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1. Date of Birth

Ruki 1st February 1982
Uruha 9th June
Aoi 20th January
Reita 27th May
Kai 28th October

2. Blood type

Ruki B
Uruha O
Aoi A
Reita A
Kai B

3. Place of birth

Ruki Shounan (this is in Kanagawa prefecture, Kantou; east Japan)
Uruha Kanagawa prefecture
Aoi Mie prefecture
Reita Kanagawa prefecture
Kai Tokyo

4. Height / Weight

Ruki Don't know. Not saying.
Uruha 177cm / 62kg
Aoi 171cm / 55kg
Reita 172cm / 55kg
Kai 172cm / 55kg

5. Foot (shoe) size

Ruki 25.5 cm
Uruha 27.5 cm
Aoi 26 cm
Reita 26cm
Kai 26 cm

6. Family structure

Ruki Myself, Mother, Father, Older brother, Sabuchan (dog) who passed away
Uruha Father, Mother, 2 older sisters, 2 nephews
Aoi Father, Mother, Older sister, Older brother, me
Reita Grandmother, Mother, Older sister
Kai Mother, Grandmother, Others omitted

7. After being born, what was your first memory? (the oldest one)

Ruki Was swinging an Ultraman vinyl doll around
Uruha Often hid inside my mother's skirt
Aoi The place where I ate snacks with relatives
Reita Falling from the bullet train
Kai Bumping my head on the corner of the shouji screen.

8. As a child, what did you want to be?

Ruki Fireman
Uruha Soccer Player
Aoi Bike Racer
Reita Soccer Player
Kai Soccer Player

9. Childhood nickname

Ruki Taka-chan
Uruha Shima
Aoi There wasn't any
Reita Ue-chan
Kai Yukkun

10. Something that was often written about you on your report card

Ruki "Hold your composure"
Uruha "Do your best even at your worst subjects!"
Aoi "There are lots of things you forget, so take care not to forget these things"
Reita "Restless"
Kai "An energetic, good child"

11. As a student, what was your music grade?

Ruki 2!
Uruha 2 in 5th grade
Aoi 4
Reita 2 in 5th grade
Kai 5

12. Best subject in school

Ruki English and Japanese
Uruha Art
Aoi Home economics
Reita Japanese
Kai Mathematics, Current events

13. What school activities/clubs you participated in

Ruki Golf (there is a reason)
Uruha Soccer
Aoi Baseball
Reita Soccer
Kai Soccer

14. What kind of person do people always say you are?

Ruki Nervous
Uruha My Pace
Aoi They don't discuss it much.
Reita Kind, restless
Kai An interesting person

15. If you were to represent yourself with an animal, what would it be?

Ruki You mean a dog? I'll shake my tail for you.
Uruha A duck or a dog
Aoi It's been said I'm like a fox.
Reita Cheetah
Kai Monkey

16. Strong point / weak point

Ruki Too many
Uruha Both at my own pace
Aoi Looking after / Sulking
Reita Gentle / Stubborn
Kai Being positive / Forgetful

17. Something you definitely don't want to lose to

Ruki The feeling of being negative about everything
Uruha Street Fighter II
Aoi A live
Reita Face wrapping
Kai A bullying character

18. What's the first thing you notice about a person?

Ruki Face
Uruha Heart
Aoi Face & clothes
Reita The whole appearance
Kai Mouth

19. Your rival?

Ruki A great person
Uruha Myself
Aoi My father
Reita All of Gazette's band members
Kai Reita

20. Who's a hero, in your opinion?

Ruki Kewpie
Uruha Ultraman. Baltan alien (from Ultraman)
Aoi Parents
Reita Takanori Hatakeyama (Japanese boxer)
Kai Mother

21. Pick-up line

Ruki I like you a lot! Kehe.
Uruha I like you!
Aoi I like you! (he says this in dialect)
Reita I like you a lot so... will you go out with me?
Kai Stick with me! (laugh)

22. If you could be another member for one day, who would you choose? (reason)

Ruki No way.
Uruha Kai, so I could make boxed lunches for everyone.
Aoi I'm fine with being me.
Reita Aoi, because he can speak 3 dialects.
Kai Ruki, because I want to make his room dirty.

