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inside your head
Posted 7/18/08 , edited 7/18/08
Takasu Ryuji begins his second year of high school trying to look his best. However, there is one thing that torments him a lot despite his gentle personality, he has inherited his gangster father's intimidating eyes, which often leads to a lot of misunderstanding amongst his classmates. All that is about to change, when in the first day of the new school term, he accidentally knocks into the most dangerous being in school - Aisaka Taiga, AKA the Palmtop Tiger. Despite her very small appearance, Taiga has a very negative attitude, and has left a "bloody trail" wherever she goes, hence her nickname.

After his unfortunate encounter with Taiga, Ryuji does his best to avoid her. Yet it is by chance that he discovers that Taiga has a crush on his best friend Kitamura Yuji and Taiga also finds out about his crush on her friend Kushieda Minori. And so Taiga decides to let Ryuji help her hook up with Kitamura as her "personal servant", and in return, Taiga would help Ryuji out with getting closer to Minori.

Due to Ryuji's obsession with keeping things tidy and Taiga living alone in an apartment block just opposite of Ryuji's house, besides sleeping, Taiga ends up spending most of the day in Ryuji's place. Over time, Ryuji sees a side of Taiga that people normally don't see, and their relationship has become close to the point that rumours begin to spread on whether they're going out as a couple.

Thus begins the clash between the Tiger and the Dragon - Toradora (TRY THE MANGa or the NOVEL ! !)
========================================= BOTH VERY RECOMMENDED!
are you good in engLish and japanese?????

**heres tHe link if want to try reaiDing tHe noveL OR to heLp transLate it. ! ! !**
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Out of curious, why do you make a duplicate?

Beside this kind of thread is personal. I suggest you go to this group and see if anyone can help with that.
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Personal thread, and advertisement thread.

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