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Alright ya'll!! This is another new contest for Pureblood Academy!!

For this Writing Contest you can write fanfiction... you can be the main character or you can make someone else the main character!! ^^
All of the original characters are okay as well!!
It can be as long or as short as you want!!
The winner willl be the member with the most interesting story!!

1st - 3 ranks up and Story Featured
2nd - 2 ranks up
3rd - 1 ranks up

1)Make it romantic and dramatic
2)Don't make it confusing (dont skip around)
3)Make it elaborate (make it long enough so it explains everything)
4)Don't make to many new characters... (you can use kaname, aidou, shiki... anyone!!). There should only be one or two new characters!!
5)DONT COPY IDEAS (copied ideas will be deleted)

Good Luck to everyone!!

Contest Ends July 18th (Friday)
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29 / F / シャドーモセス島
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Doesn't give us very long, I see. ^^;;

Do you want a specific length? A minimum to how short or a maximum to how long it can be? =O
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27 / F / cross academy
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I came to the cross academy at the age of 10 years old after my parents have died from being brutely killed by e-class vampires if it was not for Zero i would be dead i was thankful to him for saving me but he just told me to be strong but i could not then i suddenly collapysed on the floor a couple of days later i woke up in the academy.

chapter 1
as i walk to my dorm i look at the floor as i walk holiding my books it is the aniversery of my parents death i do not notice that i am walking straight into the night class students i look up and i freeze i fall to the floor on my knees zero picks me up
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AutumnWolf wrote:

Doesn't give us very long, I see. ^^;;

Do you want a specific length? A minimum to how short or a maximum to how long it can be? =O

it can be as long or short as u want!! ^^ but i personally think the longer ones will be more interesting!!

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28 / M / That place betwee...
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does it matter what the basis of the story is? like since this is a vampire knight group, should it be only involving vampire knight, or can the story be about anything?
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23 / F / In a place where...
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on friday the 13th, at midnight, the door bell rang...

Chapter 1 the unexpected crush (there's a note from me at the bottom ^ ^ enjoy)

i was working a night shift by myself in an inn when suddenly i heard the door bell rang. i was thinking to myself,"who could be here at this hour?". as i got to the door i heard crying so i quickly opened the door. as i looked out i saw a basket with a little baby girl inside, crying. she looked so sad and lonely so i brought her in. the minute i picked her up she stopped crying and stared at me with big eyes. later, in the basket i found a piece of paper. in it wrote yuuki.

ever since that day yuuki has always been close to me. she like my daughter. she's always running around helping out with a big smile on her face. when she just arrived she was so small, but now she's already forteen years old. time flies. i'm thinking about letting her transfere to puteblood academy since i've heard that it's a great school to get you into university.

(dinner time) "yuuki, i've decided to enroll you to pureblood academy this coming semester. what do you think?"
"sure mom. i've heard my friends say that they're going too."
"great. it's decided. your going to pureblood academy this fall"

(first day of school) "mom i'm leaving. bye"
"have a nice day hunnie. be sure to make new friends"

(at school) yuuki got lost and accidently bumped in to zero and dropped all her books.
"oops. sorry." yuuki picks up her books and zero helps her. [yuuki thinks] "he's a nice guy. cute too. hopefully he doesn't think i'm a klutz or anything."
"hey, your new here right?"
"yea." replies yuuki.
"need help finding your class? i know it's a big academy. i've gotten lost a few times when i first got here"
"uh... thanks. i'm in class 201. but i think i've gotten lost." [yuuki thinks] "he's so gorgeous and he's helping me out. my day can't get anymore luckier."

"here's your classroom. if you need any help just ask. i'll be glad to help."
"thanks. you've already been a big help."
"no problem. by the way what's your name?"
"what a cute name. mine is zero. well see you around. bye"
"kay. cya"

yuuki quietly sits down in her assigned desk. she looks around and see many kids deep in conversation. this is what she hates the most. being new to a class makes you friendless. suddenly she hears a hello and looks beside her. a girl wearing the same uniform looks at her with pretty deep blue eyes and a friendly smile.

"hi" she says back quietly
"what's your name? your new here right? what other classes do you have? sorry you probably think i'm weird asking you so many questions. my name is rima and i'll be sitting next to you for the rest of the year. nice to meet you"
"no... it's ok. yes i'm new here and my name is yuuki. nice to meet you too."
"i hope we become good friends"

suddenly the teacher comes in and everyone returns to their seats.
"hello class. it's a new semester and i hope you all had a nice vacation"
"yes." repiles the class
"today i would like to anounce a new student who just transfered to our school. i hope you'll all make her welcome here at pureblood academy. yuuki please come up to the front so i can introduce you to the class."

everyone looks at yuuki. "ugh. i hate it when i'm the middle of attention" [thinks yuuki] she slowly stands up and walks to the front of the room to get introduced. she secretly thinks to herself "hopefully i can still meet zero at break and ask him a few questions"

(break time) "yuuki, would you like to have a tour of the academy?" asks rima
"uh... sure. thanks"
while being introduced she looked around for zero. no luck. he's nowhere to be found.
"yuuki?! yuuki!"
"huh? oh sorry i think i've spaced out. what were you asking?"
"it's ok. i know you can get pretty attracted to the night class students. they're all so beautiful."
"night class? you mean the older divisions?" asks yuuki
"kind of. the night class students are said to be special and so we rarely see them. alot of the girls here have crushes on them and sneeks to the night class division, but there are guards so i doubt they actually talk to the night class students."

(bell rings)"oh. sorry i have to get to your class. you better get to your class too. better not be late on the first day of class. see you around."
while rima runs off to her next class. yuuki takes out her map and tries to fine herself. suddenly she bumps into someone.
"oh sorry." says yuuki
"watch out next time. jez"
[yuuki thinks] "what's wrong with him?? i said sorry. jerk... but i think he was in the night class... he looks cute. wait! no he's a jerk. think about zero! zero! only zero. now where am i again? god this academy is big."

(afterschool) ''ugh. finally the first day is over. there were so many introductions and worst of all i bumped in to that jerk three times. i soon found out his name was kaname from his friends. what a jerk."

