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Posted 12/8/08 , edited 12/8/08

KJacket wrote:

lol. his mom is just funny, a bit idiotic but she always ends up saying something "mother-like".

I guess Shinou picked a random normal family that had at least one mazoku parent? No idea, but i dont think yuuri's family background is important anyways. None of the small stories related to Yuuri's past, except for a bit in season one. You're probably thinking too much if you keep thinking about small details like that his mom is suspicious.

I don't know about that, does anyone watch Naruto? Maybe there's more than meets the eye.
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Posted 12/10/08 , edited 12/10/08
I don't think she's a mazoku. I'm not sure about Shori, but Yuuri's powers are party Julia's aren't they? Plus, she said she studied kendo or whatever it was in school and was well-known for it. Also, we don't know she spoke that language. She could have spoken Japanese because the others recognized her from going to Earth but the ones she was speaking to were Shori and Yuuri who both would obviously know Japanese. And she never really went there, actually. There was the doll of her and then she like appeared in the sky to give them advice when Shori and Yuuri were fighting but she's never actually travelled there. For noticing they switched, she's their mom so it's pretty obvious she'd know that their personalities were completely switched plus she's just a little weird. She is just seriously into fantasy and is willing to accept things that most people wouldn't believe. Plus her advice was for when Yuuri eventually became the Maou because she knew he was going to become the Maou since Bob told her the whole thing. They had to agree to it in the first place, so she probably just wanted him as prepared as possible since they didn't know when for sure it would happen.
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Posted 12/30/08 , edited 12/30/08

Lyssa_D wrote:

Interesting I alway did think there was more to Jennifer then meets the eye, would be nice to know a little about her back ground as well. I would love to see her go to Shin Makok and meet Greta she always wanted a daughter, but she hasent met her grand-daughter yet. I hope they get them to meet

that would be great! they'd get along so well!
i love miko-san's character she always makes me laugh.
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Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/2/09

nenabunena wrote:

4) able to speak the language when she travel over

Wait. When did she travel over? There was 1 ep where her image appeared in the sky when Yuuri & Shori were fighting but she spoke to them only, I don't remember any ep where she traveled over?

I was wondering why Shori initially needed ear plugs but this last ep, he could speak & understand Shin Makoku language (& no one released the memories from wherever like they did w/ Yuuri, though Yuuri has Julia's soul)?

I think its because he got used to it or something like that...gunter and the others also don't use earplugs anymore...(I think)
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