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lol w/e im bored i make new storis (: so heres another one!
Follow your dream (Even if it leads to disasters)

Personality:Shy, quiet, and loves to hang out with friends (:, also has a lucky go attitude when with friends and family, and clumsy sometimes (:
Other: IDK, oh yeah, Yumiko is...I keep thinking she's around 14? so I guess everyones 14 unless I tell you their not.

Chara (s):
Kimiko, Yumiko's little kid self. You know act like a little kid instead of acting your age lol. She has a happy go lucky attitude and always loves to have fun<3

Yuki:, except she has a shinigami robe (-points at bleach- LOL) and a sword at her waist
Her fighting would be self =3. Cold hearted to anythat that hates or hurts Yumi, has a happy go lucky attitude when wif ppl Yumi loves and knows XD

Nickname Banana-chan because of her love for bananas. She loves to go and bother Yumi alot and has a lucky go attitude always loves to make people do dangerous things and MANY other things (:

Suzu for short (:, This is Auri's Cool,crazy, hyper, and weird would be self (: Her attitude is exactly Auri's personality. It was literally liek they both were meant to be.

Maddie: cept longer hair =3
Nickname, Baka-chan, only called by Yuko. Her personality is a nice, calm, kind and caring girl. She tries her best to ignore the fact that Auri loves to bother and annoy her. She loves to hang out and shop with Yuko.Also due to her nickname 'Baka-chan' from Yuko she calls Yuko, Koko-chan.

Is still in their egg, its light brown with a white heart on it =3


Ichirou: , =o Takato's sport self. he has a black spade headband.

Daiki:, but bluu eyes =3

Taichi: <<~evil person =3,


When Yumi was little, Taichi was like...the mean guy at school, so he would always pick on little Yumi. o-o She was glad that he "disappeared". But as you can see...she's pissed of and it looks like...Taichi likes her?! :O LOL I feel like putting a poll saying who she should be with near the end LOL I was thinking YumixTakato, but then I start thinking YumixDaiki, n nao im thinking YumixTaichi LOL ima put a poll up xD

Girl uniform:
Boy uniform: White shirt and a red tie, red pants =3

girl council:
boy council: black parts are red =3 and a bluu tie =3

Japanese words:
Okaide = Welcome back
Onii-chan= older brother
Mahou = Magic
Syaonara= Bye
Daijobu (desu ka?) = Are you okay?/ Im fine/ Its going to be okay/ It's fine. ANYTHING IN THOSE MEANING
Watashi no Namae= Im sure it means My Name is ____
Arigatou gozaimasu = Thank you very much
Jaa ne= See ya
Sumimasen=Excuse me
Hoshi Kai=Star Cut!

*~,.,~*Story Start!*~,.,~*

Rain trickled down lightly taping the window as it fell. A Little girl, sat there, staring at the window for what seemed like hours. She had only one thought in mind. Was should going to be allowed to go to Witch school? She has been asking her brother, her only family member that was alive. Her dream was to become a witch and well, fly around the world, to be able to see everything, But, her mother and father wanted her to become a swordsmen(girl LOL). A small sigh came from her mouth. "Daijobu Yuko-san." A little voice beside her said. It was her chara (WEWT Shugo chara<3 LOL) Kimiko, her little girl self. "I know, I know demo...What if Onii-chan doesn't let me? He probably wants me to become a swordsmen (Girl*XD) too.." She whispered sadly. "Chara change!" Shouted Kimiko as a red bow appeared in Yumiko's hair. "DEMOO I'LL PROBABLY CONVICE ONII-CHAN TO LET ME GO!" Yumiko shouted happily. Kimiko canceled the chara change. "You really need to stop doing that out of no where." Yumiko said with a anime sweatdrop ^^;;. "Yumi-chan?" Came a voice downstairs. "I'm home!" The voice said again. Yumiko ran downstairs yelling. "Okaide Onii-chann!" "Okaide Taishi-san." Kimiko said as she flew to the door. "Arigatou..oh yeah! Yumi-chan this is for you." He said smiling handing her a letter. On the outside it said with curly letter ' To : Itanika Yumiko ' She opened to find a letter and a fill our forum. The letter said:

Dear Yumiko-san,

This is the headmaster of Mahou Academy, I would like to hereby invite you to our school. We have been recommended to allow you to come here by one of your gaurdians. We hope you chose to come to our school and Good bye.

