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Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/19/08
there's no limitations.........except for having amu with tadase and the other boys!

i know you wouldn't do that..........

here..i'll start it...

ikuto founds amu with 3 eggs and was interested in her........he saw her attractive and beautiful charater and face then.............
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Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/23/08
Ikuto walked towards her , sniff her a bit , wagged his cat tail , and made his cat ears moved abit .
He then started to say : Hey , what's your name ?
Amu was startled by the sight of his cat ears and tail and started shouting
Ikuto covered her mouth and brought her to somewhere deserted ..........................
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Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/28/08
It turn out Ikuto brought Amu to a deserted cat alley using a cat couse and when Ikuto turn around Amu was so close to him that they accidentally kiss , Amu was so shock she fainted in Ikuto arms..................
Posted 10/19/08 , edited 1/4/09
(i just noticed it had to continue frm above xDD)

A week has passed, Amu has not seen Ikuto and went for a walk at night.

Utau had tears rolling down her face and questioned ikuto whilst amu was dere.
Utau: "What is she to you? Is she more important dan me?"
Ikuto: "S-She's just an enemy!" he randomly said as he didnt want utau to be hurt

Utau suddenly leaped onto ikuto kissing him {ewwwww}

Amu being in an awkward position and strange feeling in her heart, ran away clenching onto her chest where her heart was.
It began to pour with rain so amu sheltered under a tree. She started to cry and was unsure about her feelings towards ikuto.

Ikuto appeared nxt to her but she didnt take notice {YESS she is crying in the picture ;D }

Ikuto: haha we're you jealous? *light laughter*
Amu: ..Arent i just an enemy? Why would you care how i feel?"

Amu feeling heart-broken realised her feelings. She faced him and glared into his eyes for a while and mouthed 'Aishiteru' and immediately ran off despite the heavy rain. Ikuto tried to recap dat moment trying to solve what she said.

Amu wiped her tears whilst rushing and wasn't taking notice of anyfing: slipped! Ikuto as always with his cat reflexes grabbed hold of her and stared into her eyes. {Nyawwwwww}

He then whispered; "I love you too"

Ahh i kinder messed up the last part XDD

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Posted 1/13/09 , edited 11/25/14
After that Ikuto Decided to walk Amu Home.
Ikuto:I'll walk you home.
Amu:Honto? Okay.

Amu:This is not familiar.
Before She knew it She was some where else Ikuto took her instead.

Yes she had fun.
Amu:Ikuto go on the merry go round with me!!
Ikuto:Go yourself.
Amu:Muei. Rock-paper-sissors!
She Won and he Had too.

They R on the Horse!! Then-it was time to go home. He dropped her off then Before he left He said. I love you and I'll come back.

Amu:See u later!

Okay ppl wat do u think? To lovey Dovey?
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Posted 1/30/09 , edited 1/30/09
owkaay this is my firt time people

the next day amu went shopping for her mother and stumbled into utau...
utau didn't immidiatly realize it whas amu, and appolegized over and over.

amu: come on, you don't need to apolegize utau

utau brings on the 'i kissed ikuto' subject and they got into a big fight (with words ofcourse xD)

utau: i really don't know what ikuto sees in a little girl like you.. you don't even have a fullgrown body
amu: ooh!! well , maybe he looks at the size of the brain~
utau: oww.. so ikuto likes nuts
etc. ....

they continue to "talk" for a while and amu decided it was time to go home.

they're she found ikuto...
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Posted 4/25/09 , edited 4/25/09
when amu got home she took a shower and went to bed 5 mins after she went to bed she finally realized ikuto was there

*amu looks at ikuto*
Amu - *thinks to herself* well he does look cute when he;s asleep
*ikuto opens his eyes*
*ikuto looks at amu*
Ikuto - yo
Ikuto - sleeping what else
Amu - why don;t you go sleep in your own bed
Ikuto - cause i'm lonely there here im not
*ikuto puts his arm around amu*

Amu - get your hand off me
Ikuto - make me
*amu gets annoyed*
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Posted 5/8/09 , edited 5/8/09
haha u guys are funny they really should of made it like that!!! yup
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Posted 10/24/09 , edited 10/25/09
Amu was still really annoyed when she heard foot-steps, Ikuto having noticed her tense up, opened his eyes and removed his arm from around Amu. Then Amu's mom opened the door and gasped in shock, Amu's eyes were wide with fear, Ikuto was sitting up on the edge of her bed, Amu's moms eyes were locked onto Ikuto and her expression quickly turned to fury.

Amus mom - Downstairs. Now. Both of you.

So Amu and Ikuto got up and followed Amus mom down the stairs.

Amus mom - Sit in the Dining Room. Now.

Amu and Ikuto sat as far away from each other as possible , trying to make it look like a friendly visit instead of a Snuggle-Party.

Amus mom stabbed the cutting board in the kitchen with her chefs knife and went to sit with Amu and Ikuto.

Amus Mom - Whats going on?

Amu and Ikuto together - NOTHING.

Amus moms face hardened even more and she huffed out a large breath.

Amus mom - I want to know whats going on between you two, NOW.