"boo!" zero shouts from behind
"ahh! zero! you scared me half to death!"
"lol sorry. you seemed depressed so i wanted you to smile"
"..." [yuuki thinks] "aww he's so sweet. thinking about how i feel. not like that kaname guy. ahhhh! i got to think of something to say to zero before he thinks i'm weird for not talking."
"uh... so what classes do you have?..." yuuki looks around but zero has disappeared...

(the next day) "hi yuuki!!" says rima
"hi... ahh! oops" she just tripped and fell on someone... she looks at the person she just fell on.
[yuuki thinks] "ahhh no! it's zero. he must think i'm a klutz now. why do i have to be so klutzy when i'm near cute guys?!?''
"you ok yuuki?" asks zero
"yea.. ow i just scraped my knee. i'll be fine."
"here, it was my fault for not looking where i was going. i'll bring you to the nurses office" zero carries yuuki to the nurses office

[yuuki thinks] ''he's so hansome and he smells so nice too"

to be continued... i think? >_< i personally think it's kinda boring and my fingers hurt from typing T__T hopefully i'll get a 2/5... i might continue if ppl like it ^ ^ but i don't think it's good enough.

~*hopefully you've enjoyed the story so far *~
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25 / F / in wonderland~
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chapter 1^-^

~new student~

after all the incidents in the night class and the academy is everything in peace again...
that's what yuuki tought when she saw the academy again for a new year!!
After having classes and protecting the night class again , she went to the chairman because he asked her.
Yuuki saw that Zero was in the room too and asked why they where asked to go to him after classes...
The chairman said: 'I know this is not the time but we have a new student !' He smiled at Yuuki and Zero...
Yuuki said: 'Let me guess , a vampire , right?'
the chairman said to Yuuki that she was right but he also said that the new student wasn't a normal vampire...
She was a strange vampire and also a pureblood , she has powers that even purebloods don't have!
She wanted to go to school cus she want to be protected from the people who want to use her for world domination!
After Yuuki and Zero heard the story , said Yuuki: 'When will she come to the school??'
the charman smiled and said: 'she's alreddy here!'
Yuuki runned to the window and saw a little cute girl walking into the school...
'is she the girl?' said Yuuki shocked.
'Yep!' that's her!' answered the chairman.
Zero was awfully quiet today and that bothered Yuuki.
Zero asked the chairman ' what's her name?'
the chairman said: 'maybe you can ask her?'
Yuuki looked at the chairman and said: 'why must we ask her?
She's in the night class right? Musn't kaname-senpai welcome her??'
When Yuuki said that then said the chairman: 'She's not a norman vampire and she can have the sun and doesn't really need blood , cus she only needs blood from 1 person , that's why we din't choosed yet where she will be placed in...'
The girl walked in the room a fewminuts later...
Yuuki saw the girl and tought that she's so cute!!
a girl with long blond hair and blood red eyes... she's a little small and had the uniform from the school alreddy on.
The girl bow and said: 'hello~ my name's Suzu , please take care of me^-^ '
After hearing that Yuuki tought that she couldn't be a bad girl and taked her outside to let her see the school.
Suzu was looking around and smiled much , she was so happy and that's what Yuuki was wondering why she smiled so much.
Yuuki asked the girl and Suzu said: 'This is the first time that i'm in a school with other people^-^ it's so beautiful outside and i'm just so happy to be here^-^ !! but if it's bothering you then i'l stop smiling you know...'
Yuuki said: 'no no , it's okay!! i was just wondering that's all^-^'
After walking around the school , they stopped at the night classes dorm...
Yuuki said : ' well , this is the last thing you must see! the night class dorm'
Suzu asked: ' is this the dorm of vampires??'
Yuuki answered with a 'yes' but then Suzu hide herself behind her back like a little child...
Suzu said: ' i-i don't wanna go in there.. it's too scary , I hate vampires!!'
Yuuki was shocked hearing that! Yuuki said: 'why are you affraid of them? aren't you a vampire??'
Suzu answered: 'yes , i'm a vampire , but also not ome... you can say that i'm a god of death...'
Yuuki was shocked and looked at her when she said that , Suzu cryd almost of fear..
Yuuki said then: 'don't be affraid, i'm here , i'l protect you and not all vampires are bad you know ^-^ '
Suzu waited a little while and said she go inside if Yuuki comes with her.
They opened the door and saw kaname on the chair waiting for them... all the others where watching suzu...
Suzu was even more scared and closed her eyes...
Yuuki hugged her and said that 'there's nothing to be affraid of!! i'm here and kaname-senpai will deffinatly protect you too!'
After hearing that , she opened her eyes and looked at kaname... she wasn't scared annymore and walked around the dorm...
The chairman hat was thinking about her placing in a dorm called Suzu and kaname into the room.
Kaname was asked to protect Suzu for other people and vampires that want to take her with them , and also to look out for her cus she has a bad sickness that weaken her body and let the power take over her body!!
Kaname asked: 'why do they want a little girl like her? I mean , she doesn't look like a monster or annything like that!'
the chairman looked at Suzu and asked her to tell him everything...
Suzu said 'i'm a vampire , but also not one , i'm a god of death , i don't know about my power but there was a time and my powers took over my body ... everyone was killed and i was covered with blood, people want that power for taking over the world and that stuff... they want to rule over the death and living at the same time...'
After saying that , Suzu cried and cried... She said she wanted to see Kyo.
Kaname asked : 'who's kyo?'
Suzu answered: 'the only person who believes in me and isn't affraid of me ,
he has the key that unlock my powers and he's the only person that I can drink blood from... he's the god of living.'
Kaname asked the chairman that kyo will come to the school too.
The chairman said: 'he's gone missing for 1 year now, most people believe that he's dead..
she's all alone now , cus he was the only one left for her...
so that's why i want to have you , Yuuki , Zero and all other ones to take care of her like a family and protect her !!'
Kaname smiled at Suzu after that and taked her to the night class dorm to let her sleep... it was late and all vampires where awake , but she was the only one that was asleep cus she's not normal.
When she sleeps A person walked the chairmans room in...
the chairman said: 'what did take you so long? Suzu is really sad now you know!!'
The person smiled and said: 'i'm not the person that she's waiting for but i hope i will be the in the future , the person she will be waiting for...'


