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Best Superhero Movie of 2008

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Posted 9/21/08 , edited 9/21/08

ocehC_lE wrote:

Iron Man....

cmon people...
yes dark knight was good...
but it was a bit too violent
and it was real messy... i had
myself wondering what other
scenes were about really...
besides... if u consider batman
a superhero... whats his superpower?

And whats Iron Man superpower??...He is same as Batman - ordinary man with hard experience in his past who dedided to hide under mask and do good as revenge..iron man has no supernatural powers either..Just futuristic ,,suit" made from iron and with newest technic...
Both movies are actually pretty similar -directors had choosen same way how to direct them....they tried to do it real....Without that usual patos and without usual stupidity as oh he got bitten by spider or he fell from space and so and so..
And where Iron man failed (even throught main actor was amazing it was his film) Batman won....Iron man was quite good but was too predictable and final battle was trivial.
Dark knight is better in every comic movie ever made ona one of a best dramas in year..It not just movie about superhero guy based on comic..Its drama, Its crimimal movie...Its movie about terrorism, anarchy and fear..About fell of a man and moral questions....has story you cant predict.
And violent?? Have you saw Wanted??..All comic books are violent... Usa directors just ignore it..Thats why Bekmambetov and Nolan came..
Posted 11/10/08 , edited 11/10/08
They were all meh.
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Posted 11/11/08 , edited 11/11/08
The Dark Knight
Posted 11/11/08 , edited 11/12/08
dark knight , yeah ?
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Posted 11/11/08 , edited 11/12/08
I definitely loved the dark knight! (which is odd, because those types of movies usually aren't my thing... XD )
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