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Posted 7/18/08 , edited 7/18/08
So..what did you guys get?
(My results are on the quiz page!)
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Which Shugo Chara are you?
You are .... Kairi Sanjou! (He's the last person I expect to get. x_x I am pretty amazed...and shock for 10 minutes.)

Which Shugo Chara guy is for you?
Nagehiko or Nadeshiko ( Same as above, the last person, I wanted Daichi. >-> Oh well...)

Who's Your Guardian Chara?
I got Daichi O_O (Awkward....I am not that sporty..)

Who are you as a Guardian chara
I got Ran ( Again last person I expect to get.)

(xD This quizzes has unexpected answers.)
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08
Who Are You In Shugo Chara?
Utau, lol.
You are cold,lonelly and you dont trust anyone. Even if there are so many people who wants to be together with you, you still have a feeling of lonelyness and that everybody are using you. Your other personality is a totally fangirl who always is in love with someone. You will fall in love with: a very charming boy, he is the dram prince all the girls want, but try to not act so crazy when you see him, just relax and calm down .. and be yourself :3
...You know what? I AM like this xD

Which Shugo Chara Guy is For YOU?
Kairi, yay!

Who's Your Guardian Chara?
Weather you are just utterly hopeless at cooking, or are striving to become the next great chef of the world, Su will aid you on your way to become the person you want to be.
:/ Not that happy, but good enough.

If YOU Were A Guardian Chara...
Miki. :] Very satisfied.
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