I wanted to end it now cus that's the first chapter^-^ LOL , i thing everyone want to know more about Suzu and the boy that walked in the story just now XD
I hope everyone enjoyed the story until now^-^
uuh , if you want then please tell me that i must make a second chap^ter^-^
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shadow_holder wrote:

does it matter what the basis of the story is? like since this is a vampire knight group, should it be only involving vampire knight, or can the story be about anything?

it can be about anything!! its fanfiction!! ^^
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28 / M / That place betwee...
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Yakuza Love
Chapter One

Sasuke stepped out of the car and stepped up to the building door, Itachi was right behind with a briefcase in his hand. It was around midnight; Sasuke and Itachi were expecting a meeting with a client. Sasuke was nervous, since this was his first time out with his brother to deal with a client, but Itachi just kept telling him to relax.

“Sasuke, stop looking so nervous, it makes us look weak” Itachi said.

So he said, but this wasn’t his first time out, Itachi did this regularly, so it didn’t really faze him. But Sasuke’s first time. Though it was true what Itachi said, if he looked weak to the client, then it would make the organization look weak, and that was not acceptable.

You see, Sasuke and Itachi aren’t just the normal teen and older brother/guardian. Sasuke and Itachi work for the Yakuza, so looking weak, wasn’t an option.

‘Don’t be nervous. Don’t be nervous. Don’t be…’ Sasuke’s thoughts were interrupted by a sudden door slam. Before them was a young woman, though her face was well covered, they could tell it was a woman due to the long hair and body features. She set down a briefcase at her feet, “I’ve come for the… items” she said, and took a step closer, “very well,” Itachi said, “do you have the money?”

The woman reached down to the suitcase and merely slid it across the alleyway, apparently this woman was a regular customer, since we have a rule, and that’s no contact with the clients.

“Sasuke…” Itachi said, Sasuke looked to his brother who nodded to the briefcase. Sasuke immediately reached down and picked up the case and handed it to his brother.

Itachi opened the briefcase, and what was in it surprised Sasuke. The briefcase was filled with money, there had to have been a good 200,000 Ryo in there, give or take a couple of thousand.

Itachi smiled at the sight, and picked up the case at his side, whatever was in it, he didn’t want Sasuke to know, and simply tossed it over to the woman. She caught the case with ease, and turned on her heels and began to retreat to her car.

Sasuke sighed in relief, as the “transaction” they had, was complete, and he could relax. Itachi then slapped Sasuke on the back, “hey! Not bad Sasuke, kept cool on your first dealing.” Itachi said with much enthusiasm as he laughed at the sight of him shaking like a leaf. “Aw, don’t worry,” Itachi said, “it gets easier with time!”

Sasuke and Itachi turned and headed back to the car, they knew that it was late, and the Boss, didn’t like to be kept waiting.

The boys arrived at a large mansion on the opposite side of town, it was around 2 am, they hadn’t expected their business to run so late.

Upon entering the mansion, a pair of guards came up to Sasuke and Itachi, “Itachi!” one of the guards called excited, “you’re kinda late, hope the Boss doesn’t get ya for that,” the other guard said.

They appeared to be really close to Itachi, though Sasuke had never seen them before, “hey Itachi! Who’s the kid?” one of the guards asked, “he sorta looks like ya, he your son or somethin’.” Itachi chuckled at that, “nice guess moron, but no. he’s my brother,” Itachi said, “and the boss wanted me to take him with me to… get a feel for the field work.”

Itachi then walked on, and Sasuke followed, not sure about what he was doing. The two reached a large pair of double doors, “Sasuke, please… don’t do anything stupid, the boss isn’t someone you want to get angry.” Sasuke had a unique ability, he could make anyone angrier than they could have ever imagine, what could he say, it was a gift.

“Hai…”Sasuke said with a yawn, “let’s just get this over with, I need some sleep for school tomorrow.” Itachi rolled his eyes, Itachi had been a great student himself though that was before he got into the business, after that he dropped out of school, it was a waste, since he had great potential.

Itachi knocked on the door before them, “come in!” said a deep and hollow voice. Itachi pushed the door open and stepped in. Sasuke hesitated slightly, and followed after his brother. Sasuke was looking around the room, until he noticed that Itachi was down on one knee, kneeling before a man with white hair sitting at a desk in a suit. “Itachi! You’re late” the man said, “Gomen, Jiraiya-sama” Itachi said, “Our client took their time arriving at the location”

The old man in the desk eyed Sasuke, “you! What’s your name?” Sasuke was nervous, he didn’t even know who this old man was, but he made Sasuke nervous just being there. “Ah! Jiraiya-sama, this is my brother I was telling you about” Itachi said, “Sasuke, this is the head of our organization.”

Sasuke was surprised by that fact, ‘no wonder I was so nervous’ Sasuke thought, Sasuke quickly dropped to his knees and lowered his head, “Gomen! I didn’t know” Sasuke said rushed, Sasuke then heard chuckling. He looked up to see the man that Itachi called Jiraiya, laughing. “It’s alright” he said, “stand up”. Sasuke looked to his brother who was already on his feet looking at Sasuke on the floor, smiling”

After Sasuke stood up, Itachi had begun talking to Jiraiya. Sasuke wasn’t interested in listening to what they had to say, so he let his mind wander for a while. He was thinking about school, it would be the start of a new semester, and who knows what could be in store for him.

“Sasuke…” Sasuke was yanked back to reality from his thoughts, “yes?” Sasuke said, “Good, then it’s settled, you’ll work for me after school” Jiraiya said happily. Sasuke was confused, but apparently he now had an after school job… sort of speak.

“well then Jiraiya-sama, we’ll take our leave” Itachi said as he bowed, Sasuke who was still confused, mimicked his brother and followed him as he left the room.

Itachi and Sasuke left the mansion and headed home.

Once the two were home, Sasuke headed straight to bed, hopeful that he could get at least an hour of sleep, ‘Itachi’s lucky, he doesn’t need to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to some school.’ Sasuke though as he climbed into bed, he looked over at his alarm clock at his bedside, and it read 4:36, ‘great! Not even an hour of sleep!’ Sasuke though and just went to sleep, hoping that this small amount of time would refresh him for school.

Sasuke had just closed his eyes, and drifted into a good sleep, when suddenly, his alarm woke him, “Ugh! How time flies” Sasuke said sourly, as he got out of his bed and trudged over to his closet to get dressed.

