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Guitar Abilities

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30 / M / Philippines
Posted 1/7/08 , edited 1/7/08
I played INSTRUMENTAL ROCK MUSIC and some of the piece of known Heavy Metal band:

Arpeggios from Hell by Yngwie Malmsteen
Glasgow kiss by John Petrucci (Dream theater Guitarist)
Canon Rock by Jerry C
I'm Alright by Jerry C
Overture 1928 by Dream Theater
Viking kong by Racer X
My Sherona by Knack
Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses
Master of Puppets by Metallica
Seek or Destroy by Metallica
Sad But True by Metallica
Always with me, Always with you by Joe Satriani
Midnight by Joe Satriani
For the Love of God by Steve Vai
Nosi Ba Lasi by Sampaguita [OPM]
Green Tinted Sixties Mind by Mr. Big
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28 / M / Pittsburgh Pennsy...
Posted 1/7/08 , edited 1/8/08
i've been playin for a good while now, i mostly like to play neo classical stuff, i usually make all my own songs but i also play a ton of classical stuff,

songs i've learned

Canon Rock - Jerry C
Viking Kong - Racer X
Higher - Jason Becker
Primal - Jason Becker
Violin Concerto - Beethoven
Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven
Piano Concerto - Beethoven
Violin Sonata - Bach
5th Caprice - Paganini
24th Caprice - Paganini

i'm currently learning "Serrana" anyone who has heard this song knows it's hard as hell. those sweeps are ridiculous, but anyways i have made very many of my own songs so i usually play them. ^_^
Posted 1/7/08 , edited 1/8/08
I'm an expert on the guitar. I've been playing guitar for 6 years. Right now I'm learining to play "Through The Fire And Flames." By Dragonforce.

Here are the songs I mastered:
Basket Case-Green Day
St. Jimmy-Green Day
Dream on-Areosmith
Train Kept a Rollin'-Areosmith
Wake Me Up When September Ends-Green Day
Jesus Of Suburbia-Green Day
Bulls On Parade-Rage Against The Machine
Killing In The Name-Rage Against The Machine
In Bloom-Nirvana
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26 / F / Los Angeles
Posted 2/18/08 , edited 2/19/08
I haven't dealt with any songs that I couldn't accomplish. But I've been playing guitar for almost 7 years, Drums for 6, and bass for 3. Fender is my favorite brand. I love playing guitar<3

Songs I've played: [From the top of my head]
- Fields of gold
- Come Together
- Boyfriend
- Seven Nation Army
- Canon Rock
- Smoke on the Water
- Far Behind the Sun
- And so many songs I did for school that I can't remember.
Posted 2/18/08 , edited 2/19/08
cant play unfortunately :(

but I do love this guys style.
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F / In the fuckin' ju...
Posted 2/19/08 , edited 2/19/08
I can play but... my guitar skills are nothing to gawk at... just a simple beginner unfortunately... -___-;;
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78 / F / Canada
Posted 2/19/08 , edited 2/19/08
i want to learn
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32 / M / Philippines
Posted 3/3/08 , edited 3/4/08
me too...

am a guitar addict...

but commonly i play love songs, and oldies song...


everybody rocks!!!
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29 / M / Los Angeles, Cali...
Posted 3/3/08 , edited 3/4/08
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27 / M / Lethbridge Alberta
Posted 3/3/08 , edited 3/4/08
i'm like quite new and not all that great, but i really like to learn especially The Beatles music there like my gods lol i've been learning some of there music, i just learned there Black bird ~really love it~, Mother Natures Son, rocky raccoon, just learned the intro to while my guitar gently weeps, its not all that great atm, but i'll get it but plz though i really am looking for new songs to play! although i suck at strumming but i'm good at finger picking
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30 / M
Posted 3/3/08 , edited 3/4/08
Some songs I've mastered include:

Fermented Offal Discharge - Necrophagist
Always With Me, Always With You - Joe Satriani
Glasgow Kiss - John Petrucci
Thunderhorse - Dethklok
For My Father - Andy McKee
Ants Of The Sky - Between The Buried And Me
The Four Seasons - Vivaldi
Flight Of Bumble Bee - Maxim
Jordan - Buckethead

Not pro enough to play Serrana though. That song is badass
Posted 3/17/08 , edited 3/17/08
the ABC's
Posted 3/26/08 , edited 3/27/08
i dont play other bands songs
just my own tune/riffs
and misc buckethead riffs

Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/12/08
you can hear my music at my .. myspace
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