23. Habit

Ruki When I don't realize that I am smiling bitterly inside
Uruha Looking at people's faces and grinning
Aoi Playing with my sideburns
Reita Hitting the drum
Kai Putting on a face

24. Something you always say

Ruki Did you lose it? Ha........?
Uruha Eh? Seriously?
Aoi None.
Reita None in particular...
Kai Ha~!? Why~!? I wonder what it is~

25. My boom (current craze)

Ruki Collecting hats. Turning my room into a Zakkaya (miscellaneous shop)
Uruha Playstation 2
Aoi Shopping a lot and anywhere
Reita Collecting Sex Pistols goods
Kai Kopan (a kind of pastry manufactured by Meiji)

26. Something popular among the members

Ruki Winning Eleven (PS2 Soccer game)
Uruha Teasing Kai
Aoi Winning Eleven
Reita Winning Eleven
Kai Food

28. Tobacco brand

Ruki Salem Pianissimo, Marlboro Menthol Light
Uruha Marlboro Menthol Lights
Aoi Marlboro Menthol
Reita Mild Seven Lights
Kai Marlboro Reds Box

29. Favorite brand

Uruha PPFM
Aoi Frois Tideur, Ozone
Reita Back Street Crawler, Ozone Rocks
Kai None in particular

30. Cologne you are using now

Ruki CK-One
Uruha I don't really know, present/souvenir from foreign country (America)
Aoi Davidoff 's 'anything for men'
Reita Bvlgari Pour Homme
Kai Jaguar

31. Things you are collecting

Ruki Hats. Patterned shirts
Uruha Accessories
Aoi Sunglasses, cologne, clothing, accessories
Reita Everything Sex Pistols, like DVDs
Kai Zippos

32. Food you like to eat

Ruki Spaghetti
Uruha Mentai croquette bentou from Origin Bentou
Aoi Things made with love
Reita Kit Kat, tarakosupa (cod roe mixed in spaghetti)
Kai Bananas, Kopan, Nattou (fermented soybeans), mayonnaise

33. Food you dislike

Ruki Green peppers, strawberry
Uruha Olives
Aoi Nothing
Reita Vegetables, mushrooms, shellfish, Kai (He means Kai's cooking ^^;;)
Kai Eggplant, Potato (taro, usually sweet)

34. Cooking specialty

Ruki Spaghetti
Uruha Taco rice
Aoi Boiling rice
Reita I cannot cook!!
Kai Doria (baked rice, with cheese sauce and vegetables), omelette rice, pasta

35. What items must always in your refrigerator?

Ruki ?
Uruha Cola
Aoi Don't have a refrigerator
Reita Barley tea, pudding
Kai Mayonnaise

36. Favorite book

Uruha Silver Accessory Magazines
Aoi Books to increase a guitarist's general knowledge
Reita Kewpie
Kai Hunter X Hunter, One Piece

37. A movie that moved you

Ruki From the north country
Uruha The Pianist
Aoi 'something' New York
Reita John Q
Kai I Am Sam

38. Drama which moved you

Ruki Hakusen Nagashi
Uruha Furikaereba yatsu ga iru (old movie)
Aoi Don't watch dramas
Reita Tokyo Love Story
Kai The 101th proposal (This happens to be a very heart-warming drama; I highly reccommend it)

39. Favorite season (and reason)

Ruki Winter. I can make songs
Uruha Spring! It's warm and fuzzy...
Aoi Winter
Reita Spring, it's easy to live with that weather
Kai Winter, I like Christmas

40. Daily living necessities

Ruki Cigarettes, Cell phone
Uruha Clothes
Aoi Sunglasses, Cologne
Reita Vitamin pills
Kai Especially.... mayonnaise?

41. Your sleeping attire

Ruki Soccer uniform
Uruha In T shirt and boxers
Aoi In T shirt and Jersey pants
Reita Underwear
Kai When no one is around, naked

42. The kind of license do you hold

Ruki Motorcycle
Uruha General
Aoi Medium-sized automatic 2-wheeler (basically a bike), General automobile
Reita General license (car)
Kai none

43. The most expensive item purchased to date

Ruki Can't remember
Uruha Guitar
Aoi Motorcycle
Reita Car
Kai Computer

44. If you didn't become a musician, what do you think you would be doing at this time?

Ruki Employee at a clothes shop or work at general store
Uruha Gamer
Aoi Carpenter
Reita Running a snack shop
Kai Work at a restaurant

45. If you won the lottery, what would you spend the money on?

Ruki Shop till I wanna die.
Uruha I would get a clone made of myself! Uruha number 2.
Aoi Buy a Mac and turn my house into a studio
Reita Return money to my parents, after that buy equipment.
Kai Save it

46. The biggest mischief you've gotten into to date

Ruki I guess it's shoplifting
Uruha In elementary school, I snuck into fishing shop early in the morning.
Aoi I gave my friend a kanchou and used more strength than I thought. (this is uh... when someone comes up behind you and rams their fist into your butt... ;;>.>)
Reita I threw rubbish under Ruki's bed.
Kai I lied about my birthday.

