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Naruto says goodbye to the Hokage, Shikamaru and Sakura. They wish him luck and Fukasaku leaves a frog behind for communication. Naruto rushes to leave but stops when he realizes he doesn't know the way. Fukasaku states it takes a month to get to on foot and the path is hidden. The toad shows him the toad pact scroll and says it's not a problem. Naruto recognizes the scroll and suddenly disappears in a puff of smoke. Tsunade explains that it's reverse Kuchiyose and then toad puffs away as well. Tsunade says they have to focus on decoding the information Jiraiya provided and the others give an affirmative.

Elsewhere it begins to rain in the Rain Country industrial city. Pain holds his arms to the sky and states they are to kill anyone who gets in the way of their capturing the Kyuubi. Naruto suddenly pops into existence in an overgrown area filled with giant plants and mushrooms.

He's confused but then Gamakichi chimes in to say he summoned him. Naruto finally understands and Fukasaku says they should eat first. In the toad’s home Naruto is treated to a soup made of insect and fish parts. Naruto is wary of the meal and is doubled over sick a short time later. Surrounded by meditative toad statues, Fukasaku states he'll explain the differences between normal jutsu and Senjutsu. N

ormal techniques use body stamina and spirit energy, but Senjutsu adds natural external energy. Naruto is confused so Fukasaku says the energy comes from outside, which combines with one's own energy to form a stronger chakra which greatly increases the power of normal jutsu. Naruto is still confused so Gamakichi offers that it’s like adding mint to a chocolate-vanilla ice cream swirl.

Fukasaku chides the young toad for making things more difficult but Naruto states he gets it now. Fukasaku is taken aback that it helped Naruto but Gamakichi explains that it's just how Naruto is. Naruto asks what the external energy is and Fukasaku states it comes from the atmosphere and earth.

Naruto is confused but Gamakichi clarifies it's the air and ground. Naruto understands and Fukasaku decides to just show him. He moves to a large nearby statue and Gamakichi offers his amazement at all the energy being collected. Naruto offers his confusion at seeing nothing, but then suddenly Fukasaku lifts the huge statue over his head.

He puts it back down and Naruto says he didn't see anything outside of a hand seal. Fukasaku explains that Naruto can't yet see the flow of nature but to do that, he's got to become one with the earth and die... Elsewhere Sasuke asks the man before him if he's the Eight-Tails. The man is taken aback by Sasuke's informality and retorts that doesn't he mean to say "honorable" Eight-Tails or "powerful" Jinchuuriki? Sasuke looks on and states they mean to capture him...

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