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This is the story: Memories Part 1 and 2

• Chapter 1: fading light
It was an ordinary day for the Alice academy where Mikan isn't running late? whoa.
'AWWW! HOTARU! Why can't she wait up with me! I mean I'm not late!' Mikan thought as she was running...
And guess who she bumped in... She fell down and saw a pair of ruby eyes piercing through her eyes...
"NATSUME-KUN!" Mikan said. She stood up and brushed her skirt. She smiled at Natsume and apologized.. Natsume just glared at her then smirked... Making Mikan look at him with a confused look, "What?"
"Soo... It's blueberries now?" He said smirking..
"eh?" Mikan said... Mikan flushed in pink.. "HENTAI!"(PERVERT!)
"You're the one who’s keeping on wearing such stupid panties... Don't you use shorts, blueberries?" Natsume said smirking.
"Urusai!" Mikan said. Natsume just went off ahead ignoring her stupid comments...
'Idiot.' Natsume thought as he went off...
"Oooh... That hentai, Natsume..." Mikan said as she stomped off...
Of course here comes the daily class routine...
"HOTARU!" Mikan said as she forgotten what happened this morning...
'3... 2... 1.' Yuu thought...
Bam! Mikan got hit towards the wall.. I guess no one was looking because they do it EVERY MORNING.
"Aho.” Hotaru muttered as she was fixing her newest invention.
"Wah... Hotaru..." Mikan said crying.
"Daijobou, Mikan-chan...” Yuu said going towards Mikan.
"Hai! Arigatou, Iinchou-kun.” Mikan said smiling.
Mikan then saw a hand... Mikan looked up and saw Ruka.
"AHH! Ruka-pyon!" Mikan said ginning. "Ohayo, Ruka-pyon!" Mikan said as Ruka helped her stand up. "Arigatou, Ruka-pyon." Ruka of course, blushed deeply as Mikan had been smiling at him...
"Ikuyo, Ruka..." Natsume said as he walked out of the classroom.
"Ja ne, Sakura-san.." Ruka said and went with Natsume..
Of course, Narumi came to the door...
"Ohayo gozaimasu!" Narumi said. "Ah, Mikan-chan, Jinno-sensei wants to have a word with you..."
"Jin-Jin?" Mikan said as the image of Jinno-sensei's image popped out at her head... "hai..."
''I wonder where he is..." Mikan said. She then spotted a sticky note at the wall
Sticky note:
From: Jinno-sensei.
Yes, you know who you are.. I want you to get all the trashcans and put it at the janitor's closet right now. The person how did that was sick so YOU have to do it now.. So go...
"NANI!" Mikan said... She sighed and got to work...
Mikan's POV
Pitter... Patter...
Great... It's raining... I can't believe, Jin-Jin made me do this... Well at least I won't do the math exam... Right…? I went towards the last trash can...
Nice... It's running! Now I have to run to it... I ran as fast as I can towards the running garbage can... I grabbed it and it stopped... Finally...
"Achoo!" I sneezed.. I have a cold? Aww... not now... It seems today is my most unlucky day in my whole life...
I putted the trash can to the janitor's room and I suddenly felt dizzy...
"Huh...? What's happening...?" I whispered to myself...
I walked slowly at the stairs... I then stopped when I saw two figures looking at me... I rubbed my eyes and saw someone blonde and the other one has violet hair...
"Oi.. Blueberries..." the guy said..
"Daijobou, Sakura?" the other one said..
"Ruka-pyon...? Natsume-ku..." I said then I felt like wasn't standing anymore then I blacked out...
Natsume's POV
I looked at the dizzy girl..
"Oi.. Blubberries..." I said smirking...
Strange... She's not responding...
"Daijobou, Sakura-san?" Ruka said who was beside me... We both looked at her..
She just said, "Ruka-pyon.. Natsume-ku..." God! She fell down at the stairs... Her head was bleeding badly! Mikan!
"Oi!" I yelled.
"Sakura!" Ruka said.
We ran towards Mikan.. She passed out...
I suddenly felt like panicking.. I don't know what to do... I looked at Ruka...
"Ruka, Call Narumi...” I said.
"Hai, Natsume.." Ruka ran towards the classroom...
I just held Mikan's hand... Damn... I should have caught her!
Normal POV...
Ruka slammed the door open at the room... Everyone was in silence.. They looked at Ruka..
"Ruka?" Narumi said..
"Sakura fell at the stairs! She’s injured!" Ruka shouted. Yuu stood up and Hotaru eyes shot open and looked at Ruka... Everyone was silent...
"Nani?" Narumi said. "Where is she?"
"She's there, with Natsume..." Ruka said...
Narumi ran out followed by Ruka. Hotaru stood up and went with Yuu... And to the class eyes, Sumire stood up and ran...
"Iinchou, call Tsubasa and Misaki..." Narumi said looking at Mikan...
"hai.." Yuu said...
"Mikan..." Hotaru said looking at the slender figure that was being carried bridal style by Natsume...
"Mikan!" Sumire shouted who ran towards Mikan... "Mikan-chan... Oi..." Sumire said with a worried look..
Tsubasa and Misaki came running towards them...
"Where are we going?" Misaki said looking at Mikan.
"The hospital..." Tsubasa said getting Mikan from Natsume's arms..
Everyone was waiting at a room... Narumi of course was with the doctor explaining what had happened...
"Mikan-chan..." Yuu said.
"...Mikan-chan..." Sumire whispered...
'Mikan, please be okay...' Hotaru thought as she had a very worried look... She looked at the person beside her who tapped her shoulder... Ruka.
"Nani." Hotaru said in a monotone voice.
"Natsume..." Ruka whispered to her as she pointed at him.. Natsume's bangs hid his eyes and he was looking down.. Hotaru stared and smiled a bit.
"He seems dead serious." Ruka said.. Hotaru just nodded...
Natsume's POV...
This is my entire fault...I should have taken her hand when she fell... Great... I feel worried AND guilty... This girl is giving me some stupid emotions... Baka youjo... (Stupid little girl)
Narumi came towards the door smiling.
"Mikan's going to be alright..."Narumi said while closing the door.
Everyone sighed.. I felt relieved and smiled a bit--- wait... What did I do? It's that baka's fault... Damnit...
Normal POV
Everyone went to Mikan's room... She was lying on the bed with some bandages on her head of course... Natsume was at the corner as Hotaru sat beside her best friend and beside Hotaru was Ruka... Yuu went out to get some food and Sumire, well.. She's putting the flowers at the table...
"I hope Mikan's alright..." Tsubasa said who went inside giving putting some presents for Mikan at the table..
"Yeah, I hope so too.” Misaki said.. "Look at all the people who are worried... Yuri, Youichi (a/n: Hehe... even Youichi...), Anna, Nonoko, Noda-sensei, Bear-san, the giant pyo... even Jinno-sensei! Well yeah... who'll do the work..."
"Bear-san too?" Yuu said looking at the tea set.
Yup." Tsubasa said with a triumphant smile.

2 days past and Mikan hadn't woke up.. Some began to worry..
Hotaru looked at Natsume who was keeping on glancing at Mikan...
"Hey... hold her hand..." Hotaru said...
Natsume blushed a bit and then glared.. "No."