47. Stage drink?

Ruki Pocari Sweat
Uruha Sport drink
Aoi Water
Reita Sport drink or something like that
Kai Pocari

48. Your most frightening memory

Ruki Haunted video. Cursed video.
Uruha Being chased by the yakuza (japanese mafia)
Aoi The time I photographed at hospital ruins
Reita Watching a cursed video
Kai Being frozen in fear

49. Favorite motto/saying

Ruki (no answer)
Uruha To be, be.
Aoi Believe in yourself
Reita If you try hard, you can do it
Kai Killing two birds with one stone

50. Something others say about you that makes you happy

Ruki "You're a good guy aren't you..."
Uruha "If you accept me, I'll be happy"
Aoi "Nice guitar play"
Reita "He's wonderful, isn't he?"
Kai "You're the best!!"

51. Experiences or Things that touched you

Ruki Sometimes I get overwhelmed with joy when I sing Okuribi
Uruha At the one-man live where everyone joined hands and jumped
Aoi When everyone sang "Wakaremichi" at a Live
Reita The first time I saw myself in a book
Kai Receiving 1000 cranes when I was in hospital!

52. Type of woman you like

Ruki A cute girl. A cute girl.
Uruha Someone who holds herself well.
Aoi Someone I can laugh with.
Reita Someone to settle down with, a devoted, giving, kind, feminine person.
Kai Short cut, black hair, feels like the countryside, interesting person.

53. Disliked type of woman

Ruki That one. Worthless one.
Uruha A bratty person.
Aoi A tempremental person
Reita A vulgar person
Kai A girl who over-accessorizes

54. Your treasure?

Ruki Band. Fans.
Uruha My guitar.
Aoi Band members and fans.
Reita Fans
Kai Band members

55. Your current worry

Ruki My sofa bed is broken.
Uruha I am trying to not to worry.
Aoi Making music
Reita I am trying not to have worries.
Kai none

56. When you feel happy

Ruki It's nice feeling the winter wind against me.
Uruha When I'm in love.
Aoi Lives
Reita When I hear music; Lives
Kai When I'm doing a Live

57. Number one place to relax

Ruki Room.
Uruha Countryside.
Aoi Stage.
Reita My house.
Kai My room.

58. Disliked place

Ruki Tour bus
Uruha The city's crowds
Aoi A place that looks like there are ghosts
Reita Bad with appearing in public
Kai Crowded places

59. Number one place in Japan you want to go

Ruki A local area
Uruha A dense forest area
Aoi At the top of the scene
Reita Yamaguchi prefecture
Kai Okinawa

60. Number one overseas location you would like to go?

Ruki London Nights
Uruha New York
Aoi Singapore
Reita France, Italy
Kai France

61. The person you want to meet most at present

Ruki Dog that passed away
Uruha Bob Sapp
Aoi Local friends
Reita My deceased grandfather
Kai My first love

62. If you could change your birth, would you be born as a man or woman? (reason)

Ruki Man!
Uruha Man! Because I have no dissatisfactions being a man.
Aoi Man! It's fun being a man after all.
Reita I'd like to be a man. Because female relationships seem to be messed up.
Kai Man! I want to be in a band again.

63. If you could have 3 wishes come true, what would you ask for?

Ruki Give me money, give me love, fulfill my dream.
Uruha Let me make my parents happy. I want to see the Northern Lights. I want Doraemon's pocket.
Aoi Give me a Mac! I want to enjoy this time more! For everyone's happiness!
Reita I want a notebook computer. I want everyone to know more about Gazette. I want to like vegetables.
Kai Money, I want a Go-anywhere Door (also from Doraemon), I want to return to the past.

64. Worst mistake of your life

Ruki Causing trouble for my parents
Uruha License photograph
Aoi Wasting time
Reita Taking out a lot of loans.
Kai None in particular...

65. The strangest dream you've seen to date

Ruki I was almost killed by a cat.
Uruha I was shot many times in that dream.
Aoi I had a dream wherein 4 corpses floated up at the Nagoya port! On top of that the corpses were laughing.
Reita I was the vocalist... or rather, I sang a twin vocal with Ruki... it was fun...
Kai The dream where Reita was my mother.

