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miura haruma is a bored high school student who has no interest in activites or hanging out with people, his friends constantly try their best to change his ways. He was riding his bike delivering papers when he see's a girl who is being chased by guys. After they meet they secretly love each other but fail to confess to eachother, untill all the drama going on in their lives bring them closer.


Miura Haruma

Tanaka Koichi: haruma best friend who could rely even if he doesn't always hang out with him

Watanabe Hiro: haruma other best friend who is always acting childish and funny

Yokoyama Nana: loves miura haruma as much as he loves her

Yamaguchi Emi: the girl who always follows haruma, begging 2 be his girlfriend

chapter 1, sorry for my grammer errors :D

It was early in the morning and Haruma was already ready for work, it was a friday and had no plans so he decided to go to work anyway

Ohayo said his mother
Ohayo he replied, are you going to work today? she asked.
"hai, there is alot i have to do today, there aren't many people there today" he replied. don't over do yourself she said thoughfully.
"Arigatou" he said and walked out the door. As he walked through the streets, a million things went through his mind, " this is the only way i can support my home" he sighed, "i must do my best at all" as he walked through the rain.

He arrived at work to greet his friends and co workers koichi and hiro. "HEY" shouted hiro from a distance, "Quiet" shouted koichi, "if you yell the machines will break" he said hitting hrio on the head.

Ittai! cried hiro," what did i ever do to you, your as grumpy as a moose" complained hiro
"You eat those words back up" threatened koichi chasing hiro around the factory.
"obiously you two are busy" said haruma trying to find an escape, " i'll go and deliver this to the head office, or they will be late" said Haruma exiting through the door.

"don't be too long" yelled Hiro and Koichi. Haruma biked along the wet sidewalk hoping not to fall, he wasn't that far from the head office untill he heard a scream.

"AHH" he heard a shriek from an ally, Haruma went to go see what the noise was and saw a girl being surrounded by a bunch of guys. Haruma hesitated, "what shoulld i do" he thought to himself, he braced himself and ran at the bunch of guys with his flyers and thew them everywhere. "WTH" shouted the guys and Haruma grabbed the girl and ran out of the ally.

"Are you ok" he asked, "i think so" she sobbed. "did they hurt you" he said, "no" she replied hesitantly, "im just a bit frightened thats all" she choked.

"Would you like a ride" he asked. She was quiet for a moment then said "it's ok i live across the street" she said reassuringly. "Ok well i will be on my way now, be careful" he waved back. "Ano.... what is your name" she asked carefully, "Miura Haruma desu" he answered. "Arigatou" she waved back.

He turned away and smiled when he realized he forgot about the flyers, he ran back to the ally to get the flyers where people are waitng for him... "im in so much trouble" he said running to get the flyers.

"i didn't ask her name" he realized, daydreaming while on his way to the ally of doom.

end of first chap, hope you like it :D

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:D:D:D:D continue writing yours! haah i want to imagine more miura XP
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Arigato! love the story I wonder,, what happens next hmm I hope you write the next chapter.keep up the good work.
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nice!! it was awesome continue writting !!!!
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