"Just do it." Hotaru said...
Natsume walked towards Mikan and sat down... He took her hand and waited..
"Hey.. Blueberries.." Natsume said with his eyes as usual looking bored...
Mikan opened her eyes a bit..
"Oi!" Natsume said smirking that she's awake.. He need s someone to tease too..
"Mikan..." Hotaru said..
"Mikan-chan!" Yuu and Sumire said..
"Sakura-san!" Ruka said.
"Mikan!" Misaki and Tsubasa said in unison while grinning..
Natsume gripped her hand and gave her a small smile..
Mikan just stared at them... especially to Natsume...
"...Dare..da..?" Mikan said that everyone in the room stayed silent...
End of chapter one...
Here’s a dictionary of the last chapter!
Dareda: Who are you
Urusai: Keep quiet/shut up
Aho/baka: Stupid
Ohayo(gozaimasu): Good morning
Ikuyo: Let's go
Nani: What
Daijobou (desu/ desu ka): Are you alright/I'm okay

Chapter 2: the Amnesia
Natsume let go of Mikan's hand as his eyes disappeared... A long uncomfortable silence was in the room leaving a confused Mikan... Natsume smirked and looked at Mikan and gripped her arms...
"Don’t fool me, baka... I know you're lying.. Aren't you?" Natsume said..
Everyone was relieved but not that much from Hotaru.. There's something wrong alright.
"HEY! Little girl..." Natsume said shaking the petite figure gently..
"I'm a little girl?" Mikan said looking more confused.
"Don't lie..." Sumire said going towards Mikan... "I'm Sumire? You call me Permy.. Remember?"
"I only know my name.. Mikan Sakura..." Mikan said gripping her blanket...
"How about Hotaru then," Ruka said,
"Hotaru.. Hotaru... I know her I think.. She' friend. With jii-chan... That's all I can remember.. Gomenasai, minna.. "Mikan said closing her eyes...
Hotaru was gladly relieved that her best friend didn't forget about her... But, I'm not so sure about the others though...
"No, it’s alright, Mikan-chan...” Misaki said smiling.
"Then.. She really did forget us.. From Alice academy..." Tsubasa said with a sad face..
"DON'T MAKE HER FEEL BAD!" Misaki whispered to Tsubasa ..
"Gomen... I'll try to remember..." Mikan said smiling at them..
Natsume walked out of the room and slammed the door..
"Ano.. Who was that?" Mikan said...
'Someone who cares about you, Mikan...' Hotaru thought...
"What happened?" Narumi said as he walked to the room...
"Mikan lost her memories...” Hotaru said.
"Nani?" Narumi said.. "I'll ask the doctors.. Meanwhile, Mikan-chan! I'm your teacher, Narumi-sensei! Just open your gifts from your friends beside you on the table, alright?" And he walked out of the room...
"Do you want me to help you?" Ruka said,
"Daijobou! I can do it myself.." Mikan said smiling..
"No.. it's alright..." Ruka said
"Arigatou.." said Mikan making Ruka blush...
"I'll help you open too!" Yuu said.
"I'll just go for a while...” Hotaru said and walked out...
Natsume's POV
'It's still raining... God... I can't believe she forgot about everything.. I want things to be normal as it used too... Like being in peace and quiet, sitting alone and enjoy the site... Her smile and her cheerful voice--- what the! Why is she on my head? The baka infested me!' I thought and shook my head...
"...Dare..da..?" Mikan said.
A sad face was plastered at my face...That hit me so much for some reason... Why..? Is it because... I care about her..? No... that can't be... right? I hate her... I know it...I closed my eyes and made a soft sigh... Damn...
"Natsume-kun." Someone said.. Oh.. It's Hotaru with her "cute" umbrella.. "Why did you walk out?"
The wind blew their hair... The rain became harder as a thunder collapsed from the sky...
"Answer me."
"I guess you felt hurt when she said that..." Hotaru said in a monotone voice,
"...Dare..da..?" Mikan said.
Normal POV
"...I don't... And if did then you don't know how I'll feel.." Natsume said.
"...Whatever, come inside.. Mikan might worry about you..." Hotaru said. 'Rejection as always...'
"She doesn't even know me..." Natsume said clenching his fist..
"Just go inside."
"Tch.. Whatever..."
And with that Hotaru went out... Natsume followed.. He was soaking wet and for an unknown reason... He glanced one last time outside.. The weather soothes me very much... It feels in pain and anger... But, when I saw Mikan.. It felt like it went away... Why..?
It’s because her smile melted the frozen sections from his heart... Her smile can light up a dark room.. Her smile.. Is very special to him...
-Mikan's room-
"Ne... Ano..." Mikan said... "I have amnesia?"
"hai..." the doctor said. "Just be careful... That's it... I guess we'll just have to wait until you get your memories back..."
"Okay... Mikan-chan, I suggest you go back to your dorm.. You know where it is right?" Narumi said smiling..
"hai." Mikan said smiling back. "Iinchou-kun told me."
"Do you know your Alice and ability type?" Narumi asked.
"SA type and Alice is... nulli-something...” Mikan said, "Gomen... I guess I forgot..." She hit her head gently.. "Ow..."
"It's called nullification and don't do that... It'll hurt you more." Hotaru said coming in...
"Alright.." Mikan said. "Ah! You’re Natsume-kun right?"
"Yeah, polka dots." Natsume said.
"Hehe.. I guess I'll remember that.. The name calling thing..." Mikan said.
"Hmph..." Was Natsume’s answer..
Well he want Mikan to be more cheerful and ticked off but I guess she needs time... Hehe..
"Ano.. minna.. Arigatou, for tell me about my life but I don't remember this but still... I'll try my best! I won’t give up...” Mikan said grinning.
"I guess all we can do is just to wait!” Tsubasa said.
"Ah! Natsume-kun-- wait... they said we're not really friends so I'll first call you Hyuuga-kun... Okay?" Mikan said.
That was VERY expected... "Do what you want..." Natsume said.
"Ah... Hyuuga-kun (Natsume flinched at his name).. You're soaking wet...” Mikan said as she carefully stood up and putted a blanket at him... Of course, Natsume blushed to this.. He can't really hit her but he just glared at her...
"Gomen.." Mikan said smiling.
'Mikan...' Natsume thought...
Her smile melted the frozen sections from his heart... Her smile can light up a darkroom.. Her smile.. Is very special to him...
"Mikan-chan! Don’t go to Natsume-kun and Ruka-kun!" Sumire said. "I'm the president of their fan club!"
"Wow! Really?" Mikan said clapping her hands once. "I guess I have to learn one by one... And sorry if I did anything to them…”
"Well start tomorrow... We have classes...” Yuu said.
"Okay!" Mikan said... "Let's try our best everyone! Right, Hyuuga-kun?" She smiled at Natsume..
Her smile melted the frozen sections from his heart...
Her smile can light up a darkroom..
Her smile.. Is very special to him...
And that her, was Mikan Sakura...

Chapter 3: Stuck with you
I guess things will be not what it used to be... Mikan's not running late, not ticked off and not going to get hurt! (a/n: I was looking forward to the baka gun scene actually.. Aww...well that's that!) Now where's Mikan...
