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27 / M / The shadows of hell
Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/24/08
KARAS- Capable of transforming into automobiles and aircraft, they are suits of armor animated by human souls infused into them through Yurine's chanting of a Shinto prayer. They exist to protect the city from the Youkai's. It is said that only human souls who have felt true sorrow may become a Karas.

Yurine- Karas' assistant as well as the one who allows him/her to become Karas. They either take the form of young boy's or girl's as well as an animal they are set to. Without Yurine, Karas could not transform.

Youkai- or demons wander both the spirit and human worlds unseen by humans, the powers arre based on the number of humans that are still alive in the human world.

Mikura- Have both a human form and demonic form. Their demonic form has now been equipped with cybernetic parts thanks to eko. These Youkai terrorize the city, carrying out Eko's plans.

Apprentices - With the much higher threat of the new world with the new eko, than the last one, Yurine decided The Karas could use some extra help. Those, much like the Karas, who have been selected by the Yurine's to be worthy enough to become a Karas, but arent quite there. If a Karas dies, one of his apprentices will take his place, and another soul will take the apprentices place.

The Original Eko- He was a karas from around 400 years ago, he protected the city like many others, but he started to see the arrogance of the human race, as they would deny the existence of the youkai, he formed an idea of the true will of the city was to get rid of all the humans, but the previous karas put a stop to his plans
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Posted 7/24/08 , edited 7/24/08
Maybe you should add an eko description.
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