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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 5/20/11 , edited 6/13/11
i guess ill go again
Amu: I'm listening
ikuto: i was young and foolish and on a tour with my band
Ikuto:-grabs amu and endraces her from the back said-I'm so very sorry in a sad lonesome tone
Amu starts crying and turned to hug ikuto wen amuu saw sayaa on her balcony with a face on
~tap,tap,tap~ amus slid door went
ikuto looked at the door and was shocked to see her
Ikuto:OK enough is enough I'm sick of u coming between me and amu
Sayaa:the fulfill ur promise
Amu:what promise?
Sayaa:o my kitten never told u, he will make me a vergin no more -then did her usual laugh-
Amu:Ikuto,is that true?
Ikuto:sorta......she said if i did she would leave u alone but......i dont wanna hurt u any more
after he said that sayaa ran and kissed him (passionately ) and amu fainted
Ikuto:AMU!? -pushed sayaa away and ran to amu's side
a few mins l8er amu woke up and saw ikuto beside her then started 2 cry
Ikuto:Amu your awake *grins*
Ikuto:amu I'm so sorry.i just wanna protect you
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F / can you see me? r...
Posted 5/21/11 , edited 5/21/11

and fizzybiz1 and xX_Random_Xx what do u want to do in the future u lot write some killer stories

Thanks! oh and I wanna be a writer in the future. But not the writers who have a crappy life and all

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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 5/22/11 , edited 5/22/11
i thought u would be a writer it realy suits ur personality and u write somr realy good stories
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20 / F
Posted 6/10/11 , edited 6/10/11
thanks! actually I wanna be a mangaka or singer
I'll continue again!!!
Amu looked at him with teary eyes.
Amu: Sayaa, is there any other way to get you off his back?!
Sayaa: I dont know lemme think... It has to involve ikuto being with me
Ikuto: NO.
Sayaa: oh com'on my kitten! lets just do it and be done with it.
Ikuto: I seriously can't do th--
Amu: Ikuto. its.. uh.. its fine. she'll be gone after that right?
Ikuto: but Amu...
Amu: Sayaa. I give you permission to "borrow" Ikuto for one night.
Sayaa: Thats more like it! come here my kitten!
Ikuto: Amu... are you sure?
Amu: positive...
Sayaa and Ikuto jump out the window, disappearing in the shadows.
Amu: ...positively not..
She sat on her bed crying with a pillow in her arms.
Amu: Ikuto... i didnt mean it...
Sayaa took Ikuto to an alleyway.
Ikuto: uhm not to make things awkward but... is this where...?
Sayaa: NO! ugh... I'm not gonna do anything with you tonight. I was sent to lure you... Amu made things so much harder.
Ikuto: what?! so what am i doing here??
Sayaa: My "boss" seems more interested in you more than me and I have a feeling you arent returning to "amu-chan"
thats all i got.... its not the best. enjoy!
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 6/12/11 , edited 6/13/11
chase your dreams you will be great at what you become and i wish i could writh stories like you two~nya
ikuto:WHO'S YOUR BO--
a hand with a knock out rag (i dont know the name of it) went over his noes and he fell to the ground.two people took ikuto to the back of a black van.
ikuto:*wakes up in dark room*what? where am i? WHAT HAPPEND?!
strange voice:ikuto,dont you remember me?
ikuto:WHO ARE YOU?!
strange voice:ikuto,that hurts,dont you remember me your first girlfriend!!!
ikuto:MINA?!?!?!?! O__O
mina:corect ikuto.the first girls heart you broke
ikuto:mina,if i hert you that bad then im s--
mina:save it ikuto,i dont want your pitty......I WANT REVENGE

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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 6/14/11 , edited 6/14/11
someone pls continue im fresh out~nya
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21 / F / ?
Posted 6/16/11 , edited 6/16/11
Ikuto:Please Mina!!! Let me go back to Amu-chan!!!!!

