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Posted 7/17/08 , edited 7/17/08
Time for a little narration...
One day I passed by the local anime merchandise store at my local mall. I asked the clerk if they have any new releases on anime DVDs, and to my surprise, they have just recently acquired the complete DVD set of School Days TV (12 eps) and the School days OAVs (2 eps, including Magical Heart Kokoro-chan). It was released along with Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.

We all know that the above mentioned anime are known for the gruesome deaths of its main characters, psychological drama and horror, and some mature content...that leaves us with this question: how did the licensers approve of releasing them with the said content? What do you think?

*off the record, I'm still glad that they released the CDs, so I can add them to my collection
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Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/14/08
Well who knows but w/e its nice to know i can see like a english dub XD
but getting them will probaly not be a good thing cuz my parents will get the wrong idea
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Posted 10/14/08 , edited 10/14/08
I bought volume 1 of Higurashi, but I've yet to find the rest of it.
I loved this series, and I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for it, since now I know it does exist. [in dvd form. :B]
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