Mikan looked at her new room.. I guess it's normal.. Pink and orange the color... It's an ordinary room with ordinary stuff..
"You'll be staying here.. That attic might cause damage to you.. That's what the doctor said so here..." Narumi said as he smiled at the girl beside him.
"Umm.. Why am I wearing a hat?" Mikan asked as a red cute hat was at her head..
"You said you don't want anyone o worry so there! Hide your bandages.." Narumi said.. "Come on, I'll accompany you to your class..."
"Good morning class!" Narumi said as a girl was beside him smiling gently... "Mikan's back from her accident... Now please be nice to her or you'll be seeing yourselves to Jinno or the student council... Now the substitute teacher will arrive soon... Adieu... Oh Mikan, If you have anything to worry just ask me, okay?"
"Hai! Arigatou, Narumi-sensei!" Mikan said smiling... Narumi left and the class started murmuring.. now what'll she do? She doesn't know where to sit...
"Umm.. Ano... Where's my seat?" Mikan said. The class grew silent...
"Where else... There..." Sumire said pointing to an empty seat.
"Arigatou, Sumi- I mean Permy!" Mikan said and sat down.. She smiled at Hotaru and studied.. (A/N: Wow. I didn't know she can do that!)
"Ne, Mikan-chan, want to go to central town?" Yuu said.
"Alright!" Mikan said.. "But I don't have that much money and I don’t think it should be right to ask from someone..."
"Just go window shopping." Hotaru said while fixing her invention.
"Alright! I'll ask Ruka-kun and Hyuuga-kun... Su-I mean Permy too! Huh? Who's that boy in Hyuuga-kun's lap?" Mikan said... She walked towards Natsume and smiled.
"Nani, polka-dots?" Natsume said..
"Gomen, Hyuuga-kun.. (Natsume's eye twitched)" Mikan said.. Everyone grew silent again.. This isn't really like Mikan.. "Ano.. Who's that?" She looked at the boy who was at Natsume's lap. (A/N: YUP! Youichi! Yay!)
"None of your business..." Natsume said.
"...Baka." Youichi said.
"Umm.. Okay. I’ll ask Ruka-kun...” Mikan said and looked at Ruka... "Ne? Who's that boy who seems like Hyuuga-kun?"
"Ahh... Youichi... he's 3 and much attached to Natsume... He's on the dangerous ability type and can control the spirits. (a/n: It was on the official gakuen Alice site.)" Ruka said smiling at the confused Mikan.
"Oh... I see... No wonder..." Mikan said as she looked at the two..
Natsume's POV
I glanced at Ruka and Mikan... Ruka was talking about the 3 year old…Youichi tugged my sleeve... I looked down as Youichi began to speak..
"Is Mikan alright...?" Youichi whispered..
"What do you mean..?" I whispered back.
"She doesn't know me... And you were keeping on looking at her like you're worried." Youichi said.
I blushed a bit but fortunately no one saw... "She lost her memory and the doctor said that she needs to be careful..."
"Oh... nii-chan?" Youichi said.
"Do you like Mikan? You were staring at her..."
I blushed again and looked away... "... I... don't know..."
Normal POV at break time.
Ruka and Natsume were walking at the hall... Ruka was looking for his lost rabbit... Then they spotted Mikan with Yuu and Hotaru holding Ruka's rabbit... Of course, they went to them to get the bunny.
"Sakura..." Ruka said,
"Eh? Ruka-kun? Hyuuga-kun?" Mikan said as she hugged the small bunny..
"Where did you find that?" Natsume said glaring at Mikan.
"Oh! The rabbit just leapt at my lap and there!" Mikan said showing the rabbit... "This is yours, right, Ruka-pyon? That's what I called you before, right? Iinchou-kun told me... Is it alright to call you that?"
"Sure... Go ahead..." Ruka said getting the bunny and smiled at Mikan.
"Oh yeah! Do you want to go with us to Central town? The more the merrier they say!" Mikan said grinning...
"She means the both of you..." Hotaru said in a toneless voice... She looked at Natsume who glared back at her.
"Can we, Natsume?" Ruka said..
"Fine.. Tomorrow..." Natsume said shrugging...
"Arigatou! I thought you would say no!" Mikan said clapping her hands once.
"Ne, you can bring Youichi-kun with you if you want..." Mikan said smiling gently. "You two seem attached right?"
"Whatever, polka-dotted panties.." Natsume said...
"Alright! --- Mou..." Mikan said... "I guess I should be used to these teases..."
"You always fight back when he does that... But he wins anyway." Hotaru said.
"Really?" Mikan said... "I wonder if I'll get my memories back.. I guess when the time comes!"
"Don't forget you have cleaning duty... I'll go with you..." Yuu said.
"See you Hotaru!" Mikan said as she took the eraser for the black board.. She dusted it and putted it in the teachers table.. And so on of what you do when you clean the classroom... (a/n: Cleaning duty is a drag... I have that.. I'll just carry on!) After that...
"Mikan, I have to go... I have to talk o Narumi-sensei..." Yuu said.. "Gomen..."
"Iie! You can go.. I'm almost done anyway.. Ohh.. It's 5:30? That's so fast! Just go now.. Ja!"
"Ja ne.."
And Yuu went out of the classroom... Natsume came in and sat down with his manga...
"Ahh! Hyuuga-kun! (Natsume flinched again..)" Mikan said,
"Iie.. I mean.. We should go now or we'll get---"
The lights went out and the windows and doors were closed...
"--trapped..." Mikan said...
"Nice.. I'm trapped with a baka with you..."
There was a silence between the two until Mikan broke it, "Umm... Hyuuga-kun?"
"Nani, baka youjo?" Natsume said.
"Was I that bad before that you call me these names?" Mikan said with a confused face..
Natsume didn't answer... "I'll just bust us out with my Alice..." A ball of fire popped out in his hand...
"Iie! I don't think that's good! It's too much.. We might end up burning the academy with the students and teachers... We can't put other people's lives in danger just for us to get out!" Mikan said blocking his way...
"...fine.." Natsume said.. The fire began to float for a light... They sat down in their seats as Natsume dazed of as he was reading... He remembered that time when he was trapped with Mikan at the haunted house...
"I thought that when I first met you.. You weren't really my favorite person... demo... Now..." Mikan said...
Natsume blushed a bit as flashbacks of what happened came...
"Um... Hyuuga-kun?" Mikan said as her face was very close to his.. He looked away and blushed...
Natsume’s POV
'That girl... She's giving me these stupid flashbacks! I can't burn her.. The doctor said to her to be careful.. And besides... She'll just think I'm her enemy--- What do I acre about what that baka thinks! Baka youjo...'
"Nani...?" I said as he looked at the girl with his fierce red eyes...
"You were staring at that page for 6 minutes now and... It's just the first page."
"What do you care?"
"Ano... Hyuuga-kun.. You and Youichi seemed to be attached together.. Is it because... You think that you two are the same? Is it because of your Alice?"
'That girl seems to be reading my damn mind...'
"Anyway... I had a small flashback about you... You said I can't that much go to you because the darkness in you will just go to me.. And... That you don't want me to get close to you..."
'Oh yeah.. That stupid last dance thing...'
"I just want to say.. Arigatou..."
I looked at the person in front of him who was sitting.. "Nani?" What does she mean?