Headmaster of Mahou Academy

Yumiko's eyes widen. She hugged Taishi tightly. "Arigatou gozaimasu!" She shouted happily as Kimiko laughed at her inner childness.
Taishi just smiled hugging Yumiko back. "Well you better get packing if you want to get there before school starts." He said to her with a soft smile. "Hai!" Yumiko said cheerfully running upstairs. She quickly packed her things as her room sooned looked empty. She laided on her bed slowly drifting to sleep with the thought of going to Mahou Academy.

!~*~*~Next Day~*~*~!

Someone lightly shook Yumiko as she started to open her eyes. "Come on Yuko-chan! Time to get up!" Shouted her Chara Kimiko. "5 more minutes.." Yumiko mumbled going back to bed. Suddenly Yumiko heard someone crying and a voice. 'Kimi-chan so did not..' She began to think as her brother came in. Yumiko was fully awake when her brother literally dumped FREEZING water on her. "C-Cold..T-To Co-Cold.." She whispered shivering wide awake. "Well that's what you get for not geting up. Come on we need to go soon." He told her walking out of the room. Her eyes widen. 'Today's the day I start going to Mahou academy!' She thought happily quickly doing her morning routine. She ran downstairs grabbed some toast and ran out to get her broom. Since she dreamed of becoming a witch she praticed hwo to fly with a broom. "Onii-chan im going!" She shouted geting her things on the broom. "Hai! Syaonara~!" He said waving as She flew off. The breeze passing by blew her hair every where. All she knew about first becoming a witch was how to ride a broom. "Yuko-chan." Kimiko said sitting on her head. "Hai?" She asked as her eyes wondered up trying to look at the top of her head. "We're here." She said smiling as the clouds cleared revealing a huge academy. "Sugoi!" With a hint of happiness in her eyes. As she landed she was runned over by students who were rushing to their class, hearing the bell ring in a distant. "Ah, Daijobu ka?" A girl with light brown hair. A little brown haired chara stood flying next to her with a worried look. Yumiko grabbed her hand pulling herself up. "Hai! Arigatou!" She said happily with a smile. "Hai, Arigatou gozaimasu." Kimiko said like a little girl. "Hai,Hai! Daijobu! Watashi no namae Auri!" She said happily with a wink. "Watashi no namae Suzuki." Her chara said with a smile.
"Nice to meet'cha! Im Yuko/Kimi!" Yumiko and Kimiko said at the same time happily. Out of no where Auri grabbed a banana from her backpack and began eating it. "Auri-chan's nickname is now Banana-chan." Yuko said with a anime sweatdrop. "ALRIGHT!" She shouted happily finishing her banana. "Oh yeah, Banana-chan aren't you suppose to be in class?" Yuko asked. "Actually no, Im in the student council, and we have different class time." She said. "Ooh." Yuko said. "We better get your room number and scheduel(SP?)." Banana said grabbing Yuko's hand running towards a...castle? As we walked into the castle Banana yelled out "MADDIE ARE YOU THERE?!" "I'm coming Auri!" A voice upstairs shouted with a slight annoyance. Yuko stood there amazed by how the room looked like. The furnitures where a calming orange color, the walls where a nice sunset red, and the carpet was a darkish yellow. It was like the time was sunset. "Okay what did you want Auri?" The same voice said, her long black hair barely touched the ground, and her uniform was different then the one Yuko was given. "I need to get Yuko-chan's room number and scheduel." She answered simply. "Oh she's the new student?" She said walking towards a filing cabinet. "H-Hai! Glad to meet you." Yuko said as she snapped out of her trance. "Kay, Yumiko-san your in room 121, and here's your class scheduel (SP?)." Maddie said giving Yuko a piece of paper saying her class scheduel and room number. "Hey! That's my room!" Auri said kind of shocked. Only Student Council members share rooms that are near eachother. So that means.."Yuko-chan your in the student council?!" Banana yelled. "N-Nani?! I am?!" Yuko shouted shocked. "I think im deaf.." Maddie mumbled trying to unclog her ears. "Yes she is due to her high grades (did i mention Yuko was smart?! LOL), and the fact that she has a chara." Maddie explained. "Oh kool...MATTE WHAT ABOUT YOU? YOU DON'T HAVE A CHARA!" Yelled Auri. "I think I'm deaf too." Yuko mumbled trying to unclog her ears. "I have my high grades. = =;;" Maddie told her with a anime sweatdrop. "Ooh! Kay! Let's go to our room Yuko-chan!" She said happily, dragging Yuko up the stairs and taking a right. "Kay! This is our room!" Banana said happily. Seemed like her favorite color was...come on guess...its easy...yellow. There was basicly yellow carpets, yellow walls, yellow bedsheets, yellow everything >=O. "I think im Banana-blind." Yuko mumbled from all the yellowness. "We can split the room and you can paint your walls n carpet w/e color!" Banana said hearing her mumble. "Kay!" Yuko said unpacking everything. By the time she was done it was time for class. To tell you the truth she was scared, and the fact that Banana was in her EVERY single class XD. 'First class, potions.' Yuko thought looking at her class scheduel, while looking for a sign that said 'Potions'. 'Here it is.' She thought reaching for the door knob. "Okay class, we're going to be having a new stu-" The teacher was cuted off by Yuko walking in. "Speak of the devil." She mumbled. "Class this is Itanika, Yumiko." The teacher told the class. "Please introduce yourself Yumiko-san." She said. "Eto, you can call me Yuko or Yumi, and I love to draw and have fun." Yuko said smiling. "Well that's nice, my name is Yuriko-sensei, why don't you sit next to Takato near the window?" She said pointing to a brown haired boy. "Hai!" Yuko said smiling walking over to her seat. "Hiya, Yuko-san." Takato said as she sat down. "Hiya..Takato right?" She said making sure she has the right name. "Yep!" He answered as class began to start.