After Sasuke had finished getting dressed, he headed downstairs, his eyes were completely bloodshot. Sasuke looked over at the couch to see Itachi passed out, “lucky bastard” Sasuke mumbled, not that Itachi would have heard even if he yelled, he was a deep sleeper.

Sasuke turned his attention to the kitchen to his left, and entered, he went over to the counter and began to get things for his lunch ready, and made him a pot of coffee in the process, something to keep him awake. Sasuke was putting the finishing touches on his lunch, he was a great cook, and always took time to make his lunch especially delicious to get him through the day.

As Sasuke finally finished, he saw the clock over the stove and realized that it was already about 6:50, he needed to get going, otherwise he would be late.

Sasuke ran out the door with his jacket on, and his bento safely tucked into his bag and headed to the garage. He took out his keys and hopped on his bike, a small birthday gift from Itachi, since Sasuke always complained about how riding the bus was so uncool.

Sasuke put the key into the ignition and started the engine, the bike roared to life as he took off through the garage door and headed off to school.

Driving down the road, Sasuke had noticed along the sidewalk was a small group of boys that seemed to be surrounding something, through the ruching wind though, Sasuke heard a voice that cried out “help!”

Sasuke brought the bike to a screeching halt, he looked back to see a girl surrounded by the group of boys. Sasuke hated to see girls being harassed. He stepped off the bike and ran at full speed to the group. Sasuke got their to see that the girl was crying on the ground, the boys around the girl noticed Sasuke and walked away, as if nothing had happened, not wanting to make a scene.

Sasuke ran up to the girl, who was still on the ground bawling, she looked up at Sasuke and showed traces of fear in her eyes. Sasuke noticed that her uniform blouse was ripped, slightly parted from the buttons that had come off, Sasuke flushed slightly, and removed his jacket, “here, your blouse is kinda…” the girl immediately realized what he was talking about, and took the jacket, gratefully.

Sasuke looked over the girl and noticed that the blouse she was wearing was from his school. Sasuke studied the girl’s face, and noticed that her eyes were a beautiful shade of violet, “are you alright?” Sasuke asked, ‘of course she’s not you idiot, you saw what just happened’ he thought to himself. “I-I’m f-fine” she said shyly, Sasuke blushed slightly at the sound of her voice, he’d never heard anything like it,

Sasuke shook himself out of his slight daze and focused on reality. “You go to Konoha high school… right?” Sasuke asked, the girl didn’t really ask, she just simply nodded, “if you want, I could give you a ride,” Sasuke offered, “I wouldn’t want what happened just now to happen again.” The girl looked up at Sasuke and smiled, “A- arigatou” she said, “b-but m-my uniform is ruined, w-would it be t-to much trouble i-i-if I asked you to g-give me a r-ride home to change?” she asked

Sasuke had a serious look on his face, “Hmm, I don’t know, that’d make me late for school” he said, though it was in a joking tone, “oh! G-gomen, I shouldn’t trouble you w-with my problems,” she said with an apologetic tone. Sasuke felt like an ass now, he hadn’t thought she would take him seriously, “No, no. I-I didn’t mean it like that, I was just kidding.”

The girl had her hands over her face, ‘oh man, I made her cry’ Sasuke thought, suddenly the girl mover her hands down to reveal her eyes, “so…sob… y-you’ll…sob… help?” she managed to say between sobs. Sasuke was embarrassed for making this poor girl cry, “of course I’m sorry for making you upset” he said, still in an apologetic tone.

Suddenly the girl moved her hands from her face, which had a huge smile spread across it, and her tongue slightly sticking out at Sasuke. Sasuke had a shocked look on her face, she had faked being sad, and Sasuke couldn’t believe it. “Well, lets get going!” the girl said now with amore energetic tone. “hey! I thought you were…” “that’s what you get for tricking me!” she said happily as she stood and strode over to Sasuke’s bike.

Sasuke was still shocked at what had just happened, “hey! Are we going or not?” she called, this got Sasuke’s attention, as he realized he said he would help her. Sasuke walked up to his bike and stared at the girl, “you know, it isn’t very nice to trick people” Sasuke said, “well then, you should know” she said in a cheeky tone. Sasuke was shocked as he stared at her, she was definitely not how he thought when he first spoke to her.

The girl sat on the bike, and nodded to the seat, Sasuke caught this as “let’s get going”. Sasuke shrugged and got on the bike. Sasuke reached into a bag that he had on the handle bars and pulled out a spare helmet, “here put this on and hold on tight.”

Once the girl put on the helmet and wrapped her arm around Sasuke’s waist, the bike roared to life and sped off, “where’s your house?” Sasuke yelled, attempting to be heard over the sound of the wind rushing by. “three miles west from here!” she said, “alright! Hold on tight!” Sasuke yelled. The bike’s speed increased.

The girl behind Sasuke squeezed him tightly, though this wasn’t a good idea for Sasuke. She held Sasuke tighter, and pressed herself closer to him. Sasuke felt a soft sensation pressing against his back. Thankfully Sasuke was facing away from her, because right now his face was red.

After driving for about 10 minutes, they drove onto a street filled with peaceful two-story houses. The girl tapped Sasuke on his shoulder, and pointed out a house. Sasuke pulled over to the sidewalk and stared at the house, it was without a doubt, the largest house on the block.

The girl hopped of the bike and hurried up the walkway to the door, leaving Sasuke still on his bike. As the girl reached the door, she turned around and looked at Sasuke in confusion, “well? Aren’t you coming in?” she asked. Sasuke hadn’t even thought of going into this house, but if she wanted him to, then he would.

Sasuke killed the engine and hopped of the bike. Once off the bike he followed the girl up the walkway and up to the door. Sasuke looked at the house from the outside, and it was incredible, 3 stories high and huge, enough to probably fit a family of possibly 20 people.

The girl notice Sasuke gawking at the house, “nice, huh?” she said, trying to get his attention, “we just moved in, so sorry if it’s a bit messy.” The girl reached into the pocket of her uniform skirt and pulled out a key.

