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Posted 11/6/08 , edited 11/7/08
name: Madoritachi (-san if you please)
immortal, can preform all known jutsu's, sharingan, mangekyou sharingan, can walk through earth, escape anything, disappear, dark grey wolf chakra, 6-tailed lemur chakra, morphs into different shapes, expert in summoning jutsu's, controls darkness and night, itachi mode.

wolf form:
artic fox style fur.. black with faint red and white streaks that you don't notice unless i'm really close to you, the size of a large german sheperd, very sharp teeth... especially fangs, with sharper claws to add to the damage.

human form:
1)itachi with juriya style hair
2)chibi teen with long white hair and in black cheerleader outfit with red accents
3)chibi girl crossed with wolf... like a werewolf

lots more forms where that came from

i am darkness. i am night. i control both. i drive you insane until you are at your breaking point. i swoop in and take you, slowly draining your blood and your energy. iamscarier than your worst nightmare.i am loyal to my pack. i am a feirce fighter.cross my path and you die. a member of my clan? you leave injured physically and mentally. your pride may never recover. enemies of the pack beware.
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