Mina:HELL NO!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE MINE IKUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I'M GONNA MAKE YOU PAY!!!!!!!!! NOW BE SILENT. Whe you left me, I was distraught. I tried everything. Drugs, smoking, puppies... The whole shebang. But nothing made me happy any more. You were my life! And then I realized, the only thing that would make me happy would ultimately be... Your death. So here we are, the classic scenario, and freaked out boyfriend and his psycho ex. I'll kill you, and then I'll top myself. Easy peasy. No one could ever put me in jail. Just shut up and die!

Ikuto:*yells*AMU WILL SAVE ME!!!!! I hope...

Mina:*laughs inasanely :w00t:*Ikuto honey, we're in a bunker twelve metres underground. And I have the only key. Unless this Amu is SuperWoman, you're deader than a flat-footed dodo
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 6/17/11 , edited 6/17/11
?????:no he isent*door busts open*
mina:WHO-WHO IS THAT?!?!
?????:its the person you get o do your dirty work for you DONT YOu REMEMBER ME ITS SAAYA!!!!!
mina:but how did you-
saaya:SAVE IT!! i might hate ikuto and amu but i hate you more
amus charas and yoru:*untie ikuto*dont worry ikuto
ikuto:*rope falls off* thanks guies
saaya:*jumpes on mina*GO AND DIE MISS.CRAZY!!!!
mina:*in a choucking voice*cus..i can gi.....give you .....your revenge.....on ikuto....
saaya:*choches her even more* i dont want it on him.....I WANT IT ON YOU SIS
ikuto and charas: SIS!!!!!!!!!!
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F / can you see me? r...
Posted 6/17/11 , edited 6/18/11
I'll go!

Sayaa: "We might be related and have loved the same guy but I have the guts to kill you!
Mina: Then go ahead!
Sayaa: I am not going to prison because of you.
Mina: Then what will you do?!
Sayaa: I'll send you to Father!
Mina: You would never!
Sayaa: Watch me! *dials the phone* Father I have found the target.
Mina: You double crosser , how can you get father to take you back after what you did.
Sayaa: I played the innocent card.
MIna: Ahhhhhh! *Takes Sayaa's hand and tries to punch her but a man comes from behind and grabs her* LET GO OF ME YOU FIEND! *man takes her away*
Ikuto: Thank You Sayaa for that.
Sayaa: Let's make a deal
Ikuto: *Backs away* No Way I'm going to do that with you.
Sayaa: Not that you fool. That would hurt my reputation.
Ikuto: Okay but what's the deal anyway?
Sayaa: The deal is you and Amu treat me like a sister and I'm not the bad guy anymore.
Ikuto: Fine.....*chara changes with Yoru* Let's go.
Sayaa: 1 more condition....
Ikuto: What?
Sayaa: You don't hurt that crybaby's heart.
Ikuto: You made me!
Sayaa: Just go my kitty cat.......

Ikuto goes off. and goes to Amu's house and sees her crying.

Ikuto; Knock Knock
Amu: What? That quick?

Amu said with teary eyes.

Ikuto: Nothing happened
Amu: What!? I I mean really?
Ikuto: Yeah. Long Story.

Ikuto said trying to be cool. Amu ran to Ikuto.

Amu: I didn't mean it Ikuto. I wanted to see what you would do. Because if you let teh person you love go and they come back WITHOUT doing anything they really love you.

