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Posted 4/13/11 , edited 4/14/11
Hi I'm new im gonna try continuing

Dad walked in as they were kissing.

and then mom arrived into the room.

Mom: Honey what happened?
Amu: Sorry, Mum. Me and Ikuto were kissing and then dad walked in.
Mom: Honey, I know you are worried about Amu but they're together.
Mom takes Dad outside to the hall.

Ikuto: Im sorry, but lets continue
Amu: But we're already in trouble. I dont want any more.
But Ikuto doesn't care and continue kissing Amu
Amu starts to enjoy it.
Until Ikuto sticks his hand up Amu's shirt
Amu Shoves Ikuto onto the floor.
Amu: (in a quiet voice)Stop it please.
Ikuto: OK. But I'll do somthing else.
Ikuto then started licking Amu's Face.
Amu enjoys it and lets Ikuto continue.


I hope you enjoy this.
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Posted 4/22/11 , edited 4/23/11
Guess its my turn
Amu:i really think we should stop now before we get in serious trouble
Ikuto:your right but i hope we can continue Amu

Mysterious Caller: I LOVE YOU IKUTO

Ikuto:who the hell is this?
Mysterious Caller:your lover ~hangs up~

Amu who was it?
Ikuto:no one now where were we?

Amu:we were ganna kiss
ikuto:ok but i won't do anything serious to cause you to lose your virginity


I tried my best hopefully you like it
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Posted 4/23/11 , edited 4/24/11
My turn again!!

Amu's mind was completely on the mystery caller, she couldn't help if she heard everything the girl on the other end said! She really wasnt in the mood for "ikuto love" but Ikuto attacked her.
Amu: MNN! I'm sorry Ikuto but I'm not in the mood to do anything right now.
Ikuto: hmph. boring..
Amu: I'm sorry but I have alot on my mind!
Ikuto: like what?
Amu (thinking): like what?! like what?! Like the fact that we were interrupted twice and your still in the mood to make-out! you idiot!
Ikuto: .... tell me.
Amu: uh nothing that you should really be concerned about!!
Ikuto: okay... fine I'm goin to sleep. night.
Amu: ah! ik---
*door slam*
She was flustered and confused! She couldnt she and was wanting to stay in Ikuto's arms like that afternoon on the beach. She decides to go to ikuto's bedroom.
Amu: Ikuto??
She sees the window open and looks outside.
Ikuto: yo.
Amu: umm... can I stay with you...?
Ikuto: sure.
Amu (thinking): What is he doing here? I'm so sorry ikuto. really, if i made you mad as hell then i'm totally sorry! a
Ikuto (looks over): hey what--
Amu was crying. she couldn't hold her tears back.
Amu: I'm sorry Ikuto! I love you very much and I never wanna let go of you!!
Ikuto: (smiles): Come here you big idiot!
She crawls over to him. hugging him. kissing him. then hugging again. she cried there in his arms.
Ikuto: You know...
Amu: hm? *sniff*
Ikuto: I won't let you go that easily again.
Amu: Jeez Ikuto! you big pervert!
they sat there until Amu fell asleep. Ikuto carried her in and put her in his bed. He sat right next to her.
Ikuto: I'm sorry. I have to go.
he snuck out the window. Amu heard him and got up when he left.
Amu: wha..?
she looked out the window where he left. he wasnt there. She cried again. She tried to think of all the reasons why he would leave. then she knew.
Amu: it couldn't have been...! that mystery caller?!
done! like it?
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Posted 4/24/11 , edited 4/24/11
good one fizzybiz1 omg i loved it you made it even better than mine thats a good one great idea's
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Posted 4/24/11 , edited 4/24/11
thank yuu! i try my best
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 5/4/11 , edited 5/4/11
hi im new here but i just LOVE this story i want someone to continue
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 5/4/11 , edited 6/13/11
ill continue it but its my first time so....
Amu: ran, character change!
she jumped all over town looking for ikuto but she didn't find him.
Amu: i give up, i cant find ikuto .and she went home and to her surprise,IT WAS IKUTO!!!
Ikuto:of course honny.
Ikuto:i went to go and sort out some business
Amu:(in her thoughts)could it be the mysterious caller?!
Ikuto: what is it babes.
Ikuto:sorry for leaving you in my room.
Amu: its ok.
Ikuto leaned forward and gave amu a peak on the lips and amu pulled ikuto into a more passionate kiss
hope you liked it
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Posted 5/7/11 , edited 5/7/11
MYSTERIOUS CALLER: Ikuto your back i missed you
Ikuto: why did you call me when i was with Amu Sayaa
Sayaa: well i love u and if i can't have you no one can
Ikuto: What will it take for you to leave amu alone
Sayaa: well the deal is that you have me lose my virginity and then i will leave your precious amu alone
Ikuto: OK but we have to make it quick
~end of flashback~
Amu: Ikuto last night who were you on the phone with?
Ikuto: (in thought)maybe i should tell her the truth but it wil break her heart
Amu:im waiting
Ikuto: Like you said nothing ot be concerned about
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F / can you see me? r...
Posted 5/7/11 , edited 5/7/11
[First time in a long time]
amu: but im still concerned

