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Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/20/08
Fahreheit has been really famous, seeing that Wu Zun has slowly moved over to the big screens to act in movie 'Butterfly Lovers', Calvin Chen is secretly planning to change route and have his first try at hosting!

Wu Zun and Calvin Chen visited Philippines for GTV's 'Romantic Princess', the two had a PK for popularity, for two days consecutive, the local media reports have crossed many pages having a huge coverage but mostly its about Wu Zun. Be it news reports or photos, Wu Zun had the most coverage, but in reality, the 2 are equally popular among fans, Calvin Chen was bear-hugged, kissed at the lower ear and nearly was kissed at his most sensitive area. At the hotel he stayed, he even had fans calling him in the middle of the night to greet him, different from Wu Zun, Calvin Chen's smile has charms and is more friendly.

Endorsing Taiwan tourism bureau, Fahrenheit introduces scenic spots

Recently, Fahrenheit pushes F4 out of the way and became the new endorser for Taiwan tourism with aims to attack the Korea and Japan market. From known, the main theme for Fahrenheit will be different from the drama 'Wish to See You Again' acted by F4. This time they are planning a travel program to introduce the different scenic spots in Taiwan, and they are thinking of getting the member with the highest qualification from Fahrenheit, which is Calvin Chen who is currently studying Public Finance at National Chengchi University to host the program. And from known, Calvin Chen's management company, Comic Productions Co., Ltd is also currently planning to let him have a switch in the route, while Wu Zun, Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan are acting as the male lead in dramas, they want to let Calvin Chen begin hosting.

Speaking of the change in route to hosting, Calvin Chen said frankly, "I always had this idea, and is very interested" In April this year, he had a outdoor shooting for a Japan program 'CI-POP WORLD', and dated a girl who was over 100 kg, this first try at hosting a segment let him had taste of how hosting is like but whether he whether he will be hosting will still depend on time as they are in the midst of having a concert for Fahrenheit. As for the travel program, he said that currently he's not sure, but if it's really true, of course he will feel honored.

Wu Zun loves to bicker, especially likes to compete for cold jokes

Although stuck in the awkard stage of changing routes but the friendship of Wu Zun and Calvin Chen still did not change in the Philippines promotion. On the road, the 2 were always bickering, when the crew asked if Wu Zun if he still want one more beer, Calvin Chen purposely said, "He wants two more!" At one stage, they joked that they are not going to talk and have cold war, but in a blink of an eye, they were talking non-stop again and kept putting the other party down.

Credits: Fahrenheit Globa1 Fanclub
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Posted 7/31/08 , edited 8/1/08
Oh..I saw that date with the Japanese girl. I didn't know it was him practicing hosting, but he was pretty good. I think its about time Calvin started doing something since he isn't being casted in new dramas.
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