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Post Reply Who do you want Akane to be with?
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Posted 12/1/08 , edited 12/1/08

Here4u wrote:

nicki22 wrote:

missyangel87 wrote:

well i think it should be Tomomasa-san or yorihisa...
i don't know but Tomomasa has a charm,although he is a player,i think if he will be together with Akane,he will not look the others...

and Yorihisa is fine too,cuz' he can really devote himself to Akane,and he will definetely cherish her...

Hmmmm.....but Yorihisa is too....Miko-dono, he sees himself as 'lower' than the rest so i don't think it could ever work between them even though Akane sees him as an equal...unless he changed it would'nt work!!

EisenxAkane or YasuakixAkane all the way!!! Genbu's rule the world ^ ^

-Lou-chan apears from no where- BANZAII! =D

~Lou-chan >w<

Waaaaaiiiii!!!! Sugoi!! Lou-chan is mugic ^ ^
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Posted 12/1/08 , edited 12/1/08
nicki22-chan you maybe right but still wanna root for yorihisaxakane

by the way yasuaki x akane can be nice too...waaaa can't decide...
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Posted 12/5/08 , edited 12/5/08
Magical Lou-chan is here! Yasuaki and Akane-chan should be together 'cause I SAID so. >=3

~Lou-chan >w<
Posted 12/12/08 , edited 12/12/08

Here4u wrote:

twilightchance wrote:

Ronin_Ayumi wrote:

Either one of the Genbus, though personally I didn't like Akane for some reason -___-"

---> Watch it...WATCH IT >< D: Yasuaki! I love his line: "Until this life scatters apart like a flower, I will stay by your side..." He's soo romantic and poetic in his own way. And plus, he's soo random with his Mondainai XD

---> Watch it...And watch it good like Yasuaki's >=D
And Eisen is honest and soo pure and innocent XD Plus he's a fluter like me and fluters shall rule the world with our mighty flutiness!

Yorihisa's okay too but... Meh. >_> He needs actual Samurai clothes please... Or at least some actual Hakamas. -__-" Call me weird but I'm against his clothing for some reason.
---> Pairing with Yorihisa isn't that bad. >_> Better than Tenma's... infact... anyone is better than Tenma. And at least he can protect her and swear loyalty.

And last one is Takamichi. Why? Cause he's smart... and smart people are awesome O_O no other reason.

However Either of the Genbus PWN all you other Hachiyous! Muwahahaha *cough Cough* Okay, Ayu-pan is done being random and weird >_>

I saw Yasuaki's ending n loved the line "You're the only reason for my existence" dat was romantic
I also saw Eisen's ending n love his line "but I couldn't give you" how sweet! Go Eisen!!
Thax so much for the links

Twilightchance is very persuasive ne? ^-^

Yasuaki and Akane. Eisen and Akane.

Yasuaki and Akane: He NeEdS Akane. =P He's developing emotions because of her! He cried 2 times in the manga. X3 Another reason, it's because I want him to. =)

Eisen and Akane: They look too cute. =3

~Lou-chan >w<

totally agree with you! i love the Ten and Chi no Genbu! they're the best! those two are perfect for Akane!
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