"It seems like before we're friends... And you don't want me to get close to you by something... I appreciate that! Oh great.. I talk like a baka! hehe..Gomenasai!" She said grinning..
"Yeah, you are a baka." I raised my eyebrow... A long silence between the two came...
"Fire can be scary but it warms up the place! Just like you! ...Maybe I should stop talking now.. Gomen... I'm so stupid..." Mikan said blushing...
How can she know anything about me.. She doesn't even know anything about me especially now since she lost her damn memories... What an idiot. I can't believe I'm stuck with this non-stop talking moron.
'Demo... Mikan...' Natsume thought.. "Stop thinking that you know me so much! It's so annoying..." Mikan just looked at Natsume and smiled.. I blushed a bit.. This moron’s making me blush.. Stupid smile... Did I say I blushed! This--- She-- BAKA.
I looked at Mikan again. She was smiling... And when I saw that.. My worries were gone.. Why..? Why is she always smiling? Why do I feel relaxed?
Her smile melted the frozen sections from his heart... Her smile can light up a darkroom.. Her smile.. Is very special to him...
"Ah! Mikan-chan!" a voice said.. Damn.. It's Narumi... "Konbawa, Narumi-sensei!" Mikan said.
"I'll let you out... Why are you there anyway?"
"I was cleaning and we got trapped. Gomen..." Mikan said.
"Well You should get some rest.. There..." Narumi said as he opened the door
"Yay! Come on, Hyuuga-kun!" Mikan said as she grabbed my hand...
Mikan me...
Hey! Don't get any ideas! I won't tell her how I feel.. Yet... Besides.. I'd rather die then tell anyone about this day... I smirked at Mikan and went out.
End of chapter 3

• Chapter 4: Central Town
Well! Everyone is set to go to central town.. As they arrived Mikan's eyes glittered with excitement... AGAIN.
"Sugoi... Look at all the places here... But all I can do is window shop..." Mikan said.
"Remember what I told you." Hotaru said buying ice cream…
"Hai! When I pick the right thing to buy I'll save up money!" Mikan said giving a thumbs up.
"Why can't you just beg at people's knees... Everyone would like that..." Natsume said smirking...
"I don't think it is right to ask people with money since they are the ones who deserved it not the beggars... And besides... Why would I do that? I'm not that stupid you know.." Mikan said.
"You were once..." Natsume muttered…
"Eh? Ah! Soo ka... Where's Youichi, Hyuuga-kun?" Mikan said glancing at Natsume's back..
"He went with Ruka to buy Howalon..." Hotaru said..
"Howalon? What's that..? I think I heard it before but my head seems to forget..." Mikan said thinking..
"You bought it before when you made a play at the first time you visit Central Town!" A voice said..
"Permy!" Mikan said.
"Hi, Mikan-chan... Hi, Natsume-kun!" Sumire said coming towards them with her friend... Ruka cam in with Youichi holding a box of Howalon..
"That's Howalon." Yuu said as Youichi opened the box and took one..
"Ahh..." Mikan said.. She soon dazed off...
"Mikan... Mikan..." Hotaru said..
"Ahh--- Gomen.. I think I remember that part about the howalon!" Mikan said smiling.. "Alright, another memory returned!"
"That's great, Mikan-chan!" Yuu said.
"I guess it's nice to know about Howalon... Oh?" Mikan said as she saw people constructing some booths. "What's that?"
"Oh, yes... We're having a festival!" Yuu said.
"Really? What kind of festival?" Mikan said.
"Festival of the stars... Exclusive for the academy." Ruka said as he handed Youichi over to Natsume.
"It's going to be here on Central town only... It's a festival where we celebrate our alices in different star levels... Kind of like that..." Yuu said. "Oh yes, there will be shooting stars at night and it said if you watch it with the one your love.. You will both have a happy life together!"
"Wow! That's so cool! Hey, let's go to the festival!" Mikan said.
"We're supposed to." Natsume said rolling his eyes...
"Well it's not my fault I forgot..." Mikan said in an innocent look...
"Whatever." Natsume said and left with Ruka and Youichi...
"Ja, Sakura-san, Iinchou-san, Imai-san..." Ruka said…
"I wonder who I'll be with... A couple, eh..." Mikan said.
"Don't even think about Ruka-kun and Natsume-kun!" Sumire said as her friend agreed...
"I wasn't actually thinking about them.. But alright! Ne, Hotaru.. Whoa re you going to be with..."Mikan said..
"I don't know yet..." Hotaru said,
"How about Ruka-pyon!" Mikan said…
Hotaru looked away and said, "No."
"Aww...Well I'll be buying some kimonos and stuff...” Mikan said, "Want to come, Hotaru? Permy?"
"Iie. I'm just going to stroll..." Hotaru said as she putted her helmet and sat at her duck motorcycle thing and went off...
“I'll be looking for Ruka-kun and Natsume-kun!" Sumire said as she grabbed her friend's hand and ran...
"Iinchou-kun?" Mikan said…
"Gomen... I can't..." Yuu said and walked off...
"Aw... I'm alone..." Mikan said.She walked to the nearest store... She glanced at the kimonos.. 500 rabbits.. 600 rabbits.. 250 rabbits... They're so expensive even if it is already with discount because of the festival... Then she saw a cute kimono with a circular fan.. 100 rabbits! Alright! She can buy it... She took it and tried pay...
"It's 150 now actually.." The lady said.. "Gomenasai..."
"Aw..." Mikan said as 50 rabbits was at the table.. "Eh?... Misaki-sempai!"
"I guess you can buy now, can you.. Don't worry! It's not a big deal.." Misaki said smiling at Mikan.
They went out and went to a small cafe next to the store...
"Ano, Misaki-sempai, who are you going to be with in the shooting star scene thing?" Mikan said.
"Oh, I'm not going! Tsubasa and I are going to be the emcee of the festival! Isn't that cool? I mean.. The student council saw us while we were talking and randomly selected us!" Misaki said.
"Wow.. That's really lucky..." Mikan said.
"What about you?" Misaki said
"Oh.. I don't know... I'm still thinking..." Mikan said twirling her fingers and glancing at Misaki...
"What about that Hyuuga Natsume person?" Misaki said..
Actually... Tsubasa planned this up because he saw Natsume jealous when Mikan and him were talking.. Thinking it was flirting, now Misaki and Tsubasa are trying to put them together by Hotaru.
"Ohh... Him?" Mikan said as flashbacks of him at the classroom last night went to Mikan's head... She flushed a good color of red...
"So? You two can be together!" Misaki said..
"De-Demo..." Mikan said who was blushing really hard.. "He teases me so that's a perfect sign he'll say no..." Mikan bowed her head so no one would see her blush..
"Just go and ask.. I promise.. He'll say yes..." Misaki said pushing Mikan out of the cafe... "GOOD LUCK! "
Mikan sighed and looked for Natsume... She then spotted him, Sumire and Ruka with Youichi...
Mikan's POV!
I watched them as I blushed.. Oh my god.. What happens if this is a confessing scene.. Hyuuga-kun will totally kill me! He'll burn me like a dead tree.. No... I DON'T WANT TO DIE! I'm too young to die...
Uh oh.. Permy's going to say it...I turned red... I hid at a tree as quiet as the rustling of leaves...
