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Post Reply So who does tomoya end up with
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Posted 7/14/11 , edited 7/14/11
Furukawa Nagisa^^
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Posted 2/23/12 , edited 2/23/12
Its totally Nagisa. Now I know there is a forum but I am exhausted from finding it.

I know there are people who are pro-Kyou or pro-Tomoyo on here but I say this. Never say you hate how Nagisa and Tomoya get together and stuff. I mean its part of the plot so get used to it. They will never fix or make a new one. They made the "alternative ones" and that is why I am pro-Nagisa both animes special endings were"okay". They didn't have much development in Tomoya's conflicts and past issues. its like he was ok from the beginning. Let alone the main theme of the story is about loving and having a family. That is Clannad. I know Tomoyo After is out there and I have read it, but Clannad's original story is still powerful and made sense with the characters given. Can anyone agree on this?
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Posted 11/17/13 , edited 11/17/13

kikaru wrote:

iczey123 wrote:

i think i've read somthing about...tomoya have daughters with both nagisa and tomoyo

No, you are confused. In the original game, if you went down Nagisa's route, Tomoya and Nagisa have a daughter. She should be appearing in ~Afterstory~.

Key later made another game called ~Tomoyo after: It's a wonderful life~ which was a continuation of Tomoyo's route from the original game. Think of it as tomoyo's 'afterstory'. The anime follows Nagisa's route, but episode 24 showed a glimps of what Tomoyo's route would have looked like.

Posting in this, simply because people being wrong bug me. I think there is another thread that explains this pretty well already, though.

Thank god I'm not the only one that gets it
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