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Posted 12/15/09 , edited 12/15/09
1.Username/Name: iPwnYooh (I never understood why this was required to be filled for anyone in the thread. You could just look below the profile picture, and you can see the name.)

2. Age (optional): I am twelve years old.

3. Seen any mmvs?: Uhm.. Yes? Ahaha. What struck me recently is Mai's 1k Sub Special. I can't remember her name exactly... I think it was imaDiNOx3.

4. Made any?: Yes. I made quite a few.

5. anything random :]: Hmm, well I just struck 300 subscribers recently. I don't know if I should be really proud of that or anything, because there's people who's striking out to over 10k already. XD.
MMV maker
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Posted 8/19/10 , edited 8/19/10
1.Airangelgirl / Tracy
2. Age (optional)
4. Planing too <33
5. DUCKKSS <33

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Posted 8/31/10 , edited 8/31/10
1.Username/Name: snowyXD
2. Age (optional): old c:
3. Seen any mmvs?: yep
4. Made any?: used to
5. anything random :]: I heard you like cheesecakez?
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