BLAHBLAHBLAH -skips class's- LOL
Okay! Im going to start doing 1st person pov, like me, i, blah xD

I stretched out finally free from the teachers lectures. "Man, first day here and the teachers lectures made me tired." I mumbled loud enough for Banana and Takato to hear. "You get used to it." Takato said smiling. "Well I've been here for 2 years and I still havn't gotton used to it." Banana said yawning. "Well, your just weird." Replied Takato's chara, Ichirou. Oh yeah, there is a maxium of 20 student council members and growing =3. "4 more days til the first week of school is over & until I can get the banana-blindness out of my side of the room." I mumbled with a anime sweatdrop. "That's why I hardly go into Auri-chan's room." Takato said with a anime sweatdrop too. "Not my fault I love bananas!" She shouted in her defence. "Righhtt." Takato and I mumbled. "Well I'm gonna go do my homework and take a longg nap." I mumbled walking towards the student council dorms. "Kay! Jaa ne Yuko-chan/Yumiko-san!" Takato and Banana said waving as they headed the other way towards the park. I opened my dorm to be blinded by the yellow ness. "Gah! I'm blind." I mumbled as Kimiko tried to lead me to my desk. "Go left!, no right! No left!" Kimiko kept saying. "PICK A WAY!" I shouted, and ended up running into the wall. "I-itai." I mumbled rubbing my forehead. "You have bad sense of directions Kimi-chan." I said as my eyes got used to the blinding yellow ness. "I know I do! Im a little kid chara after all." She said with a matter of fact tone. "Right, right." I mumbled as I worked on my homework.

Knock. Knock.

"Kimiko you get it, i'm doing my homework." I mumbled pointing at the door. Kimiko flew to the door and turned the knob. The person outside just blinked, then noticed the chara. "Sumimasen, but is someone by the name of Yumiko here?" He said, as I turned around. "I'm Yumiko." I said to him. "Our student council Taichou would like to talk to you." He said to her, slightly shifting he's blue eyes outside due to the yellowness of the room. "Oh, yokai, can you lead me to him?" I asked him as I pushed my chair in and walked outside. "Hai." He replied grabbing my hand and leading my down the stairs. I blushed a light pink o//////o. We went outside the dorms and into a castle looking place that was near the dorms. "Taichou, I have brought you Yumiko-san." He said as we walked in. "Ah, yes, arigatou Taichi-san." The what seemed like the Taichou said. "You may leave." He said to him as he left. My eyes shifted to looking on the ground. 'Damn, Daiki goes to this school?!' I thought pissed off. "Who knew you'd come to this school." Daiki said with a smirk. "I wouldn't have came here if I knew you where here." I said to him still looking at the ground. Next thing I knew he was in front of me lifting my chin. "Come on look at me." He said with another of he's stupid smirk. I kept looking down avoiding he's eyes. He held he's hands on my cheeks forcing me to look at him. I shut my eyes so I didn't have to look at him. "Let me go." I said dangerously. "Or what?" He said with a smirk. "Or i'll kick your ass." Said a unfamiliar voice. I opened my eyes to see another chara. She turned around to me. "Hiya! I'm your fighting would be self, Yuki!" She said happily. "Chara change!" She said as a yellow star replaced my blue ribbon. "Hoshi kai!" I said as a sword appeared in my hands and I swiftly moved the sword to the side. Er, I slashed him*. He growled at me, as he's stomach began bleeding alittle. My Eyes wide'n when I realized what I just did. I quickly ran out of there straight to my dorm, slamming the door. "What's wrong Yuko-chan?" Auri's voice asked as I freaked out. Auri blinked for a minute then realized how red I was. "Doooo youuuu likeeee someeeoneee!" She sanggg happily. "Iie! iie!" I shouted in my defense. "Riiighhhtt~!" She said. "WHATEVER! Im going to bed." I mumbled walking around to my side of the room collasping on the bed.

