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Bleach vs Nabari no Ou

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Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/19/08
i wrote this topic 2 know ur opinion in these 2 animes.which one of these 2 animes u want to criticized ?

u are free to express ur feeling so don't be shy.

i think i'll start 1st wiz Nabari no ou. i hate this girlish boy Miharu . i repeat i haaate him :crazy: . he dose'nt deserve 2 be tha main character. i wish 4 him 2 die. nehahahahhahahahahneha (devil laugh)
Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/19/08
Me too man i really hate that girl with claws in her hand ergggggggggggggggg i will put them into her eyes and that silly Miharu hen only used his power once at the begning of the anime then after 13 he used it hahahahahh go clean ur room better than that hahahaha
Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/20/08
(hand rise) i want 2 kill her no body stop me

it'z not me who said zat btw. it's yoite

( wishper) but i agree wiz u seey. how about u be za girl & i instead of zat girl oh i mean miharu.haahahhah
Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/19/08
u silly LEE well i also didnt like the senise reaction because of his stupidity aizawa is killed ergggg lee plelz stop me before i finish this man with bigshow power hahahh
Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/19/08
ok.i'll do bigshow power on u so u can't finish him. how iz zat sound?

Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/20/08
hey seey u didn't tell me wat do u think of bleach. 4 me i think after zis shorty girl (lurichiyo) appeared za eps became silly. i hate her body guards . u should c how zey fight. all zey do just runnin away. huh! iz zat wat a bodygaurd should do.

hey seey if i were zem & u r in big trouble. i mean som1 want 2 kill u i'll say 2 u don't worry seey iam not gonna let sth happen 2 u i 'll protect u wiz all my life ( quated from neo angelique)

actually zat waz a nice jk cuz zey couldn't do anythin 2 save her. all zey do crin & whinin maybe i should ' ve add zis anime
wiz zem
Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/20/08
haahahhhhhhha i really like the quate hahahhhhhhahah

well yep u r ryt since the three clowns appeared the eposides became so silly to watch i prefer to watch neo angelique rather than bleach hahaahh

but i like it when ishigo appeared in some eposides though. i know that if u became my bodygourd u will protect me better than the silver knight in noe angelique hahahh i mean sado and ishida were hurt soooooooooooooo bad becuz of such a silly gril who has caward bodyguards lol i hope the eopides get better very soon dont u think Lee
Posted 7/21/08 , edited 8/20/08
oh , will first i will talk about nabari no ou ... will i agree with u lee i hate that baka Miharu hes really agirl i will help u 2 kill him hahahhahahha & also the sensai his cawerd i prefar aizawa 2 b the main chara man hes better that girlish boy man he pisses me off with hes cold i like yoite hes coool i wish that he will kill that Miharu
i like fuuma his coool & better than that cawerd sensai
Posted 7/21/08 , edited 8/20/08
okiii next its bleach will again i agree with u lee after that silly girl lurichiyo appeared it bcame so silly like her & allso her body gards r silly alwyes run like a chiken gaaaad & they alwyes drags trabbile& depind on ichigo oh poor ichigo y do he hav 2 be kaind with them & i also hate her coz of her sado and ishida got hurt (poor they ) & if i was insted of the body gardes i will fight no matter wat:D & i will not b like them iwill & protect ( the 1 iwant ) even if it takes my life:)
Posted 7/22/08 , edited 7/22/08
hahah thankx hitori for ur post ur the best lol

but im sure u will fight no matter wat especially for SAdu right hahah (sagar na)
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Posted 7/24/08 , edited 7/24/08
why r guys sayin this? bleach is a good anime i'll not allow anyone 2 say bad thing about it.

it's u again lee,& u call ur self kurosaki ichigo huh! if u really like bleach u woudln't write this topic baka
shame on u. i repeat i like bleach & every thing about it even the commercial in it.

so i'm sorry i don't have any criticize & 4 u lee go 2 hell

u say it by ur self ( don't feel shy 2 express ur feeling )
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/29/08
haaaaaaaaaaa ok chill out budy and thankx for the post lol
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/29/08
thnx mina 4 za post , except 1 person
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/29/08
hahah i know to whom ur refering hahaahah naughty lee
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/29/08
LEE u BAKA ur not here ergggggg get ready to be smacked by my hand
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