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Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/28/08
history!:Was born in a pack called the Voids she lived in the snow land and she loved her pack.One day Shadow Void lost her family to humans.She traveled for years for a pack to stay in each pack she lived in died of the humans.She was loney and traveled Alote looking for a new pack to live in. She Is tough and hard core.Her feelings hardened after time some times she can't feel a thing like love or joy.She joined the Howles for a last resort.One thing she would turn on any pack that does not care about others like her outcast of a self.

personality:Short tempered and a trickster.Loves to play jokes.But can be cold hearted some times.She can't fell love of other happy feelings very shy and lony!

plans:Wants to kill the humans that killed her family and the packs that she was in before.+ She wants to find her own lover and start a pack of her own.

Looks:All white with a black cross marking on her head.Red eyes and a fang around her neck.
Posted 10/12/08 , edited 10/17/08
History:Her past is mostly unknown.All She remembers is she was badly injured,and woke up in the middle of nowhere.She then walked in a daze and collapsed from alot of loss of blood.She reawakes seeing tha wolf around her in Howls territory.She was then taken to the alpha to see what they would do with her,and she was granted permission to join.She was then named Cira

Plans:none for now just to get strong enough to defend herself and go on a Journey pretty much.

Looks:white fur with golden yellow eyes.
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Posted 12/30/08 , edited 12/31/08
I was born into a different pack and grew up to be one of the strongest out of all the wolves. My parents were alphas and i was destined to gain that position. My best freind ended taking it, I became the under alpha female nick named 'Princess'. I hated it so much that i ended up fighting and killing my best friend to get to be alpha.. my mate felt betreyed and my pack kicked me out. By the timei left the mountains a storm past and i heard from a rogue wolf that my pack had died do to the storm,, So there i was.. battle wounded and alone . the only one left of my pack
Character Info
I'm small but strong for my gender and height. I love to play and eat. I hunt more then i need to so i usually end up giveing away my prey. All I really ever wanted is someone who enjoys life and play!
finding a new home..
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Posted 1/11/10 , edited 1/11/10
i was born in a two legged human house. i was 2 years old wen i wanted to run away and b free. so i ran away and ran for hundreds of miles day and night for a year. one day i saw a male wolf hunting in the woods.then someone called his name reinin.. i jumped and hid as he ran towards the voice. i followed him but got stopped by a claws wolf. he attacked me and since i had no training i was almost killed. he told me that if i came back i would b dead. i half dragged myself in2 the den area of the howls. kari helped me (rest of history to be continued...)
quiet. likes to keep 2 self. but slowly is getting used to coming out and talking. has an inner strength that i cnt explain. i can sense pplz feelings. i love 2 look out for myself. but i have a strong feeling to protect the ones around me. has a loving feeling that she will shape wit any1 thats open. and if any1 is hurt phsically or mentally. i have a kind of tone to my voice that calms the pain. also i have the power to calm huge anger in a wolf of any kind.
to find a place in the howls pack..
white shaggy fur. lean muscular body. pure blue eyes. long bushy tail. sharp but delicate teeth. a x shaped scar on the top of my chest. i had a collar until kari took it off. i am never going to b a pet again..

Posted 7/25/10 , edited 7/25/10
History: Not much of anything is known about Kriigare's past. He awoke one day at the edge of a forest with his fur stained with ash and reeking with sulfur. All of his memories before that moment had mysteriously abandoned him, though he still remembered his name and the forest's he was born in.

Personality: Kriigare is a very quiet, held-back creature. He trust no-one, and can barely bring himself to sleep near others. He is also quick to anger.

Plans: Kriigare has only one purpose in life: To remember. He searches nonstop for the answers to his many questions about himself. Unfortunately, he hasn't turned up much of anything.

Looks: Kriigare looks like your average Maned Wolf, save for his bright green eyes. He has rust-orange fur, black stilt-like legs, a thick black mane/eartips, and a white underbelly/tail-tip.
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