66. Something you were happy to receive

Ruki Wallet
Uruha Accessories, clothes
Aoi Clothes
Reita Letters, cigarettes, joint letter I received for my birthday
Kai Clothes, Zippo, accessories

67. What kind of part time jobs have you done?

Ruki Denny's, Royal Host
Uruha 800 shop
Aoi Convenience store and Wedding Hall
Reita Bread shop, Snack shop
Kai Restaurant, cleaning

68. What has been on your mind / worried you recently?

Ruki What's still left for my room...
Uruha North Korea
Aoi Gazette hereafter
Reita How long I will bandage my face.
Kai The lack of Reita's nose.

69. How you spend your days off

Ruki In my room doing nothing
Uruha Doing nothing~ lazing around~
Aoi Casually playing the guitar
Reita Just to sleep... after that play games and such
Kai Watch videos, making songs

70. Person you respect

Ruki Parents
Uruha Sugizo-san (Luna Sea's ex-guitarist)
Aoi Parents
Reita Takanori Hatakeyama (Japanese boxer)
Kai Mother

71. Artiste you like right now

Ruki King Giddra (they're a hip hop rap group consisting Zeebra, K Dub Shine, and DJ Oasis)
Uruha King Giddra
Aoi No one in particular
Reita Rappa Gariya
Kai Dir en grey, Hi-STANDARD

72. CD you like at the moment

Ruki At the moment it's DJ Krash - Mirai
Uruha Saishuuheiki
Aoi Ayumi Hamasaki - I am
Reita Gazette of course...
Kai Marilyn Manson

73. Artist who influenced you

Aoi Many

74. Artist you would like to have a session with?

Ruki Korii
Uruha Sugizo-san
Aoi Metallica
Reita Many...
Kai Gackt

75. First record/CD purchased

Ruki m.c.A.T's "Bomb A Head"
Uruha B'z - Risky
Aoi Odoru ponpokorin
Reita Checker's "giza giza haato no komoriuta" (The Broken Hearted Lullaby)
Kai Lindberg's "Motto aishi aimashou" (Let's Love and Meet More)

76. First live you went to

Ruki X Japan
Uruha Friend's live
Aoi An event at Rokumeikan (live house in Meguro, Tokyo)
Reita Hiroshi Itsuki (this guy's an enka singer)
Kai SMAP! (laugh)

77. Live you want to go to right now

Ruki none
Uruha Gazette, because I can't watch
Aoi Metallica's tour in November
Kai Marilyn Manson's live

78. First song you covered

Uruha LUNA SEA - In My Dream
Aoi X - Kurenai
Kai LUNA SEA - Jesus

79. The first time you performed in front of an audience (when/where)

Ruki 3rd year middle school at camp.
Uruha 3rd year middle school cultural festival.
Aoi Around middle school in the local gym.
Reita In my 2nd year of high school on Oct. 28th at a local live house.
Kai 1st year of middle school at my mom's piano recital.

80. A Live that left an impression? (when/where/reason)

Ruki None yet. In the future.
Uruha Area 2 days one-man! It was fun.
Aoi September 6 Gazette Area One-Man. Until then I hadn't done any Lives that left an impression.
Reita Area one-man! It was the first time I saw only Gazette fans.
Kai July 22 Cheetah, It was my first live after leaving the hospital.

81. Out of your own songs, the one that you like the most

Ruki Okuribi. Ito. Juunana Sai. I think these were good...
Uruha Okuribi
Aoi Wakaremichi
Reita Ito
Kai Haru ni chirikeri, mi wa kareru de gozaimas

82. Live house / hall you've thought about playing at?

Uruha AREA
Aoi Takadanobaba Area
Reita AREA
Kai Urawa Narciss

83. What do you pay attention to in a piece of music?

Ruki Don't go off key. Put emotion into it.
Uruha When the sounds of five people are put together, is everything arranged well?
Aoi The best environment for creativity
Reita The unison of the drums
Kai Rhythm keep

84. Fun things on Tour

Ruki District laws
Uruha Meeting Gazette fans from all over the country
Aoi Meeting fans from all over the country
Reita Food. Then the impressions of fans from various places.
Kai Conversations inside the tour bus

85. Harsh things on Tour

Ruki District laws
Uruha Almost becoming homesick
Aoi Travelling
Reita No time to sleep. Driving...
Kai Being sleepy

