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Posted 7/21/08 , edited 7/22/08
Cast: Hiro Mizushima and Keito Kitagawa

~A Tale of Romance, Lost, Courage, and hope.~

(i'm not gonna use "san,kun,chan" and also I'll be using their first names to address themselves heheh but hope its still alright)

Hiro Mizushima: "It's been 2 years the last time I met her. At first I really didn't know what hit me. Will it be cheesy to say "It was love at first sight"? Yet I didn't know it. People in this world are often blinded by their surroundings and don't often look what's in front of them..."

Airport Announcer: "Flight A209 leaving in 10 minutes for Tokyo, Japan"

Hiro Mizushima: "I wonder how you're doing Keito.."

~2 years Earlier~

-..from here i'm gonna write like a book cuz its easier for me-

~"It's a new semester all over again" I whispered to myself. The bell rang, it echoed through the school grounds.At least it's only for 6 months, after that freedom. Life of an Average high school boy is quite boring. It's like waiting for an apple to fall off the tree, or waiting for the seasons to come by. I walked towards the school. It still never changed. When I was an Elementary kid I would pass It by every time I walked home from school. It looked exactly as the way it is now. Plain, dull, and the atmosphere was heavy as always.

A girl was standing by the front gate. She looked at me, as if trying to figure out a puzzle. She walked away happily. I called her out "Uh, excuse me. Are you new here?"

~"Nope" She repied.
~"Gomen.." I said, though I never saw her my whole life. She was half way down the empty hallways.
~She laughed. "It's ok!" She skipped towards her class. She entered class 4-C, My class...
Did she just lie to me?

~To be continued~

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Posted 7/22/08 , edited 7/22/08
Part 2

Class started. As usual whoever is new has to stand up in front of the class and introduce themselves.
"Class settle down please!"Yelled Shigure Sensei. The class settled down whispering about the new girl.

"psssst! hey, yea thats Keito Kitagawa! I remember her from first year. She was often "sick" they say so she had to stop coming to school"

"Huh? But why is she still in the fourth year?"
So she was kinda telling the truth...

"Class attention up here please!"The class obeyed. "This is Keito Kitagawa, some of you guys might recognize her from first year of high school. She was often sick and had a poor immune system so she stopped coming to school. She is still in fourth year because she was still being home schooled. Since it's been a while since she's been here, please treat her with kindness and respect." Keito Smiled. The teacher looked around for an empty desk. The only one was on the right of mine. "Ah, sit next to Hiro, Hiro is the class representative if you need anything don't be afraid to ask him." I didn't want to be class rep. It's just that everyone nominated me.

~To be continued~

LOL I get lazy

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