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Posted 8/3/08 , edited 8/3/08
i liked the idea of tomoyo being with tomoya instead of nagisa.
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Posted 8/26/08 , edited 8/26/08
the story was soo cute..^^(the tomoyoxtomoya ending)
it's just kinda disturbing seeing tomoya like that with another girl after loving and sustaining the 'nagisaxtomoya' love story..(in my case)
But,just as what have said,it's only a 'what if' episode.
And yeah,I've watched the movie already.. Is it somewhat related to the 'after story' thing?
I mean not to spoil anything but when nagisa dies? and tomoya got all messed up and everything?
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Posted 2/23/12 , edited 2/23/12
I understand if Tomoyo in the end wins Tomoya. And I know Tomoyo After is out there now. But what I surely don't get is how people think it should have been Kyou. Kyou is a pestering girl who loves to mock and tease Tomoya. I hardly feel any romantic trend between them. And that would ruin the whole moral of the story anyhow. Tomoyo and Tomoya would have the same theme going on but however it will not be as gripping and understanding (especially about the illusonary world) as Nagisa and Tomoya's plot.
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