86. Things you pay attention to on Tour

Ruki Local food. It doesn't mess up your stomach I guess...
Uruha Not having accidents.
Aoi Management of equipment
Reita All my power all the time!!
Kai Even if whichever place seems the same, having a fun live

87. Something you always do before a Live

Ruki Smoke
Uruha Warm up exercises, stretching
Aoi Keep thinking "I'm the best!"
Reita Stretch
Kai Deep breaths

88. Something you always do after a Live

Ruki Smoke
Uruha Drink Cola, get a smoke
Aoi Gargle
Reita Down drinks
Kai Smoke

89. How you relieve stress when overwhelmed

Ruki Smoke
Uruha Nothing but PlayStation
Aoi Game
Reita Knock out in the car
Kai Game

90. A jinx (superstition) you believe in

Ruki None
Uruha The more modest a person is, the more people will be drawn to that person.
Aoi Because I believe in myself, nothing in particular.
Reita I only believe in myself.
Kai None

91. When making music, what's your #1 outstanding point?

Ruki I can show my will
Uruha Expressing emotion
Aoi Steady effort
Reita How can I express that myself?
Kai Being pleasant

92. Something fun about being in a band.

Ruki The band is fun.
Uruha Not having a destination point.
Aoi Doing music.
Reita Everything is fun .
Kai Lives

93. Something tough about being in a band.

Ruki Nothing.
Uruha If you advance towards the goal, when you reach it, you feel it is still moving away.
Aoi It's all over the place because of different living times.
Reita My life is a big mess.
Kai None

94. What is success to you

Ruki Reaching my limit... then thinking about it..
Uruha Burning out doing things I like! Persisting until the end.
Aoi When I am accepted/recognised by people all around me.
Reita Self-satisfaction.
Kai When I can shine.

95. Message to the You at present

Ruki Do your best!! If you do your best, you'll be okay!
Uruha You are still a baby chick with a shell...
Aoi If it's you, it can be done!
Reita Can't you do better?
Kai Try harder!

96. What would you say to yourself 10 years from now?

Ruki You have grown, haven't you...
Uruha Live as a person who doesn't kiss ass.
Aoi Remember the old you!
Reita How are you? Are you doing music?
Kai Is it okay with many meanings? (laugh)

97. Message to each member

Ruki Uruha, Reita, Aoi, Kai - You guys be happy.
Uruha Ruki... we'll trust and follow you. Reita... Thank you always. Aoi... Together let's do our best. Kai... Nice mood maker!
Aoi To all members - If there are five people it's okay! If it's us, it can be done!
Reita Ruki... Sorry I'm always staying over. Aoi... "aki ga koyanshi" Uruha ... Onibaku ("demon bomber" this probably refers to Bomberman) Kai... Bento man
Kai Ruki... Clothes please! Uruha... Don't stop telling lies! (laughs) Aoi... let me borrow game software. Reita... Let's continue to be friends from here!

98. Outlook from hereafter

Ruki We'll take the world...
Uruha Secret <3
Aoi I can't say from here!
Reita Let's grow with a bang!!
Kai To carve the band's name into history.

99. Message to the fans

Ruki Watch as we take the world... thank you
Uruha Whenever, forever, believe and come along!
Aoi Thanks for always supporting us!
Reita Follow us, okay.
Kai Isn't Gazette the best!?

100. What is Gazette to you?

Ruki Dream.
Uruha With our will, we made life's rails.
Aoi The most awesome partner.
Reita Youth.
Kai Life!!
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31 / F / california... whe...
Posted 7/18/08 , edited 7/19/08
thank you!! this is so great 8D
wow.. some of the answers were hilarious > <
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F / Fantasy World
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aww domo arigatou...u made up my...night xD
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awesome .. i love uruha's funny answers . hahahas
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32 / F / Ruki's Lair.
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ruki's answers made me laugh XD
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27 / F / w o u l d n ' t....
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lol they are funny!!! thnx for it xD
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F / Finland
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19. Your rival?

Ruki A great person
Uruha Myself
Aoi My father
Reita All of Gazette's band members
Kai Reita

Lol. Reita thinks all of GazettE's band members are his rivals ^^ and Kai thinks Reita is his which way I wonder...o(^o^)o
thanks for this!!!!!
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30 / F / Currently...Choco...
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ohhh...I know this article...very funny...if you want I could get many interview of them....just say the word...
I have a friend who is a BIG fan of them and I think she has all their interviews(yup she is a little obsessed)
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sankyuu na~ thats was fun reading it
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