~Chapter 2, coming up w/e I feel like it~
Haha been two days since ive updated *been busy* lol heres a paragraph?


"Stupid Alarm clock." I mumbled pushing the snooze button causing me to fall out of my bed. I poped a eye open to see Banana sleeping. I twitched. "BANANA-CHAN GET YOUR A** UP >=O!" I shouted at her as I went to get dress. "5 more minutes!" She whined going back to sleep. "BANANA-CHAN GET UP OR I'LL GET.....THE WATER!" I shouted at her with a anime sweatdrop. Ever since that event 4 days ago, everything seemed normal. Today was the last day til my first week was finally over, and I can get the Banana blinding ness out of my side. "You wouldn't.."She said poping a eye open. There I was standing next to her with a bucket of freezing cold water. I smirked then dumped it on her. "COLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" She screamed that echo-ed through the whole school. "I think i'm deaf." I mumbled trying to unclog my ears. "Hurry up Banana-chan, class starts in 5 minutes." I said walking out the door with Kimiko and Yuki by me. "Don't you think that was a little harsh?" Kimiko said with a anime sweatdrop. "Well I wouldn't have to do it if she actually woke up on time." I mumbled as I blew some of my white hair out of my face. "Yuki-chan, I have history, in first period right?" I asked her, since well...she memorized my scheduel o_O. "Hai! After that we got Flying classes, then Magic, then...*Goes on and on and on*" She said happily. "Agh! I get it Yuki!" I shouted at her as I sat down in the classroom. Class soon started as everyone took notes.

~After Classes, free period =3~

"Mann How I love free period!" Shouted a yawning Banana-chan. "You love everything." Takato and I said in a usion in the same tone. Banana looked at us weirdly. We just blinked. "What?" We said in a usion again (haha usions eff te double you! im also doing this due to the one vote ahead of daiki was it? PWEAZ VOTE ON WHO YUMIS GONNA BEE WIF! for nao ish takato =3). Then we turned to eachother, blushed then turned away. "KAWAIII!" Squealed Banana. "Takato likes Yumi, Yumi likes Takatooooo!" She chanted. "RAWR! I DO NOT LIKE YUMI/TAKATO!" Takato and I shouted at her tackled her to the ground tickling her to death. "O-okay. I GIVE I GIVE!" She shouted trying to catch her breath as we stopped tickling her. "But seriously Yumi likes Takato, Takato likes Yumi~!" She chanted one last time before running off, with Takato and I right on her trail. "GET BACK HERE!" We shouted after her. Finally we reached a park, out of breath. "Gah! We lost her!" I shouted with a anime sweatdrop. "When I see her again, she is going downnn >=O!" Takato shouted. "You guys should rest before you faint from exhaustion." Ichirou said staring at how I was breathing heavily. "Yuko-chan Daijobu desu ka?" Takato asked worriedly. "H-Hai.." I managed to say collasping on my knees. "Yuko-chan..?" Yuki and Kimiko asked floating near me. "H-" I fainted before I could finished my sentance. As I thought I was going to hit the floor, someone caught me.

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ahaa and i like this story so far baha-chan! ^^
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aww i like itt :D
write mooooreee.
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I really like it.
shugo chara is awesome!
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nyaaaaaaaaa~ amy chuu write awsome stories!! T3T
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