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Posted 2/21/10 , edited 2/21/10
amu gets home sill thinking about what ikuto said

amu:(inside thought's) i can not belive he asked me to marry him! and then he put his hand in my top!!

amu's mom: amu! good your home we are going on vaycation why dont you ask that boy to come with us...your father wont be happy but your geting older and i trust you.

amu: invite ikuto!? realy i can!!!???

amus mom: yes you can if he wonts to go

amu: i'll call him right now jus give me a sec. and i'll tell you what he said

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Posted 2/21/10 , edited 2/21/10
this was my first what do you think!?
Posted 2/21/10 , edited 2/21/10
i like it vaycation yaaaaayyy
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Posted 2/21/10 , edited 2/21/10
i liked yours to you had good ideas i love them
Posted 2/21/10 , edited 2/22/10
oh thanks!!!
Posted 2/23/10 , edited 2/24/10
amu:heeey ikuto do u want to go on vacation with us?
ikuto:okay sure ill meet cha at your house when don packing
amu:okay i tell my mom
ikuto:okay byez
~hangs phone up~
amu : mom he said yes!!
mom:okay pack now we are leaving in a while!!
amu: hai!!
~goes up stairs and packs~
amu : im doo-one!!
mom:okay amu!! some1 is here to see ya!!
amu:okay thx
~amu goes downstairs and opens the door~
ikuto:are you guys ready?
ikuto:okay mayz i come z in?
ikuto:wow so we r really going on vaycation huh?
mom:im done get in the car and lets go!!
~gets in a car~

well i no its not that great but at least i wrote again lol
Posted 3/29/10 , edited 3/30/10
watcha think?? boring huh?? yeah i agree it was horrible!!
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Posted 6/11/10 , edited 6/11/10
Ikuto,Amu,Ami,and there parents are all in the car going on vacation.

Ami- are we there yet??
Mom- no we will be there soon.
Ikuto- umm i forgot to ask... where are we going on vacation to?
Amu- oh ya i was so busy packing and stuff that i totally forgot to ask to.
so umm were are we going??
Dad- we are going to the beach...ami you going to look so adorble
in your new swimsute!!!we are gonna take tons of pictures!!
Ami- yay pwicturs!!
Mom- honey we have guests.
Dad- huh oh yeah!!
Ikuto- (laughs slightly) it okey im just happy to be here!!
Mom- ahh hes such a gentle men im so happy that our daughter
is dateing someone like you
Amu- mom you enbarissing me!! so where will we be staying?
Ami- we will be staying at gwandmas howse!!!!
Mom- thats right, she has plenty of room for us and shes veary close
to the beach. amu and ami will share a room and ikuto will have his own room.
Ikuto- that sounds great.
(another houre gose bye)

Dad- we are here!!!!
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Posted 6/11/10 , edited 6/11/10
that was my first time i hope you liked it
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Posted 6/26/10 , edited 6/26/10
once they had gotten to their rooms, unpacked and settled Ikuto when over to Amus room.
Ikuto: +leans over toward Amu+ hey why dont yu show me around??
Amu: EH?! Uhh... o-okay!
While Amu showed him around, Ikuto saw a terrace that had shown the whole beach.
Ikuto: why dont we go down there?
Amu: o-okay. but i thought yu--
Ikuto: +Character change, grabs Amu, and leaps to the beach+ we're here!
After Amu got over her dizzyness Ikuto grabs Amus waist and pulls her in close to him. Amu looks up at Ikuto finding herself once again getting lost in his eyes.
Ikuto: Amu, come here.
Amu: what is it, Ikuto?
Ikuto: a little closer...
Amu: tell me!
Ikuto caught Amu by the lips! And kissed her Passionately!
Amu: Mnnn... hey my parents will see us!
Ikuto: so? Let 'em see! Relax its vacation!
Amu:ohh... Okay!
so Ikuto and Amu sat on the beach, sleeping in each other arms for the rest of the afternoon.
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Posted 6/26/10 , edited 6/26/10
First time how do ya like it?!
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Posted 7/3/10 , edited 7/3/10
Yo. I like what you're thinking, about amu. x Ikuto. But that story's abit exaggerating, ain't it?
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Posted 7/5/10 , edited 7/5/10
Amu's eyes drifted open slowly. The world seemed hazy for a moment, but the blurriness eventually subsided. She sat up, and suddenly found herself lost in the violet eyes of a certain someone. She cracked a smile, snuggling deeper in the protection of his arms. "Ikuto…," she whispered, her voice lingering in the air.

Ikuto shifted his position, cocking a quizzical eyebrow. "Yes?" he murmured in her ear with a smooth voice. He smiled softly as the pink haired girl in his arms blushed intensely. "We should head back now, I'm sure my parents are wondering where we are," she uttered under her breath, twiddling with her fingers.

He nodded in understanding. "You're right," he responded, moving away from her. "Come on, lead the way." He stood, holding out his hand to her. She took hold of it, and he hauled her upwards.

Amu fell into his arms clumsily, and he instantly embraced her. "I love you," he spoke, touching her cheek like a lover. Amu felt her face flush, as she glanced up at Ikuto. "I know that," she said in reply, "I love you too."

Ikuto leaned down and pressed his lips to hers without another word. She kissed back passionately, throwing her arms around his neck. They eventually pulled apart, but they longed for more, much more.

Their lips met yet again; this time it was heated. Ikuto broke the kiss, and instead placed one on her forehead. "Let's go," he suggested in a low voice. Amu nodded, wordless. She headed back to the building where they stayed, caught in a trance.

First time, enjoy!

@ BrewingStorm
It's fan-made, there shouldn't be a problem. owo;;
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Posted 7/6/10 , edited 7/6/10
They go to the Amu`s grandmother and there was Amu`s mother:

Amu`s mother: Well,well... You two are together , right?
Amu: *Blushes* W...w..well... He catched me ... and he .... and... he said he love me.. and

*Ikuto whisper at Amu`s ear*

Ikuto: Shh..Amu...Tell her the truth. Don`t lie her! She trust us , and she wil understand.
Amu: *Talks back* Umm.. yea, you`re right! Mom... Sorry for lying you... Yea...we`re together!
Amu`s mom: Thank you Amu! Thank you for telling me the truth! From now on, I will really trust you! Now kids, come to dinner!
Amu and Ikuto: Hai! (Yes!)

Amu`s dad: Hoooneeey!!! Come heere!!! Ami`s SO SWEET!!!
Amu`s dad and mom together: Awwwwww!!! Amii!!!!

Amu`s dad: Come heere! Amii-Chan! Pictureees!
Ami: Pwictureees! Haaai!

*After Amu and Ikuto eat...*

Ikuto: Amu.. Its already night... lets go sleep~nya! See you tomorrow~nya!
Amu: Hai! * Amu sleeps deeply and here what she was dreaming* :

Ikuto: Amu... do you want marry me?
Amu: I..Ikuto...
Ikuto: I brought this dress...for you , my love!
Amu: O..Oh.... I.. Ikuto...

*She smiled and said very louder out of dreaming*

Amu: I...IKUTO????
Ikuto: *Laughing smoothly* Shh^^.. I love you!
Amu: I love you too.. you scared meee!
Ikuto: Sorry,honey~nya!
*Ikuto come realy close to Amu...and kissed her...*

*Amu enjoyed the kiss*

Ikuto: I will love matter what...~
*And then.......................*

This is my first post and story~ Please continue and enjoy it!
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Posted 7/6/10 , edited 7/7/10
i am so jealous
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