Post Reply Soo...WWE bought FCW too huh?...
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Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/19/08
LOL....before it was ECW....
and now FCW...:))
WWE is sure damn rich on buying brands soo easily...
i wonder wut'll be next...??
i'd be freakinly shocked if that would've happened..ROFLMAo~!!
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Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/19/08
Actually since I read a lot about the indies, just going to clarify how FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) came to be with WWE. As some of you may or may not know, the WWE used to have 2 "minor leagues" to let talent learn before they get brought up, like a sports team. OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) was the big one that trained the likes of Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton and Batista to name a few. FCW was the other, which I believe is where John Cena trained as the Prototype (but his main training came from UPW in California, where for example Lena Yada of ECW is now training). Long story short, they decided to cut ties with OVW and have only 1 feeder system in FCW, transferring the talent down there. And no don't expect a TNA buyout anytime soon but yeah, anything can happen. Just wanted to clariry that up.
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