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F / in a world where...
Posted 7/15/08 , edited 7/15/08
Introduce yourself here. If you're shy, that's okay. I don't bite so please try and make new chibi-loving friends! I can go first, you can call me aly ~
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Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/19/08
the name is tammmmmy(: pleasure to meet you, currently 14 and UNHOLLERABLE[: always in the mood to make friends, i dont discriminate, im 50%viet, 25% chinese& 25% a vegetarian, haha asian vegetarian, weird isnt it? dont ever underestimate me cause of my size, freshman, going to be a sophmore in high schoool[: studying isnt my thing(: ] i simply LALALOVE anime LIKE
special A
kirarin revolution
kamichama karin
shugo chara
vampire knight
people doesnt think so cause of my looks >___< love sports, imma tomboy[:
in shorter terms,
The name tammmmmy(: is written all over my face. I'm the same person when I leave the room as how I entered it. My heart has the names of my lovers tatooed on it. I leave my footprints at the beach &shoeprints at wherever life has taken me. I paint my own dreams in my head but I'm still focused on reality. Life has left me scars, but also memories.
or just call me tori[:
Tori Hayashi
Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/20/08
woah....da ja vu, im sure i already did this but ok! real name is molly and im ugly boring and there isnt much to say, yeah. all day im on my computer or in my room drawing pics, but theyr horible so noone sees them, im always on the fone and i play lacrosse but im not good at that either! haha! its funny, i suck! ^^
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23 / F / ☠
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/29/08
azu or zuzu :3
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26 / F / Canada
Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08
I'm Maria, but my friends call me Mari-chan. <3
i like art, soccer, music, reading, anime, manga and cute things. (^_^)
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F / At
Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/23/08
hey! im Fox-chan! *waves* ummm..... i like anything to do w/ anime (including drawing it!)
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