The girl put the key into the slot and turned it, while turning the knob. Sasuke heard a small click, and the door slowly drifted open. “come on in” she said, “oh! Before I forget, I’m Hinata Hyuuga” she said and slightly bowed her head, “thank you for your assistance,” Sasuke immediately responded to her introduction, “oh! Don’t worry about it,” he said, “the name’s Sasuke. Sasuke Uchiha.” He said as he bowed his head slightly in return.

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28 / F / stalking you Dx
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Yuuki why?
part 1

It started during a really stormy night.Each thunder that makes a loud boom had scared yuuki and she tried cover herself with a blanket but it wasn't enough for her to cover her ears and eyes As she keeps staring at the window for so long wait for someone to come.As she waited and waited yuuki started crying when the clock strike twele' o clock. She couldn't believe that no one haven't come by to check up on her not even her "father" or zero. Yukki face lighten up and her wide brown/red eyes were bursting to tears when she said "zero".

She said her mind "Zero my best friend why did i forgot him these past months. Is it because kaname used his powers to wiped out m memory? No he could the kaname I know wouldnt be lyke that." A lightingWas heading toward to the window where yuuki was staring at. She couldnt think striaght all she cared about was Zero. As the lighting about to hit the window someone slammed the door wide open.

It was zero Yuuki's eyes were filled tears and he smile has gone wide. The lighting have hit the window Yuuki stood there frozen as Zero shouted "yuuki!" Yuuki' mind were filled with thought that were sayin "It can't be im going to die right in ront of Zero's face. my bestfriend why was I so careless? why? She felted a glass striked at her neck where Zero first bite her. Yuuki eyes turn wide and closed with a smile on her face as she falls to the ground.

Zero was running to her. He knew its already to late to save her, but hes her best friend and i loved her and she never knew that. Zero slowly took out the glass at her neck. Yuuki didnt even move as he took out the glass piece. Zero heard her heart beat slowing down as he started crying and said "yuuki why? Why did you this to me? Im sorry i cidnt came to vistin for these months. Im sorry i worried you too much about me. Please yuuki stay with me. Yuuki im sorry I could tell you about me for these 4 years. I've was worried that i might be a monster to you and you'll always fear me."

"yuuki please open your eyes! please yuuki!" tears droped at yuuki's face. As zero Hugged yuuki to let her go. He heard her heart beat goin back to normal. Zero brushed her auburn hair and stared at her eyes slowly opening. Zero cried more and said "yuuki your alive.lease dont ever leave me. I love you yuuki.
Yuuki's eyes widen by the word "I love you" she didn't care if there brothers or sister. She knew that she has feelings Zero, but she nevers reveal it.

Zero continue talking with his soft voice and a smile "I want these genital hands and this kind smile even though I should not want such a thing." Zero moved closer to yuuki face and kissed her fore head. Yuuki's faced turned a light shade of pink and said "i...... lo...ve.... you...Ze...ro" then yuuki fainted.

"Yuuki no!!!!!!!!!! Please don't leave here alone! Yuuki I love you too! Please wake up!" Their "father" rushed to the room where all those yelling comes from. Their "father" run to yuuki who fainted and have taken her to the hospital. Cross said " yuuki is going to be alright Zero she wont be waking up for a while. My daughter is in a coma." Zero heart ached by that and cried more.

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An Unexpected Past.
Chapter I.

It was a breezy night in the park. Clouds darken overhead. I was having a midnight stroll. Soon I heard footsteps following me. I just continued on walking. Suddenly a group of level E vampires stood before me. As I looked around it seemed that they have surrounded me. I looked down and just chuckled. Soon the clouds had hovered over the moon it became completely dark.

When I had lifted my head up my eyes were glowing a bright red. Before I was able to charge at them it seemed that two figures appeared from the trees. It looked that the two were nobles also as then jumped down from the tree tops. “Nobles…?” I said to myself. Then I brought my attention back to the level E vampires. Immediately they charged at us all at once. I used my power of controlling the minerals of the earth causing the ground to lift up from their feet. The other two seemed to have powers also. One controlled fire and the other ice. Soon as all the level E’s were defeated both turned to me.

“So you must be that new transfer student, Sami. Am I correct?”
One of them spoke out. He grabbed my hand and kissed it gently.

“Yes I am.”
I replied. As I removed my hand from his grasp and gave him a glare.

“Well let us introduce ourselves. My name is Aido. And this one over here is Kain.”
Aido pointed to the person that stood next to him.

“How did you know I’d be here? I am to start class later in the week.”
I asked.

“Actually we didn’t know you’d be here. We were just told to get rid of some level E’s in this area. But now that you’re here why don’t you come with us to the academy?”
Kain said, as he walked forward.

After our small chat I followed the two of them to the academy. As the three of us got to the gate, it seemed that someone was waiting there for us. I looked closer and I noticed a familiar face. “Kaname...” I said out walking towards him. “It’s been awhile Kaname.” I stood face to face. He just gave me a sincere smile.

“It has been awhile. I’m glad that you have decided to join the academy.”
Kaname replied.

Kaname and I were close friends when we were younger. After my family was slain by a group of vampire hunters when I was still young Kaname was always there for me. But later on I decided that I shouldn’t always rely on Kaname. So I decided to live on my own but I still had communicated with Kaname by letters. Then later on he sent me a letter to join the Cross Academy, which brought me here.

I was finally a student here in Cross Academy, joining the night class along with the others. Soon I had gotten used to everything that was going on. I was even able to become close friends with Yuki. Everyday we would just hang out. One day when Yuki and I were walking around the campus before night class began. We tried to avoid the day class students so it wouldn’t start a riot. When we were walking through the campus I notice a male student walk by. Suddenly my eyes widen as I noticed an insignia on the back of his hand. I stopped in place.

“Sami is something the matter?”
Yuki asked.

I didn’t reply. I just looked down. At that moment I had a flashback of when I was younger. A large number of vampire hunters attacking my family. I was no use to my family only able to hide because I was so young. What I had remembered clearly was the insignia. Each one of the hunters had one.

When the flashback was over I looked up at the one with the insignia. I guess he had noticed me because he stopped saw me standing next to Yuki. He looked me in the eyes then looked away. Then he placed his hand into his pocket and walked away.

“Do you know who that was, Yuki?”
I asked her.

“Oh he just transferred around the same time you did. I think his name was Ryusuke. Why do you ask?”
She replied.

