Valkyrie Profile 3?

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Posted 7/16/08 , edited 7/16/08
So how long do you guys think Tri-ace will take make Valkyrie Profile 3: Hrist? I would have to say 2010. I assume there is going to be a 3rd because the 2nd game can't really be called a prequel because history is changed because Lenneth went back in time and stopped Brahms from capturing Silmeria. Instead made him help defeat Lazeras Valeth. I guess the new game would have to take place when Hrist kill king barborosa. Or a whole new storyline because history was changed. I don't know what do you guys think?


This isn't the real boxart, but doesn't it give you any ideas?
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Posted 7/30/08 , edited 7/30/08
wow~ psp? i hope they modify it to ps2
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Posted 7/30/08 , edited 7/31/08
the valkyrie profile i have on PSP is the remake version of the Original Valkyrie profile. Dunno but ill certainly keep my heads up for this title just in case
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Posted 8/4/08 , edited 8/4/08
Well they did make Valkyrie Profile 2 on PS2 format, so they might decide to make Valkyrie Profile 3 on PS3, that's wat im thinking. Haha, hopefully i'll have a PS3 by then! (They're so darn expensive!).
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