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Post Reply What makes leaders or Kings
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
good leadership
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Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08
What makes a good king:

1. Trustworthy
2. Forgiving
3. Fair
4. Able to rule the country
5. Doing his best
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Posted 10/11/08 , edited 10/11/08
Me, I'm more of a leader I suppose...

I don't think there is a definite basis on what makes a good king... but I think that these are some qualities better possessed by one:

1. respected by his subordinates - you can't be a good king unless your subordinates respect and listen to you
2. Just - being just means you are able to give equal footing for everyone...
3. Loves his country and his people - you have to have that or you'll not care whether the people you are handling are dying or not
4. Wise - not th too much wise, I'll take advantage but the wise I-know-what-to-do-for-everyone's-sake kind

There... I think Yuu-chan has all of them more or less..
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