I just shook my head and told her I needed to go. When class started I couldn’t concentrate. I kept thinking about him. After class was over I wasn’t able to go back to the dorm. So I decided to walk around in the town for awhile, to try and get out my head. Suddenly I heard someone following me. “I know someone is back there so get out.” I said out loud. The person that came out from behind was Ryusuke. When I found out it was him my eyes widened.

“Your Sami, am I right? Can we talk for a bit?”
He asked as he walked toward me.

“What do you want from me? I already know who you are and what you do. Are you here to kill me, vampire hunter?”
I glared.

“Wait. No. I just want to talk to you. I…”
He stopped as he took out double edge katana.

At first I thought he was about to attack me but I suddenly felt the pressure of level E vampires close by. Then Ryusuke grabbed my hand and lead me toward the forest so we would be far from the town. Then soon a group of level E’s followed us. Ryusuke charged at the level E vampire and killing them off. Then I decided to join in, I used my powers to carve sharp daggers out of the Earth’s surface. I guided the daggers to strike the level E’s. Soon there were none left.

After it was over I thought to myself why Ryusuke would help me. After we defeated the level E’s we headed back to the academy. The whole time I tried to avoid making eye contact with him. “Why…?” “Why didn’t you try to kill me?” I asked him.

“Because…I know what my clan has done to your family. I’m sorry for that. But I left the clan to go to Cross Academy. I don’t want to kill those who also want to help human kind.”
Ryusuke apologized.

The rest of trip back was just silent. As we came back to the gate entrance, there stood Headmaster Cross and Kaname. Both welcomed us back. It seemed that the both of them knew about our past and explained everything about Ryusuke and his clan. After that I had decided to trust Ryusuke, for now.
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25 / F / in wonderland~
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lunargoddess wrote:

chapter 1^-^

~new student~


I wanted to end it now cus that's the first chapter^-^ LOL , i thing everyone want to know more about Suzu and the boy that walked in the story just now XD
I hope everyone enjoyed the story until now^-^
uuh , if you want then please tell me that i must make a second chap^ter^-^

chapter 2

~the key~
( can have some things of other animes in it!! it's fanfiction!! )

the next day was like every day... yuuki and zero protecting the night class because all the girls want to meet them
( even tough its morning ) but then Suzu appeared in front of the gate!
all the girls of the day class looked at her... just looking, it was quiet...
yuuki had a bad feeling about it and said to Suzu 'Suzu , please go to your dorm again!!'
but then... All the girls came to her and they said: 'waaaai~ what a kawaiii girl!!!'
'what's your name? where are you from?? oh! are you in the night class??'
Suzu answered all the questions when she had the change to speak... Yuuki pulled Suzu back into the gate , ofcourse where all the girls angry at her and zero guided the girls back to their classes.
Yuuki said: 'Suzu! don't go wandering around alone when it's day! it's dangerouse you know!?!'
suzu looked down and said: 'but everyone is asleep in the night dorm , but i don't sleep at day!'
Yuuki understanded suzu and said: 'well , there's no point in chatting her! Let's go to the chairman for asking what to do^-^'
suzu looked up to yuuki and smiled at yuuki^-^ 'okaay^-^'
yuuki and Suzu walked to the chairmans room and opened the door... Bute then saw suzu that the chairman wasn't alone 0.0
a boy with blone hair and sky blue eyes stood in front of the chairmans desk!
The chairman said: 'welcome! huh? what's wrong? Musn't you be in class alreaddy, Yuuki??'
Yuuki smiled with a bit of anger and said: 'why must suzu be in the night class when she sleeps at nght??'
the chairman answered: 'that's because kaname can protect her when she's in need , he can't when she's in day class , don't you think?' Yuuki looked down and said: 'but she's lonely in there , everyone sleeps now , but she's awake!'
The chairman looked at Suzu and said: 'are you troubled with if you sleep during the day?'
Suzu was shocked about it and said: 'yes, i can't sleep during the day cus i'm affraid... i don't like beiing in the sun but even then I don't wanna sleep at day!!' the chairman was suprised and said : 'don't worry , you will be not lonely annymore! here's company for you^-^ ' Suzu looked to the boy and said: 'he??' the chairman said:
'yes^-^ he's our new night class student!! his name is kei^-^ even tough that he's not a vampire , he has powers like you Suzu!! so he has to be protected too!!' Suzu looked closely at the boy and tought that he really looked like kyo!! but it would be her immagination , right?? 0.0 after that, Suzu and kei where talking at the night class dorm...
Suzu was quiet for a while but got the courage to speak to him^-^ ' uuh, your name was kei , right??'
Kei smiled at Suzu and sai: 'haha~ you're cute^-^ yeah my name's kei^-^ nice to meet you, Suzu-chan^-^'
Suzu blushed and said: 'a-aah~ y-yeah , n-n-ni-nice to meet you ^^'
Suzu searched for an other thing to say but then... she saw a key on the boy! she asked what the key was and kei said:
'it's to unlock someones powers^-^ i can't tell you more about it but it was given to me^-^ because i'm the reincarnation of someone that was the former owner of the key!!' Suzu was shocked when he told that cus she remembered that kyo also had a key on him , could this boy be.... no! that can't be^-^ kyo is dead , even if i want to believe it , he can't be kyo or whatever^-^
Suzu was thinking about lots of things and then kei said: 'can't we walk a bit?'
Suzu said: 'o-okay!!' suzu and kei walked around the dorms and stopped at a sakura tree^-^ Suzu said: 'how beautiful!! I love sakura trees^-^ they're so beautiful and nice to look at^-^' Suzu remembered again something of kyo , kyo always brought her to a field of sakura trees , it was always so much fun!! Suzu smiled when she tought about that^-^ kyo always told her that the speed of sakura pentals falling from the sakura trees was 5 centimeters per second^-^ she always laughed about that cus kyo was such a weird boy^-^ but then kei said after a while: 'you know Suzu? the speed of falling pentals of a sakura tree... is 5 centimeters per second?' kei smiled at Suzu and looked just for a second like kyo!! Suzu smiled and said:
'yeah , i know that alreaddy.... kyo' kei smiled kindly and said: 'Suzu , i'm not kyo you know, i'm Kei... please remember that cus , that can be a reason of making you sad.' Suzu looked at kei and said: 'yeah.. i know ^-^ i'l remember it...'
after that the sun sets... Kei said: 'come on Suzu , it's late, we're gonna go to the dorms now' when he wanted to go, Suzu pulled at his shirt and cried.... 'i know you're an other person .. but i still mis kyo s-so much...' kei looked at suzu and said^-^ 'i know but i want you to see me as kei , and not as kyo^-^ let's be friends from now on, okay??'
Suzu looked at kei and answered: 'okk' when they where at the dorms they talked so much , about their favourite food and things like that , really weird conversations but they where fun^-^ then the night falled and you could see the stars^-^
Suzu couldn't sleep and walked outside and looked up into the sky... Kei saw her cus he couldn't sleep as well^-^ 'whatcha doing? suzu?' Suzu turned and said: 'ooh~ kei! i can't sleep and i'm watching the stars^-^'
kei smiled and lay next to suzu cus then you can see the stars betetr^-^ Suzu said: 'kei , maybe you know but Kyo always said to me when we where watching the stars: if you ever loose someone important to you then just look up to the stars cus that person will be the clearest star of all the stars^-^ !! haha~ that's really weird isn't it Kei??' Kei closed his eyes and said: 'it isn't weird at all , maybe it's true but if you think about it then it means that you're never alone cus the stars are watching you...' Suzu smiled and said: 'yeah , that's true^-^' after watching the stars, Suzu was tired and go back for some sleep cus they're gonna be students on the day class cus they have to study!! *damn* LOL
when Suzu and Kei where walking to the nigth dorms , Kaname saw them from the class he was in then...
everyone was looking at Kei and Suzu and ofcourse Kaname too. But then Kaname's turned sad for some reason and he said:
'Suzu , it seems that you can't remember... Maybe it is the best if you can't...'
Kaname closed his eyes and said to everyone that they must follow class...
After that Suzu and Kei slept well for the next day...


