means Naoki will have one soon!” Mikan said.
“What did I just miss?” Natsume asked.
“Oh, you just missed the happiest moment of my life!” Mikan hugged him.
“What happened? Why does my wife look so love-struck?” Natsume gave a confused look.
“Papa look for yourself.” Naoki pulled Natsume pants and points to Naomi’s direction, which she is playing with her own fire.
“Oh my god, Mikan tell me I did not just see Naomi playing her own Alice.” Natsume said.
“You did, and soon Naoki is going to have one too.” Mikan exclaimed.
“Let’s take a picture as a memory!” Anna said.
“Yeah!” Everybody exclaimed.
So this is how it ends, Mikan found out that Naoki and Naomi had Alices, so she and Natsume had trained them to control them, but aside from that, everything is still same as the usual. The End.
End of Chapter 22 (Final)
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