ikuto: why?

amu: because you know how i get curious

ikuto: look just go to sleep and we'll take about it later (picks up amu but her in the hall and
closes the door)

amu: Ikuto! baka baka baka baka!

ikuto: (thinking should i tell amu or go to sayaa to make her leave amu alone?) Anyway im beat I'll think about it later. (Yawns)

amu: (opens the door) good night!!!

ikuto: Bye bye! (kisses amu on the cheek)

Amu: (blushes and marches back to her room and slams the door) Again i won't be able to sleep...

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Posted 5/7/11 , edited 5/7/11
You guys make awesome stories!
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Posted 5/16/11 , edited 5/16/11
I like doing this so much, imma write again :)
Amu had stayed up the whole night thinking about that person on the other end of the phone.

Amu: morning...
Ikuto: Hey sleepy head.
Amu: where is everyone?
Ikuto: sight-seeing.
Amu: you didnt go?
Ikuto: nah. you're the only one i want to be with right now.
Amu: how sweet. *yawns*
Ikuto: get changed we're heading out.
Amu: where?
Ikuto: Everywhere.

Once she had gotten changed, Amu and Ikuto headed to a nearby park.

Ikuto: Chara Change!
Amu: urm...! Chara Change (i guess )! where are we going?!
Ikuto: Lets go to Hawaii!
Amu: what?!

They raced each other there. wow, all the way around the world! Amu had the best afternoon there!

Amu: where to next?
Ikuto: Paris!
Amu: Fancy!
(another race to paris...)
Amu: What will we do here?
Ikuto: Dinner...
Ikuto: on the eiffel tower.
Amu: You spoil me!

They got to the top. someone was at their table.

Ikuto: hey I'm sorry but thats our--
Sayaa: hey there kitty.
Ikuto: what the hell are you doing here?
Amu: Who is she?
Sayaa: I'm Ikuto's mistress. WHAT are you?
Amu: Ikuto? is that true?
Ikuto: It's not entirely true..
Amu: So she is your mistress. I guess I'm not enough.
Ikuto: thats not it!
Amu: then what?!

Amu was crying so much. Sayaa looked at her with a smirk.

Sayaa: Ikuto, babe, lets leave this MUTT before it gets ugly.
Ikuto: let go! Who the hell are you to come and tell who's who?!
Amu: Mistress-san...
Sayaa: I'M SAYAA.
Amu: okay, Sayaa, what are your intentions by ruining our date?
Ikuto: Amu... I have to tell you something.
Amu: wait.
Sayaa: I plan on getting my rightful place as Ikuto's girlfriend again. You don't deserve it with such small boobs!
Amu: *covering her chest* they aren't THAT small...
Sayaa: whatever. Ikuto's mine.
Ikuto: You're such a stalker. I wasn't gonna let YOU lose your virginity to me.
Sayaa: then who? don't tell me its that MUTT...
Ikuto: I love that "mutt"---
Amu: HEY.
Ikuto: sorry. I love Amu with all my heart. she got my love by being by my side whether she was angry happy or sad.
Sayaa: ugh. the bad boy loves goodie two shoes... how awkward. fine have it your way tonight, but I'm not giving up. Seeee yaaa my kitty!
Ikuto: ew, creepy.
Amu: *crying* Please don't ever leave my side!
Ikuto: Amu... Idiot. I'm not goin anywhere.