Ikuto and Amu looked at each other nervously.
Ikuto turned his head to Amus mom.

Ikuto - I was talking to Amu about an item she borrowed from me.

Amu turned her head to her mother and nodded.

Amus mom - Oh? What item?

They all looked at eachother again.

Ikuto - Umm, She borrowed a screwdriver of mine to fix something her friend gave to her.

Amus moms face softened.
Amus mom - Very well, I believe you and Amu
Amus mom - You head home.
She nodded to Ikuto.

Ikuto got up and went home. (actually, he snuck up the side of the house to Amus room again.)
Amus mom - *sigh* I wish you would tell me thing more often, Amu.
And Amus mom stalked off.
Amu stood shocked, but recovered and ran to her room.
She turned around and gasped in shock as she saw Ikuto in her bed AGAIN.
She quickly recovered and went to lay beside Ikuto.

Ikuto sat up and sorta hung himself over Amu.
Amu looked up into his eyes and eventually got lost.
Ikuto seeing her lost in his eyes, leaned down and kissed Amu.
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Posted 10/24/09 , edited 10/25/09
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Posted 11/23/09 , edited 11/24/09
hello girls I am new in this group, so please get me right. really love the couple Amuto. I know everyone and everyone if there are some boys in this group.
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Posted 12/12/09 , edited 12/13/09
that one pic of amu and ikuto kissing does tat really happen in the anime series ( by the way im a girl i just using my bros account :P)
Posted 1/31/10 , edited 2/1/10
and then amu starts to enjoy ikutos kissing
amu:stop it already!!
amu:bcuz if my mom finds out then she will punish me and then ill never see you again!!
ikuto:good point!!
ikuto:well i have to head home now laters!!
amu thinks about ikuto and thinks about givin' him a valentine for valentines day!
ikuto arrives at amus door
amu : y-ya!!!???
ikuto:wanna go to the mall?
amu:sure i love to!!
ikuto and amu have a great time of their lives at the mall!!
amu:this is sooo fun just for b-ing at the mall!!
ikuto:i knew you would love it!! lets go to my place
~so they go and then they start kissing at the door !!~
utau sees and slaps amu
amu:why did u do that!!
utau:how could you have kissed my brother in front of my face!!
amu:sounds like someone is jealous and THIS IS UR BROTHER!!!????
amu : y didnt you tell me ikuto??
ikuto:i didnt no
amu:u didnt no what?? like you wouldnt no i would b surprised??
amu:im going home i never want to see your face again!!!!
~goes home in shame and hasnt left home sincce then!!

well thats my first time i hope you like it haha!! ill make more later rite now im tired!!
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Posted 2/9/10 , edited 2/10/10
Amu is sleeping, snoring slightly while Ikuto stares at her and laughs to himself~ he climbed in through the window for the first time in 3 months. Finally, to get her awake, he gives her a raspberry (when you blow on their stomachs to make a tooting sound) and she wakes up immediately in shock and scared-ness.
IKUTO-- shhh, honey. it's just me ^smiles a beatiful smile and takes Amus hand^
IKUTO-- Amu stop! I love you and that's all that matter. ^kisses amu passionately^
AMU-- well ikuto... honestly i've missed you but... what about my mom? what about Utau?? and why didnt you tell me??
IKUTO-- well she was adopted so really she isnt my sister. we can go back to my place and hang out.... and utau can go to the mall or something idk-- all i know is that i can get rid of her. this is OUR time to chill, babe!
AMU-- ohhh, ikuto

Utau goes to the mall with Yaya unhappily, and Ikuto and Amu go to Ikutos house. They kiss for a while then play truth or dare.
Amu-- truth or dare?
Ikuto-- dare.
Amu-- i dare you to scream out the window what you feel about me
Ikuto-- my favorite
Amu-- ohhhhhh you flirt!!!
Amu-- ok my turn!
Ikuto-- truth or dare.
Amu-- hmmm... DARE
Ikuto-- i DARE you to marry me.

everything goes silent and Amu faints into Ikuto's perverted cat arms.
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Posted 2/17/10 , edited 2/17/10
When Amu wakes up and sees Ikuto Lying next to her!?!?!

Ikuto--What did i scare you?!
Amu--WELL OF COUSE I wouldnt scream for no reason!
Ikuto--True ''Pushes Amu Down''

So will you marry me?
you did dare me to scream my love for you now its time to do my dare?!
Amu--TTHAATS! Even if it is a dare thats something i cant do sorry
Ikuto--But y?? were in love!
Amu--Yeh i know still to YOUNG?!?!?!?!
Ikuto--Wel are you to young for this?!?'' Goes on top of her and puts his perverted right hand up her top''
Ikuto--I just love flat girls like you its makes me want to...''Ikuto Kisses Amu''
Ikuto--''Laughs''Dnt Worry i wouldnt dare do that to you without asking you!
Amu--Without asking me!?!? And if u mind can u please remove your hand from under my top?
Ikuto--I forgot!
Amu--''Thoughs'' Hhe Forrgot!?OMG the time i need to go! Oh and Ikuto''Blushes'' Today was nicee bbye!!!! ''Runs off''
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