this was chapter 3^-^next chapter is about beiing in the day class and Kaname's secret^-^LOL
if someone wants to read the 3rd chapter then just mail me^-^
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The Violent Wind
~Chapter 1~ Arrival at Cross Academy

After a long day of wandering around, I finally arrived at Cross Academy using a map that the chairman of the school mailed to me. I have always wondered why we wanted me to attend there but now I've got no choice in the matter since every school in my area had closed down due to some strange incidents. Perhaps it is destiny. I had no inkling of the true nature of Cross Academy or of the fact that I was about to die. Who knows? Maybe I might find the real reason for my being here.

As I approached the gate of Cross Academy, I saw a short, energetic brunette girl and a moody-looking silver-haired guy walking towards me. "Hi there! Welcome to Cross Academy!" the brunette girl said. "My name's Yuki Cross and the jerk-face next to me is Zero Kiryu!" she said with a smile. "Hmph...way to make introductions, idiot!" Zero said. "I'm Coud Van Giruet but I preferred if you just called me Cou." I said with a serious look on my face. "Alright! Cou-kun, was it? Follow me! I'll take you to the chairman!" she said all cheery-like. Thinking to myself, I thought: "She's pretty cute..." I began to notice that Zero, who was behind me, was staring at me as if he thought I was a suspicious person. As we were walking, I noticed that a crowd of students (mostly girls) were all standing in front of a gate to a dormitory. "Aw crap! Zero take care of them, will you? I have to escort Cou-kun to the chairman's office!" she said to him. "Hmph...fine!" Zero said as he gave off a sigh. Zero then rushed to the crowd and gave off a scary aura that made the girls back off.

As Zero took care of the crowd, Yuki escorted into the building and headed upstairs. "Umm, excuse me...Yuki-san? Is that Zero guy gonna be alright back there?" I asked out of concern. "Oh, don't worry about him, he can handle himself. And you can just call me, Yuki, okay?" she said as she smiled at me. "Right..." I said as a blushed and looked the other way after seeing her smile at me like that. Yuki then noticed me blush and stopped. "Are you okay, Cou-kun?" she asked me. "Your face just turned red. Are you okay?" she continued. "Y-Yeah....I'm fine! Let's hurry! We don't want to keep Chairman Cross waiting." I said nervously as I tried to cover up my embarrassment. "Right, let's go!" she said as we made our way to the chairman's room.

We finally made it to Chairman Cross's office and we entered the room to find him all laid-back without a care in the world. "Um...hello? We're here, Chairman!" Yuki said as she looked annoyed by his non-chalant expression. "Oh Yuki! Is it too hard for you to call me, Daddy?" he responded as he began acting like some touchy-feely father who loves doting on his daughter. At first, I thought this guy would be somewhat more serious, however, he's not really showing me what I expected. "Ugh...alright Daddy! The new student is here!" Yuki said as she sounded even more annoyed. "Oh right...hmm...let's see...Coud Van Giruet, is it? I'm glad you made it here safely!" Chairman Cross said with a smile. Without responding, I simply gave him a slight bow. "Not much of a talker, are we? Well, your name is a bit long for me to say so I can I just call you Coudy-chan?" he asked with a goofy expression. Hearing him call me something that would usually come from a girl's mouth creeped me out and without warning I punched him in the face. "I'd rather be called Cou, if you don't mind." I told him after punching him. "Sure, whatever you want...." the Chairman said as if those were his last words. "Anyway, which dorm am I staying at again?" I asked. "You'll be staying in this dorm and I'm assigning you to the Day time class." He replied. "And I'm also assigning you as a prefect of the campus." he continued. "A prefect? Like a campus police or something?" I asked as I began to wonder why he's assigning me to that position. "What??? You're making him a prefect already???" Yuki said as she became surprised. "That is correct, Yuki." the chairman said. "So is that why you wanted him to attend here?" Zero asked as he arrived through the door. "Zero!" Yuki said as she turned toward him. Apparently, Zero must've driven off the crowd successfully, I mean why else would he be here? "That's right, Kiryu-kun." the chairman responded. Zero then stared at me with the same look he gave me a while ago. "What's up with this guy?" I thought to myself. "I'll show you to your dorm room." Zero said as he led me out the door. "Chairman, do you think he's...?" Yuki began to ask. "We'll just have to wait and see, Yuki..." the chairman replied.

