"LoveXMega" Stage 1
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(Kodie:) I WAS REALLY BORED! so i wrote this...perosnally...i bet its really suckie... and if i can.... i might continue

My Fate

???:”Yes..it was since that day..that I decided”

*a scene of a man on a stage with his 3 band members appears with fans screaming below them I look out into the crowd*

“To become a star…and live in this kind of world with my Fate”

(The Past…)
Narrator: Now… let me take you to the beginning of this child’s dream….and his life

Stage one part one

In a bedroom as messy as a pigs den, there’s a boy laying in his bed, watching Reiko Kinko sing.

(Reiko Kinko is a famous Female singer)

(At the present with the man on stage)

“Yes… ever since I heard her voice… I think my dream was set, to be on this stage, with everyone”

(Back to Zero)

Zero: The boy yawns “Well, I guess I better get dressed”

The boy gets up and puts his cloths on

Zero :“I wonder if there’s anything to do today”

The boy walks out of his room.

*He walks down the stairs with his hands in his pockets*

Zero: I am Zero Enna, A normal 16 year old high school student... for now…

*I walk down the stairs and see my little twin brother and sister at the table… with my dad reading the newspaper as always and my mother just sitting down… my mother smiles at me*

Mother: Breakfast is ready!

Zero:*I smile back at my mother*thank you *I sit down between my little sister and brother*… *we all pray together then start eating*

Yoki: SO Bro!? who are we going to listen today???

(Yoki is the little sister…and Koku is the little brother)

Zero: *I look at Yoki with a gentle smile* you can choose today

Yoki: YAY! Then how about Reiko Kinko and her song of Burning Flame!?

Zero: Alright

Koku: *I go and find a video of Reiko’s song Burning flame and stick it in the Tv*

*A beautiful voice came out of the TV with a very fast voice and song*

Yoki: Her voice is as pretty as always

Zero: Yeah *I look at the clock and notice I’m going to be late* Sorry I got to go *I grab my things and run out the door running to school*

(Skip Scene… At Lunch time in classroom C)

Rei: OH! Did you guys see KiraPika, SHIPS, and Reiko Kinko last night?

Zero & Iria” Yeah

Zero: It was ok I guess

Rei: OK! IT WAS GREAT! I loved Kirapika & SHIPS!

Iria: Rei? What about Reiko Kinko… she was fantastic

Rei: Ehh!? She’s not my fav type of singer singer… *I said madly looking away* personally she pisses me off

Iria: AH! Could it be… because her chest is like Bust revolution and has the looks?.. Haha!?!? *Has basketballs from some where is puts them under shirt*

Rei: *trys to hold in anger*… are you saying im jealous?

Iria: OH! I have such a big chest hohoho! Rei’s are so small compared to mine

Zero: uhh… im so jealous of Reiko Kinko’s chest… how I wish I had them, instead of these tiny things, then maybe, Zero would look at me *makes sparkiling eyes and hands in prayer sign*

Iria & Zero: *Both laugh hard* HAHAHA!

Rei: THAT’S IT! I DO NOT ACT LIKE THAT! STOP ACTING LIKE ME ZERO U SUCK AT IT!! *kicks Zero in the back knocking him down* I do not act like that… I’m, more like this... “OH! WHY! WHY DOES REIKO HAVE TO HAVE A BIGGER CHEST THEN ME!!! AH! I BET THERE JUST SOME UNIDETIFIED OBJECT! Yes that’s it.. her chest is really the size of a bug… MWAHAHA! *makes hands together*

Iria: So!, you ARE! Jealous of Reiko’s chest

Rei: Oh just shut up!

Zero: *starts laughing*

Rei and Iria: *we look at Zero* *we start laughing to*

*The bell rings*

Zero: CRAP! We better hurry to class!

Iria & Rei: YEAH!

*They all start to run to class and go to there seats*

Teacher: I have some important news

Iria: OH! What could it be?

Zero:Eh!? Probably her announcing she’s getting married or something

Rei: I think it’s a transfer… A HOT TRANSFER! KYA! *goes heartie eyes*

Iria & Zero: *Sweatdrop* Idiot.......

From now on… Seiji Hanamori will be your teacher
*The man walks in*
Girls: KYA~! HES SO HOT!!!!!
Boys: pht! what’s so great about him

Iria, & Zero:*sweatdrop* well… shes was right partly

Rei: *heart eyes* he’s so dreamy

Seiji: *smiles* nice to meet everyone~! Please treat me well

(Back to Stage)

“Yes… ever since I met that man… Seiji Hanamori was it? *a beat very fast starts to play* My fate was decided”*The man starts singing* the fate… of my life *starts singing*

End of Stage 1 part 1

Sorry...I did a crappy job writtin this...my skill sucks X D....

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