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well... apparently... there is 2 plots >.< soo any body care to explain and make it clear?
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There are not 2 plots. It is not possible for a single movie to have 2 plots. A plot can be complex or have multiple meanings, but the term "plot" is just a way to refer to the events between the beginning and end. As long as there is one theme, or events are in any way related, it is a complete movie. In this movie, there was a clear rise and fall of action and realization, and when the perspective changed halfway through they were pretty clear on saying how and why, so the events continued on unbroken. The reason this movie confuses people is because the direction and screenplay could've been much stronger. The ideas and action could have been organized much better.

(This is a spoiler ^_^ ):

Both pairs of girls/women have similar emotional relationships. There were obvious victims and not so obvious victims, but all were victims of society and appearances. That is what the movie is really about. (The middle of the movie tries to clarify this when it keeps repeating the line, "They are more like each other than they think," or something like that. But that was a really weak attempt.) The filming of the movie in the first part is just a device to bend time so we can see the all the events and compare them side to side. It's not woven together badly, it just could've been done better.

All four are in the public eye because of their jobs. (The jobs themselves sort of correspond - some are more modern and glamorous, some are in the public eye more, etc...) All four have either changed some aspect of themselves, or their personal relationships are suffering. They feel pressure to be perfect and popular to the trend or standard. Some go so far as to be consumed by jealousy. The reasons behind each girl's actions are different, but ultimately, everyone is a victim of the public's view of perfection.
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