A whole two weeks passed by and their beach vacation was over. they came back home not knowing the next obstacle in the way of their relationship.
RAWR. RAWR. do you like it? it was gonna end when Sayaa came in but I had more ideas... I probably shouldn't take up the story but i love writing it! please forgive me... one more thing: please don't report for bad language. I was in the zone while writing this so...

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F / can you see me? r...
Posted 5/16/11 , edited 5/17/11
{I wanna write again too!}

After the Beach vacation amu and ikuto went back to their school. (This story they go to the same school) And their next challenge was right under their feet>

Amu: man I am so happy going back to seeing my friends!
Ikuto: eh..
Amu: What do you mean eh...?
Ikuto: It means seeing Tadase.
Amu: You're right
Ikuto: Now you notice...?!

-Bell Rings-

Amu: Bye gotta go to Class!
Ikuto: -kisses amu bye-

Amu arrives into class to see her worst Nightmare! Sayaa!

Teacher: Class meet our new student. Sayaa ______. Sayaa has just transfered here.
Sayaa: Hello everyone. I hope I'll make friends and get to know everyone on you.-stares at amu-
Amu: -Eek!-
Teacher: Okay Sayaa you will be sitting next to Hinamori Amu. Amu can you raise your hand.
amu raised her hand and Sayaa sat down next to her.
Amu: What are you doing here!
Sayaa: I don't know What you are talking about!
Amu: Oh yeah then Explain to mean what happened at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Sayaa: -out loud- I'm sorry Amu I am trying to pay attention to the teacher.
Teacher: Amu! Detention for talking in Class!
Amu: GRrrrr!
After School. Amu had to stay back for detention. While Sayaa tried to seduce Ikuto.

Sayaa: Ikuto can we have that quicky now?
Ikuto: Are you out of your mind?
Sayaa: Out of my mind or you!
Ikuto: Sayaa! I love Amu end of story
Sayaa: You know our agreement!!!
Ikuto: Yeah well its off!
Sayaa: Fine! THan do you want me to tell Amu what you said to me 5 years ago in France!
Ikuto: I was on the tour with my band and me and amu had a big fight that year and I was young and stupid and it doesn't mean anything anymore!
Sayaa: We'll see if it means anything to Amu

After Amu's detention Sayaa basicly pulled Amu for some milkshakes and broke the news to Amu about what happened 5 years ago.

Amu: -calls ikuto- Ikuto is it True!
Ikuto: What did Sayaa say to you!
Amu: What you did 5 years ago!
Ikuto: I can explain!
Amu: No! I refuse to listen to you!
Ikuto: w wait Amu!
Amu: -cuts the call-

{Thats all I got for today! Hoped you liked it! Bye Gotta go to bed!}
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 5/17/11 , edited 6/13/11
my turn again :)
Amu is baling in her fave pillow
Amu:how could he do that
Amu's mum comes in the room.
Amu's mum: amu r u OK?
Amu:-wipes her tears- I'm OK
Amu's mum: OK... dinners on the table
Amu:I'm not hungry
Amu's mum:o OK. IL leave you Alone now
After she leaves ,amu saw Ikuto standing on her balcony
ikuto:i came to explain
Amu: i don't want to see you right now
Ikuto: just hear me out for a minute
i ran out of ideas right now
and fizzybiz1 and xX_Random_Xx what do u want to do in the future u lot write some killer stories
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 5/19/11 , edited 5/19/11
is any1 gonna write after me i wanna c what hapens next but im out of ideas
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 5/20/11 , edited 5/20/11
me 2 ~nya :3
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