"Ruka-kun.. Natsume-kun... Atashi..."
I can't take it anymore! I don't deserve to die! But.. I'm so curious... I hope no one catches me... And fortunately, no one did...
"Um... A-Ano... W-Would you... W-Wouldyouliketogowithmeatthefestival?" Sumire blurted out..
What? I didn't quite catch that...
"Huh? What?" Ruka said.
"Slower..." Natsume said.
"..Baka saru.." Youichi said.
I climbed up the tree for a better view... Must-see-what's-going-on!
"Would you like to...go with me at the festival...?" Sumire said blushing REALLY hard...
"God. This is the 125th time someone asked us..." Natsume said.
"Gomen.. I have plans with someone else... Gomenasai..." Ruka said...
"Oh..." Sumire said in a depressed tone.. "Natsume-kun?"
"No." Natsume said glaring…
"Oh.. I see.. I'll just go now---"
I fell at the tree and luckily fell at the bush.. HOW CLUMSY AM I!
"Sakura-san!" Ruka said.
Natsume and Ruka ran to me..
"Hehehe... Gomenasai... Good think I'm not hurt.. I fell at this bush... Thank goodness..." I said sighing for relief...
"What were you doing there?" Natsume said giving, Mikan a death glare.. I sweatdropped..
"Ehehe... Uh.. I was looking at the nice sky.. It's so peaceful..." I said giving a fake smile.
"You are such a bad liar..." Natsume said gripping Mikan's collar.. "You saw?"
"Natsume..." Ruka said.
"Yeah, yeah.. I'm doing it gently..." Natsume said rolling his eyes... Then glared at me. "Well!"
"Hehe.. Gomen.. I was walking and then I saw you guys.. I was supposed to greet you when I saw Permy... Gomen..." I said bowing again and again... Natsume, Youichi, Ruka & me stared at Sumire. Sumire looked at them and ran..
"Permy!" I said.
"She'll be alright.." Ruka said.
"Ah... Okay!" Mikan said grinning as Natsume let go of my collar..
"So... Why are you here again?" Ruka said.
Mikan sweatdropped as the 3 looked at them... I can't say in front of Ruka especially after what happened to Sumire--I mean Permy!
"To greet you of course! Oh.. Ruka-pyon... Hotaru said she needs to see you or she'll blackmail you..." I lied..
This one seems a good lie! Ruka nodded at Natsume and went off... Natsume sat down and read his manga as Youichi simply fell asleep... I sat beside Natsume..
"Hyuuga-kun?" I said smiling but a blush crept at my face..
"Nani.." Natsume said as he looked at Youichi..
I can't afford being rejected like Sumire! Misaki-sempai will kill me as he punched Tsubasa... Wahhh... I'm so scared...
"I was supposed to ask Ruka-pyon or Tsubasa-sempai to the festival but I don't think they can make it... So.." Mikan said.. Natsume looked at Mikan with his usual emotionless face.
"How about the both of us?" Mikan said grinning.. "Though.. I doubt you'll say yes to me--"
"Fine..." Natsume said looking the other way.
"I said fine you aho... Or are you just stupid?" Natsume said
"Ah! Arigatou Na- I mean Hyuuga-kun!" Mikan said as hugged Natsume…
After a few seconds of realization Natsume and I blushed as I let go...
"G-Gomen.." Oh no.. He'll get mad at me... I closed my eyes hoping for it to end...
I opened my eyes and looked at Natsume who was looking at Youichi...
"Yeah.. W-whatever..." I smiled and looked at the sky.
-With Ruka and Hotaru-
"Hey, Ruka-kun. Look.." Hotaru said as she pointed to the blushing Natsume and Mikan.. Ruka just stared at Hotaru while blushing...
"Nani?" Hotaru said...
"Ah... Iie... nothing..." Ruka said looking away... Well of course They both asked each other out to the festival...
"L-look... I'm just doing this so I can black mail you and to catch Mikan and Natsume-kun on film... for rabbits." Hotaru said blushing a bit...
"Black mail! Imai-san!" Ruka said blushing.
Hotaru smiled at herself...
"Ruka-pyon! Hotaru!" Mikan said waving at them... Ruka waved back... They then went to the bus to go back to their dorms…
Chapter 5: Starry festival
"So, who are you going with?" Yuu said drinking a cup of tea.
"Let me guess.. That Hyuuga Natsume guy!" Tsubasa said smiling with triumph.
"Yeah..." Mikan said nodding vigorously while blushing.
"Don't worry... It'll be alright!" Misaki said patting her back.
"I'll be close to you so you won't do anything stupid..." Hotaru said..
"Mou! Hotaru..." Mikan said.
She was being cheered by being accepted by Natsume but for her... I don't think so.. More of a tease actually! She looked at Tsubasa and Yuu...
She opened her mouth then closed it making Yuu, Narumi and Tsubasa confused she then said, "Umm.. Narumi-se-sensei...Iinchou-ku-kun.. Tsu-Tsubasa-sempai... You guys are boys right.. Personal question.. How do you guys think when you date a girl..." She blushed.. She was very embarrassed just saying it...
Rustling of leaves and the wind
"Oh... uh..." Yuu said..
"That's pretty difficult..." Narumi said thinking...
"Let's see..." Tsubasa said. "Ah.. One thing's for sure is to be yourself!"
"I'm impressed..." Misaki said raising her eyebrows at Tsubasa.
"And also you can't just stutter thinking that you're just one of those girls who like you if it's the popular ones like Natsume..." Narumi said.
"Umm.. Maybe you could smile.. I think one of the nice things about.. (Gulps) girls are their smiles..." Yuu said.. Tsubasa and Narumi nods in agreement.
"Oh... I sure am happy to have friends that are boys... And teacher too!" Mikan said smiling at them. "How about when the girl suddenly feels nervous...?"
"Just be relaxed! It's just spending time with a guy.. Nothing else..." Tsubasa said.
"Well, I think the guy can also be nervous too... Just make it feel comfortable..." Narumi said,
"Hold each other's hand?" Yuu said.. "Sorry.. First time..." They just nodded...
"Well, I have to go... Come on you two.." Narumi said as Tsubasa and Misaki followed..
"Ganbare!" Tsubasa and Misaki said in unison...
"Arigatou!" Mikan said while waving at them..
"Ne, Iinchou-kun, who are you going with?" Hotaru said.
"Oh... Me? Well, Sumire-san wanted me to follow you guys so practically her.. yeah..."
"I see!" Mikan said.. "Look at the time.. We better change, come on Hotaru!" Mikan said
They went separate ways and changed their clothes at their room..
- Mikan's room-
"Alright, I'm all set for this festival!" Mikan said as she twirled at her cute kimono...
It was orange with beautiful cherry blossoms print on it with a small circle fan that matches her kimono...
"Hmm... Pigtails doesn't look good on this so..." She took of her pigtails and putted in traditional Japanese bun with some pink chopsticks...
Someone knocked at the door... Must be Hotaru... She opened it and so Hotaru wearing a blue kimono with small purple stars designed on it.. "Kawaii kimono, Hotaru!"
"Let's go or we'll be late.." Hotaru said as they boarded Hotaru's duck motorcycle...
