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hey there! im a mod for the group starlight graphics, and starting today, the first new avi contest will be in progress!!

Start- Now (july 18?)
1- u have to make ur own avi
2- u CANT request it from some1 else
3- it CANT have (c)... on it
4- i will track ur recent fourm post and if u did not make ur avi u will be deleted from this group.
5- u cant copy some1 elses avi
6- no bad words swearing or anything (although u can put stars **)
7- maximum of 4-5 pictures only!!

on the avi u may put-
1- any cute decorations!! ^_^
2- u MUST put starlight graphic some where clearly visable

1- currently mods and the creator will vote meaning they CANNOT participate. BUT if the marjoity of mods want to participate then u must post a comment saying u want o ^-^, if this happenes I )sakura16rox) and the creator will be judges!
THERE WILL ONLY BE 2 WINNERS!! 3 if there are at least 4 pages

DEAD LINE- august (not sure yet!!)

PRIZE- if u win u will be rewarded with - being but in the hall of fame,(which i will make soon) a SPECIAL avi made by a requested mod (meaning u choose who u want to make it)
thats all enjoy!!
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1st entry..

i know is bad... but i'll improve.. theres more to come...
Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/21/08
Here are my entries! I'll make 2 more later if I feel like it. >.<;
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