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Post Reply ~*Introductions*~
Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/2/08
hi hi!!!Im aj-chan Glad to meetcha!!!:3 I really like kawaii anime and pictures!!!!!:3Let's make this group great!!!!!!!!XD
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22 / F / College. Too busy...
Posted 8/2/08 , edited 8/2/08
konnichiwa! watashi wa Mitsuki-chan desu! Yoroshikune! ^.~
i like manga, anime, and chinese drama!
once again, yoroshiku!! >o<
Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/15/08
Hi Hi..! *waves*
Konnichiwa Minna~san..!
My name is Elizabeth~suu..^.^
But you all can call me Koha-Pink *tee hee hee*..or just Koha *big smile*
I love animes..! Especially cute ones..^.^
My favorite color is Pinku..!!!! >.<
And I love eating sweets especially CHOCOLATE ..! *shining eyes*

~anything else just check my profile..!^.^~

..Bye Bye..
Posted 8/31/08 , edited 8/31/08
Lalami Nana-I love music,drawing,anime and manga<333
Posted 8/31/08 , edited 8/31/08
And animals ALSO FOOD<3
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Posted 8/1/09 , edited 8/1/09
Chissu minna! Im new to this group I hope that i willl enjoy ! Im a little bit better cuz im sick.
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