The motorcycle began to float. They zoomed through the window and went to Central town.. Meanwhile, with Ruka and Natsume...
"They seem late.." Ruka said looking at his new watch that he bought at a shop. Natsume, who was leaning at a post, just flipped the page of his manga...
"Gomenasai!" a voice said behind them.. They looked who it is and saw Hotaru and Mikan.. Ruka's rabbit leapt out while he was blushing while Natsume stared at a certain brunette...
"I-It's okay..." Ruka said looking at the two...
His eyes focused on Hotaru.. 'What--? Why am I staring at Imai-san...?' This made him blush more. Natsume walked towards Mikan...
"You changed your hairstyle..." Natsume said looking at her…
Mikan flushed a bit and said, "My pigtails didn't suit my kimono so.. I..."
"You look... ugly." Natsume said pointing at her.
"Na-na-na-na..Nani! Hyuuga-kun!" Mikan said waving her arms from embarrassment...
"Whatever, let's go..." Natsume said. 'Great... I was supposed to say pretty.. Demo... At least she's a bit like the old Mikan...'
"Who hired you to be the leader! ..Mou!" Mikan pouted..
"Come on..." Hotaru said looking at Mikan.. Mikan smiled at this and walked over to Ruka. "Ne, Ruka-pyon... I thought I saw you looking at Hotaru a while ago.. But I'm not sure..." Mikan said whispering.
"Uh...I-- I wasn't looking!" Ruka said blushing.
"Oh. Okay!" Mikan said smiling... "Let's just enjoy the place!"
Meanwhile, at a corner.. Yuu and Sumire (along with Sumire's friend) were hiding..
"Umm... Are you sure you want to do this? Why can't we just have fun instead of spying them?" Yuu said sweatdropping at Sumire.
"I don't want Mikan to hog Natsume and Ruka!" Sumire said.. "As the president of the fanclub!" Sumire's friend claps at the background... Yuu just sweatdropped and saw Sumire standing..
"Come on.." Sumire said..
"Oh.. Yeah.. By the way! You look good in that cat kimono..." Yuu said smiling.
"Oh.. Arigatou..." Sumire said turning a bit calm. "Ikuyo.."
"Hai!" Yuu and Sumire's friend said.
-Back to the 4-
They went over to a small booth...
"Ah.. They have cotton candy!" Mikan said.
"I want to buy but I don't want to loose my rabbits..." Hotaru said.
"Yeah.. By blackmailing ME!" Ruka said. "Fine.. I'll buy..." He sighed and bought two..
"Arigatou!" Mikan said. Ruka nodded.. "Arigatou." Hotaru said...
Ruka gave them the cotton candy and smiled, "Doitashimashite..."
"Come on..” Natsume said as he saw a shooting booth.. "There's four.. Let's shoot..."
They headed to it and took the toy guns... They began shooting and I guess Mikan seems to be loosing.. On the other hand.. Ruka, Natsume and Hotaru seem to be having a winning strike!
"I give up.." Mikan said and saw Anna and Nonoko...
"Oh! Anna-chan! Nonoko-chan!" Mikan said waving at them... Anna and Nonoko waved back and walked to them..
"Konbawa, Mikan-chan!" Anna said while Nonoko nods...
"What were you doing...?" Mikan said smiling at them.. They seem to be distracted by Natsume, Ruka and Hotaru shooting...
"Oh.. We were looking for guys to go on the shooting star scene thing!" Nonoko said.
"Oh yeah!" Mikan said.
"So, Mikan-chan.. Who are you going to be with? Oh! Hotaru-chan.. You too!" Anna said.
Natsume and Ruka accidentally missed their target leaving Hotaru the winner.. I guess they were a bit shocked... And wanting to hear what they have to say...
"Oh.. I haven't thought about it yet..." Mikan said glancing a bit at Natsume...
"None yet." Hotaru said getting a stuffed duck.
"I see..." Nonoko said. "I hope you find one soon!" "BYE!" they both said and walked off.. Hotaru walked towards Ruka...
"Na-nani.." Ruka said.. 'Is she going to ask me..? Why is my heart pounding? I thought I like Mikan!'
"Ask Mikan." Hotaru said.
"What..? Oh..." Ruka said being a little disappointed... "No... I should let Natsume get her..."
"Really..." Hotaru said.
A silence between the two and was broke by non other than Mikan.. "Hey guys! Let's get going!"
"Then let's bring them together..." Hotaru said as Ruka blushed at the "together"
"Um.. Alright.." Ruka said.
"Good.. I have a plan.." Hotaru said as she gave Ruka a small backpack... She putted her panda headphones and gave one to Ruka...
"Uh... Right.." Ruka said and sweatdropped..
• Chapter 6: Shooting stars
"Come on guys!" Mikan said pulling Ruka and Hotaru.. Natsume pulled Mikan towards him. "Nani!"
"I have to go somewhere..." Natsume said glaring at the brunette...
"Where? To the bathroom? Having fun pooping your way out of this festival?" Mikan said smirking...
"No you baka... That damn Andou and his girlfriend said I have to meet that stupid Narumi.. And don't you dare say that to me again..." Natsume said to Mikan who was earning a scary death glare..
"Hai..." Mikan said while sweating... 'I can't let him away doing that!'
"Yeah, Sakura-san.. We have to watch the opening ceremonies... You know, to start the whole festival." Ruka said while patting his bunny..
"Oh.. Okay!" Mikan said being cheerful again forgetting about what she had just thought.
They went at behind the big stage for the ceremonies and found Tsubasa, Misaki and Narumi...
"Hey, Mikan-chan!" Tsubasa said while waving...
"Hey!" Misaki said smirking at Natsume and Mikan.
"Hi Tsubasa-sempai! Hi Misaki-sempai!" Mikan said smiling..
"Oh yeah.. Hotaru... You said that you have to go somewhere?" Mikan said looking at her.
"Yes. I'm going to be in charge of the background lights." Hotaru said.
"Really? That's so great!" Mikan said jumping up and down.
"Stop jumping around like an idiot or I'll hit you with my baka gun." Hotaru said.
"But the doctor said..."
"Who cares.." Hotaru said going up the stairs to the lights...
“Bye, Hotaru.. So Narumi-sensei! What'll Hyuuga-kun do, hm?" Mikan said while grinning at Natsume...
"I'm asking him to do the opening entertainment with his Alice..."
"Forget it." Natsume said giving a scary glare making Narumi move backward a bit...
"Aww come on! Hyuuga-kun!" Mikan said.
"Oh! Hi Youichi..." Ruka said while Natsume, Mikan and Ruka looked at Youichi who was walking towards Natsume.
"Nii-chan.. You're not going to do it?" Youichi said tugging Natsume's jeans... ( Ruka & Natsume are wearing civilian.. All the guys are and Misaki too since she's the hostess.)
"Please Nats- I mean Hyuuga-kun?" Mikan said looking at Natsume.
"..Fine." Natsume said looking away.
"What a softie towards kids!" Mikan said slapping Natsume at the back gently.. "You'll make a great fathe---" Natsume glared at Mikan who just sweatdropped.
"Ehehe.. Nothing at all!" Mikan said
After that, Ruka was beside Hotaru who gave Hotaru thumbs up.
