Post Reply about naruto and sasuke^^
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Posted 7/18/08 , edited 7/18/08
here's the question-->

if in the anime naruto and sasuke will need to fight... do you think that naruto can defeat sasuke?
and if he does... do you think that it will make sasuke to come back to Konoha?
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Posted 7/21/08 , edited 7/21/08
I think Sasuke will come back to Konoha, but if he does it won't be because Naruto or Sasuke won the fight between them, it's because he wants to come back by himself. Just because he's way to stubborn.
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Posted 8/17/08 , edited 8/17/08
I definitely see a fight between Naruto and Sasuke in the series coming up. Their rivalry has been going on since episode 1 and it needs some form of resolution. As for whether or not Naruto can defeat Sasuke, as he currently is in the anime, no. However I believe that in the future he will attain the power to defeat Sasuke. I do not however think that if Sasuke is to return to the village it will be because Naruto defeated him. I think that if he does return it will be because of some revelation that makes him see it would be best to return to Konoha.
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