Amu yelled crying. And Ikuto hugged her and Amu cried until she fell asleep. Ikuto carried Amu to the bad and they fell asleep.
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 6/18/11 , edited 6/18/11
the next morning*its a satuday*
amu:*wakes up and sees ikuto eside her asleep* good morning! *kisses his forhead*
ikuto:*wakes up and sees her smiling then smirks*pervy kid
amu:*gets up and streches*lets go to the park today :happy:
ikuto:*sits up in bed* why?
amu:to get some fresh air and some quiet time together
ikuto:whatever flots your boat

amu and ikuto at the park

ikuto:*sees icecream shop* hey amy you want icecream?
ikuto:*buyes 1 chocolate icecream*here you go
amu:you dont want any?
ikuto: how about we share *smirk*
amu:you love doing that dont you?
ikuto:*smirks*what? indirect kissing....pretty much yea
saaya:*sees amu and ikuto sharing the icecrem and goes over to them* hey guys
ikuto:*looks at saaya and stops licking the icecream*oh hey saaya
amu:whats going on?
ikuto:*tells amu the story* she said that we should treat her like a sister
amu:ok...............hi saaya *thinks: this is gonna take some getting used to*
i havn't really got nothing
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 6/26/11 , edited 6/26/11
can someone pls continue nya
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20 / F
Posted 6/30/11 , edited 6/30/11
Ikuto: don't be mean. she meant no harm to our relationship. now go buy her some ice cream.
Amu: ......... why do I have to?
Ikuto: because if you don't, I will, and if I do, I'll share the ice cream with her instead.
Amu: FINE..
Ikuto: thank you why don't we spend some time with her today, too?
Amu: (mumbling) but this was suppose to be our date...
Sayaa: YAY! finally. real family...

Although Amu didn't like the idea, Sayaa was up for it. It seemed that it was a date more for Ikuto and Sayaa.

Ikuto: Sayaa, what's up with your family's deal?
Sayaa: Oh... well we're a, what you call, Rich Family. My Mother left us once she thought I was ready to be on my own. you know the rest from there (she and her sis fell in love with him, etc)
Ikuto: I know but why does Mina want to kill me?
Sayaa: Idk. she has her reasons, motives, etc.
Amu: (mumbling) It's fine. talk and leave me out of the conversation, will you?
Ikuto: Amu.
Amu: huh?! yes Ikuto?
Ikuto: i need you to go get more ice cream for me and Sayaa.
Amu: NO. go get it yourself! I'm going home.
Ikuto: Amu?!
I had nothing really. Please continue!!!
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22 / F
Posted 7/15/11 , edited 7/15/11
When I looked around on the internet I came to this group.
I think it's a nice blog ^ ^
So, I try to write on:

Amu walked angry to home
Mom: Hey baby, why so angry
Amu: Ikuto is more busy with saaya than with me
Mom: Oh, well, I know the problem. When I was young, my boyfriend did it once with me.
Amu: What did you do?
Mom: Well, you have to know that boys are free and peacefull. I forced him to look only at me and nobody else!
Amu: I do not think that will work with Ikuto
Mom: Than ask him who he choose
Amu: Yeah! I do that... but what if he choose Saaya?
Mom: Than he don't love you
Amu: I gonna ask him... If he choose her, I be okay

I hope you likes it ;)
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 7/15/11 , edited 7/16/11
i like it
Amu: *walks to her room*
Ikuto: *sitting on her bed* There you are, why did you run away like that?
Amu: Ikuto........*bang covers eyes* I have something to ask you.......
Ikuto: What is it?
Amu: *sits beside Ikuto* Ikuto........Who do you choose?
Ikuto: What do you mean?
Amu: Who do you want to be with, me.......Or Saaya?
Ikuto: *smiles* Who do you think?
Amu: *starts to hit Ikuto* YOU BAKA!!!! YOUR SUPOSED TO BE WITH ME!!!!! NOT HER!!!!! THATS WHY ITS CALLED AMUTO!!!!! :tears:
Ikuto: Oww.......*hugs amu tightly* Amu I meant you, *smirks* and what is "Amuto"?
Amu: *blushes* Well.....One day....I was thinking of us and....... The name just sorta........... Came in my head
ikuto: *smirks* Oh, I see, you were thinking about me
Amu: *blushes more* B-baka
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 7/21/11 , edited 7/21/11
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