"Put it on..." He said. The lights went off and the spotlight turned towards Misaki and Tsubasa...
The lights were moving around the whole stage and audience...
"Good evening folks! Welcome to the Festival of the stars!" Misaki said as the crowed cheered...
"Now let us present to you, the opening entertainment!" Tsubasa said as the spot light turned dim..
"Great work, Hotaru.." Mikan said at the backstage looking at the audience.. Someone pulled her kimono.. Natsume Hyuuga. "Nani?"
"You're going with me to the stage..." Natsume said staring at the confused Mikan and dragged her to the stage... The spotlight turned to the two and music came...
"Mikan?" Hotaru said.
"Sakura-san? Ruka said
"Mikan-chan?" Misaki and Tsubasa said behind the microphone...
"Let go!" Mikan whispered.
"No." Natsume said. A ball of fire came at his hand and everyone was silent…
The fire became huge and transformed into an orange fire dragon swirling across the stage... A blue fire ball came out at his hand and turned into a blue fire dragon and swirled with the other one...
"Sugoi!" Mikan whispered..
"Whoa..." Tsubasa said grinning...
"No wonder he's a dangerous ability type..." Misaki said making a thumbs up at the crowd...
The dragons entwined with each other and breathed fire making the whole people cheer especially his fan girls... A LOT OF THEM...
"Natsume-kuuuuun!" Sumire shouted...
"Natsume-sama! Natsume san!" Some said and some even fainted...
'He's popular? I didn't know that... Oh yeah.. Sumire-chan said that-- I mean Permy said that she's the president of the Natsume and Ruka fan club.. I forgot! Hehe... Silly me..'
Mikan thought as she scratched her head.. "Ah.. Hyuuga-kun! Maybe you can turn the dragons to raindrops of fire that doesn't burn..." Mikan suggested,
"I'll do it if you shut up." Natsume said...
"Hmph!" Mikan said..
And with that.. The two dragons hit each other at the sky and formed raindrops... Everyone started getting one but it disappeared...
"Your Alice is great..." Mikan said smiling at Natsume who just looked away.. Tsubasa and Misaki came towards them..
"Great job out there!" Tsubasa said to Natsume..
"Shut up. Who cares what you think..." Natsume said glaring at them both who just sweatdropped...
"Whoa.. I was just complimenting..." Tsubasa said..
"Whatever.." Natsume said and left..
"Hehe.. He'd make a great boyfriend, Mikan! plus go with him to the shooting star scene..." Misaki said..
"Nani..?" Mikan said turning red... "I-I-... I have to go to Hotaru! Ja ne!" And ran off...
"I hope you enjoyed that! Now a word from the student council.." Misaki said.. Tsubasa nodded and the council appeared...
-With the 4-
"Great job there, Natsume.." Ruka said smiling.. Natsume shrugged at this while Hotaru looked at Mikan..
"Why are you red?" Hotaru said. Of course she knew she was blushing.. But why...?
"Umm.. I-It's nothing.. Misaki-sempai just teased me about having a boyfriend and stuff that's all..." Mikan mumbled from embarrassment... Hotaru nodded at this and looked at Ruka...
"Na-nani?" Ruka said blushing as he was shocked...
"It's Natsume alright..." Hotaru whispered.. "Misaki-san must have teased her about Natsume..."
"Oh. Really?" Ruka said.. "Are we still going to do what's planned?"
"Of course. We have to make Mikan ask Natsume-kun to watch with her at the shooting star scene."
"Okay then."
"I'm hungry.. Let's eat..." Natsume said pointing to a small sushi bar...
"An all-you-can-eat sushi bar... Let's go there!" Mikan said...
They entered the small bar and asked for some...
"Itadakimasu..." Everyone said.
"Nii-chan..." Youichi said.
"Nani?" Natsume said,
"Isn't Mikan-chan supposed to feed you? She's your girlfriend right?" Youichi said.. Mikan spitted out some sushi as Natsume and Mikan blushed... Ruka looked at Hotaru who gave Ruka thumbs up...
'Plan A accomplished.. Let's see the results...' Hotaru thought...
"She's--She's not my girlfriend..." Natsume said as he avoided Mikan's stare...
"But you were talking so close to her... You should hold hands..." Youichi said looking at Ruka who smiled at the boy...
“No, Youichi..." Natsume said...
"You're a bad Onii-san, Natsume-kun." Ruka said.
Hotaru held Mikan and Natsume's hand together... They both blushed furiously as Hotaru gave a small smile. Natsume glared at Hotaru who glared back.. Youichi continued eating as Hotaru sat down and ate...
"Aren't you two going to let go?" Ruka asked as Natsume and Mikan blushed more and looked away..
"Perfect." Hotaru whispered...
With Sumire and Yuu.. (Sumire's friend disappeared somewhere after the ceremonies..)
"I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!"Sumire screamed on top off her lungs... Yuu sweatdropped and tried to calm her down... "THAT'S IT! I'M GOING IN! STAY HERE IINCHOU-KUN!" Sumire yelled as she turned into a cat and dog... She had flashy eyes while Yuu just sweatdropped...
"Ano.. Sumire-san..." Yuu said. 'I got to stop her.. Hotaru-san said that I can't let her get in the way...'
"Don't let her in the way..." Hotaru said in a monotone voice.
"Nani!" Sumire said turning to Yuu..
"I don't think Natsume-san and Ruka-san want to see you looking angry.. Try smiling. It’ll be better. I know that you'll look good..." Yuu said smiling. Sumire turned normal looking all stunned..
"Umm.. O-okay..." Sumire said while blushing a bit... "But still---!" "ARRRRGGGHHHHHHH!"
Yuu sweatdropped...
-Back to the 4-
"What was that?" Ruka asked to Hotaru who just shrugged.
Mikan and Natsume kept glancing at each other while the 4 walked. (Youichi is being carried by Ruka)
"Ah-- Soo ka... Ano, Hotaru? Tsubasa-sempai said the other day that the shooting stars has a legend.. What is it..?" Mikan said breaking the awful long silence..
"I'll tell you tomorrow.."
"Awww... Okay..."Mikan said as she looked at her small cute watch.. "It's almost 11 pm.. The shooting stars will come out at 11:30.. I guess I have to find a partner fast.. Do you have a partner, Hotaru?"
Ruka and Natsume froze...
"No.. I'm not going.. I have Matchmaking plans..." Hotaru said.
"Oh." Mikan said. "Aww... I don't know who I'll go with!"
"Hehe.. He'd make a great boyfriend, Mikan! Plus go with him to the shooting star scene..." Misaki said..
Mikan flushed at this flashback, "Stupid flashback!"
"What?" Ruka said.
"Nothing... Hm? What's that?" Mikan said as girls came going over Natsume and Ruka.. From their age to an adult!
"Oh go with me Natsume-san!"
"Ruka-kun.. Go with me!"
"No me!"
Mikan sweatdropped at this.. "I forgot they were popular..."
"I'm sorry.. I can't go to the shooting star area.. I have plans"
Some whined and said, "Aww!"
"How about you, Natsume-kun?"
Sumire ran with Yuu to this..
"Hi, Iinchou-kun!" Mikan said waving.
