The Ocean
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Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/20/08
“Kibum~~” Donghae called to Kibum.
“Hm?” he answered.
“I want to go to the sea.” He told Kibum.
Donghae found himself looking out at the sea feeling the cool air breathe against his face turning his cheeks into a pink color. Kibum watched Donghae run from the shoreline and back.
It was dark nearing midnight making it freezing cold. The reason why they were at the beach at night was so that there wouldn’t be fan girls running around them and bothering them on their free time. Sure they loved their fans but sometimes they were too much.
“Donghae-ah,” Kibum called, “Let’s go home.”
“Please can we stay for a little bit more?” he asked, “I haven’t seen the sea in a long time.”
Kibum smiled at Donghae standing in front of him, “Okay just a little bit more.”
Donghae smiled back and stopped to stand next to Kibum. Donghae looked out at the horizon. It was dark but it looked beautiful. The night sky seemed to blend into the shimmering sea.
“Pretty isn’t it?” Donghae said.
Kibum nodded looking down he shuffled his feet in the sand. Glancing sideways he saw Donghaes hand out in the cold air turning a purple color.
His hand moved on its own as he took Donghae’s hand in his, “You should keep your hands warm so that they won’t be cold.”
Donghae looked down and saw his hand in Kibum’s. He didn’t mind. Kibum’s hand felt warm and soft next to his own. Donghae laced his fingers in Kibum’s holding it tight but not too tight.
They stood there for a few minutes in silence with nothing really going on in their mind as they watched the sea splash and move around under the vast twinkling sky.
“Donghae-ah, happy birthday,” Kibum said looking back toward the man standing next to him.
“Thank you very much.” Donghae replied looking back at Kibum, “Thank you for bringing me here. Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you… for everything.”
They embraced each other in a hug and turned around with their back facing the sea.
“Race you to the car.” Donghae shouted as he took off running before Kibum could answer.
“That’s cheating!” Kibum laughed taking off after Donghae.
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