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Season Two
ep 40-78

"The second season begins with Yuri and his companions in Fransia with the box named "End of the Wind" in their possession. While travelling back to the Great Demon Kingdom, however, they are confronted by a group of soldiers lead by Conrad. He openly declares his new allegiance to Big Cimaron, and takes the group and the box into custody. When King Belar orders Conrad to execute Yuri, however, he reveals that he has always remained faithful to Yuri, and had been attempting to gain access to the boxes controlled by Big Cimaron. The companions escape when the armies of Cavalcade and of a newly-allied Fransia arrive and order Belar out of of Fransia, but not before Conrad is pierces by two arrows protecting Yuri. End of the Wind is successfully secured, but Yuri and Ken get pulled back to Japan before reaching the Great Demon Kingdom. Through a series of side stories, it becomes clear that Yuri's brother, Shori Shibuya (渋谷 勝利, Shibuya Shōri?)is being trained to take over the role of Demon King for the small population of Demon Tribe living in secret in our world. Throughout the progression of the early second season, viewers are presented with a slow accumulation of information about a mysterious character who apparently died three years before Yuri's birth, named Suzanna Julia von Wincott. Both Conrad and Adeabert were very close to Julia, and Adalbert was her lover and fiancée. As the season continues, it is eventually revealed that Suzanna Julia volunteered to give her life to the Great One, and was subsequently reincarnated as Yuri. Julia was chosen to become the next Demon King because she was a gentle, caring soul, and she abhorred war in every sense. Like Yuri, she did not understand what she felt was the needless sacrifice of war. It is also later revealed that the soul of the Great Wise Man was deliberately brought to Earth along with Yuri's, so that Ken Murata could be raised with the future Demon King. It is difficult to draw a broad line across the plot progressions of the beginning of the second season, as most many episodes present isolated side-stories including chasing a baby around Covenant Castle, a villain attempting to take Yuri hostage but giving up when he tastes soup similar to a recipe made by his mother, and Yuri traveling to the past to encounter Suzanna Julia. Meanwhile, the fourth box, the Mirror at the Bottom of the Sea, becomes increasingly elusive, until the Great One informs Ulrike that the box was hidden away on Earth in ancient times. Yuri, Gwendal, Conrad, Wolfram, and Ken travel to Earth and meet Yuri's parents, then begin searching for the Demon King of Earth, Bob. Bob turns away the demons, telling them to return home, and setting various obstacles in their way, which the companions overcome to finally meet with Bob in Switzerland. Bob and Yuri (as the original Demon King) battle with magic, and Bob is eventually defeated, yielding the box to Yuri, and also explaining that his ancestors had made an oath never to allow the box to return to the Great Demon Kingdom. The obstacles had been a test of Yuri's strength and worthiness. Upon returning the Mirror at the Bottom of the Sea to the Great Demon Kingdom, and thus collecting all four boxes, strange things begin to happen, such as the Fly-Bone Tribe becoming uneasy and flocking en masse to Covenant Castle, and travel between worlds becoming more difficult and less predictable. Finally, Conrad and Gwendal discover that the Originator is beginning to leak out of the boxes as the seals weaken. Yuri comes forward to help reseal the boxes, but Wolfram, possessed by the spirit of the Originator, leaps forward and distracts Yuri, who releases his hold on the Originator. Suddenly, the spirit of the Great One appears and takes Gwendals's left eye, Conrad's left arm and Wolfram's heart, three of the four keys to the boxes, and releases the trapped parts of the Originator in those three boxes, but later gives back the original body parts. Ken reveals that, before his death, the Great One had accidentally absorbed part of the Originator, and that his spirit had now combined with the Originator. The Great One takes over Yuri's body, and Ken sits aside to see who will win out. Günter and Dakaskos take Morgif back to the island where he was found, and throw him into the volcano to renew his power. The Great One tries to use Yuri's blood as the key to the fourth box, but Julia's pendant reacts to the act and transmits a vision of Julia into Yuri's soul, where she tells him that he is strong and can save everyone. Just then, Günter, Dakaskos and Morgif arrive, and Morgif rips the Great One out of Yuri's body. In the crucial moment, Ken reveals the Great One's final plan to use his soul as a vessel in which to ultimately destroy the Originator. Yuri was chosen to be the only Demon King stronger than the Great One. Yuuri finnaly defeated the Originator and went back to Earth with Great One's last power. On Earth, Yuuri was worried about everyone at the Great Demon Kingdom. So Murata pushed him into the lake and suddenly ended up arriving in the Great Demon Kingdom. Conrad, Wolfram, Gwendal and Günter were all surprised and the final episode ended with Yuuri being punched by Wolfram for being a wimp that didn't go to the Great Demon Kingdom earlier..."(wikipedia)

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