"Hi..." Yuu said smiling,
"GET OUT YOU FILTHY WOMEN! THEY DON'T WANT YOU!" Sumire shouted making the girls run away...
"Aren't you going to ask him?" Yuu said.
"He rejected me..." Sumire said with a sad background.
'Typical...' Ruka, Natsume, Mikan, Yuu and Hotaru thought...
"Jeez.. I can't stand girls.. They are so annoying.. They always follow me around!" Natsume said,
"Eh?" Mikan said, "Hmph! Girls aren't like that! Well some..."
"Mikan.. Here.. Buy me some cotton candy.." Hotaru whispered..
"HAI!" Mikan said and walked off.
"Time for plan B..." Hotaru said... Hotaru gave Ruka a small stuffed chick.. It had a small microphone... "It's my newest invention.. Just say the person's whole name and your voice will be exact the same as the person." Hotaru took it after Ruka examined it.. "Watch this. NATSUME HYUUGA." The chick glowed purple.. "Baka youjo.." Hotaru said in Natsume's voice..
"Wow!" Ruka said as his voice was full of amazement.. 'Imai-san's really impressive.. To top that, she’s pretty cute-- What the!' Ruka blushed at this and Hotaru gave him the chick.
"I'll talk to Mikan while you do Natsume's..."
Ruka hid at a tree and said, "MIKAN SAKURA." Natsume looked at Ruka's hiding spot and said, "Who's there...?"
"It's me! Mikan, Na- Hyuuga-kun!" Ruka said in Mikan's voice...
"Why are you hiding, Polka-dots?" Natsume said,
'Now I feel how Sakura-san feels...' Ruka thought while sweatdropping.. "Um... Actually, I have something to say..."
"What is it, baka?" Natsume said.. His heart started beating very fast...
"Natsume-kun.. I know I'm the last person you don’t want to go with to the shooting star scene.. But.. I have no one to go with so... Can you go with me?" Ruka said while reading it in a piece of paper from Hotaru.. 'Great... I feel totally embarrassed doing this!' "Onegai, Hyuuga-kun?"
Natsume blushed a bit.. "Fine..."
'YES!' Ruka thought.. 'I thought Hotaru's going to kill me--- Wait--- Did I say Hotaru? I said it again!' Ruka blushed.. Youichi came walking back to Ruka after the stupid small fan girls trying to ask him out.. ( If you want to know how he disappeared...) Ruka noticed him and said, "Arigatou!"
Hotaru walked towards Mikan. "Hi Hotaru! Here's your cotton candy..."
"Natsume wanted to go with you to the Shooting star area.. But he didn't want to say it because he think you'll reject him..."
Mikan dropped the cotton candy at the floor and blushed..
Blink blink...
"NANI!" Mikan shouted.
"You are so slow." Hotaru said.
"I.. Umm... I'll accept..." Mikan said glancing at Hotaru...
"Good..." Hotaru said.
"Meet Sakura-san/Natsume-kun at the big cherry blossom tree..." Ruka and Hotaru said to them...
-Sumire and Yuu-
"Cherry blossom tree huh?" Yuu said looking at Ruka and Natsume,
"Ooohhhhh.. " Sumire said as she started to twitch.. "MIKAN SAKURA!"
"Let's just see what'll happen..." Yuu said.
"Oh. Okay!" Sumire said.. It was weird that every time she starts to get angry or something like that, Yuu will just smile and comfort her. It was really nice of him though and he's the president of the class.. heh.
-Cherry blossom tree-
Hotaru took her video camera and gave her new digital cam to Ruka...
"Right..." Ruka said sweatdropping.
"Natsume-kun's late..."
"You’re right... I wonder what happened. Last time I saw him is when I gave Youichi to him after the plan..."
"Where is he..." Mikan said checking her watch.. "I hope he's not kidding me... Ohh.. I'M GETTING WORRIED!" Mikan said,
-Yuu and Sumire-
"Natsume-kun's late?" Sumire said to Yuu...
"Let's just stay here and see what'll happen..."
"That's it! I'm going to find him!" Mikan said and stomped off... Hotaru and Ruka followed but not Sumire and Yuu.
Mikan looked everywhere..
"5 MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOOTING STAR SCENE APPEARS!" Tsubasa's voice appeared through the stereos..
"Awww! That Hyuuga-kun!" Mikan said...
"Where do you think Natsume is..?" Ruka said,
"I don't know..."
"I hope he's okay.." Ruka said.. Hotaru patted his shoulder and smiled... Ruka blushed at this and looked away... But
Hotaru didn't notice it but looked at Mikan...
After 1 hour of wasting Mikan's time looking for Natsume, she eventually came to a small cliff at the end of central town. (The cherry blossom tree and the cliff are made up!)
"Stupid Hyuuga..." Mikan said in a sad face... She then saw tree with two figures... "Who's that?" She walked closer as Hotaru and Ruka hid at a near bush... "Ah! Hyuuga-kun! Youichi-kun..." She whispered as she saw Youichi sleeping at Natsume's arms...
"Hey, polka-dots..."
"I'm glad you're here.. I looked everywhere for you... And for an hour to be exact! I don't know why I did it though..." Mikan said smiling... Mikan sat down beside Natsume... "Well, I guess we won't get to see the stars at the cherry blossom tree.. But it seems better here anyway! Since that tree isn't blooming.. It's like November... Hehe.."
"Shut up.. You'll wake him.."
"Alright.. Ah! Hyuuga-kun! It's the shooting stars..." Mikan said pointing at the sky... Natsume, Hotaru and Ruka looked at the stars... They started falling at the sky with beautiful colors... "Wow..."
Hotaru took a film off it... She felt someone staring at her and looked... It was Ruka they both looked away blushing...
"I-I'll take a picture off them.. Don’t worry..." Ruka mumbled..
"Yeah. Sure..." Hotaru mumbled too...
Yuu and Sumire walked out of the bush and went at the Sakura tree (Sakura Cherry blossom)
"They're hopeless... They went out!" Sumire said... Sumire looked at Yuu who was smiling.. Sumire blushed.. "What are you smiling about?"
"The shooting stars..."
This made Sumire look up and smile...
"I told you... You look good when you smile."
Sumire blushed at this statement and looked away...
Natsume gave Mikan a small smile (Mikan didn't see it) and looked at the sky... Hotaru and Ruka looked at the sky... At the same time Tsubasa and Misaki looked up at the stars.. And also Yuu and Sumire.. At a corner was Narumi..
I guess everyone seems to be happy... Actually.. The love legend is and isn't really true.. You can't fall in love with the couple you're with but you can treasure that moment where you are with your loved one... That is the real treasure...' He thought and smiled at the sky..
Hotaru and Ruka looks at the two... Mikan and Natsume of course...
'It's weird... I'm actually enjoying it with this baka, Mikan... But still... It's really nice that she spend 1 hour looking for me.. Stupid girl...' Natsume thought and looked at the smiling Mikan, 'For me.. Compare which is better.. This shooting stars or her smile... I would gladly receive that smile even if it means I have to kill thousands of men just to see it...Damn, I getting all mushy! BAKA YOUJO.' He smirked to himself and looked up...
"Nothing, baka..."
Yup.. this is one of the greatest nights at the Alice academy especially for Mikan and Natsume...

End of Chapter 6 --Part 2.
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