Night time has approached and we had just arrived at my dorm room, which to me, honestly looks decent. "Here's your uniform and prefect sash. Don't lose it." Zero told me. "Right...so when do we start patrolling?" I asked. "Right now." he quickly replied. "Sure thing." I said as I stepped into my room. I then placed my bags on my bed but took the bag that looks like it holds a staff or pole and hung it over my back and followed Zero outside. Without looking my way, Zero asked me: "Do you have feelings for Yuki?" Hearing that, I kinda stumbled a bit and began to blush. "Huh? Why would you ask me that?" I asked Zero. Zero, however, didn't resond but continued walking at a fast pace. I then started thinking about Yuki. My first impression of her would be that she's a nice girl, who seems to work hard at what she does. And she seems like the kind of person who likes making friends. I do think she's really cute, though. But that doesn't mean that I have feelings or her, does it? And why does Zero care whether I like her or not? As I began to wonder, I noticed that Zero was nowhere in sight. "AW, SON OF A......where'd he go?" I yelled as I got frustrated. I then heard a scream in the plaza area in which the voice sounded familiar.

I headed to the plaza only to find Yuki getting attacked by a someone. "Yuki!!!" I yelled as I ran towards her. "Cou-kun! Stay back!" she yelled at me as she tries to defend herself with a long silver staff. I didn't want to just stand there while she was getting attacked so I opened my bag and pulled out the long sword inside in which I would like to call, "The Violent Wind." I then run to the person attacking Yuki and smack the guy with the flat side of the blade. "Yuki, are you okay?" I asked as I looked at her with concern. "Yeah..." she said as she stared at my blade. "Cou-kun, where did you get a sword like that?" she asked. While she was asking the person stood up and I got a look of face. His face didn't seem normal, almost as if he was hungry for blood. "Yuki, is this a....?" I asked almost as if I wouldn't believe what I would hear next. "Yes, it's a vampire, a level E vampire." she answered. "So there were vampires here, after all..." I said. With its thirst for blood growing, the vampire in front of me then jumped at me. Being able to read its obvious movements, I jumped at him, with my sword glowing red, and quickly cut off both its arms. "Too easy..." I said all confident-like. The vampire then fell to the floor writhing in pain as it stopped moving after a minute or two. "Cou-kun..." Yuki said as she stared at me with a surprised look. As I walked toward her, the vampire rose up again while my back was turned and jumped at me to bite me in the neck. "Cou-kun, watch out!!!" Yuki yelled as she saw him jump at me. As I became surprised, I heard a gunshot come from the other side of the plaza and the a purple seal formed in front of the vampire with a bullet piercing through his head. The vampire's body disintegrated and Zero walked towards me and Yuki while holding a gun in his hand. "Zero!" I said as he approached us. "Yuki, are you okay?" Zero asked. "Yeah, thanks to Cou-kun." she said.

Out of nowhere, a blonde guy wearing a white uniform appeared next to Yuki. "Hey Yuki-chan! Patrolling during the night as usual?" he said as he grabbed Yuki by the hand. "What??? When did he...?" I said as I became startled by his sudden appearance. He then noticed me holding the Violent Wind and struck at me without a moment's notice. Without having any time to react, his hand pierced through my stomach and I began to feel light-headed and then fell to the floor with blood pouring out of my stomach. "COU-KUN! NO!!! Why did you do that to him, Aidou-senpai???" Yuki said as she started crying. "You bastard! Did you really have to go that far? You damn vampire!" Zero said as he aimed his gun at Aidou. "Kain, you mind keeping him out of the way?" Aidou said as an orange-haired guy, who wore the same white uniform as Aidou appeared behind Zero and restrained him to the ground. "Damn it...Kain-senpai..." Zero said as he struggled. "His blood doesn't seem really tasty but I know yours does, Yuki-chan." Aidou said as his fangs appeared and pricked Yuki's hand. As I laid on the ground while everything around me was getting dark, I thought to myself: "No, this can't be....I won't...I won't let it end like this!" Suddenly, the mark on my left shoulder began to react and cover my body with several black markings. The wound on my stomach healed quickly and I rose up and caused the whole area to shake with the power of the mark. My eyes then glowed a crimson color and I charged at Aidou, grabbing him then slamming him into the ground. "Argh...damn, who the hell is he?" Aidou said. I then charged at Kain with the Violent Wind and cut him on the shoulder. "Ahh!!! What kind of sword is that?" Kain said as he backed off from Zero.

Zero and Yuki then looked at me speechless. I can't blame them, after seeing me like this, covered in markings and going on a rampage. As Kain and Aidou got up, a voice from appeared, saying: "Kain! Aidou! Stop this at once!" And man with brown hair, who is also wearing the same white uniform appeared and walked to Yuki. Both Kain and Aidou backed down after he appeared "Kaname-senpai!" Yuki, with her eyes looking love-struck, called out as if she was relieved. "My dear Yuki, are hurt?" Kaname asked her in a soothing voice. "No, not really..." she replied. At that moment, both Zero and I stared at Kaname with bitter resentment. Who does this guy think he is? Showing up out of nowhere and sweet-talking Yuki like that...what a crack pot! Just who is he to Yuki anyway? As Zero and I continued to eye Kaname, Kaname then approaches me and says, "So you must be Coud Van Giruet, the new student." I guess this guy's heard about my arrival somehow. "I see, you're not a vampire after all...but a demon." he said. "A demon???" Yuki said as she sounded scared. Zero then turned his eye to me but doesn't seem surprised about it. "I wonder what Chairman Cross was thinking, letting a demon into the school. No matter, I believe I should take my leave now. Farewell, Giruet! I look forward to meeting you again. And you take care yourself, Yuki." Kaname said as he, Aidou, & Kain walked off to their dorms.

Well, my first day has come to end, and it's not the kind of first day I had in mind. At that moment, I was dead for a short while, but because of that accursed seal on my shoulder, I was brought back. I don't know why or how it happened but right now, I'm too tired to think about it. More importantly, who was that Kaname guy? And what's his relation with Yuki? And why does Zero seem to have a grudge against Kaname? And why are there Vampires roaming the campus at night? Whatever the case may be, I won't back down. I will find my reason for being here.
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