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Aya Ueto might get married !!!
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Posted 7/17/08 , edited 7/17/08
Aya Ueto might get married !!!

The photo above was actually dated 2006, btw. Anyway, Idolgravure says that talk of Ueto Aya and Morita Go's marriage -and its timing- has been circulating as unnamed persons close to the source supposedly blabber to the press. Some have said that Ueto-san had chased a camera man who was going to release a scoop to the public, and another has said that Ueto-san declared that "She will never break up with Morita Go, and that she will quit [her job] if she has to."

And as Morita 's management is very strict, he communicates with her through fellow artiste Becky. Really? Well, I remember reading a previous report that Becky, Aya Ueto, Fukada Kyoko and Nakagawa Shoko are good friends. But that report was also from Idolgravure, so on the upside the info corroborates, on the downside, it's all the same source anyway. The most you can be sure of is that the source is consistent, at least. ^_^

Then the report continues to write about unnamed source who wonder about when the wedding date is, and another person repeats that if the couple break up, it will have to be from Morita Go's side, because Ueto Aya will NEVER break up with him. O_O okay.

Below are some puricuras of Ueto Aya and her previous lovers, not anything new. To see more of them

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