What IS Martial Arts?
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Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/20/08
Martial Arts is defined as simply "Combat Skill."
However there are many different arts which don't focus on combat at all. I will go over the different types of arts.

Martial Art
-Traditional. Often has a systematic method of muscle-memory learning [Forms/Kata/whatever]
-Has emphasis on combat. Has been used in combat and/or war and was designed for that. Reasonably effective in street combat. Effective in mortal combat. Possibly Effective in sport combat

Martial Sport
-Inspired by martial arts but used for competition or sports. Reasonably effective in street combat Not effective in mortal combat. Most effective in Sport Combat
-Techniques to kill or seriously injure are often ommited.

Internal Art
-Inspired by martial arts but used to cultivate mind and body. Possibly effective in street combat. Not effective in mortal combat. Not Effective in Sport Combat

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